Despite crushing defeats, Belinda predicts 2018 victory

A curious trait of the Hoaxtead mob is their ability to add up 1+1+1+1+1 and somehow decide that it equals 47.

Case in point: Belinda’s attempt to rally the troops yesterday on her Facebook page.

New Year Day 6/traditional end of Christmas and I’m starting to feel cautiously optimistic about 2018, thanks to a positive and productive mini-summit meeting yesterday with core colleagues in the Association of McKenzie Friends. We’ve formulated a number of plans of action for going forwards this year in the continuing fight for justice for children, parents & families in the courts, also for whistle-blowers against institutional and/or ritual child abuse, on whom the heavy hand of our paedophile-protecting state invariably descends to shut them up, rather than that the children’s own voices are heard or the real truth comes out… 2017 was a particularly trying year on the whistle-blower front, with Peter Hofschroer losing his appeal and being extradited in July to undergo trial in Austria (which apparently hasn’t taken place yet – instead, as he feared all along would happen, he’s being held in a mental institution…)

Then came Rupert Quaintance’s trial and conviction in August; he’s still in Wandsworth jail but hopefully due for deportation back to the US on 13th January.

Then, all through December ‘Lambeth Whistle-blower’ Brian Pead was on trial for the 6th time down at Woolwich, yet another spectacle of justice gone totally pear-shaped in order to secure the desired guilty verdict. He’ll be sentenced on 26th January.

Veteran McKenzie Friend and human rights activist Maurice Kirk also went down again on 14th December for 2 years, while children’s care-homes whistle-blower Melanie Shaw still languishes in prison somewhere in the north of England (she’s been shifted around so often I’ve lost track of exactly where she is right now…).

And of course, in 2017 both Sabine for the nth time and I too for once suffered arrest and having property seized, although in my case I seem to have been let off the hook (?) Altogether, last year there was far too much traipsing back and forth to police-stations, courts & prisons for my liking, not to mention spending days on end in the courts witnessing brave, honourable people being criminalised themselves for carrying out their citizen’s duty to report crime. I fully intend this year to be entirely different! True, Sabine is due back in court at Blackfriars on Monday morning for Stage 1 of the pre-trial process, not to mention the trial itself looming for this spring or summer but her solicitor reassures her that she has a good case and she is cheerfully hopeful of the trial being called off or collapsing half-way through again, like last time. We have so much that’s POSITIVE we want to get on with – please all, VISUALISE us overcoming attempts to shut us down and VISUALISE things dramatically improving from now on for UK society, most especially for the children!

We’ve marked the names of the imprisoned, accused, and arrested in bold for quick reference.

Clearly, as we predicted this time last year, 2017 was not kind to the Hoaxtead mob and their allies (though why Melanie Shaw should be included in this list is a bit puzzling, since she basically told Belinda and Sabine to do one when they tried to draft her to their cause).

Rupert to be deported

We were interested to learn that Rupert is in line to be deported back to the United States in the near future. Given that his sentence included a criminal behavioural order preventing him from broadcasting anything about the Hampstead hoax for the next five years, we hope (but are not convinced) that on his return home he’ll be able to restrain himself from harassing his victims any further. This will be the true test: has he learnt anything from his unfortunate UK experience?

Sabine hearing tomorrow

Sabine, who has been out on bail since 16 December, is due back at Blackfriars Crown Court on Monday morning. We hope that her trial date will be announced at tomorrow’s hearing; we’ll be watching closely and will report any news here.

Given her recitation of legal failures (or victories, depending on which side of the fence you’re on), Belinda’s sparkly optimism about Sabine’s chances at trial seems a little strange. Of course we are unable to engage in any speculation as to the outcome of Sabine’s trial, but we’ll point out that she is facing a total of 19 charges this time—a daunting prospect for any defendant. Perhaps if we all VISUALISE our preferred outcome….[insert eye-roll here]

We wonder whether Belinda ever stops to wonder why it is that all her friends seem to wind up arrested, sectioned, deported, or in prison?

Oh right, we remember now: it’s the dreaded Shadow People [insert second eye-roll here, plus scary music].

We do share one thing in common with Belinda, however (and no, it’s not that we’re both carbon-based life forms): we have every reason to expect that 2018 is shaping up to be a very interesting year indeed.

103 thoughts on “Despite crushing defeats, Belinda predicts 2018 victory

    • False optimism is the precursor to disapointment and the herald of coming despair,as no doubt many a foot soldier discover as they become entangled in barbed wire.

      Belinda should spend all her efforts in 2018 getting a new hair stylist if she really knows whats good for her,the current one is just taking the piss now.

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      • As long as you’re all aware that that particular song has also long been a popular West Brom anthem and singing it could potentially spark a ruck with any passing Wolves fans.

        So in the interest of balance…

        PS: kudos to anyone who gets the ‘Woolly Bully’ reference 😀

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          • And the winner is Arfur Pint! Nice work, mate.

            And said tune is still to this day chanted on the terraces of the Molineux as a salute to that legendary player (whom I once nearly ran over).

            I’m not a Wolves fan myself, by the way, but lived there for many years, including the late 80s when, partly thanks to the aforementioned Mr. Bull, they rose from the 4th division to the 1st (now called the Premiership) in just 3 seasons!


          • Wahey, woohoo i won! 🙂 Can you imagine how popular you would have been to be known as the person that ran over Steve Bull? Time to get outta town and bloody quickly 🙂

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          • It’s funny, you know – he was known for his sharp eye, sly manoeuvring and quick reactions but somehow struggled with the Green Cross Code.


  1. What on earth have McKenzie’s Friends got to do with child abuse advocacy? They are meant to just accompany someone to court as a sort of moral support.

    As for whistle-blowers, this mob really annoys me the way they have co-opted a term that applies to people who really do blow the whistle on corruption. Bellend’s “whistle-blowers” are all ratbags with convictions for duhh.. child abuse!
    And why does she keep pretending Brian Pead is one when he was in court for breaching an harassment order to stay away from family members?. The case had zilch to do with Hampstead.
    On the strength of Bellend’s misplaced optimism I reckon she’s in for a very rocky 2018.

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    • I agree, GoS. They’ve perverted the meaning of the term “whistle-blower”, which used to have a noble or at least selfless connotation.

      These days, when I hear that term I tend to think, “Oh God, what has this one been convicted of?”

      I know several people who believe that the entire purpose of Belinda’s shenanigans is to undermine and discredit the true abuse victims and whistle-blowers, so that they’ll be automatically disbelieved and ignored.

      I don’t generally subscribe to this viewpoint, but every now and then I wonder whether it’s actually the case. If it’s not, she and her friends are certainly doing an excellent job of making it look as though it is.

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      • I think that’s one reason Belinda turns up whenever one of her “friends” is in court—as a quiet reminder to them that they’d be better off not mentioning her. I heard that’s what happened with Rupert’s case. She sat there staring at him the entire time he was on the stand, and he said nothing about her, but only mentioned Sabine and Angela.

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  2. “She is cheerfully hopeful of the trial being called off or collapsing half-way through again”

    Does Belinda actually understand what contempt of court is? Here’s a clue, Belinda: you’re committing it. Again. Tick tock…

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  3. Has JournoAngie™ actually read this (boo hiss mainstream media except when it suits us) article?

    I suspect she saw the headline and presumed it was about satanic ritual abuse, when in fact it’s about the abuse meted out to terrified kids by psychotic witch-hunting freaks like her and her mates (assuming there are any she hasn’t fallen out with yet).

    Still, at least it only took her two months to get round to posting it. Keep those donations coming, folks!

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  4. Everything that comes out of Belinda’s mouth is a complete lie. The only time she ever trips up is when she’s unscripted. She needs more people to confront her, off the internet, face to face. She just makes shit up as she goes along. Her turn will come, the police know about her but it takes a while to get evidence. But she will get hers, even though she uses people as a shield.

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    • Karl Pilkington has offered to provide a free sign language commentary for its readers that dont follow the English language and as a service for brain dead hoax mobsters who enter herein to find out what their associates are currently gibbering on about.

      So to Belinda it a big..

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    • “The peasants are revolting Sire”
      “Yes they are rather disgusting arent they..”
      “No Sire, the peasants- they are really revolting”
      “Well if they disturb you that much, go and give them some new clothes and tell them to take a bath and get haircuts then”



      • So it actually costs more than cancer treatments that have been proven to work?. These Quack remedies and the dangerous people who promote them are always the same. They blithely ignore the fact those flogging dangerous quack cures also ask for big money and curse “Big Pharma” for spending $$millions on developing drugs that work after extensive trials.

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    • Who are these “GcMAF scientists”. She actually believes a genuine scientist specializes in studing a protein that’s for sale on dodgy websites and which exaggerated unproved claims are made about?
      What a goose she is.

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  5. Oh no, I’ve heard her so often I can hear her saying it my head.

    S 4 CLA 67 says: “Where a person has committed a relevant offence , any other person who, knowing or believing him to be guilty of the offence or of some other relevant offence , does without lawful authority or reasonable excuse any act with intent to impede his apprehension or prosecution shall be guilty of an offence.

    Note the word “act” in the section, and the absence of the word “omission”.

    Still 6/10 for finding something that’s roughly relevant. Actually, Neelu’s favourite offence, treason, can be committed by omission. But then it’s a statute, so presumably you can only commit the offence if you agree to be prosecuted.

    I think she’s saying she’s entitled to continue harassing the staff at the Royal Courts of Justice despite a civil restraining order.

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  6. “Their most recent comments in Youtube threads suggested a ‘house warming party’ accompanied with a photo of the road where i live.”

    Hmmm, yeah. That happened, didn’t it, Debs. Got a link or screenshot? Thought not.

    Maybe you left it with your proof that I’m a convicted child rapist, as you claimed in a Facebook post on Christmas Eve.

    Or maybe it’s with your atlas, the one that told you that Africa’s a country.

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    • I certainly don’t know where Deborah lives, and I’ve heard nothing about such a post. If it exists, could it have come from someone know knows Deborah in person? She does complain that she’s alienated a great many people.

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    • Great Moments of irony #101
      A woman who on a daily basis repeatedly names the same people (and their children) and one father in particular while identifying where they live and claims they are mass murderers, complains someone has posted personal details about herself.

      She badly needs help if she thinks the entire world is her jail. It’s an imaginary prison constructed within her own head.

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    • This Ackermann bloke really is weird. Why does he wear a badge with the Nuclear symbol?. Has his brain been fried by Nuclear waste?

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        • They did actually fall out, there was a video on YouTube before he went to prison the first time, one of his friends had made a recording of Robert Green slagging off Anne Greig, and was stupid enough to release it, then realised how stupid they were and took it off again. Robert was actually sacked by Anne, but no one told Robert until he got to court, not even Belinda, tut tut.

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  7. Personally i think Pizzagate will die out, well, i hope. I see now how they are trolling John Legend and his wife. Its despicable, it really is and is gang stalking.
    I think they will no doubt keep pushing the Satanic panic. Especially the Association of McKenizie frauds.

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  8. I hope that 2018 is the year when Facebook and youtube start doing a hell of a lot more to take of offensive videos and hope that this Pizzagate gang stalking leads to arrests.

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    • Yes we keep on waiting for the day when Facebook finally pulls it’s finger out its arse and gets serious about tackling the abuse they allow on their platform. Put in a prayer for it to happen soon will you please Reverend Bruce?

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  9. Third one of the night from Debs! (And she seems to be getting angrier with each one.)

    Oh and she still thinks that out-of-court child abuse settlements are tax-deductible. Funny old place, Planet Moo.

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