Edward Ellis trial: Neelu feels oppressed

Following the first day of Edward William Ellis’ Application to Commit proceedings at the Royal Courts of Justice, we have absolutely no idea what evidence was presented.

Nor do we know exactly which offence the self-styled “Equity Lawyer” is alleged to have committed, nor even who (if anyone) is making his defence arguments.

However, we do have the following list of Very Important Grievances, courtesy of Grievance Collector in Chief Neelu:

Neelu Berry-Edward Ellis trial 2018-02-20

10.30am tomorrow 21 Feb 2018. We are back in Court 12, Royal Courts of Justice Strand London WC2A 2LL UK for the second day of the committal hearing Ministry of Justice V Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis

So these were the administrative frauds I witnessed:-

1. The court room was changed from Court 11 to Court 12, at the last minute, without Notice or Reason, to deny public attendance

2. Public were told to switch phones off and no texting allowed even on silent to inform the public of the venue change to prevent public attending Court 12

3. Public were turned away because there was no notice outside Court 11 until some time later

4. The Judge refused applications to recuse herself on grounds of conflicts and then constantly interrupted the oral evidence to conceal the evidence of corruption

5. Drilling started in Court 12 at 3.30pm making the oral evidence of Mr Ellis inaudible

6. Microphones were turned off

7. No case reference was used in the listing so there would be no appeal or location in the case of a “disappearance”

8. The change of court means the court tapes would be impossible to locate for transcription services

9. There was no independent human witness giving any evidence against Mr Ellis but there were over a dozen supporters who came in their own time and at their own expense in support of Mr Ellis

10. A journalist appeared to be escorted in and out by Ms Eatough and Ms Clow of WG08 – he said he would not be covering the story after he heard the witness evidence of corruption against the State by Mr Ellis

Where to even begin?

First, we are shocked—shocked, we tell you!— at the dastardly RCJ for changing the courtroom for the one next door. This injustice shall not stand!

As for being forced to turn off electronic devices, this is mos’ def’ an infringement of the personal freedoms of those in the public gallery. We suggest that they launch a human rights complaint at very least. Of course, they’ll have to wait until Mr Ellis has time in his busy schedule, but what price freedom, we ask you?

And what’s this about drilling in the next courtroom? Surely this was a deliberate attempt on the part of the court to squelch Mr Ellis’ oral evidence. Fortunately, we’ve heard him in person, and can attest to his stout vocal capacity.

Complaint #9 does puzzle us a bit: “no independent human witness” giving evidence against Mr Ellis? Does this mean that dependent robots were employed? Or perhaps Lord Ashtray dropped in to give his considered opinion? We hope Neelu fills us in, we’re dying to know.

We think we saw the journalist who “said he would not be covering the story after he heard the witness evidence of corruption against the State by Mr Ellis”: he was staggering along outside the RCJ, alternately cackling to himself and waving a clenched fist at the sky. We thought we heard him say, “‘Go into law reporting’, they said. ‘It’ll be fun!’ they said….” before he wandered off to drown his sorrows at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese down on Fleet St.

Tune in tomorrow, when we’re sure Neelu will have even more grievances to report. We might even find out what happened. Hey, miracles are possible!


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  1. Just wondered if any of you have found any evidence whatsoever…such as a working URL/website for the so called “Black Death Group”. It only seems to exist in the mind of this “model” who is the latest wannabe celebratreeee!!!
    If that bloke in Italy somehow gets convicted over this farce then it will open the floodgates for yet more nonsense hysteria regarding the big bad darkweb and all the “snuff movie makers” that operate on there selling Blu-Rays with bloopers and deleted scenes of the latest underground satanic ritual snuff orgy.
    Yes ofcourse there exists a mountain of awful and beyond sickening images and film all over the net,both clear and deepweb….but why is there always the need for so many people to exagerate even the worst? Somehow people are not happy unless things are much worse than they already are.

    To contribute a little I can tell you for a 100% fact that convicted peadophile child porn hoarder Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield is still and has been in a relationship with a woman called Katy Morgan Davies. Google both.
    The people behind the UK DATABASE know about it.I stumbled on it by accident after she left a supportive comment under his utterly moronic interview on Youtube.


    • “Just wondered if any of you have found any evidence whatsoever…such as a working URL/website for the
      so called “Black Death Group”.

      Nope. It is a hoax, so if such a thing ever was “discovered” it would be a fake created as false evidence to support the hoax. The very name gives it away – right? If there ever was a cult of baby-eating satanic pedophiles, for example, they wouldn’t call themselves: “The Baby Eaters For Satan Society”.

      “…the “snuff movie makers” that operate on there selling Blu-Rays with bloopers and deleted scenes of the latest underground satanic ritual snuff orgy”.

      We have discussed on here, before, that there has never been a market for satanic ritual themed child sexual abuse images. The commercial publications from the 1960’s-1980’s period has all been catalogued and classified, (NCMEC has such a database), and “satanic” isn’t even useful as a classification because there just wasn’t any. The same is likely to be true, if anyone really was raping & murdering adult models on film – there would be no point to using a satanic sacrifice them to such products because there wouldn’t be a market for it.
      ISIS fans MIGHT have been willing to pay for videos of their beheadings and other atrocities, but as they were all for propaganda they distributed them gleefully for free.

      Nope. It’s bullshit.

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    • There is an alleged note or handbill, said to have been found by the kidnapped woman, on Steemit.
      The illustration has people dressed in these supposed Plague Doctor masks, so it was probably inspired by this “mystery” video, and hence the “black death” group concept as well. For the record, NO historic occult society was ever known to use that stork-face mask (ooo-eee-ooo!)in their rituals.

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  2. Katy Morgan Davies claims to have been imprisoned in a strange communist cult run by her father for thirty years. There is indeed a photograph of her apparently kissing the rather nasty Nigel Oldfield floating about on the net – though I don’t know enough about its provenance to be absolutely certain of that identification or to feel I should post a link to it here.

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    • I recall thinking this was such a bizarre case. People being kept as slaves in a London house that seemed like you could just open the door and walk out?. Or people who psychologically need to be part of a group no matter how repugnant the leader is or how wacky the rules are?.

      There are dozens of them around and we have our very own Cult Leader -an obnoxious unpleasant and ghastly number who nonetheless, has many followers -.Abraham Christie !

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    • Yes, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not. It’s easy enough to make a fake account using anyone’s name, and then go about “liking” whatever one pleases, in order to discredit the person.

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      • Here’s an example and information I’d never come across. I fell for it by the way. I got a message telling me ‘Get your nose outta my arse and your comments off my channel! ‘ It happened around the time that I was sharing that I was really complimented that WAPTEK included my links and that could only mean he’d checked me out and I passed his criteria, ………. this is how those maligned and against honesty around CSA act….They had to tear that up….. They watch this blog for clues as to how to proceed next and as WAPTEK says all the time….. ‘Good luck with that’…..:)


  3. From Neelu:

    We all 12 of us got forced out of court 12 by security when I tried to stop the government barrister lying about the case of my baby neice. If anyone is around Royal Courts of Justice Strand London WC2A 2LL plz go to court 12

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    • 6:26 – Not defending Miles Johnston but Angie’s talking utter crap when she says his IP address has been linked with snuff movie sites, pre-adolescent porn and schoolgirl porn. Cross-matching IP addresses with websites can’t be done by the general public – it’s a complete fallacy. She’s tried doing that to people from here before too, as have Sabine, Charlotte and a certain Aberdeen-based troll. Sheer slander.

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    • 8:20 – “I suspect Esther Rantzen [sic] Childline was put in place to filter and capture children’s home survivors disclosing and then in one way or another either discredit or pacify or redirect them so that no real momentum could be gathered in people’s disclosing.”

      Shame on you, Angela.

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      • Adult survivors were quickly asked not to clog up the lines and to find an adult support group, or given what ever existed then, most rape crisis centres were open to recieving adult survivors and alot of womens centres….. had information of helplines. She’s talking absolute crap.
        Lots of people didn’t disclose for the sake of ……..reasons.
        I’m just listening again to the one she & heather did on me, if anything she is helping to recreate that stigma…….. I have been upset to see people that have recently opened up being met with scorn or mistreated………Esther, MPs etc…. Those who bullied their way to run events and hog the narrative have made sure to jeer at them, and mistrust all of the moves forward, which they are still determined to undermine and if unable to infiltrate, create a mirror one and divert attention and dilute energy, if we let them.
        This one….. She has me as all sorts in this one, Heather has me as Scarlet Scoop and El Coyote, well all I could do at the time was be grateful that I have 8 arms 🙂

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    • 14:53 – “Edward Ellis was the person who invented the ability to sign documents online and it was stolen by Tony Blair.”

      😂 😂 😂

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    • 17:55 – “Arthur will have spent a year sectioned for whistleblowing on the Hampstead case.”

      Oh FFS, does she actually say anything that’s true in this?

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      • I had meant to put more about Miles and his stable or circus but I have more to come in the series. It seems to have already help confused people without the time, energy or ability to focus as some of us have, it seems to be helping show Survivors in a quick way, what has happened and why it needs addressing.

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      • She doesn’t care that Arfur smashed that window, terrorising someone in their home anymore than she cared about Abe Christie torturing the children in Morocco for 4 weeks………………disgusting paedo protector….
        for me all the signs are their that I suspect more happened than was published by the authorities.

        She thinks she can drop names like Mickey Summers or recently still Melanie Shaw too, aloof or unaware that for many of us, such a breach of boundaries is monstrous ! And a big red flag !
        Melanie clearly told her and Belinda to fck off and Mickey Summers is so disgusted at Fresh Start Foundations’ peoples behaviour, which links to Brian Gerrish that I saw signs that he is not anymore going to have anything to to with him, that web though is so wide tho, it’s hard to get free, I think, like another tendril will wind it’s way around a person breaking free…………..

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    • She didn’t talk for long, then stated that if someone came to the door, she would have to stop. Someone did come to the door just then & she laughed & said she had to go.

      Now why, if she believes all the crap she spouts, would she have to stop because someone was at her door! Because she knows it’s all a load of bull she’s spouting. 😂

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    • Crikey, it’s alongtime since I read some of that.
      But I think ti was found that Ireland had the most traffic of child abuse images in EU. around, or before that time.
      Matty McVarish spoke with many Europeans and also the Pope and UN.
      At the time Baloney was doing his walk with Ben Fellows to distract online, it might have been ddifferent if Sid Hingerty had gotten his way……….. he wanted to walk alongside Matty with the Holliehoax banner, as he set off from the embankment, Matty and his team, said no…rightly and trust me, I had warned Matty.

      That video where Miles Johnson interviews Belinda, that I featured in my latest video, has Sid alingside her……. He was now planning to walk as Bills one had completed. I think, it was that way round….. anyway…….. I had talks with Sid, which went no where in the end, because he was fixated on doing a bunji jump, I really tried to let him kinow that yes, we could probably organise that, it might be great, but no, he could not jump……his age, his health problems would mean no insurance, therefore no ability to be sponsored or supported by the kind of professionals needed to be on hand….. which he dismissed entirely cos he was so fit, and determined to prove it, he was and did, but the reality of what I said was as immovable as him………But those supporting him, if you can really call it that, would have encouraged him no doubt that those rules shouldn’t apply ……………….

      I’m a rebel, but I find that sensible rules extend freedom.

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  4. Neelu was in full flow on Facebook when somebody knocked at the door. Sod the lot of you….off she went. I daresay she’ll be on later with some more legal gems. As there was loud drilling coming from the court next door at Ellis’ trial (is it a trial?) AND the sound of machinery on Angie’s latest video I think the powers that be are trying to scupper the efforts of the valiant whistleblowers by drowning ’em out with the sound of building equipment. Good idea all powerful ones! Keep it up!

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