Update: Maurice Kirk missing…again

Thanks to commenter YdychyncachuTracey for passing on the information that Maurice Kirk has once again gone missing from the Vintage Air Rally. On the VAR Facebook page, organisers state: “For the second time in two nights, Maurice is a no show. We have launched (again) an overdue aircraft process (now Kenyan rather than Ethiopian)….Next of kin have been informed….whilst many of his piloting skills are very poor (rules and regulations to start), his ability to drop his cub into a small field for the night is impressive”.


Given that Kirk was asked to leave the rally prior to his first unscheduled disappearance, the VAR seems to be showing remarkable patience with his antics.

Following Kirk’s first disappearance, the entire rally was detained at Gambela airport in Ethiopia. This might have been linked at least in part to Kirk’s last known Facebook post before he got lost:


Kirk describes his visit to the British Embassy (presumably in Kenya, the last point of departure prior to his first disappearance), and his chats with both the Russian and British ambassadors there.

While this is not necessarily suspect behaviour in itself, when immediately followed by a disappearance over Ethiopian air space, it could have represented cause for consternation amongst Ethiopian officials. Indeed, diplomats from Ireland, the United States, and the UK had to become involved to ensure the release of the rally participants—rather unusual in the circumstances.

Meanwhile, back in South Wales…

The day before Kirk’s first disappearance, we noted that his replacement legal representative, Terence Ewing, had been representing Kirk at Cardiff County Court, where he was pursuing allegations of corruption against the South Wales Police. Ewing, as you may know, is notorious for both his status as a “Vexatious Litigant” and for consorting with convicted paedophile Roger Gleaves.

Looking into background for the case, we gleaned some fascinating titbits: not only has Kirk been refused entry into the United States as a result of his MAPPA 3 designation…

maurice-kirk-mappa-3-2016-11-25…but part of his alleged “bullying” by South Wales Police was linked to his having been found on the Prince of Wales’ farm in the Vale of Glamorgan, armed with a “garrotte like instrument”:

maurice-kirk-garotte-like-instrument-2016-11-25Pardon our scepticism, but given some of Kirk’s known offences—including multiple assault convictions and a conviction for having attempted to sell a working Lewis machine gun plus ammunition—being found wandering about the Prince of Wales’ farm carrying a garotte does not exactly sound like a mere bagatelle.

As it turned out, Kirk’s case against the South Wales Police was dismissed, and he was assessed costs in the matter. As well, Ewing will face legal consequences as a result of failing to notify the court that he is, in fact, a Vexatious Litigant. Bit of a cock-up, all in all.

For further information on Kirk’s earlier offences, you might wish to peruse this 2004 judgement from the Disciplinary Committee of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

We do hope Kirk will be found safe and well following his most recent disappearance; after all, he has those court costs to deal with.



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