BREAKING: Court update

For all of you out there clicking ‘refresh’ every few minutes today, here’s the latest on Sabine and Neelu’s court date today. According to our sources, the application to postpone the July 11 trial for witness intimidation has been rejected.

All systems go for Monday. See you in court!

Blackfriars Crown Court


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  1. Thanks for the update, EC. As always, I appreciate the hard work that you (and the wonderful people who post here) put in to keeping us apprised of the latest info’ and news about this ridiculous hoax.

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  2. EC – it seems that there was NO hearing today. despite Neelu’s Facebook assertions that there was.going to be one.

    Neelu’s bail conditions specifically stops her approaching the Court or the CPS directly

    Caution is obviously needed and due to the pending hearing its perhaps best not to discuss any thoughts on why that did not happen. No doubt Neelu and Sabine would welcome with open arms any opportunity to use an excuse such as the case being discussed on the Internet prejudicing their right to a fair trial – why would anyone want to let them off the hook on a technicality. No doubt the Jury will decide, based on the evidence and facts presented to them.

    Copied below are all of the hearings that happened at Blackfriars:Crown Court today

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    • Yes–it wasn’t clear from our informant whether the hearing had taken place or not. I fully agree that we absolutely cannot indulge in speculation or discussion of the coming trial.


  3. A Mathematician who discovered 1+ 1 = 3 and the trilionaire with a Gold bullion who bankrupted UK since 1930 are facing trial. On the other news Belinda enjoys her holiday in France refusing to answer her mobile from a Mackenzie Angel. She keeps saying sorry I dont speak German.

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  4. Well done, guys. Great news šŸ™‚

    So glad I stumbled upon this wonderful blog. And I hear the coffee is lovely around here.


    • It’s news, but I’m not sure it’s great otherwise. The actual court case is next week as far as I am aware.

      Time will tell what the outcome of that is.

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        • I meant great or otherwise! I’m remaining neutral, though I have my own feelings about the whole thing. I wouldn’t have the benefit of seeing all the evidence, or hearing the legal arguments.

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      • I know but I was mean about you guys before and now I’ve changed my mind and am trying to make it up to you. You’re all awesome.

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    • Out of interest, how did you stumble upon this blog? I’m curious where it’s been left lying around to stumble upon.

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      • Sorry, I can’t remember – I was high at the time. (I really must stop watching Rupert’s videos – that dude is a bad influence on me.)

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        • I thought it could have been somewhere like in the Twitter feed of a barrister who writes legal opinion columns for the Times & Telegraph, but there you go, it was through Rupert.

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          • Not through Rupert then?

            A flat earth YT video where the channel owner says he wants to chop up his wife and put her in black bin bags, and has been to prison for threats against her in the past? Somewhere nice like that?

            Do tell, I’m all ears.


  5. Totally unrelated to the above persons & their court hearings.
    But of interest in respect of those discussed on this website who post shocking claims on Facebook and their blogs accusing innocent people of terrible crimes like child and abuse and murder.

    This man was convicted yesterday in NSW of posting awful comments about the Olympic gold medalist and Indigenous politician Nova Peris. I read them at the time- they were sickeningly racist with filthy language (I think I can believe his defense that he had a “brain snap”). Of course because Peris is high profile the incident hit the media but nonetheless her lawyer and police comments outside the court were of interest : that we can expect many more prosecutions of people who write defamatory and distressing lies about innocent people on social media and Magistrates can sentence the convicted to up to 2 years jail.

    It’s just a matter of time before this happens in the UK as well.
    “Chiropractor Chris Nelson sentenced for racist posts on Nova Peris’ Facebook”

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    • This is fascinating and very encouraging, Sam. I think it’ll be a fine day when people realise that the internet doesn’t give one free pass to attack and harass others.


  6. It has been claimed that as “THIS CASE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO A PAPER FILE” that the case has been dismissed


  7. Its rather simple – it just means that its a complex case with lots of notes….. Most trials forecast to last longer than two days are “paper files”

    Certainly not “dismissed” …..

    I have no doubt that justice will prevail


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