Debate continues over Cullinane’s death

Since Patrick Cullinane’s death was announced on Saturday, the conspiraloon community has been awash with rumours, speculation, and dizzying u-turns and counter u-turns. Depending on who you listen to and what time of day it is, Cullinane is either dead (of natural or unnatural causes), possibly dead/possibly not dead, or a “missing person” (either dead or alive).

Seriously, he’s turned into the Schrödinger’s cat of the conspiranoid set.

Despite Tracey Morris’s assertion that she spoke to Cullinane’s sister on Sunday, and was reassured that a) he was dead and b) there were no signs of foul play, various people have continued to play out their own fantasies regarding Cullinane’s fate.

Neelu, for example, contacted Ealing police in an attempt to ascertain…we’re not really sure what, really:


Unsurprisingly, Ealing police were unable to state that they had found Cullinane’s body…because that job had gone to Harrow police. However, never let it be said that logic has ever stood in the way of Neelu once she gets the bit in her teeth.

And that’s why there’s now a “missing person” report out on Cullinane, despite the fact that he is no longer with us.

Late breaking news bulletin…

Whoops, cancel the aforementioned. Neelu has now done a u-turn and is accepting that Cullinane is deceased:

cullinane-death-neelu-2-2016-11-14Oh, but she plans to “make a connection with Patrick Cullinane from the other side”, though she cautions that it “usually takes 72 hours for the soul to orientate itself to his new fifth dimension abode”. Good to know.

We assume that Ealing police can now call off the manhunt?

Meanwhile, over in Angie-Land…

To no one’s surprise, Angela Power-Disney devoted yesterday’s CCN live-stream thingy to trying to stir the hornet’s nest. Angie claimed that “there are bent coroners, you know” who will sweep obvious murders under the carpet, and that if in fact Cullinane died of a heart attack, it was likely remotely triggered by microwave weaponry.

Meanwhile, guest Tracey Morris seemed torn between fantasy and reality: she reiterated her story about having spoken to Cullinane’s sister, who told her that the death had been a natural one, but also veered off into several “if he was murdered and I find who did it I will hunt them down” rants.

John ‘Wellyhead’ Duane sat in the corner mumbling for the most part, coming out at a few points to assert that Cullinane had been a god among men, his own personal mentor, and just a darn fine fellow all round.

Final scores:

  • Neelu: Cullinane is missing but has now been found; he died of a massive heart attack.
  • Angie: Cullinane was totally murdered, because her sister was murdered even though there is no evidence of that because of bent coroners. Cullinane was remotely killed via microwaves or some shit.
  • Tracey: Cullinane was murdered at first, but then died of natural causes, but if she finds the person who murdered him she will hunt them to the ends of the earth.
  • Wellyhead: Hail Mary, Queen of Scots. Yadda yadda yadda the thing the thing.

And there you have it, folks: the current state of play in the Cullinane Sweepstakes. Stay tuned for further developments!


82 thoughts on “Debate continues over Cullinane’s death

  1. Nice! Beats Eastenders in the soap stakes 😮

    And lest we forget Peacher. He’s passionately believed from the outset that Cullinane was murdered…or…er…isn’t really dead. Er…right?

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  2. So Neelus gonna channel him? she could hold a triple with max spiers and tory smith, that’s a conversation id pay to hear! Oh wait a minute, Tory is off fighting in the intergalactic war with commander Ashtar, that came straight from the mouth of Alexander Meadors who is of the lineage of Merlin so it must be true.

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  3. I still prefer my theory that he was found frozen in his refrigerator which he dragged into the bedroom. The effort could have given him the massive heart attack.
    Neelu played a part in me crafting of that theory so what could go wrong?

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  4. I’m intrigued by this South American tradition of embalming and propping dead relatives up at wakes so everyone can take selfies. This seems very Irish as well. It would be wonderful if poor old Patrick could be embalmed and placed in one of his unique poses like the one below at a party for the truther mob (Angie not invited).

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  5. EastEnders could never come up with such deranged storylines! these people do live in a fantasy soap opera world though, no wonder why they’re always dying, constrant stress, shame they have to drag innocent people into their fantasies though.

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  6. Taking photos with posed and made up diseased family members was practised in Europe and America too at one point, the photos are very creepy, especially when its children, they seem to have been Victorian type era.

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  7. I was convinced by the refrigerator theory too, but have now become interested in the microwaved Steak Bakes theory as propounded by Basil Home Johnson KCB. However, I think it’s important to keep an open mind on these things.


  8. Oh you are observant. Indeed I do and in that respect I hope Patrick Cullinane is in a far happier place now as his earthly existent seemed to be one of constant struggle against the odds.

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  9. When my Irish grandmother died her Irish relatives laid her out in the living room for all to view. I find it quite scary but I was very young as Grandma didn’t talk back particularly as she was quite garrulous when alive. They had a good old piss up as well.

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  10. Meanwhile, Peacher, Butlincat and Creepy Paterson – all of whom were going to leave no stone unturned to get to the truth – have apparently given up and gone home, if their Facebook pages are anything to go by. They haven’t mentioned this thing in days and Paterson’s too busy calling for death to all Jews to care.

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  11. Oh, for Christ’s sake…

    New from Alfred Labrador Webfoot
    ‘Eyewitness Judyth Vary: Lee Harvey Oswald is patriot White Hat spy who died trying to save JFK’

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  12. Imagine how depressing your life must be to have these conspiritards debating your death like this. Get better friends next time!

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  13. If these idiots cannot see they(again)jumped the gun and have made total idiots of themselves and potentially caused upset as a result.If they simply have to leap before they look (again)in order for reality to be shoehorned into their silly agenda.If they insist(again) on seeing the worst scenario in every eventuality and crush flowers in the palm of their hands then each deserves the fate that awaits.All thats unwell will end unwell.

    From “Miserable bastards get what they fucking deserve”(unpublished) 😉

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  14. Yeah those nasty police, expecting a driver of a motor vehicle to have taxed, insured and put the vehicle through an MOT test. How dare they!

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  15. Microwave weapons often do seem to chill off rapidly. They can become somewhat soggy too. However they can also be re-heated by means of conventional artillery –

    The smoking “gun” courtesy of my good friend Mr. Charles Reginald Belling. We still keep several secreted around the department you know. A chap can never be too prepared! Only the other day I received a visit from a redoubtable Scotchman bearing several Mutton Rounds (quite deadly in untrained hands).

    We are keen followers of Ms Berry in these parts, and treat her suspicions with all the seriousness they deserve!

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  16. Seized because it wasn’t insured and was in a dangerous condition. Two bald tyres and NSF obligatory lights out. – Who would have paid for the damage if he’d hit something? Worse still if he’d skidded and hit a pedestrian!

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  17. “I sense the presence of one who has recently crossed into the fifth dimension… Is that you Patrick? I can hear you Patrick … have you got a message for us … S T I C K … yes keep going! … Y O U R … C R Y S T A L … B A L L … U P … Y O U R … A R … No I’m losing him …”

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  18. When I eventually shuffle off to that great hedgehog sanctuary in the sky, I trust that you lot will treat it with the irreverence it deserves. Here’s some inspiration for you:

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  19. Angie’s growing more antisemitic by the day. Oh and she hate Catholics too now (Mel’s influence, no doubt). And don’t get me started on Mary Woody – seriously creepy woman.


  20. Who says houseboats are impractical with a baby? Hadn’t hippy Angie heard of slings in her foray living in a well off community bustling with artists and so on.

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  21. RIGHT at the back, a back backing singer.

    No name of band or how long her gig was.

    Could almost be “was on stage once off my face on Dubonnet, the queen drinks Dubonnet, hahaha”

    Was this a lone protest? 10 mates and a man with a dog on a string who got lost? Helped get law changed, but she only THINKS Boateng was involved.

    I smell bullshitting.

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  22. Keeping horses can be very expensive. Think she might possibly have contributed to this debt situation having four of the bloody things.

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  23. I hope Patrick Cullinane’s family are able to grieve peacefully without selfish nonsense from the usual people.

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  24. I am fairly sure the Brixton Academy did not open until 1983. It was The Astoria, opened as a venue for about a year from 1981 until the summer of 1982. It only re-opened as the Academy maybe a year or so later. And that name didn’t really catch on for quite a while. Mostly Reggae IIRC, strange that she doesn’t name this “amazing Anglo-African band”. We could look it up and probably re-unite her with some of her former band members.

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  25. I thought she said she was deported? there’s a world of difference in coming home to get help raising a child or being arrested and forcibly deported. This woman tells so many lies she loses track of them and puts her foot in it. Is anything she says real?

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  26. So she now claims she was groped by Savile in 1980 and she did not alert the world? Hence any victims Savile had after are Power-Disney’s victims!

    As if she didn’t claim compensation. She’s like many who jumped on the Savile bandwagon after a lifetime of proudly displaying their snap with Savile on the mantelpiece who then became a ‘victim’.

    Remember : Savile hasn’t actually been investigated by anyone including the police although it’s a common misconception ( The Met even posted a notice on their website stating they would NOT be investigating because he was dead).

    The police handed over responsibility to the NSPCC to compile a list of complainants but no proof or evidence was required, just the claim. Even then the NSPCC had to whittle down the claims to credible ones as there were 100s and some where quite frankly, from complete nutters including a middle aged new car delivery driver who claimed he delivered a 2008 Rolls Royce to Savile who took him upstairs to his flat and abused him. Savile’s last Roller was a late 1980s one which was famously sold at a charity auction after his death.

    Guaranteed- that picture Angie has with Savile has earned her some free cash.
    ## common sociopath trait : they have an amazing ability to ‘confess’ their actions because they simply cannot stop lying.


  27. The stupid is strong with this one, but not the history. “Prior to Ignatius Loyola no conversios were permitted to join the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order”…. indeed. That might be because Ignatius Loyola founded the Jesuit Order. Even people with a reputation for being a tad wily, like the Jewish people, might have found it difficult to join something which didn’t yet exist.

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  28. “No name of band or how long her gig was.”

    Well, it says she “moved to O2 Academy Brixton”. So she’s saying she actually lived there, possibly like a little mouse, scrambling for scraps in the wainscotting.


  29. Those screenshots appear to be going down well and attracting interest from MKD, so what the hell – I’ll share this one which I wasn’t sure about earlier:

    The thing that jumped out at me was her saying she’d really enjoyed working at the merchant bank (and also, it sounds like she was there for some time). Yet wasn’t she just a few weeks ago raging about it (BCCI, if memory serves) and claiming to have singlehandedly investigated it, exposed it as corrupt and brought about its downfall? And all whilst working there for a few weeks as a temp’!


  30. Angie’s sooper-seekrit emailer ‘M’ appears to be ‘Mumsy’ McNamara:

    Hardly the mystery of the century and ‘Mumsy’ is hardly Deep throat.

    And sending Angie a link to a publicly viewable David Shurter post wasn’t exactly up there with Watergate.

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  31. I was under the general impression she had been on “maternity leave for 30 years” and we should all be extremely grateful she was plotting to fulfill her early life having once upon a time been young journo of the year.

    Call me cynical but she may just be embellishing things a little,well quite a bit actually, in fact her whole damn life is one giant sham to be brutally honest.

    The ever so slight give away is not just that the facts collide but that she feels such a burning need to advertise how incredible her life is/was etc

    Lets face it she has made a pigs ear of her life and is even a failure at filling in the yawning chasm between truth and fiction.Talk about massaging ones cv!!!

    Never mind Angie,next time around you may come back as an ant and be promptly trodden on saving yourself and the universe a lot of hassle.

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  32. For Christs sake I hope Neelu does not attend and insist on giving a eulogy.The dearly gathered will soon be departed to the land of friggin nod.At least Patrick will be in a better place.

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  33. Me too Tracey.

    I can see some of those “truther” lot turning up especially Neelu who will no doubt act disgracefully.

    I hope the Wake is in a house and not a pub so they can exclude Neelu.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall…


  34. Great minds think alike Mik.

    I was thinking that Neelu will go on about the “Murder” and really distress Patrick’s family.


  35. I think it’s a bit unfair to dismiss Judy out of hand. A pretty decent amount of evidence exists to substantiate the following points:

    1. She was a high school (American parlance) science prodigy who could produce cancer tumors in mice.
    2. She was treated to a summer course of study at the Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo, NY.
    3. She was employed at the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans in the summer of ’63 during the same period as Oswald. Oswald’s employment there is an accepted part of the Warren Commission narrative.

    Here’s a link to the photographic section of her meandlee website that contains pretty decent proof for the above claims.

    Now whether she can produce slam dunk proof (beyond her testimony) that she knew and worked with David Ferrie, Dr. Alton Oschner and Dr. Mary Sherman is another question.

    I would just like to note that by ’67 none other than Jim Garrison knew that David Ferrie had been involved in clandestine cancer research, and Garrison was working to link him with Sherman ( a first rate scientist) and her truly untoward death in ’64 on the eve of the arrival in New Orleans on the Warren Commission. Let me make a quick quote from the ’67 Garrison Playboy interview, which can be found the JFK Lancer site:

    ” But we have discovered that David Ferrie had a rather curious hobby in addition to his study of cartridge trajectories: cancer research. He filled his apartment with white mice — at one point he had almost 2000, and neighbors complained — wrote a medical treatise on the subject and worked with a number of New Orleans doctors on means of inducing cancer in mice…After the assassination, one of these physicians, Dr. Mary Sherman, was found hacked to death with a kitchen knife in her New Orleans apartment. Her murder is listed as unsolved.”

    Her body was more than just hacked. It was severely burned, her right arm was missing, the right side of her rib cage was missing, and one can see into her body cavity (in the autopsy photo). The researcher Ed Haslam has theorized that wounds like this can only be accounted for by contact with extremely high voltage. I won’t provide a link because it’s too gruesome, but the autopsy photo can be seen by doing a simple Google search.


  36. The obligatory 5 days will have well passed by the time this gathering takes place.Inevitably some malfunctioning part of Neelus brained will have cobbled together “a tale from the beyond”and messages for those still trapped upon this mortal coil etc blah de blah.

    Any such otherworldy communications risk being more than bland platitudes and niceties to assure all is at rest.It is anyones guess what phantasmagorical twattery she will emit. Heaven forbid she starts channelling Patrick in real time.

    Should she go as far as to break into song or chanting my own crystal balls predicts a riot and lights even being punched out.

    Should your wish to be a fly on the wall be granted Fanny be sure to take a crash helmet.

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  37. Unfortunately that is what tends to happen when you will, without discernment, jump onto any platform that will give you attention. And it does tend to be a feature of cranks and hoaxers that their back story contains tiny grains of truth. The three items of “corroboration” you cite are irrelevant and prove nothing. So she also worked at a large firm around about the same time as Oswald/ Maybe even she had the chance to admire him from afar? …This married man with whom she claims to have committed adultery! Really?

    It is amusing how those who once touched the lives of the famous often seek to bathe in a chink of reflected glory. For example, a chap from the Pilton group in Scotland reminded me earlier of the legends that surround Sean Connery’s life as an Edinburgh milkman. He must have had been a rival for “Ernie” who drove the fastest milk cart in the west; for it would appear he delivered milk to absolutely everybody in the city’s granny and well into the 1970s too by many an account! Ridiculous, all ridiculous!

    In this case I see nothing but a sad, lonely, ageing woman who is out of the world, has been for much of her life and is clinging to a fantasy. There are a few like her. And this strange chap Webber is only too happy to give any of them a voice. I recall another one he had on once. Some poor sad old woman who claims she is the rightful Queen of England. This one reminds me very much of her.

    It is perhaps unfortunate that the subject was raised at all.

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  38. I hope Neelu behaves herself and keeps all her troofer thoughts for the other troofers and doesn’t mention them to Patrick’s family.

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  39. Heilige Scheisse – I’ve missed so much…my mouth is agape ! Not sure I can sign in correctly on this new phone…testing…


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