Was the Hampstead SRA hoax the thin edge of a wedge?

Although events behind it had been brewing for some time, most people were caught completely off guard when the Hampstead SRA hoax first broke in February 2015.

Prior to the Hampstead allegations, the UK’s most recent allegations of Satanic ritual abuse had taken place in 2011 in Kidwelly, where four adults led by Colin Batley were convicted of multiple sexual offences. No one involved practised Satanism, but that didn’t stop the media from describing the accused as members of a “Satanic sex cult”.

Still, the Batley case stood out as an anomaly at the time; the Satanic panic which had swept through the UK from the late 1980s to the early 2000s had died down as it became clear that false allegations had been coerced via improper interview techniques by over-zealous police and social workers, who were determined to extract claims of SRA from vulnerable children and adults.

By 2015 it seemed to many that the moral panic had swept through, and SRA allegations were now a thing of the past.

So when the Hampstead hoax rolled into town, complete with a seemingly ready-made army of true believers, driven by an elite core group of seasoned UK-based conspiracy purveyors, many people regarded it as some sort of really bad joke.

“How can anyone actually believe any of that nonsense?” was a common reaction from non-troofers. Another was “Just ignore them, this will blow over and the nutters will find something else to do”.

And until November 2016, it seemed possible that the hoax would die a natural death. Multiple arrests had been made, cautions issued and accepted, charges laid against some…and the mood amongst the hoaxers was sombre. Could this really be the end?

And then along came #pizzagate…

Then, thousands of miles away, a whole new hoax emerged.

Pizzagate injected new life into the Hampstead hoax, using the same mythos of “a worldwide ring of elite paedophiles who control world affairs” which underlies the beliefs of the Hoaxtead mob.

While Pizzagate’s roots were firmly planted in the soil of American politics, that didn’t stop true believers from dredging up the Hampstead hoax as “proof” that their deranged allegations were true. It opened up the Hampstead hoax to a whole new set of conspiracy believers, who brought along their own special brand of crazy…all whipped into a delicious froth by news-LARPer Alex Jones and a special infusion of Russian disinfo bots.

Pizzagate lasted just long enough to scupper the election hopes of the U.S. Democratic Party. In December 2016, a conspiracy believer named Edgar Maddison Welch armed himself with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, a .38 handgun, and a folding knife, drove from his home in Salisbury, North Carolina, to a pizza restaurant called Comet Ping Pong in Washington, D.C., and conducted a “self-investigation” of the premises.

As terrified staff and customers fled, Welch fired three shots in the restaurant, mortally wounding a lock and a computer’s hard drive. His search of the premises revealed no trafficked children (and no basement, where said children were allegedly being kept). He surrendered to police and is currently serving a four-year sentence for his trouble.

Avid Pizzagate “researchers” almost instantly disavowed Welch’s actions, claiming he was a “crisis actor” (that’s conspiranoid code for “anyone who does something which might discredit what I believe in). “Pizzagate” morphed quickly into “pedogate”, and seemed to be in its own tailspin, until “QAnon” came along in November 2017.

Conspiracy believers latched onto “Q” and his/her “breadcrumbs” as though they were the last lifeboat on the Titanic. When he or she vanished for three weeks in July this year, followers panicked; and of late, some excellent work by NBC writers Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins has begun reveal that “Q” might, in fact, comprise a small group of individuals enacting a deliberate hoax for monetary gain.

Sound familiar?

The re-animation of pedogate

This week Zadrozny and Collins, whose investigative work we cannot recommend highly enough, looked into recent conspiranoid social media attacks on two businesses, coincidentally also purveyors of popular foods: a chain of ice cream shops called “Sweet Jesus” and a chain of Portland-based doughnut shops called “Voodoo Doughnut”.

The attacks followed a depressingly similar pattern to the 2016 attacks on Comet Ping Pong (sans gunman, at least so far):

Conspiracy theorists littered the Instagram and Facebook accounts of Sweet Jesus with accusations and menacing comments, pointing to the chain’s name, brand iconography and advertising featuring children. They posted the shop’s advertisements to their own social media accounts and tagged them #PedoGate. Others took their campaign offline, calling the company’s shops and threatening employees. …

Voodoo Doughnut, a popular chain based in Portland, Oregon, has received similar calls in recent weeks.

“They’re very persistent,” said Eamon Monaghan, a manager at the company’s downtown Portland store, adding that calls were coming in hourly claiming, “we know what is happening at your place.”

As with Hoaxtead, believers in the current iteration of pedogate are seemingly immune to logic or reason. Monaghan told reporters that he refers harassing callers to the Portland Police Department, where a spokesperson says they’ve been receiving an “enormous” number of emails and calls.

Zadrozny and Collins quote the spokesperson:

“The lead investigator has repeatedly attempted to contact the person who made these allegations and has not heard back,” [Sgt] Burley said. “We take these allegations seriously, but when the complainant won’t come forward with information, it’s difficult for us to continue.”

“Based on what we have seen, there is no information to suggest that any of the allegations against Voodoo are credible,” the sergeant said.

And who is the person who made the allegations? It’s this guy:

(Not Nathan “Dead-eyes” Stolpman, but his guest.) Apparently VeganMikey, aka Michael Whalen, is perfectly happy to collect money on PayPal, but cannot be arsed to actually talk to the police about his “evidence” that a child-trafficking ring is operating out of a doughnut shop.

Zadrozny and Collins have traced the genesis of the new round of pedogate attacks to a secret board on the gamer message site Discord, called ‘Pedo Takedown Crew’. The board appears to be run by Haley Kennington, a writer for Big League Politics, a site founded by former Breitbart News reporter Patrick Howley. Big League News peddles its own brand of conspiranoid fuckwittery, glorifying QAnon and promoting the discredited Seth Rich conspiracy theory.

Just as Charlotte Alton Ward’s short-lived Hampstead Research was the flagship blog of the Hoaxtead mob, “Pedo Takedown Crew” seems to act as a strategising hub for the pedogate set:

On the message board, hosted on the video game-focused social media network Discord, Kennington and some 40 self-described “researchers” crowdsource what they claim are pedophilia investigations. Members of the group have shared maps of “underground tunnels” that they speculate run between elementary schools and small businesses for child sex trafficking. Kennington has asked her team to investigate Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé, among others.

Kennington recruited members to her group by posting invitations in private Qanon chatrooms, according to Discord logs viewed by NBC News. “Need help digging,” she wrote to her new group members in July. “Drop what you can find here. Links to any Nambla, pedo/child trafficking/organizations, $, connections. You know what to do.”

When reporters asked Kennington for comment, she initially refused; then she asked on Twitter whether NBC News was “Compliant” or “Involved” in paedophilia.

And when Howley, the editor-in-chief of Big League News, was asked about Kennington’s activities, he responded, “I think you are attacking a research community that I haven’t heard about to defend the doughnut shop. Have you been to the doughnut shop? … Are you associated with [Voodoo Doughnut] in some way?”

Following the NBC News investigation into “Pedo Takedown Crew”, Kennington reacted with the usual group purge, kicking out half the group’s members. However, NBC News notes, on 9 August a group member posted this note: “Time for a road trip”.

Thin edge of a wedge?

When Hoaxtead first kicked off, it seemed singular in its combination of wacky beliefs and vicious actions. Those targeted weren’t sure, at first, whether to laugh or cry: how bizarre, on the one hand, to be accused of murdering babies and dancing round with skulls and plastic willies; and yet how horrifying and frightening that these people really seemed to believe what they were saying, and felt justified in calling, emailing, and pamphleting people they didn’t know over such horrendous allegations.

It’s easy to ascribe patterns—to “join the dots”—in hindsight.

But given the tropes which seemed to originate with Hoaxtead—powerful elite paedophile rings, ritually abused children, child trafficking, mysterious tunnels which allegedly facilitated the spiriting of children from one site to another—it does seem as though the Hampstead SRA hoax served as the thin edge of a wedge.

Did Hoaxtead provide inspiration for its successor hoaxes? Did it offer a template for those with an interest in perverting the course of American politics? Or was it all just a coincidentally synchronous acting out of themes and ideas which had begun to take hold in the slimy underbelly of the internet?rtyhrth

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  1. Great perspective and analysis, EC

    I think the point has been made before that it’s fortunate that the Hampstead hoax didn’t take place in America, where guns are freely available. Sadly, although some of the loons that post death threats are all mouth and pantaloons, by law of averages I reckon some of them would have no hesitation in seeing their threats through were firearms available, à la Comet Ping Pong.

    Case in point – these are from just one video (one of the RD BBC interview ones) in just the last four days:

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  2. Did it offer a template for those with an interest in perverting the course of American politics? Or was it all just a coincidentally synchronous acting out of themes and ideas which had begun to take hold in the slimy underbelly of the internet?

    I always blame the workings of Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Field.
    Alternatively, “It must be a tradition, or an old charter or something”.

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  3. This could get interesting:


    Borderline Me (Amanda) has been accused of secretly filming inside court at BH’s recent appearance. Apparently there’s footage on a Red Pill Phil video of her outside the court admitting it and Mary McDermott has been spreading it, much to Amanda’s annoyance. Amanda’s now saying she thought about it but didn’t go through with it. She’s made a video defending herself and gets quite tearful at one point.

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  4. Speaking of unhinged loons, here’s another one who we should be thankful doesn’t have access to AR-15 semiautomatic rifles and .38 handguns:

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    • The daft thing about that is that FD offered to do a hangout with her last week and she declined, accusing him of trying to groom her 🤣

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    • Great journalism again, Angie……. Its Shiva……………. The Hindu Deity and simply represents the power of destruction to create room for new life………. (far more to it, I know, but that’s roughly the beauty in the message) . I guess though your prejudice knows no bounds and is shared onto Hindus, just as onto anyone other, eh ?
      Sheva is merely a mix up of my original name, but if I have any power to destroy a lying, scammer, disgusting con woman who bullies, harrasses and belittles genuine survivors of abuse, whilst promoting the diabolic other similar liars like Fiona Barnett, then I will do my utmost………….. to help expose your dirty, dark dealings ! OK ?

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    • I think if she did have access to any sort of weaponry, she’d wind up shooting herself in the foot first. Then she’d blame all and sundry for ruining her Sunday shoes.

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    • Don’t fret, the Good Book has this situation covered:

      “And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”
      Leviticus 20:16

      Although i suspect the preceding verse is probably more apt in the case of APD

      “And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast.”
      Leviticus 20:16

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    • I’m now beginning to suspect this vile Barnett woman is another grifter who will probably soon make an appeal for funds to publish her book.
      EC mentions QAnon which increasingly looks like a sophisticated scam which hasn’t entailed a great deal of work but some clever logistics. A couple of visits to a Donald Trump rally and by holding up a sign with someone taking photos (as seen in the NBC article) and then spreading it via social media and the job is done. Eventually, 2 of them get them to get a visit to the White House as they did just the other day.

      Just as we see how Hampstead has spread and so many jump on board with APD’s endless pleas for donations to continue her “research” (ie: sit at home surfing the net and smoking fags).

      I worked over the years in various capacities in the US film industry and what amazed me was the unbelievable ability for Americans to work publicity. The old adage “as long as they spell your name correctly” held true then and still does (Kardashians having their ribs removed?). I was mocked in the beginning by a couple of big names as being incredibly naive and truthful at the same time for believing that a publicity tale spread had to have some elements of truth rather than one that would fire the imagination od showbiz hacks (I am embarrassed now by some tales I invented that even hit the front pages- always harmless was my motto- that had little connection with reality).

      But publicity can be like an addictive drug to many and the same is true for those in the so-called “truther” movement which is over-crowded with not very talented people (and endless numbers of boors and dullards).
      I’m convinced much of the success of Donald Trump -who the majority of conspiracy truthers follow – has been his ability to publicise himself. He’s a master of it and there is zilch morality, just a need to see endless headlines.
      But I reckon it will be his downfall just as so many Hampstead hoaxers are begging to find.

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      • From the moment I caught Fiona Barnett attempting to syphon off money raised by Tim Minchin for the Ballarat Survivors to travel to Rome……………. aided by Hampstead hoaxers and Opdeatheaters, whilst simultaneously the same groups were sending trolls to attack the groups aiding and supporting survivors to go forward to the Royal Commission or keep up with the news………… and that arsehole we don’t name, here also was on ‘troofer’ and evangelical shows alongside her, including American Freedom Radio, smearing some good people, advocates and campaigners who’ve been involved for years to bring the abuse suffered within Catholic and other religious institutions to the surface…………………………. I have had nothing but contempt for any who still promote her, as she/they attempt to keep their false flags flying.

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    • I suspect the reason people like Barnett and Neelu are so distressed about articles like this one is that they realise that their game is about to be called. The magic tricks don’t work quite so well when we can all see the “wizard” behind the curtain.

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    • I hope she’s declaring that income to the DWP, in case a disaffected reader decides to call the National Benefit Fraud Hotline. Wouldn’t like to see her face a second benefit fraud trial. That would just be terrible.

      That number again: 0800 854 440. Your call is free.

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    • Seems they’re telling porkies there. According to Cat in this new video (something about how all paedophiles ride bikes or something – yawn), she doesn’t know why her website’s down and her “minions” are working hard to fix it. So if/when it does come back up, it’l be the same pile of shite it was before 😂

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      • Isn’t it amazing how often you scratch the surface of a hoaxer and all the other disagreeable characteristics spring to the surface??? Antisemitism seems to be a common theme with them too, until now neelu hadn’t seemed to have been interested in it, but she definitely has joined the club of other hoaxers on that particular bandwagon….

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      • It’s not true. My carer / secretary Whiskers claims she is a second generation Russian Jew and applied and was knocked back. She even said she is related to Larry at No 10 but they took no notice.

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  5. Scary stuff when armed mutters get involved. 4 years was pretty lenient for discharging a rifle in a pizza restaurant.

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    • Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Becki played the Joanna while children were murdered in Hull. Same old, same old.

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      • If you start typing “Dennis Healey” then the great Gazoogle Autocomplete offers you “eyebrows”. Just saying.

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      • There is a video on Becki Percy tweets of a girl with big eyebrows who was given someone’s heart for her birthday, this probably inspired her to copy. The problem (one of many) with Percy is she does not have a heart to feel empathy for others of seeing what her false allegation making is doing to them.

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    • I don’t know about you guys but those eyebrows scare me, but with the help of jelly babies I found a new inner source of fortitude and courage to carry on.

      As you are all probably aware the candle business of our Texan piano playing heroine is not paying its way, and things are getting financially tight at the ole ranch. However, after a nice holiday in San Diego, and the help of a new rescue puppy, it was soon back to the churning out of hate, bile and witless moranity on @becki_p20

      The false allegation making has been expanded a little to include calling all critics of President Trump paedophiles or paedophile supporters. I have posted the relevant Tweet to my Twitter account @views_s but don’t know how to do it here. Never mind.

      Our bushy-eyebrowed Texan cowgirl now has started a new wordpress blog too, but she is not so good on the wordpress technique like El Coyote is, so it remains an uninspiring crapfest.

      I believe those eyebrows have a life of their own, evolving into something I dare not envision, but like the evolutionary growth of the eyebrows, so does the SRA narrative, and now we have new information that her family are worshippers of Molech, which is a new one on me, as I am not aware of any Satanists worshipping Molech. But, what do I know, I am just a Satanist.

      If delusion and moronic stupidity could not lower itself anymore Miss Texas also has been sending out CV’s for jobs mainly listing as her reasons for employment a full narrative expose of her false allegations in Hull and her love for Jesus. The CV looks like some teen horror fiction kids tell each other on a scout camping trip.

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        • These are my findings… If you know of a child-murdering ring operating in the Hull area yet steadfastly refuse to report it to the police, you’re either:

          1. A child-murderer that’s scared to be caught.
          2. Supporting child-murderers.
          3. Paid by the child-murderers.
          4. A lying bitch.
          5. Becki Percy.
          6. All of the above

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        • So she’s an expert on politics now? She’ll have read at least a bit of history and politics and be familiar with the political pages in quality newspapers before she reached her decision won’t she. Oh wait….

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      • A recent comet has released black catterpillar spawn from the planet Zorgon.They seek out and attach themselves and formate above the eyes of failed bipeds and compel their hosts to exhude even more utter shite than they usually do like running around half clad in fields chasing horses and all manner of incomprehensible crap.There is no available solution for humanity apart from getting extremely drunk.

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      • I’m sure the manager at the local McDonald’s will be most impressed with her CV and her skills with an eyebrow pencil, and issue her the coveted “burger flippers’ apron” forthwith.

        Pass the jelly babies.

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    • She is obviously going for a verdict of insane at her asylum hearing, she’s using a variation on Blackadders stick two pencils up your nose and say “wibble” She’ll have her knickers on her head soon.

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    • There is a terrible drought in Australia with farmers suffering badly. The government is tossing $Ms at them but how do you get water into the countryside when it’s so bloody vast?.
      Orgone Pyramids? Why didn’t we think of it?

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  6. “This movie was Banned from Youtube… gee I wonder why? Is it perhaps because this technology is a threat to the oil industry?”

    Er…nope. It’s because it’s a scam and you’re a crook. Thanks for asking

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  7. Interesting article EC

    It is my belief that there is much more to the Hampstead conspiracy than meets the eye.

    I was going to save this for my blog, but as you exploring the use of false accusations of sexual abuses within a political context I think it is probably a suitable place to share this video.

    The documentary details the use of “black propaganda” as used by Britain against the Nazis in the 1940s. It explore how sexual conspiracy theories and sexual smears can be used for political purposes.

    It is an absolutely fascinating documentary but, please be aware, it does contain some sexually explicit material. The material collected regarding Adolph Hitler’s sexual proclivities and the suffering of the various women he was involved with is extremely unpleasant and is likely to be traumatising for some. This is definitely not a video suitable for children or people who are recovering from sexual trauma.

    Also, on a tangent, re the Kidwelly case; one of Batley’s victims has written an account of her story which anyone who is interested can find here

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    • Someone writes “I have [Borderline Personality Disorder] myself” like it is a form of martyrdom or a kind of battle-wound deserving of sympathy, rather than a polite diagnostic way of saying “manipulative lying piece of trash”, you know it is time to run away

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      • Just cos Mary writes it, doesn’t make it true, she’s like a kid with her fingers in ears, yelling lies, outraged at being caught out……….. The amount of death threats, she alone has issued, having decided against all evidence and sane understanding of this case, that certain people are guilty, only because it feeds some need within her ugly self………… How many times, have I alone been goaded to die, threatened with all sorts, that’s only me and only because I help to expose your nasty selves and all who have promoted the satanic panic new agenda, that is causing harm to those who are actually, really trying to prevent harm to children and to find better ways to protect them………………… She has though nicely confirmed the collusion between, Red Pill Phil, Eddie is not ok and their recent attempts to become the shepherds in the growing movement for survivors of CSA, being formed……… Yet again, a few serious wronguns can be identified and I hope that Danny, Phil and Dave etc will take heed and listen to those of us, that have been proven right, many times, now, and seeing people perhaps, before you can…………….. I’m sure, often simply because of business, I mean busy ness……….. these wronguns keep sneaking up in a different guise….

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  8. Excellent post EC, it explains a lot.

    It is very concerning that so many do believe & get involved with these hoaxes & shows that anyone could be accused of horrific crimes & then spend years trying to right the wrong done to them & their families. Even then, that’s not enough as we have seen with RD & his children.

    I believe that if these are brought before the courts, they should have to send an apology to the accused people in every National newspaper & a post apologising on all social media on which they have shared their accusations, once that’s done & if they do not receive a custodial sentence, they get banned from the internet for a time, depending on the level of abuse they have spread.

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  9. I like this guy, like a few others, I was initially alarmed, thinking Angie might have found a new platform to promote her bs………….. thankfully, no, that is not the case…………..He can spot the difference ! :).

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    • For persons who claim to be devout Christians, they really are ignorant of biblical teachings.

      “Some soldiers were questioning him, saying, “And what about us, what shall we do?” And he said to them, “Do not take money from anyone by force, or accuse anyone falsely, and be content with your wages.”
      Luke 3:14

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      • I forgot this one!!! Very apposite: :

        “A false witness will not go unpunished, And he who tells lies will not escape.”
        Proverbs 19:5

        If I was a cynic and not looking to find the good in mankind, I’d say that they were the real demons! But if they are true believers, I recommend that they get better household insurance:

        “I will make it go forth,” declares the LORD of hosts, “and it will enter the house of the thief and the house of the one who swears falsely by My name; and it will spend the night within that house and consume it with its timber and stones.”
        Zechariah 5:4

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  12. ” “How can anyone actually believe any of that nonsense?” was a common reaction from non-troofers ”

    That was more or less my reaction at the time. I was at that point in believer mode regarding the claims of an over-arching VIP abuse conspiracy. However, even back then, I viewed the Hampstead SRA Hoax claims as outlandish and improbable – and as a distraction from bringing more powerful or well-connected abusers to justice. I now am sceptical about many of the claims that were made in the media regarding a vast over-arching VIP abuse conspiracy. It should be noted, however, that I not sceptical about all of them. Peter Hayman and Cyril Smith were powerful figures – as was Bishop Peter Ball.

    I think that statistically, figures in top level positions are no more or less likely to be prone to paedophilia than in any other sector of society. It is plausibly more likely that they would get away with it.

    What I haven’t changed my views on is that I still believe that powerful people do all kinds of bad things, and sometimes escape scot free. However, in civil societies, there are checks and balances in place – separation of powers, the judicial system, the media (even, when it works well, citizens’ media). The checks and balances do not always work, but they are almost always better than a witch-hunt mentality. I never supported vigilantism, even in the days when I was more credulous regarding the claims that the likes of ‘Nick’ was making.

    I come back to the old maxim: “All power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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