Angela Power-Disney accuses father of murder

It’s become a truism at Hoaxtead Research: just when we think a Hoaxtead mobster has scraped the bottom of the barrel and cannot possibly do anything more foul and hateful…they manage to do it.

Yesterday’s video by Angela Power-Disney, case in point.

Angela opens by taking her dog for a walk to the cemetery where her sister Fiona is buried.

By the sounds of her huffing and puffing along, you’d think she was running a marathon, but the camera shows her moving at a walking pace. Time to cut back on the fags, Angie.

Once she gets to her sister’s grave, the real intention of the visit becomes clear. She claims that neither the birth nor death date on her sister’s tomb is correct, and insinuates that there’s some sort of nefarious reason for this: “I owe it to myself and my sister to get to the bottom of this….(Younger sister) Anne-Marie claims it was a mistake”.

Angela says,

“Her death is listed on this very expensive stone as the second of May, 2015, and I posted a video about the discrepancy between the real times of death and coroner-listed times of death, I posted it in my group on Facebook today called ‘Mind Control, Social Engineering and Diabolical Experiments in the UK and US’.”

Nothing like a catchy name to attract users to your Facebook group, eh, Angie?

She claims,

I argued at the inquest, such as it was, that rigor mortis would indicate that Fiona died on May the first, it was a May Day sacrifice. My father was possibly (long theatrical sigh) you know, utilised to do one more kill. Despite his age, I think he’s now 92, he’ll be 93 in July.

Yes, you read that right. Angela is accusing her 90-year-old father of having murdered her sister. Oh, and not just murdering her for his own reasons, either—no, he was “utilised” to “do one more kill”.

Does Angela realise that she is not living in a spy thriller? This is not an extended replay of The Manchurian Candidate, Angela. And The Matrix was not a documentary. Just thought you might like to know.

Not content with accusing her own father of murder, Angela tries to claim that her sister was actually a “whistle-blower” in England:

Two days, two or three days before Fiona’s death the Health Service in England tried to fire her, she had been whistle-blowing on a psychiatric consultant in Greater Manchester and since she started to whistle blow on him she was absolutely tortured at work. And then, she was highly almost sick with work-related stress mostly, although some physical ailments we both suffered hugely in our childhood and it takes its toll on the physical body.

She was “highly almost sick” with stress but also some physical ailments? We don’t even know where to begin with that.

But the one that finally [fiddles with camera] the one that finally put one of the nails in the coffin as far as I’m concerned is the new GP in Oldcastle, Dr [name redacted], who steadfastly refused to sign Fiona’s monthly sick-note for work-related stress for for the Greater Manchester Health Service, and um, you know, besides causing Fiona huge additional stress, started aligning with my younger sister and my father who were trying to make a very strong case for ‘oh, Fiona is just an old alcoholic, don’t listen to anything she says, her testament’s not credible, you know’, um, and (name redacted) went along with that and tried to bully Fiona by refusing to sign her work-related stress sick note for the last couple of months of her life. My father actively prevented her from flying to the UK to have her own GP who was very familiar with what she was going through. Her own GP would have signed her document no problem, but my father kept I believe drugging her, stealing her money, stealing her cash card, gaslighting her, and generally just preventing her from travelling.

These are extremely serious accusations. We’re sure her family is used to this sort of behaviour from Angela by now, but we confess we still find it shocking.

We’re sure that Angela’s vile allegations against her family members have absolutely nothing to do with her belief that she was somehow done out of her “fair share” of her father’s inheritance [Bit premature for that, wot?—Ed], or her bitterness over the fact that her younger sister seems to have been more materially successful than she is.

Frankly, we feel sorry for Angela’s family. It cannot be easy living with that kind of bile and venom on a regular basis. As dear Mr Shakespeare once wrote, “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child”.

57 thoughts on “Angela Power-Disney accuses father of murder

    • Yes, and note that her sister died on 2 May, but to “prove” that she was “sacrificed”, Angela must claim that her date of death was somehow nefariously altered.

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    • ‘She feels her sister was a May Day sacrifice and her father was utilised to do one more kill?’ He rode down out of the skies on his unicorn no doubt before zapping the poor woman with his light saber.

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  1. Amazing the number of skills she has, now she’s a forensic scientist/doctor as well… I mean she has to be qualified to make such a judgment, you know, like real forensic experts do- get a degree, study, have training and suchlike….


    I mean she has evidence and such to back up this statement…


    (sounds of crickets…)


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      • I agree with that E.C., just when you think they CANT get any lower, they are always happy to step up and prove you wrong…
        (comments like yours Fireman, have been made many times in the past, and unfortunately- every single time have been proven wrong….)


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  2. Fascinating post. EC. I’d say shocking but this is Angela we’re talking about and little shocks me about her any more. My heart goes out to her long-suffering family.

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    • @8:11

      “The fact of 9/11 is that yes, of course thermite was used, to give the impression of the collapse. And at the same time an energy beam to turn the material into dust so it didn’t hit the ground and cause immense damage to the structure below. Don’t forget they had a load of gold under there that they wanted to get access to. And they did – they got the gold.”


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      • Claims conclusively proved are not only ridiculous but it would be impossible to obtain the results they claim.
        As for the California fires, I just watched an excellent documentary about them that showed the devastation including the endless cases and of those in in the past including Aust. bush fires where, as every fireman or regular volunteer will confirm, these fires rage at such extreme temperatures and move like a careering freight train that it is not unusual for houses or trees to be bypassed while their close neighbors are incinerated.
        Moo underestimates Mother Nature’s powers when there is a good conspiracy to hop into.
        As for APD- words fail me.

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    • @20:03

      “Now that’s a serious thing if suddenly in a so-called democratic free society that suddenly, you know, there is even the possibility that 50 thousand of your civilians could just suddenly be vaporised and nobody’s batting an eyelid apart from, you know, people just looking at the evidence and understanding what they are witnessing here.”

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    • Debs worldview is a tad strange. So long as she doesn’t say the ‘H’ word I leave her alone. She’s entitled to believe her share of bollocks.

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  3. She reached the bottom of the barrel many years ago. When this blog started she was approaching the Earth’s core. Last year she emerged somewhere near New Zealand. Right now Angela Power-Disney is waving at Elon Musk’s old Tesla as she plunges feet first into the interstellar void.

    Dark, dark, they all go into the dark …

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  4. Counting down Who will be the first to claim the awful South Florida School murders was a False Flag, the dead children didn’t exist and everyone involved is a Crisis Actor.

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    • You can always count on the guy/Vulture who thinks everythings a False Flag, hoax or psy Op to get in earlier with a livestream on every tragedy. At this point he should just do one video saying everything is fake and be done with it. This is the same guy who believes the eleborate and completely impossible Hampstead case is real and calls EC and Hoaxtead paedophile protectors, whilst uploading private police interviews the of children, and other personal details.

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      • When i saw the school shooting on the news i knew the truthers would all be rushing to be the first to call it a false flag event. I can’t bring myself to watch their stupid videos about this tragedy. Such a bunch of lowlifes.

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        • I cant believe they still wont do anything about it- and to make it worse, apparently there have been 18 US school shootings already this year, eight of them with fatalities and with 35 deaths in total. A quick check suggests that outside of war zones, the US has the worst record for school shootings of any country in the world….
          39 mass shootings ie 4 plus victims- in the US up to Feb 12- basically one a day…

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      • I had to laugh at Tim Veater spelling déjà vu as déjà vous.

        He sensed a feeling of already you and ambivalence…

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    • How i wish that one day one of these celebrities does decide to sue them for their lies. I am getting so sick of seeing all their bullshit conspiracies.

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      • Possibly the legal teams of celebrities advise them against such actions; mainly to avoid the Streisand effect but also because most of the people producing these libelous statements have no money or assets. I won’t argue that this is a price you pay for becoming famous, but it does sort of go with the territory .
        The videos that really anger me are the ones that target the relatives of victims who have certainly not asked to be famous in any way. Seeing videos of the poor grieving mothers after the Manchester Arena bombing with commentaries and subtitles along the lines of “how much is this fat ugly cow being paid to deceive the public?” really makes me angry and sick to the stomach.
        The only realistic way forward I can see is if the various internet platforms and service providers are made legally responsible for their content.

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    • Aaaand we’re back to Simon Cowell.
      I think this is where we came in.

      Well said, Arfur, I hope one of these celebrities sues Cat for her disgusting lies.
      I wonder what motivates people like Cat, Moo and Angie – jealousy of people who have fame an fortune, perhaps?

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