Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer: The stunning conclusion

All right, that headline might have been a slight exaggeration.

In fact, according to Neelu Berry’s latest Facebook live-stream video, the Application for Committal against Mr Ellis ended yesterday, not with the banging of a cell door, but with a whimper—a three-month sentence, suspended for 12, and the threat of prison time if he violates a restraining order. Neelu wasn’t clear about what that order entailed.


We assigned our junior Gentleman of the Tea Trolley, Max, to try to make sense of Neelu’s latest, and here’s what he sent us:

Neelu says she didn’t attend yesterday’s hearing, because at Wednesday’s she managed to distinguish herself by standing up in the public gallery until the judge noticed her. Apparently she took offence at something the prosecuting barrister said about her, although why they were discussing her I do not know.

Anyhoo, the barrister, Eardley I think it was, said that before Mr Ellis came along, Ms Berry didn’t know anything about the law, and didn’t know what the consequences of perverting the course of justice could be. At this point, Ms Berry stood up and tried to catch the eye of the judge, who told her to sit down.

Instead, Ms Berry said, she informed the court that she’d been using that phrase in the documents since the 1990s when she first started taking corruption cases to court. [I find this amazing, as this means she’s been pulling these stunts since before I was born! Why has she never gone to jail? —Max]

Ms Berry told the court that she was a very specialized super-qualified pharmacist with experience in mental health, and that she knew how discharge patients into the community, and a bunch of other stuff which I didn’t quite get…and then she said that she proved some hospital had victimised her, that that they’d conspired to do so, which proves that she DOES TOO know what conspiracy to pervert the course of justice means, so there, nyah nyah.

She says she had an “outburst” and then she and 11 of her friends were removed by the guards. 

Then she talked about having had two fathers, one African and one Indian. [Is that even possible? —Max]

Oh, here’s something interesting. Both her fathers were equity lawyers, just like Mr Ellis! Isn’t that an amazing coincidence? 

She says that equity law isn’t taught in the universities, and it isn’t in any of the law books or the legislation, but it means “natural law, common law, divine law, jurisprudence of the philosophy of law, and how people use the law when they have differences. And it’s meant to be with a jury”.

[Question: if it’s not in legislation, or law books, or universities, how does anyone know how to do it, or even what it is? Maybe this explains why there are only three known equity lawyers, and two of them are dead? Should Mr Ellis perhaps be in a zoo, as a unique specimen? Just some thoughts. —Max]

Oh, I think Ms Berry just answered one of my questions: she says the reason they want to stop Mr Ellis is because he is one the last equity lawyers. Well, technically I’d say he is the last, wouldn’t you?

Ms Berry said that Mr Ellis has “basically come to the conclusion that the justice system is unfit for purpose, so therefore we don’t require its services”. [This is just my guess, but could this be why he was in court in the first place? —Max]

Sirs, I have to confess that at a certain point my mind started to wander, so I don’t know that I got everything she said, but I did pick up something about how the judge was not impartial and kept interrupting Mr Ellis. I will be honest: if Mr Ellis talks as much as Ms Berry does, I would have been interrupting him too. 

Oh, hang on, here’s an interesting bit: she says that if Mr Ellis breaches his restraining order he’ll spend three months in jail, but of course he’s planning to appeal that, but the state wants him in jail because he’s too successful at assisting these 40 victims of state terrorism who’ve been fighting justice corruption for decades. [Question: If he’s been so successful, why do none of his clients ever seem to win? —Max]

Well done, Max. You’ll find 10 quid under the box of jammy dodgers in the morning, assuming someone gets to the office before you do. neelu-with-crystal-on-forehead

59 thoughts on “Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer: The stunning conclusion

    • Let the Epic Whinge commence!

      And for all those American troofers out there who think they have the right to say what they want anywhere on the interwebz, here’s a helpful reminder:

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      • Richie Allen has now said..

        “That’s it then. Further to my post this morning (you might want to read it if you missed it), Google/YouTube has deleted my channel, citing a third community guideline strike. This time it was my interview with Jim Fetzer last Monday. Jim came on to state that in his opinion, there were anomalies with the media reporting of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.”

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        • So here’s a thought for all the would-be Richies out there: stop writing defamatory bullshit about kids who’ve gone through a trauma you can’t even imagine. Just an idea.

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        • Not surprising. He was spoken to by genuine media professionals, advised to read McNaes and acquaint himself with media reporting restrictions, defamation etc. He should count himself lucky he hasn’t been sued and bankrupted – yet.


    • There were already angry videos up about Richie Allen’s channel’s demise within minutes of it coming down. Check out this one from ‘Holocaust-Denying Flat-Earther’ (and I swear I’m not making that up):

      That video captures the moment when Allen’s channel went down, as the guy happened to be filming his Allen links at the time. His reaction when he realises what’s happened is priceless 😀

      Oh and he also comes out with an awesome fruitcake quote:

      “This is literally 1984.”

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      • “This is literally 1984.” To be fair, most of the kit Richie used in his garden shed, sorry, “studio”, actually was from 1984! I remember seeing a photo of him some tech had annotated pointing out the various bits of ancient, mostly amateur video-maker junk, and how he was misusing it.

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        • LOL yeah! I remember that too! He had a rifle mic with a windcheater on it AND a pop screen in front of it! Something only used at close proximity with large diaphragm vocal mics! For non tekkie, that’s a bit like wearing a bikini over a tuxedo with flippers and a pith helmet. Then There was this old toy vision mixer thingie from the late 80s on his desk and his 1970s TV too! Yay! Top tech Rich! VHS rulez!

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  1. I’m surprised he’s gotten away with calling himself an equity lawyer for so long, as there is such a thing as an equity law solicitor which he is clearly not, so he is basically trying to misrepresent himself as being a solicitor when he isnt…
    and the hairsplitting that he is indulging in saying that a lawyer isnt a solicitor doesnt really stack up either- most people associate the two words as being the same thing although technically according to Slater and Gordan a solicitor is one of several different types covered by the general term lawyer…

    “What’s the Difference between a Lawyer, a Solicitor and a Barrister? The term Lawyer is a generic term used to describe anyone who is a Licensed Legal Practitioner qualified to give legal advice in one or more areas of law. Put simply, Solicitors and Barristers are both types of Lawyer.”

    This definitely excludes him from describing himself as a lawyer of any type (equity or not) as he is definitely not licensed anymore being disbarred on the 17th of October 2013 (http://www.sra.org.uk/consumers/solicitor-check/112804.article)

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  2. Pardon my manners, Max that was a very entertaining summary, thank you!

    I can imagine EC. Judge Judy would have a rare old time with them!

    Isn’t it grand that you tube are actually taking action at last, when will other social media follow I wonder. It may be sporadic but it’s happening.

    Good to know also that internet trolls’ threats are being taken seriously more & more.


    Internet troll, 28, threatened to stab a former MP who he branded a ‘dirty paedophile’ after he was linked to a ‘fantasist’s unsubstantiated claims she was raped at a beauty spot’

    EXCLUSIVE Declan Canning sent John Hemming vile messages after losing family court caseFormer Lib Dem MP and family rights campaigner had been assisting him in it. At court he sacked his solicitor and was then ejected after a series of outbursts Canning was convicted in absence of sending ex-MP three threatening emails

    By Andy Dolan and Stephen Wright for MailOnline

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    • And this mob encourage this sort of behaviour which is why in the end their shenanigans must be taken seriously and monitored.

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  3. The Irish gobshite should have been gone long ago. The inhabitants of Valium Valley will be pounding the keyboards in outraged indignation that such an upstanding investigative broadcaster should be held to account. If only Neelu could be kicked out on her arse into the street it would be the perfect week.

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  4. Well done Max.
    Apart from the insanity these dills like Neelu & Ellis are would-be little dictators who want the courts and the country to bend to their twisted will.

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    • And there is another would be Mussolini inspired plutocrat who is fond of ranting on the Youtube whose name I will not mention but the words “Mad” and “Moo” come to mind.

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    • I was a hamster, between 1995-97.
      Or, rather, my internet icon was a hamster wearing a tiny helmet and wielding a tiny firearm. His backstory was, that he had escaped from a government lab where he had undergone secret experiments to turn him into a super intelligent hamster. Literally, “the Brain”.
      Alas, he is well & truly retired now.

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    • Thanks for the update, Neelu. Let me know if they introduce martial law so I can get the washing in before the curfew starts

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    • She seems so upset that no Journalists gave a damn about Edward Ellis “even though it was a pivotal case exposing UK judicial corruption”. LOL!

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        • A lot more attention would be paid if there wasnt this bloomin state of emergency thats stopped everyone from being able to post on the internet and meet on the streets and phone each other and…

          oh wait

          We can still do all that… and the papers have absolutely nothing about it…

          Its almost as if this state of emergency doesnt exist…

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  5. Has anyone else noticed that Chris Spivey has been allowing comments from people who are open paedophile supporters? On his last two articles there are posts from the guy who ran the notorious paedo messageboard ANONTALK and also now support coming from Dr Nigel Oldfield’s partner.
    In recent years he has seemed to accept support from people no matter what their background.
    Ive noticed Karen Matthews ex boyfriend Craig Meehan post on there,MadDog Deon from the Jeremy Kyle show and several others who have been in the press for sexual offences involving horses and dogs.

    I thought he kept up with the news?

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  6. I was going to ask whether Angela thought it all through before deciding that the Florida shooting was “government-sponsored” and that gun ownership is a good thing…

    …But then I remembered that in last night’s interview she stated that many Alzheimer’s sufferers (including her own father) are just faking it. So I’m guessing not.

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  7. Having told us that criminals disguised as immigration judges are involved in kidnapping thousands of criminals who are professionals from abroad to work doing community service for councils and the police [I think] Neelu replies to a poster “I don’t need to show you proof because if you really did understand what I’m talking about you would already know that as a fact”.
    “The proceedings went very well for Mr Ellis and very badly for the state”.
    Jesus said that faith could move mountains but compared with Neelu he was understating the case.

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  8. Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees- Neelu not only cant see the forest, but insists that the ocean there instead is great for a swim….

    Her and reality have only the slightest contact with each other

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