Another dangerous lunatic from Canada unveiled

Yesterday we talked about Canadian Hoaxtead mobster Kane Slater, and his criminally irresponsible allegations that an indoor playground in Ottawa, Canada, is somehow linked to the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

As it turns out, the original source of Kane’s allegations is a blog called “Heavy Truth”, written by someone who seems to live in Ottawa.

A look through the “Heavy Truth” blog turned up some fascinating—and alarming—information.

In a post from November 2016, in which he berates his former landlord for stealing an XBox, the blogger puts up a screenshot of a text message from the ex-landlord to his girlfriend: So it appears that the blogger’s name is Jim Grand, and he is already known to police. The ex-landlord alleges that Mr Grand has made “threats to destroy a police station”, and that he “talks a lot about child molestation, and…hates children”.

Wow, sounds like a great fellow.

A post from early December 2016 confirms James Grand’s antipathy towards police, though it doesn’t offer any details: Then we found a post which rang a dull thud somewhere in the backs of our minds…hadn’t we seen this before? We remember someone claiming that Echo Truths and Danielle La Verité were one and the same person (despite the fact that their voices and accents were completely different…but facts, shmacts…who needs facts when there’s a good conspiracy in the offing?).

Deuterium Mystery Files

Even more interesting, though was the link embedded in that post. Anyone who has been around the Hampstead SRA hoax for any length of time will remember the Deuterium Mystery Files.

And hands up, everyone who knows the colloquial term for deuterium oxide. Yes, you in back there?

“Heavy water”?

By George, you win the prize!

Sure enough, the very first post on the “Heavy Truth” blog was…So “Deuterium Mystery Files” was actually authored by a Canadian named James Grand, who is known to police and carries a grudge against them.

Interestinger and interestinger.

The YouTube connection

Like any certified/certifiable troofer, James Grand/HeavyTruth/Deuterium has a YouTube channel—his is called HeavyWaterNewsNetwork. Here he is in action:

All he needs is a Napoleon hat to complete the effect.

Captain Deuterium’s live streams tend to run long—three, four hours apiece—and frankly no one here at Hoaxtead HQ felt like spending their Friday afternoon listening to some swivel-eyed nutter ramble on about sooper-seekrit symbols and the various paedophilic permutations and combinations of pizza. However, if any of our readers have insomnia and/or a craving for long, excessively boring diatribes, please feel free. If you send us your notes, we’re sure Ghost of Sam will be happy to reward you with a chocolate-covered digestive, fresh from Mr Soros’ tea tray.

As we scrolled through the HeavyWaterDude YouTube channel, we found yet another familiar name: Dracoslayer.

(Dude. Lose the beard. It looks like you accidentally glued your pubic hair to your face.)

So it seems James Grand of Ottawa is now up to four online identities: Deuterium Mystery Files, HeavyWaterDude, Heavy Truth, and now Dracoslayer. And they say those on our side have too many socks!

Loony with a gun

But we’ve saved the worst for last.

Remember how we were saying that publishing blog posts about children’s entertainment centres claiming that they’re involved in paedophile rings and child trafficking is criminally dangerous, because all it would take is one gimboid with a gun to cause yet another unimaginable tragedy?

Meet the man with the gun. In this case he’s threatening YouTube troofer debunker Omni Eros, but the point is that he seems to think it’s appropriate to wave a firearm around while uttering death threats.

[Our apologies: EC forgot to turn off the VPN when he originally chose this video, which is blocked in the UK. The link is here if you use a VPN: Draco Slayer Always Returns. We’ll do our best to find a playable copy, but meanwhile, the screenshot below should give you an idea.]

We expect the Ottawa police will be interested to know about this. Stay tuned.

48 thoughts on “Another dangerous lunatic from Canada unveiled

  1. Need I mention one only has to look at the eyes to see how dangerous this man is. He was caught on video being thrown off a bus fro abusing a passenger but note one of the comments.

    “Man bashes Muslim on the bus”

    Michael Artelle
    11 months ago (edited)
    I’ve seen this guy before, he has a few screws loose and it doesn’t take much for him to loose it. 😓
    He’s been escorted out of the Hospital I work at, more than once, for exploding on people in Emerg. 😰

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    • Yep. Puts him into perspective, doesn’t it? He clearly has some serious mental health issues (if that weren’t already apparent).


  2. His comment about the text message says it all. He’s just been accused of being a creepy psycho, a potential child molester and a terrorist… but the one thing he homes in on is the missing bloody X-Box.

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  3. I was about to ask whether Mr. Grand is known to be an intelligent man and then I saw “Ricky Dearman, aka Danielle la Vertie/Echo Truths”. Consider that question answered.

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  4. “We remember someone claiming that Echo Truths and Danielle La Verité were one and the same person”

    Yeah, Abe did, if memory serves. Guess that makes him an even bigger fuckwit than me!

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  5. Fed up with all these evil, filthy and unforgivable lies that are allowed to spread without ramifications. I am all for Freedom of Speech but if you lie and insult others delibrately to cause harm or bully people or encourage civil disobedience, you need to face the consequences of your actions. I am so angry!! Enough is Enough!!! I know Ex-MP David Cameron spoke about this, I think in his speech he said these people are non-violent extriemists spreading hate and lies but nothing has been done to really deal with this Conspiracy Theory issue or the people that create these problems.

    Glad you are documenting all this E.C! Thank you. Your contribution as a Truth Warrior in the dark and dangerous conspiracy swamp is a much needed corrective force in the world because you and Scarlet Scoop, always shine a light on the truth and try to protect the innocent and many of us appreciate that because some of these lies have destroyed people’s lives. 🙂 XOXO

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      • “I have memories of being in the schools at night ….. something was happening”
        He may have indeed been in the schools at night, and if so, the something happening would have been loud noises, bright lights and a voice calling ‘walk towards the light’

        This is not an astral projection though, this is usually called an arrest for trespassing lol

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  6. Via Deborah Mahmoudieh I came across Thomas Ackerman, so her comments on this, given that the Fukushima Frauds have also lots of various ways of scamming, and lots of sites set up, is Debs on commission or something, clicks for cash ? Has she been groomed or does she knowingly aid paedophiles? That is the question that needs to be asked for anyone still now plugging the conspiracy theorists theories and hoaxes regarding child sexual abuse……….. they have perhaps been mesmerised, mind controlled by manipulating masters……….. alot of puppets will collapse without the strings as they get cut by the harsh truth by some equally masteful debunkers.

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  7. I’ll leave it up to you but who is is the lurker in this video? Jimmy Grand or the innocent people walking by?
    The guy needs help.

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    • Its no wonder that some of them were looking at him strangely, he is obviously filming passing strangers and making weird comments, if I were nearby, I’d be keeping a close eye on him too, people that behave like that, you never know what they will do…

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  8. This is the best I can do for now. Listening to some old videos watching these people priming their market to my eyes and ears even for pizzagate…..Listening to Bill and Dicke and how they phrase things….come to us, we won’t think you’re mad……etc Towards the end there are lots of names that some will recognise, others need to note and investigators can dig into….
    Don’t forget, 2010 it was them not the victims who had their time to speak out in the main.

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    • And to top it off Baloney Maloney is a seriously bad film-maker.
      I’ve seen amateur wedding videos that are more professional.

      But of course Bill Maloney and his ridiculous ‘Pie & Mash’ films has reverted back to claiming he received an award at the prestige New York Film Festival which is a blatant lie.
      He entered his film in the defunct “New York Film & Video Contest” a faux festival trading off the name of the other that charges would-be film-makers a huge sum and guarantees everyone a prize. There are 100s of these fake film festivals that spring up around the USA and leech of innocent people.

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