‘Storm that hospital!’: Tracey Morris fans flames in Alfie Evans case

The story of 22-month-old Alfie Evans is a sad one indeed. Since December 2016, he has been hospitalised in the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, where doctors agree that his as-yet unnamed neuro-degenerative disease has resulted in massive and irreparable brain damage. He is being kept alive on a ventilator, as he is unable to breathe on his own.

In a High Court judgment handed down on 20 February 2018, Mr Justice Hayden stated that what Alfie requires now is palliative care. He also denied the parents’ request that they be allowed to take Alfie to Italy, stating that while this might be worth considering if there were any hope of effective treatment, such is not the case. If he were to be taken to Italy, even the doctors there have stated that his condition would continue to deteriorate.

Alfie’s parents, while very young when they had him, have done everything in their power to help their son, and as Hayden J noted, have proven effective advocates for their son. They could not accept the High Court ruling, and appealed; on 20 April the Supreme Court ruling upheld the High Court and Court of Appeal rulings. Alfie’s parents, as one might imagine, are distraught and desperately looking for any way they can to help their son.

In other words, they are prime prey for trauma vultures like Tracey Morris.

According to posts on her Facebook timeline, she contacted Tom Evans, Alfie’s father, who has been leading protests against Alder Hey hospital. Tracey has been busily dousing an already inflammatory situation with petrol, sharing videos and Facebook posts in an attempt to exploit the grief of a young family and create as much uproar as possible.Tracey Morris 2018-04-23 1Tracey Morris 2018-04-23 2Tracey Morris 2018-04-23 3Tracey Morris 2018-04-23 4

In her videos, Tracey shrieks that the hospital is about to “murder” Alfie with a “lethal injection”; she advises the child’s parents to “pull the tubes out!” and says she “told Tom to pull out the tubes to show the world that he can breathe on his own”.

“They would just love for Alfie to have a lethal injection and the mum and dad to have a payoff and for this all to go away”, she claims.

While we’re quite certain that Tracey cannot claim credit for this, a group calling itself “Alfie’s Army” stormed Alder Hey hospital yesterday, shouting and creating a chaotic scene which required police and hospital security intervention.

Tracey might not have started this, but she certainly made every attempt to inflame the situation, proclaiming over and over that the hospital was attempting to “murder” Alfie, and that everyone in Liverpool should “get down there and stop this from happening”.

Meanwhile, parents whose children are also in the hospital expressed fear and concern:

Parent from Alder Hey hospital.png

Most scariest thing ever. I went outside the entrance for a ciggi and Alfie supporters ran and stormed the hospital entrance. I was stuck in a corner of the revolving door with a pregnant  young girl with a pram surrounded by people punching and kicking their way through police to get into the hospital. I had to beg through the glass to be let back in. It’s absolutely mental here now. 

People are commenting on Alfie’s Army page to set off fire alarms for the hospital to evacuate it. Please don’t. My Thomas is currently in theatre on the operating table. 

As much as I think Alfie deserves a chance, my little boy does too. 

Alder Hey currently on lockdown. With me inside. Thank god.

Ill-informed or malicious?

Clearly, she hasn’t bothered to read any of the judgments on the case, where multiple specialists testified that attempts had already been made to wean Alfie from the ventilator, and that he would choke to death on his own oral secretions if he were not intubated:Tracey Morris 2018-04-23 5

Tracey states that she and Linda Byrne O’Riordan “will be on a boat to Liverpool tomorrow”, and she repeatedly alleges that the hospital is seeking to murder Alfie: “[the hospital] know[s] what they’re doing to him, they’re killing  him with two lethal injections”. Tracey and Linda 2018-04-23

Is Tracey being malicious or simply ill-informed when she states that “there’s only one tiny part of his brain that isn’t working”?

She claims, “We know what brain-dead people look like”, and states—as though she knows her arse from her elbow—that Alfie is perfectly healthy, but is being purposely made ill by the hospital, for their own nefarious but unexplained ends.

In fact, even the most cursory read-through of the court judgments in this case make it very clear that no doctor who’s assessed Alfie sees anything but a grim future for the boy. He suffers from frequent seizures, and while he does seem to have involuntary movements, they are not purposeful. The white matter in his brain has deteriorated so badly that it now resembles “water and cerebro-spinal fluid”.

Tracey’s claims that she knows differently are disgusting lies, pure and simple.

And her attempt to rush to the front of “Alfie’s Army” and take command are nothing more than her typical histrionic self-aggrandisement, writ large.

Edited to add: It seems from the live-streams on Facebook as though the hospital may have turned off life-support for Alfie. If this is the case, we wish him an easy transition, and hope his parents and family are able to find peace in this terrible situation.Alder Hey Hospital 2018-04-23

107 thoughts on “‘Storm that hospital!’: Tracey Morris fans flames in Alfie Evans case

  1. She really disgusts me after those shameful lives & remarks. As for her sidekick, I had a grudging respect for her at times but that has gone right out the door.

    They are two evil, evil individuals.

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      • They have paid their trip to Liverpool by people on her page donating money to her pay pal account! Anyone who gives that for money needs their head examined. How come she’s only talking about Alfie now? This has been going on for over a year yet only now does she speak up. Who’s going to look after her kids? Who looked after them when she visited Sabine?

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        • I’m going to take a flyer and guess that someone else has been looking after her kids for a while. She seems remarkably…mobile for someone with school-aged children.


      • She a nut case I’m sure the evans family don’t want other children in that hospital to suffer and I’m sure they don’t want people like that exploiting there desperate situation they have enough heart ache to deal with don’t give her anything

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    • The woman is a total idiot i used to live by her , she couldnt look after her own kids shes just a hateful type of woman who cant seem to mind her own business

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      • That’s one person I certainly wouldn’t like to live near! Herself & her sidekick didn’t realise when they went to Liverpool that they would be small fish in a big pond! They are more used to everyone agreeing with their BS on their posts & lives. I couldn’t watch them today, they really are just a right pair of pratts! 😂

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  2. I think she is deteriorating mentally. She will soon be deemed a risk to others – and sectioned. It’s the Hampstead curse

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    • She’s a complete narcissistic woman. Lived beside her and she was a lunatic. Constant videos of laws she’s supposedly getting changed with her supposed superb team of advisors and lawyers. Had about a five person demonstration in Belfast outside a care home recently and made such a fuss that police and other children’s parents approached her as she was frightening the other poor children. Constant words are “tick tock were coming for you” yet there’s never any actual results from any of her “protests”. Her own kids have been in and out of the care system and she constantly milks vulnerable people for donations to her PayPal for her “causes”. Went to Liverpool on donations. According to her FB she’s in constant contact with poor baby Alfie Dad which I find unbelievable. While in Liverpool she was taking credit for protests and vigils in Belfast that were nothing to even do with her. A total attention seeker and sure all of a sudden her FB gone!

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      • As a former neighbour, perhaps you can confirm or deny Tracey’s story about having chased Gerry Adams around her front garden? 😀

        In all seriousness though, her special combination of aggression and narcissism must be quite damaging to those she comes into contact with.


  3. Of course it could be more of Tracey Morris B/S that the father is in touch with her but if he is it gives an insight into his mental reasoning if he thinks that evil bitch is credible.
    This sadly is a case where children have to be protected from their parents madness.

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    • Hayden J seemed to believe that the dad in this case was doing his best, but was finding it difficult to cope with his grief, which is understandable. The judgment is definitely worth reading.

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      • I read the judgment! And no doubt it will serve as useful succor to Alfie’s parents in the future. It’s quite lovely to read the judge’s understanding of the circumstances – he was generous kind and sensitive to Tom and Kate – deservedly so.

        My oldest child was a ‘preemie’ born midway between 25/26wks, 3 1/2 months early, weighing 700 grams…I know it’s a relatively different experience to theirs but for the first 8 weeks of her life (it seemed that long but might have been less time) I would kiss her goodbye after my twice daily visits with her…I’d blow her a kiss as I rubbed the palm of her tiny hand through a slot in her incubator and promise I’d be with her tomorrow…I must be very morbid because I’d ask one of the neonatal nurses before I left the “Holy Angels” ward to promise me my little one would still be alive in the morning, for too many weeks the reply was the same “We don’t know, nothing in life is guaranteed.”

        But my daughter was given the best of care, I never doubted that ever…..sometimes I felt that the team who looked after my baby were more invested in her survival against the odds than me, they were definitely as much entitled as me to claim that they gave her life.

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          • Indeed, and I fully appreciate why Alfie’s Da went to visit Pope Francis to engage him and whatever might he possesses to save his son as a representative of God if that’s the sort of thing you believe in. Sure, I was praying like a lunatic during my time of need…but having been brought up as a Catholic you don’t pray for anything other than the best and most appropriate outcome – it would be selfish to pray for the most personally desirous of outcomes but it’s ok to pray for God to make a wise choice hopefully in your favour, if not, you are taught to believe this was God’s plan after all and you’ve been taught a valuable lesson.

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        • There’s the difference between you and Alfie’s parents they haven’t left his side not once slept on the floor and no sleep for 3 days and you went twice a day!!! Mmmm

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          • What a disgusting thing to say to a parent who’s been through such an awful experience. You know absolutely nothing about Siouxsie or the circumstances around her child’s illness and you’re just making yourself sound like a heartless, ignorant moron by spouting crap like that.

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          • Thank you very much Tinribs….clearly, the person who left that comment has no clue at all! Of course, I couldn’t camp out in the neo-natal ward and spend every waking moment with my daughter – there were other seriously ill infants there and in fact, I experienced being asked to leave the ward as a family were then having to say goodbye to their prematurely born baby who was dying….I was too oblivious at the time to realise the situation and to this day I’m mortified that I might have come across as being disrespectful and insensitive for not having picked up on the clues…I should have realised but I didn’t that the family needed their privacy – I’d been asked to wait to see my miraculous child by one of the medical team, I was happy to wait, I would wait all day and all night long just to whisper to my daughter how much I love her, to touch her, to see her…to marvel at her fighting spirit …and how humbling to witness that spirit and incredible will to live but after 2 hours wait it was suggested it would be best if I returned the next day….I’m blushing as I write this confession, I’m really embarassed that I failed to step up to the mark and be properly careful of other peoples’ situation…I was ignorant of what was happening to this other family and I’m ashamed to think/imagine that I might have caused them any sort of upset by being there in a personally more hopeful capacity than them during that especially sensitive time.

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            • Siouxie, I feel you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself—when a child is seriously ill, any parent will be completely wrapped up in that experience, and the rest of the world ceases to be important. I’m sure the staff at your daughter’s hospital knew that and were accustomed to having to help people in your situation accommodate to the more pressing needs of other families. Your devotion to your daughter is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of.

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          • That is the actual truth El Coyote….I know that and have often reflected upon that particular truth throughout my journey as a parent of a child with less than auspicious beginnings, where oft it was thought she was a lesser being than she has proved to be…..I could talk about her all day long…..brag and boast!

            From the very moment of her birth, my heart completely belonged to her….’devoted’ is the exact right word to describe how my heart felt and how I was encouraged to feel about her by the medical staff at the Coombe and by my wonderful Ma and Da….every step of the way of her journey I have been completely humbled by her and every single thing about her…yes, she has surpassed all expectations but even so way back when, I never knew she’d be as feckin’ great as she is!

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          • I agree with Tinribs, and would like to bring up another point about Alfies parents ‘wanting to sleep on the floor’ next to him. It is a intensive care facility, not a motel. They have other patients also in similar positions, should their parents also be allowed to bunk down next to the beds? How are the staff supposed to do their job with all these extra people wanting to stay there 24/7?
            I don’t know if they have anything similar there, but locally many hospitals have McDonalds houses, accommodation for children and parents of patients for little to no cost, where should things take a turn for the worst they are literally a minutes walk away.

            Siouxie Zoo, I’m glad everything turned out fine with your daughter and I wouldn’t worry about being asked to leave, you were in your own little world, of course you wouldn’t have been taking much notice of what was happening around you, you had your own concerns to deal with at the time- I bet you didn’t take any notice of the wallpaper either- why? wasn’t important to you either

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          • Also Steve, as I read your comment something occurred to me re. child safeguarding and the legality of having unsupervised adults spending the night in a children’s hospital. Unless they’ve been DBS-checked, that would be extremely unwise imo and probably illegal.

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      • I can’t blame the parents but they have been egged on by fanatics who take advantage of the situation. But children can need others apart from close family to look after their best interests. If poor Alfie is brain dead he’s just not a person anymore and whatever soul he had has departed that body. It’s just a sad fact of life and death.

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    • I must say, it’s the first time I have ever seen Tracey make a statement that is both correct and I agree with

      ‘She claims, “We know what brain-dead people look like”’

      I mean, she is speaking from personal experience, every time she looks in a mirror….

      (I know I shouldn’t be mean, but she really is that disgusting in her behaviour)

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    • Oh dear Angie, so how come you and your compatriots colluded to defraud the Tim Minchin appeal for Ballarat Survivors to travel to Rome? And how come your mates the arsehole and fiona barnett along with hampstead hoaxers were simultaneously badmouthing some advocates who’ve worked for decades, even inspired and featured in the ‘Spotlight’ Movie……..? And how come the same advocates proven to have worked alongside Wesley Halls; Opdeatheaters UK, & pedohuntersdownder were also witnessed on AFR the same station that Rupe and other supporters of Kevin Annett & SRA hoaxers collaborate were at the same time attempting to discredit and defame some important real whistleblowers, advocates and investigators downunder whilst Fiona Barnett and pals were featured on blogs supporting Sabine McNeill, McKenzie Associates, any events run by Andy Peacher or Maggie Tuttle…? Oh dear, Angie no wonder your lot want me scared to reveal what I know.

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    • You absolute twit Angie.
      Look Mrs Power-Disney lets make a pact: if you don’t want to be attacked by “trolls” as you put it why don’t you delete every mention of the citizens of Hampstead who have been through a lot and especially a certain father and his 2 children who have a right to privacy and a right to get on with their lives without a vicious internet campaign accusing them of infanticide- you do realize don’t you that you are also accusing 2 children of killing other children? . Do you think they should have to go through their teens and adult life with those horrible claims following them?.

      Can you possibly imagine how that might affect them?

      You have said you are upset about mentions of your own family (and no-one has accused them of murder and rape) so can you even imagine what the Hampstead parents have been through? Even for a minute?

      After all the UK’s High Court have declared it a horrible hoax and you have had a hand in 2 people being sent to mental health units and one person being jailed for 9 months who must now go through life wearing that which will undoubtedly affect his future unfavorably.

      You claimed you were opting out of Hampstead (or was that just another nasty lie ?) so do it. Delete all your history of Hampstead and let everyone move on.
      If not do not think for one single minute people will not be on your case from now until eternity.

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  4. Nothing is sacred to the ghouls we are witnessing and I promise you, they do not represent the majority of CSASurvivors or victims, who are in the main, determined to help prevent or relieve suffering and often, subtle and quietly modest but determined in their endeavours for a safer, more peaceful world, especially and always silently weeping for the still suffering children, now. Many are within the caring professions, too.
    Having to bite their tongues, lips and somehow, get up for work again, tomorrow…… Blessed Be, Alfie Evans and family, let go with grace is sometimes, truly the only wisdom and choice.

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  5. Shame on these protesters. The distress they must be causing to the other children in that hospital is unspeakable, not to mention the staff. Earlier some of them were seen charging at the door and pinning a pregnant woman in the doorway; and some bloke seemed to be charging the doors with a toddler in a pushchair 😦

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  6. In her first video, Tracey’s whining that she wasted a thousand pounds on trying to get Sabine out of jail, only for Sabine to effectively tell her to fuck off and leave her alone! LOL

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  7. Well it looks what was stated is true as baby Alfie is still alive. It’s not all about trying to cause havoc and all the other things people have said here. Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe some people are sincerely standing in solidarity with the family to give some moral support? I have children and would like to think someone would show up and show solidarity if it was my child. Not everyone acts out of selfishness. Some have a heart when it comes to children and would do anything to help. ( Just my opinion )

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    • May I ask you a question, in all seriousness?

      Do you think it was responsible and compassionate of Tracey to make videos in which she claimed that Alfie’s brain was only damaged in one small area, when all medical tests and the fact that he has constant seizures point to the fact that most of the “white matter” in his brain has deteriorated into something resembling water and cerebrospinal fluid?

      I certainly agree with supporting his parents; I think they need all the support they can get, and my heart goes out to them. I think most people here would fully agree with that. However, it’s both cruel and irresponsible to hold out false hope, to urge people to storm the hospital, to encourage people to create a massive disturbance in a hospital where other families are trying to tend to their own sick and yes, sometimes dying, children.

      If we thought you and Tracey were just going to be supportive to the parents, to offer them compassion and care to get through this terrible situation, I would absolutely have not written anything critical of that. However, I think it’s pretty clear that this is not what happened.

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  8. “The people here”

    Does this mean that Tracey made it to Liverpool, I wonder, or does she mean the people posting on her page?

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  9. “The parents of Alfie Evans have been granted an emergency hearing before a high court judge after they said the 23-month-old boy had been breathing unassisted since his life support machine was switched off…

    …The high court confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that a judge would consider further issues in Alfie’s case in a hastily-arranged hearing in Manchester, expected to begin in the next few hours.

    A spokesman for the pro-life group Christian Concern, which has been helping Alfie’s parents, confirmed its lawyers were on their way to Manchester for the hearing but gave no further details…”


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    • “had been breathing unassisted since his life support machine was switched off”

      Evidently not. The solicitor alternates between “six hours unassisted” and “nine hours unassisted”, but finally admits that life-support was necessary.

      “A spokesman for the Christian Legal Centre, the pro-life group bringing court action on behalf of Alfie’s parents, said the boy was able to breathe unaided for six hours after his ventilation was withdrawn at 9.20pm on Monday. However, the court heard that Alfie was then provided with hydration and ventilation at 4am when he became distressed and struggled to breathe.”

      “The judge was fiercely critical of some of those close to Alfie’s parents. He described Pavel Stroilov, a Christian Legal Centre lawyer who has advised the family, as a “deluded and fanatical young man” who risked imprisonment for contempt of court with some of his legal advice. The court heard that Stroilov had advised Evans to pursue a private prosecution for murder against Alder Hey doctors.”


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      • This is a nightmare. Reading the comments Ms ts page would think they were all experts on medical matters. Why can’t they let the baby be at peace instead of throwing stupid “advice” at them. Those two are the worst liars I’ve ever known. They are basically saying what all the other deluded people are, just putting it in different phrases. Can’t believe people are paying for their journey and Hotel. Is she paying them back in kindness and “advice”?

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  10. In its infinite “wisdom”, Farcebook has decided that Tracey’s threats/calls to violently storm a children’s hospital don’t breach their community rules.

    Feel free to bang your heads against the wall, but I warn you – there’s a queue.

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    • Ha, if everyone that was sick of farcebooks ‘high’ ‘community standards’ (HA!) bashed their heads against the wall at the same time, Marks mansion would be in ruins….

      The one good thing is that they have been so blasé about taking notice of complaints that there are people now actively hounding their governments to introduce legislation to force them to lift their game- or be blocked

      Cant wait for that to start happening


    • I’m just glad Trish feels she’s in a position to comment.

      This is her profile pic:


    • She is onto something. As a good Catholic boy myself, I can confirm that both the Pope and myself feast on flesh and drink blood on a regular basis. Her only problem is that it was her own personal Jesus who told us to do it! [Matthew 26: 26-28]

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  11. Linda paralegal posted a live earlier proclaiming that Alfie & his parents were going to Rome, some of the mob called her out on it, next thing she posts another one backtracking & saying it might just be rumours, stupid cow just wanted to be the big, “I am your best source of information”, but she got stung for it! She had to delete a post then because of all the abuse she got for misleading people. Now she is posting about Alfie’s parents being allowed to take him home, (a suggestion from the Judge), but also saying the family can do what they want then & she presumes they will go to Italy!

    How in hell can that woman ever become a solicitor or anything to do with law! She is even more deluded that the flipping ‘army’! She even said that they are presuming they will put him back on a ventilator, omg, is she too full of herself that she wouldn’t deem to read up on the facts, well she did say before that she knew everything so I guess that’s it! 😒


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    • What worries me is that they seem to be allowing their followers to believe that Alfie will recover from his illness. It’s tragic, but that’s not how it’s going to end. I don’t like to think what will happen when the “Army” finds out that the poor little fellow has no hope of survival. Responsible campaigners would be letting people know, rather than letting them wallow in maudlin fantasies.

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      • Too true EC & their law advisors seem to be responsible for much of the fantastical notion that the poor little guy will get treated in Italy, but they have already stated they they too can only offer palliative care.

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          • Yes, it’s very sad to watch. I can’t begin to imagine what the parents have been going through but they’re very young and trying to cope with what must be an extremely traumatic situation. it also arguably makes them more malleable by the bandwagon-jumping fruitloops who’ve been egging them on and stirring them up and, most tragically, reinforcing their false hopes.

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  12. Be certain that he who shall not be named (Thinks he’s hard and covered in very cheap tattoos) will be saying next week that this poor boy is a hoax etc. However hopefully it wont get that far since the Bulger family are now aware of his spiteful writings regarding the murder of James.
    The end is nigh ,,,,Go to jail you lousy skinheaded shagwit and do not pass go.

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  13. She better get the boat tonight she is in court tomorrow for harassment and how anyone believes that poor child’s father in the middle of all his grief and trauma thought, I know I’ll ring that batshit crazy lunatic from Belfast who has been shunned by everyone who knows her and can’t even look after her own children, see what she discovered ‘from the best legal team in the world’ (a low paid legal aid solicitor who has been trying to ditch her) that a team of Vatican lawyers don’t – and she should be reported for fraudulently taking money off vulnerable people who actually thought she was in contact with Alfie’s parents to fund her latest attention seeking junket.

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    • Who did she Harass? On one fb comment she told her sheep that the baby’s dad, Tom, rang her and begged her to go over! If so, why is she standing with the crowd rather than being beside Tom, giving him her ‘excellent advice? If he listens to her he might be escorted out of hospital

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  14. Omg reading some off these comments!! and Woh you lot are a bunch off nasty ignorant lowlifes who need to get a life! No they might not be top notch legal representatives but they care more than can be said for you lot😡if you really believe that that child is brain dead well I hope you dont have children off your own or god forbid need the publics support you, you’s remind me off the stepford wife’s😂😂😂


    • Sooo, by stating medical facts we’re the ignorant ones? Oookay. Tell me, have you even read the medical report?


      Oh and in criticising the people who stormed a children’s hospital, charged at it with toddlers in buggies and pinned a pregnant woman in the doorway and have spent the last three days and nights screaming at the top of their lungs and causing untold distress to all the sick children inside…we’re the lowlifes? How does that work?

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    • No spell check Gerbil Face? LMAO! You are a clown who will end in the little ease.


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