Cullinane’s death stirs up conspiraloons

It should probably come as no surprise that when a noted conspiracy enthusiast runs down the curtain and joins the choir invisible, his fellow conspiraloons will react with allegations that his demise was “not accidental”. Sure enough, yesterday’s discovery that Patrick Cullinane had snuffed it expired and gone to meet his maker stirred up a hornet’s nest of paranoid accusations and counter-accusations.

We think first mention must go to Tracey Morris, who declared Mr Cullinane’s death a murder right off the top:


Of course Debbie Stimson was first to label the death “so suspicious”, but Tracey crossed the finish line in style: “They knew he was dead they are murdering bastards”. She didn’t define who she meant by “they”, but isn’t it obvious?

Them. You know. Wink’s as good as a nod to a blind man, innit?

John Paterson, never known for his tact and discretion, took it a step further and started naming names, putting it about that Angela Power-Disney was behind Mr Cullinane’s death:


Butlincat, too, appeared ready to accept this version of events:


McKenzies Devils offered their own take on Angie’s alleged involvement:

Meanwhile, on Andy Peacher’s BlogTalkRadio livestream last night, Neelu proclaimed in all seriousness, “(Cullinane) could still be alive. Just because he’s cold doesn’t mean he’s dead. People can be frozen for months on end and then come back to life when they’re defrosted.”

She and Andy had concluded that because the police officers on the scene had declined to declare Mr Cullinane demised, there was something fishy about his death.

They spent more than an hour on the telephone, along with John Paterson and others, harassing various ambulance and police emergency services, attempting to have an ambulance sent to Mr Cullinane’s residence…and preventing them from attending to living people who might have required emergency services.

As Mrs Overall pointed out yesterday, “I’m angry that people are wasting police and ambulance time like this. I’m sure there are those amongst us who will let the police know about this and what’s going on. If I ever come face to face with Neelu I will want a remedy and she better have 5 trillions squids on her!”


Why the ambulance wasn’t necessary

For those frothing at the mouth because the police attended and didn’t call for an ambulance: that’s how it works when they find someone who is obviously dead and beyond human intervention. The police are not qualified to declare someone dead, even if they have obviously been deceased for some time. Even when they are in a skeletal state.

That job is up to the coroner. He or she will attend the scene, declare the death, make some preliminary observations, and have the body taken to the morgue, usually in an unmarked vehicle.

And we can tell you from personal experience that the police will tape off any area where an unexplained death has occurred. Many deaths happen this way: strokes, heart attacks, ruptured aneurysms, internal bleeds of one sort or another, hypothermia…not all causes of death are glaringly obvious at first glance.

Once a natural cause of death has been confirmed, the tape comes down, and the body is released to the family for burial. (Granted this might differ from procedures on the Planet Zod. Hard to say, really.)

But there’s nothing “mysterious” or “suspicious” about the lack of an ambulance at Mr Cullinane’s residence, especially given that he hadn’t been heard from in a few days, his letter-box had mail in it, and the lights were on in his home. The known facts paint a picture, and it’s a very ordinary one.


138 thoughts on “Cullinane’s death stirs up conspiraloons

  1. They’re letting Kristie Sue call JC now? Poor sod doesn’t stand a chance of recovery with this lot constantly slavering over him.

    And she’s got SV’s identity wrong, btw. Hardly surprising, given the hash she made of trying to sort out who runs this blog, LOL. Must be that good old American know-how at work.


  2. Nice write-up, EC. And may I emphasise that the ambulance services illegally harassed by Paterson, Neelu, Peacher, Ruby and Welshbloke™ included the emergency 999 service!

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  3. Sorry, EC – she seems to have blamed this blog for my comment. Which is bizarre, as I am a free agent. She appears to have based that conclusion purely on the fact that a screenshot of my remark was posted here. Thing is, though, KSC posted a screenshot of it too, so does that make her page a “joke of a website run by Satanists” too? Her “logic”, not mine. Funny old World, innit 😀

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  4. Thanks, Karnevil 🙂

    By the way, did you catch who Welshbloke, as Spiny calls him, was? I can’t be arsed to listen back to it. As I recall, it sounded like Paterson putting on a Welsh accent but that’s probably because all these creepy troofer/hoaxer twunts merge into one giant indistinguishable mass after a while. I call it the splat phenomenon.

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  5. LOL, not to worry, GB. She makes all sorts of weird leaps of logic that are inexplicable to most normal people. I stopped paying attention months ago.


  6. Is it just me or is it scientifically impossible to read all of Sonya’s diatribe without zoning out? Currently on my third attempt.

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  7. Another video of Brennan creeping around one of his young girl groupies:

    I confidently expect this to pop up in an MKD montage at some point, I hope so anyway, hehe. He’s aware of MKD. His comment above, about Angie being his “latest groupie”, is a reference to one of MKD’s comments.

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  8. I wonder if Angela will be able to string out tomorrow’s “show” on CCN with Patrick Cullilane as the topic?

    Andy Peacher struggled to do so on that cringe worthy ahem radio show of his.

    But then the “show” never was about Patrick, it was for the benefit of Peacher and Neelu.

    Neelu came over worse than ever, if that’s even possible.

    Peacher is a groomer. Did he put his wife Joanne up to make those phone calls to the Police in her case, looks exactly the same modus operandi to me?

    Paterson tried to play the hero but didn’t succeed.

    He’ll find himself back in Lewes prison if he doesn’t watch out, he must be breaking his probation conditions.

    Ruby’s call was incoherent to me.

    Welsh David obtained the most information, but fat lot of good that is going to do the dead Patrick.

    The comments about his death are pure madness.

    He was a fat nearly 67 year old.

    Probably had high blood pressure with the way he was always stressing himself out.

    It’s not too much of a surprise he’s dead.

    But does APD actually have any part in it?

    Interesting she cancelled her Saturday flight on the very day the body was found…

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  9. As for Neelu claiming she doesn’t know if Patrick is dead.

    Well doesn’t the woman listen? (Err No!)

    Patrick’s nephew was informed of the death.

    These coffin chasers need to butt out.

    This is absolutely nothing to do with them.

    I suppose they want to upset his family now.


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  10. Paterson really is an antisemitic piece of shit, isn’t he. These are from his Farcebook page this morning (Cullinane’s demise has dropped down the ratings list, it seems):

    Hi Paterson – I know that you and your creepy racist mates are watching this blog at the moment, so allow me to take this opportunity to point out that you are a complete and utter bell-end. Thanks for asking.

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  11. Crickey- Donald Trump is going to invade the UK to avenge Patrick’s death?. Is this why Nigel Farage has been meeting with Trumpet?. Do they really think us Rothschild agents will allow this?
    We rule the world !

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  12. At least he has left behind a wealth of amusing videos and phone calls to various government entities for our amusement.
    Patrick’s videos are about the only ones where I can make it through to the end, they are such fun.

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  13. So these old ex-Catering Corp fruitloops are calling for the military to stage an uprising?. I think that’s called treason. Lucky for them no-one in authority would ever taken them seriously but I do admire their chutzpah in thinking they could ever inspire anyone above the rank of Lollypop Lady to storm the halls of Westminster.

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  14. Hard to move for all the fake bravado there but my guess is the pathetic little pussy utterly shat himself, haha.

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  15. There’s going to be a right motley crew attending Colindale Police Station on 22nd December.

    All of them getting rounded up to spend Christmas and the New Year on remand somewhere.

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  16. Apparently a number of mysterious brown trails have been appearing in and around the Colindale area.A team of vets are currently attempting to revive a sniffer dog.

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  17. The most the motley crew can manage to do is annoyingly stand in front of the automatic doors so they endlessly open and close.

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  18. Does Kim Jong Un have a Facebook page? Anything is possible in this mad old world.

    So it seems T.Casey’s real purpose is to sell a lot more of his comic books in the UK (he’s a pretty good artist).
    Somehow Comix mixed with the Hampstead mob seems quite appropriate.

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  19. Hiding in plain sight. Finally she admits it. Did she shoot the Sheriff’s deputy too?. I wouldn’t put it past her.

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  20. I was going to say rest in peace Patrick but, it seems his cohorts aren’t going to allow him that dignity.

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  21. That would be a particularly welcome holiday gift to all the emergency services, NHS, TFL and council workers of the London area!

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  22. Carrie should come over. There’s still time to have your passport confiscated and enjoy an extended stay till your case comes up. Ask Rupert – he knows.

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  23. It’s ironic that these pricks post their antisemitic garbage all over Farcebook. it must suck for them that Mark Zuckerberg, the guy who’s provided them with that facility, is Jewish.

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  24. This is something which is quite distressing if you have the misfortune to be sitting behind a reception desk. It’s quite annoying how these people succeed in inconveniencing the most powerless and generally most junior frontline staff.

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  25. She is a malevolently stupid woman, she really hasn’t a clue. I won’t wish harm on her because being Kristie Sue Costa is surely punishment enough. She’s also now “friends” with another SRA idiot who coached a learning-disabled teenager into making SRA disclosures against said idiots ex-friends. Utterly despicable.

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  26. Pallas, is that Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy you’re referring to? He used his own daughter in an attempted SRA scam. It’s sometimes referred to as “the template for the Hampstead hoax”.


  27. Well, we really only have Alanson’s word for all this. Wonder whether he saw the notice of Cullinane’s death and decided he should jump in and grab some hero-worship for being so brave and standing up to the Evil Coppers? Just the sort of thing he’d do. He’s a crisis actor in his own false flag event.

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  28. The police will generally request one of the Ambulance Service, the deceased GP or a duty Doctor to confirm life extinct. And there are actually Police Officers with sufficient medical training who could, in theory at least, also do this.

    But none of these “need” to arrive in a marked vehicle, in fact it might be felt better if they don’t. And if you think about it, it’s a real waste of resource to send a marked, fully-equipped emergency ambulance to transport a deceased person.

    Clearly this is just the conspirinuts trying to stir shit. As for Mrs Berry’s notions about frozen bodies coming back to life; sheesh! What is wrong with that bloody woman? I can only imagine that something she has previously cooked up in her garden shed actually erased part of her memory. Surely anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of biology would know this to be childish rubbish?

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  29. Just in case Alanson isn’t lying through his crooked teeth and really did get arrested, may I ask that we refrain from commenting or speculating about his “case” until it’s settled? Thanks.

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  30. Thanks, JW. The bail conditions are in my screenshots above, as are the comments from his FB page.

    As for Arty Cat-Tail, we go way back. Serious hardcore nutter who’s done time for violence.

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  31. I thought I would pop in and say “HI” to all my Satanic brothers and sisters 😉

    I must admit, I have been out of the social media light for so long, even Arthur got locked up and released before I could make any posts on Facebook!

    We’ve had a Muslim Mayor for London, EU Brexit, new US President, Hampstead court cases, deaths, spying and people being followed.. heck, Alan hasn’t even notice the two drones flying around his house late at night 😉 😉

    Keep an eye out for me people, I have a new Youtube channel opening real soon.

    In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi, Ave Voluptatis Carnis

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  32. Seems he is saying plenty on his Facebook page….

    EC, You are right about not speculating, so a simple cold screenshot of a pertinent post seems to say everything (before the person responsible for Alan Alanson’s Facebook page deletes it)


  33. Tracey is surprised we haven’t sent a hitman after her. Actually, I hadn’t thought of that. Now, where did I put that phonebook…?


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  34. SN, Well posted. At least with both of the screen shots (at different times) it demonstrates that no effort has been made to remove the posting from Alan Johnsons Facebook page – it seems to include threats against various people. Hopefully the Police will treat that accordingly.

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  35. Great to hear from you, Soggy! Hope you’re well 🙂

    So Cat-Tail got locked up again? Good. I’m guessing this was for attacking that house while the screaming woman and child were inside, begging him to leave them alone. I remember prison was beckoning over that one. Frequently issuing fatwahs to high profile coppers on Facebook and YouTube wasn’t his best move either.

    Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by. See you down the Lodge on Tuesday – it’s goat-sacrificing night this week.

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  36. Oh, so now she’s having second thoughts about Donald Trump. If only someone had warned her about him before. Oh wait.

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  37. Spiny – I’ll be a little late on Tuesday, first I need to pop in to McDeaths and grab a few bits for the Spirit-Cooking class early Wednesday morning.

    I’m doing great thank you, hope you and the team are all well and safe.

    Not 100% sure but I read on Arty’s wall that he was locked up for not having a driving licence however, since being back, he hasn’t made any new content/videos .. I think someone may of had a word with him, like they did Alan.

    I am off for a bath now, I want to get in and out before the Blood gets all tacky :/ you know I like mine as fresh and the body itself.

    In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi, Ave Voluptatis Carnis


  38. Agree Maria.Angie may be a woman of no substance but she is closing in rapidly on Sabines mantle of Madame Crocodile with such transparent displays of fake sincerity.
    She is obviously adhering religiously to the Hypocritic oath.

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  39. This is a true story : when I was a teen I went to see the Maharishi. After his talk he asked people to come back to his hotel function room to receive the secret Meditation word. The room was filled to the brim so an assistant got me to wait in the Maharishi’s hotel room.
    I spent 10 minutes going through his address book and scribbling down phone numbers for all sorts of stars- George Harrison, Warren Beatty etc.
    Then he came in and gave me the Secret Word : Ommmmmm

    ## I got into trouble with my father for making long distance phone calls to movie & rock stars and chatting to them for a few minutes before they hung up on me.

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  40. lol Sam.Definately into Deepthought 42 advice there. I suspect Mr Maharishi had many a quiet chortle to himself about the flock of willing recepticles for any old shit.

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  41. Imagine your several miles up your own arse and you are a tiny fart of hopelessness worming its way through a dark vacuum of pointlessness going absolutely nowhere and simultaneously making a giant twat of yourself on the internet for eternity…ooooohhhh ffs

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  42. Oh, for Christ’s sake…

    “What most South African’s do not know is that as an Oscar winning actress, Charlize Theron is an agent of the Dark Agenda, controlled by the Military Industrial Complex, which controls Hollywood, which is nothing more than an industry dedicated to the creation of propaganda and mind control fodder to reinforce the Dark Agenda which is ultimately the total annihilation of humanity as we know it.

    If you are unsure of what the Dark Agenda and how it relates to South Africa, please feel free to read my book THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY – book I – Light & Dark…

    …Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars are in fact products of Project Monarch, and are totally owned and controlled by dark and malevolent forces, and are used as puppets to push the Dark Agenda.

    Indeed, many have had to sell their soul to the dark demonic forces that control the entertainment industry, in order to acquire their fame and fortune. These famous icons are used to push programming and subliminal messaging through mainstream media in order to mind control and manipulate public perception…

    …Often when young actresses break into the ‘big time’, they will make a film, which eludes to their Satanic covenant. Charlize Theron’s break through role came opposite Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino in THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE…

    …Other interesting films that indicate Charlize Theron’s dark allegiances become evident when we look at the symbolism and storyline of films such as AEON FLUX…AEON FLUX has a distinct Orwellian / Brave New World feel about it, but most tellingly, the symbol of the ALL SEEING EYE is uses as the logo for this film…

    …She is complicit in the Global Conspiracy and the Dark Agenda, which includes the plan to wipe out the white races in South Africa. This is especially evident when one takes into consideration that Charlize Theron is an Oscar winning actress. The Oscar is nothing more than a Knighthood, as the Oscar statuette is shaped like an art deco sculpted knight holding a sword, meaning she is puppet / agent of the controlling powers who control Hollywood. The Oscar is their seal of approval…

    …Furthermore, AIDs as we have been taught to understand it, is a complete farce…

    …To Charlize, should you ever read this… do not forsake your people. Remember who you are and were you came from. Remember the struggles your ancestors went through at the hands of the evil forces you now serve. It is never too late to do the right thing and stand up for your people….

    Mel Ve”


  43. What a bitter and twisted old hag (not Charlize) and at least Charlize isn’t helping Hopegirl scam widows out of their inheritance! I wonder how long it will before Mel denounces Hopegirl (stupid name) as a Vatican agent tasked to bring down the noble CCN?


  44. Seen this a few times with Butlin Twat’s site. Often it triggers a warning from Avast – he may be uploading these things without knowing. Possibly a sign he is downloading things to his own machine he shouldn’t.
    Bad kitty!

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  45. So bugging a telephone call makes “strange noises” and causes it to be “dropped.”

    I guess they haven’t figured out yet that calls are digitally recorded, there isn’t some BT bloke connecting wires. Getting their “facts” from the straight to dvd films again.


  46. Im sure many of you are familiar with Arthur Charbel Kaoutal. He’s going wacko! As per!

    “My Very Good Friend, Brother & Close ALLIE – Alan Alanson – Was Arrested On Friday Night By LONDONS Finest Pack Of Luciferian Soldiers – LONDONS METRO POLICE.
    This Was In Relation to Work He Has Done On Exposing The HAMPSTEAD Satanic Ritual Abuse Children – Xxxxxx & Xxxxxxx Testimonies.
    These Are His BAIL Conditions –
    1 – Do Not Post Anything Along The Lines In Relation to CHILD ABUSE.
    2 – Do Not Post Anything Along The Lines In Relation to SATANIC ABUSE Or CANIBALISM.
    3 – Do Not Post Anything Along The Lines In Relation to The Parents Or Former Parents Of Any Pupil, Who Is Known to Have Attended CHRISTCHURCH School, HAMPSTEAD, LONDON.
    Can You Imaging What They’d Do to Me If I Lived In The UK – I’ve Threatened Terror Attacks In Xxxxxx & Xxxxxxx Name.LOL.
    Now, You Make The Judgement For Yourself If This Thing Isn’t For Real.
    MuchLovePeaceCourage & Lebanese Cedar Trees. The Ones The Saviour JESUS CHRIST Blessed & Walked Through – to You & Yours Always & Forever In Abundance. Excluding All The Luciferians & Satanists.
    Ahh’meen (Amen pronounced in Aramaic – The language JESUS CHRIST spoke).

    That’s LovePeaceCourage & Lebanese Cedar Trees.


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  47. omg! I did more or less the same thing although not on as big a scale and the people I called weren’t as famous. I was cleaning house for an actress when I was a teenager. lol!

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  48. I’m sure Tracey’s not concerned. She’d kick a hitman round the garden and as a memorial to Cullinane he’d leave with an ambulance shoved up his arse.

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  49. You may well find that several constabularies are quite unhappy about various events over this weekend Mr Dozen. One feels confident that fine Coyote chap may have a great deal to tap out on the old Remington fairly soon. The department has certainly become aware of several incidents here in London and elsewhere. It would appear that the pips are squeaking at last! People do particularly stupid things when they feel the net closing around them.

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  50. LOL, Cullinane’s interviewer warns against Deborah Williams of the Kent Freedom Movement. She’s actually a very sane, level-headed person who got right up the nose of Danielle la Verité, who vowed to sue Deborah and called her employer to try to get her sacked from her job just before Xmas 2014, just because Deborah had written a (factually accurate) blog post about her.


  51. Yes, scroll up – I was talking about Arty Cat-Tail earlier. He does have a place on Scarlet’s perps poster because of crap like this. He’s due for another spell in nick, hopefully in time for Xmas.

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  52. In Memoriam

    So farewell then,
    Patrick Cullinane.
    “Lawyer” and campaigner.

    “You can stick your ambulance up yer arse”
    That was your catchphrase.
    Which is why…

    They didn’t send one
    For you.

    P A Thribb (aged 3042)

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  53. 1) No indication has been given of when the Police called the ambulance service nor is any likely to be released – at least not any time soon if at all. It’s not the business of the general public unless the coroner decided otherwise.

    2) It would be highly irregular if they did.

    3) No indication of this being true. However a Police Officer with basic first aid training would easily be in a position to establish the probability of life being extinct.

    4) No indication of this being true. But referring to point (1) either the Police called an ambulance or they did not. Which is it to be Neelu?

    5) Irrelevant.

    6) No indication of this being true. Not information any official body would be in a position to comment on. See Data Protection Act and common decency.

    7) It may well be that a senior officer took responsibility for formally pronouncing life extinct. Certainly, it is likely someone of Inspector rank or above would oversee the incident, particularly in light of the deceased’s background.

    It is not necessary for a Medical Doctor to pronounce death. The rest of the information is private, protected as such; none of this sad, shambling, delude wreck of a woman’s business!

    Corpses are not normally transported by marked ambulance. Such vehicles are specialised tools for the rescue and transport of the living. It would be ridiculous to tie one up to move a person who was beyond any medical help. Funeral Directors have van like hearses for this purpose. And these are commonly engaged to carry out that job.

    Glad to be able to clear all that up for you Ms Berry.

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  54. So, it was Dowager Duchess Disney in the drawing room administering poison via her cigarette holder. Or was it? Great game.


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