On a walk in Belinda’s neighbourhood…

Highgate is really such a pleasant area for a stroll…we can really appreciate what Belinda sees in the place. Brimming with beautiful architecture and greenery, there’s a real community feel—people helping people, if you know what we mean.

For instance, just the other day as we were on our way to The Woodman for a pint, we spied this notice pinned outside the pub:Belinda notice-expecting

‘Expecting?’ I have everything you need for a NEW BABY! in v. good condition/new stuff (parents had to relocate abroad suddenly…)
Please call me on 07770 927734 or call in anytime – I live in 83 Priory Gardens next to the station.
(payment by donation to my children’s charity)”

‘How sweet!’ we thought.

For the price of a donation to a ‘children’s charity’, some lucky expecting parents will be all set to welcome their new baby in fine style! Of course, we did have a few questions:

  1. What happened to the family that was forced to suddenly relocate abroad?
  2. Were they one step ahead of the courts?
  3. Did Belinda help spirit them out of the country? Or perhaps she just paid for their escape?
  4. Which ‘children’s charity’ does Belinda have in mind?
  5. Would that happen to be the non-charitable Knight Foundation?
  6. Will she tell the people who buy…that is, make a donation for the baby things that they’re not really donating to a charity?

Yes, we know, perhaps we’re looking a gift horse in the mouth. But when it comes to someone like Belinda, one just cannot be too careful.

p.s. We checked, and the rumour is true: she does have seven doorbells on her front door. Just an interesting detail. Belinda-new baby things

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  1. Sheesh you could at least have popped in to have a look and taken some sneaky photos of the inner sanctum.
    Belinda: These are the baby clothes.
    El Coyote: Oh they’re a bit too small for my boy. (click….click…another click…that’s the living room
    Belinda: Why how old is your baby.
    El Coyote: He’s 36. (click…hallway photographed as you’re kicked out)

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  2. 7 doorbells? Do you have to ring them in a certain order to be let inside?

    Or is she really making that much rental money?

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    • Listen, son. Belinda can have as many doorbells on display as she likes, as long as she keeps her knockers covered up.

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  3. Darn that pesky printing company. They completely messed up my ad. This is my original draft that I submitted:

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  4. Clearly Belinda a member of the Rothschild Satanic Baby Eating Cult centered around Highgate / Hampstead and her role is to surreptitiously get rid of the clothes after the babies are eaten or sent to Maccas to be ground into Big Macs. You will find there isn’t just one set of baby clothes for sale but 100s of sets and probably there are rooms at Priory Gardens crammed to the ceiling with kiddie romper sets.
    I’m amazed no-one on this website knows that Seven Doorbells is a secret Freemason sign a bit like that secret handshake.

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  5. Rumour has it Belinda makes a wicked Hell broth punch.
    If she is having a fire sale these handy items may be going for a snip.

    Eye of newt
    Toe of frog,
    Wool of bat
    Tongue of dog,
    Adder’s fork
    Blind-worm’s sting,
    Lizard’s leg
    Howlet’s wing,

    The crafty bitch may even chuck in a couple of pairs of cute baby skin shoes if her palm is crossed with enough silver.

    Hells bells

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  6. Certainly seems like she has helped someone flee abroad. I guess that will be to dodge social services, so she better hope that social services didn’t have good reason to be concerned about the welfare of the baby.

    Seven doorbells, surely one of those numerology conspiracy folks will find something meaningful in that.

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  7. ” I have everything you need for a NEW BABY! ”

    – Except safety, security, morals, sanity, peace, a legitimate income…..

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  8. Q… Has just dropped me a line to say that when you split a place up into flats or bedsits a whole string of regulations kick into play. – Is there a register in London that records HMOs?

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    • Not afaik. Different boroughs will have different regulations and licensing arrangements. The council would have their own records.

      Though, gas safety certificate, fire brigade checks, safety labels on soft furnishings and so on will catch even the most loosely regulated incompetent landlords.

      Will check.

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          • She explained the hut was a games room for her disabled daughter. That’s what I remember. I’m sure she can’t possibly be letting it or using it for accommodation. You do need a separate external entrance to a games room, after all. She’s all heart, that’s the thing.

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      • I’m told that the requirements are quite onerous….. At least up here! And I have now seen examples of some of the paperwork for the last year or two……

        As it happens we’re just at the end of the University year; a big old tenement flat in Glasgow rented out as individual rooms to students has a full-sized filing drawer crammed full of paperwork. And basically the next six weeks are to be spend on refurbing and checking to gain certificates…. While a solitary block near Edinburgh where four out of the six flats in it are owned and rented out has another two drawers full of stuff! Gas checks, electrical safety checks, building control reports….. Hassle from the council who own the other two flats! Jeeze! They REALLY don’t make it easy!

        And McKenzie’s building isn’t even on a list? – Yet another example of her Teflon coating in action?? In all seriousness; this IS the sort of thing you hear of Masons and their bum-chums getting away with while everybody else is held feet to the fire…. What IS it with McKenzie and her immunity from prosecution?


    • And possibly several sets of council tax bills….. if her house is classified as “house in multiple occupation” then she is legally responsible for all the council tax.

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  9. That’s right HMO’s have to have special fire doors for the rooms and fire escapes for downstairs and upstairs.

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  10. I wonder how long before Belinda gets reported to the local Council for her letting of flats?

    From the Government rating website its simply a band G property – no mention of any other self contained flats at the dwelling. If they are not self contained flats then it is indeed a HMO. Not declaring and registering that is a criminal offence with up to £20k fine.

    What about the building work – is that approved under building regs and/or planning?

    Perhaps the planning office are wary of her after she won an appeal against them when they previously issued an enforcement notice against her (for the single story building in the garden….)

    Perhaps worth asking her ex-tenants about how she operates, of course she (being an upright and honest person) will declare to HMRC, her local Council and any other authorities that she should about her business at home.

    This was one of her tenants:

    And an interesting article:

    “At First sight, David Shayler and Annie Machon’s home in Highgate – the leafiest of London’s leafy suburbs – looks like a picture of middle-class respectability. There are Japanese landscape paintings on the living-room walls. Shelves groan under the weight of hardback novels and books on politics. An Alsatian with a well-kept, glossy coat looks on curiously as Belinda McKenzie – the grandmotherly landlady of the house – serves tea in china cups with a plate of delicious shortbread biscuits. “Enjoy,” she says in a soft, plummy English accent.

    Then you notice the curiosities. On the table sits a document about the “controlled demolition” of the twin towers. The shelves hold books titled The 9/11 Commission Report: omissions and distortions and The New Pearl Harbor: disturbing questions about the Bush administration and 9/11. There’s a stack of colourful leaflets advertising a club night called Truth 9/11, to take place in Brixton in a week’s time, the “11” in “9/11” represented by two tall stereo speakers. DVDs litter a work desk. One is called 7/7: mind the gap. The cover of another, titled Loose Change, asks: “What if 9/11 were an inside job rather than the work of al-Qaeda . . . ?”

    This cluttered house in the heart of respectable, latte-drinking Highgate doubles as the hub of the British and Irish 9/11 Truth Campaign. It’s a loose group, founded in January 2004, which suspects precisely that 9/11 was an “inside job”, organised and executed by a “shadowy elite” made up of individuals from the FBI, the CIA, the arms industry and politics. Shayler and Machon – the boyfriend-and-girlfriend former spies who famously left MI5 in 1996 after becoming disgruntled – are its leading lights. They’ve gone from being the Posh and Becks of the whistle-blowing world to something very like the Richard and Judy of the 9/11 conspiracy-theory set.

    Sitting on the comfy couch, their cups of tea in hand, they try to convince me that the 11 September 2001 attacks were executed by elements in the west who wanted to launch wars and “make billions upon trillions of dollars”.

    “We know for certain that the official story of 9/11 isn’t true,” says Shayler. “The twin towers did not collapse because of planes and fire; they were brought down in a controlled demolition. The Pentagon was most likely hit by an American missile, not an aeroplane.” Machon nods. In black trousers and black top, this sophisticated blonde in her late thirties comes across more like a schoolmarm than a 9/11 anorak. “The Pentagon’s anti-missile defence system would definitely have picked up and dealt with a commercial airliner. We can only assume that whatever hit the Pentagon was sending a friendly signal. A missile fired by a US military plane would have sent a friendly signal.” She says this in a kind of Anna Ford-style newsreader’s voice, as if she were speaking the truth and nothing but the truth. She takes another sip of tea.

    Say the phrase “conspiracy theorist” (but don’t say it to Shayler and Machon if you can help it, because they angrily deny being conspiracy theorists) and most people will think of those nutty militiamen in redneck areas of America who hate Big Government, or of taxi drivers with possibly anti-Semitic leanings in some hot, dusty backwater of the Middle East who revel in telling western clients in particular: “America and the Jew did 9/11.” Yet, here in Highgate, I am talking to a man and woman who have worked in the British secret services and who, together with their landlady Belinda, a professional linguist, truly believe that American elements facilitated 9/11 in order to “justify their adventurism in oil-rich countries in the Middle East”, in Shayler’s words. Here we have a new kind of conspiracy theorist: the chattering conspiracist, respectable, well-read, articulate, but, I regret to report, no less cranky than those rednecks and misguided Kabul cabbies.

    The 9/11 Truth Campaign tries to distance itself from the green-ink loons who have been spreading rumours about 9/11 ever since the first plane slammed into the World Trade Center. “In London we meet socially on the first Monday of every month, and for a discussion on the third Monday of every month,” says the ever-chirpy Machon, as if describing a Women’s Institute get-together to discuss knitting, rather than a meeting of individuals who think a dark cabal of nutters controls the world. Its activists – many of whom are fairly well-to-do, and who include lecturers, film-makers and other whistle-blowers – pore over footage and photos of the events of 9/11, furiously debate them online, and argue that, scientifically, the official version of events doesn’t add up. For Belinda – who describes herself as the “tea-maker and dishwasher of the movement” and allows activists from outside London to stay at her home – this is about “getting to the historical truth of what happened”.

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  11. Its an interesting thought – EXCEPT the following exclusion (From the Gov website) : You can’t use the scheme for homes converted into separate flats.”

    The key is the word “FLAT”

    Declan Harvey was in receipt of Housing benefit for the flat in 2012

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  12. Why is the THIRD FLOOR FLAT, at Belinda’s house not listed with a separate entry in the register for Council tax?

    Does it comply with the relevant fire regulations?

    Any building regs approval for the conversion?

    Belinda = So many questions

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    • I’m sure it’s all fine! A flat then, it’ll be fine. And she lives to feed people tea and biscuits, asking for nothing except people’s company in return for providing a roof over their head.

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  13. Yep – your right YT, I

    t will be fine, after all Belinda said fairies live in her garden, and that must be right – Belinda says….

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    • In the scheme of things, I think she’s not even wrong.

      Someone shoot me if I end up so clueless and generally malignant.

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  14. YT – no need to shoot you!!!

    My thoughts are simple – the rules regarding HMO and Tenancies are to help stop landlords putting tenants in an unfair position (in short – to protect the tenant)

    Belinda seems to have ignored those rules

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    • There may be if I end up like Belinda, might happen.

      They are there to protect tenants. I’ve seen some proper slum housing. The sort where you can’t help but retch because the place is utterly disgusting and shouldn’t house a stray cat, let alone human beings, but you do it into your shoulder to try not to offend the embarrassed exploited tenant.

      Extremely unlikely Belinda’s in that category. Who knows though if she avoids scrutiny?

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  15. I have had to break my silence of this horrible women called Belinda Mckenzie.who I met back in 2009. When I forst came onto the conspircacy theory scene. I found her to be really always on edge. I have stayed at her house where she has a lot of Freemasonic symbols everywhere. I like the meme above it suits her down to the ground but this is no laughing matter She really is awitch and I feel she has been using black magic to harm me for years in which resulted in my mothers death. Belinda is also a Perpetraitor in what you call Gang Stalking she has had this done to me. Please do more research http://www.fightgangstalking.com


    • Yea….. You see the trouble you’ll have with that one is that not many people with an i.q. over 50 who haven’t had their head fried with drugs believes in all the hocus pocus nonsense.

      – Freemasons? (for instance) – Well many, like myself believe them to be the source of much corruption in the world. A well-connected network of sectarian fraudsters, shysters and crooks that have turned world politics and much of the business world into an open sewer. – And particularly here in Scotland, in concert with the Orange Lodge, they represent everything that is rotten, twisted, regressive – violent even in public life. But there is only so much they’ll get away with… – Their quasi religious antics are more laughable than anything else; and show them up for the throwbacks to the dark ages they really are.

      Don’t expect anyone sane to ‘validate’ them with notions of having magical powers…. Most of us are rather a wee bit more intelligent than that.

      Belinda McKenzie is, in the evidence-based opinion of myself and many others, an out-and-out crook, cheat, liar, fraudster and common criminal… What techniques she uses to bully the most credulous I don’t know. – But acting out some childish fantasy of being a mythical creature of old holds no power against me, or anyone else with their head kept firmly out of the crowds.

      To paraphrase Monty Python… She’s not a Witch, she’s a very naughty girl!


    • Heidi, thanks for commenting. I have to say that I don’t believe Belinda has supernatural powers, but I do think she’s a very manipulative and dangerous person. I’ll definitely take a look at your gang-stalking link, thanks!


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