Happy birthday, Hoaxtead Research!

A year ago today, Hoaxtead Research published its first post: The Deranged Jacqui Farmer And Her Secret Fantasies.

Started by ‘Scarlet Scoop’ (who also originated the word ‘Hoaxtead’), our blog has always been about applying scepticism and reason to the Hampstead Satanic abuse hoax, and supporting the children, families, teachers, clergy, and residents of Hampstead against the hoax-pushers.

In its early days, though, Hoaxtead Research was also a shot across the bow of another blog, known variously as Hampstead Reach-arse or Hamster Research, run by a woman calling herself ‘Jacqui Farmer’, that had begun polluting the internet a few weeks earlier. Scarlet Scoop articulated our blog’s goal in this Mission Statement:

If Hampstead Research is ITV, then we are Channel 4. And in the spirit of C4’s  ‘Alternative Queen’s Speech’, we like to offer alternatives to the brain-hurting banality you would endure “over on the other side”….

Abe, Ella, Sabine, Jacqui, Bellender, Nutty Neelu, Sheriff Yank Skank et al have done enough damage to the Hampstead community. They have illegally published the names, addresses, phone numbers and descriptions of teachers, parents, social workers, clergymen, judges and churchgoers. They have slandered, threatened and harassed hundreds of innocent people. They have abused two vulnerable children by illegally plastering their confidential testimonies all over the web, thereby wrecking their lives as well as deterring other abused children from coming forward in future.

These nasty, evil people have broken enough laws, destroyed enough innocent lives, wreaked enough havoc, told enough lies. And it is time to stand up and say no. No more can these cowards be permitted to ride roughshod over the laws of our land and the morals that we hold dear. This is not medieval England or 17th century Salem and ridiculous satanic panic campaigns run by Bible-thumping maniacs will not be tolerated in 21st century London. Hoaxteaders, we hereby comprehensively reject your farcical claims that an entire school shuts down every Wednesday for an orgy with the kids (without ever getting caught) – and that thousands of babies have been cooked and eaten at McDonald’s by hundreds of people.

It didn’t take long for the Hoaxtead gang to realise that we meant business. Early on, ‘Jacqui Farmer’ said:

Scarlet Scoop is following the blog and nearly every time I make a post it is twisted and posted elsewhere. S/he is posting the c-word in the comments. Dirty, vicious, nasty stuff; abusive. So someone could either an obsessed cult member. Or a paid up member of the security services? My email has been – illegally – hacked.

‘Jacqui’ was wrong on almost all counts—no ‘c-words’, no cult members, no security services, no email hacking. We’ll freely admit that we were following her posts and responding to her libel and harassment of the people of Hampstead.

In fact, we were going further than that: it had quickly become clear that ‘Jacqui’ was a pseudonym, and the team of committed volunteers behind Hoaxtead Research decided to ferret out her true identity, in hopes that the police would be able to press charges against her.

Teamwork: The soul of Hoaxtead Research

Our blog has always been a team effort, though one person (originally Scarlet Scoop, followed in late August by El Coyote) does the actual writing. The effort to identify and track down ‘Jacqui’ was a classic example of Hoaxtead Research teamwork at its best.

She had gone to some trouble to disguise herself. Her trademark videos were narrated in a digitally altered voice that more than one person described as reminiscent of Vogon poetry. This immediately led us to wonder whether she was a known quantity in the truther community, who for some reason wanted to remain anonymous.

After many false starts, one of our team discovered Jacqui’s first Hoaxtead video (on one of Sabine’s blogs) that seemed less altered than subsequent productions. Another team member, who works as a sound engineer, removed the digital altering, and was able to produce something resembling a human voice. But whose?

We searched in vain for a match, until we learned that another group had been hunting for ‘Jacqui’ as well. We joined forces, and they told us that they had found three YouTube channels in which the videos sounded as though they’d been narrated by the same voice we’d unscrambled:

The name [we] identified is Charlotte Ward who wrote a research paper with professor David Voas at the Institute of Social Change, Manchester Uni, published in a peer-reviewed journal 2011: “The emergence of conspirituality”….

The chain was roughly… the YouTube channel Eddythecat7.. Somewhere the word “conspirituality” popped up…. I googled this odd word and found the paper with Voas. Then the YouTube channels conspirituality & conspiritualize… then a comment left on a forum signed off “regards charlotte ward” by a poster handle “carleea”… and a lot of places she’s used that name including on [the David Icke forum].

Using voice recognition software, we were able to confirm that the other group’s Charlotte Ward was indeed ‘Jacqui Farmer’. In fact, we discovered that Charlotte had left a great many more fingerprints online than she believed.

For example, she accidentally told us her email address when she forgot to close her tabs during one of her videos:

Charlotte Alton email-on screen

So much for us ‘illegally hacking’ her email—she’d left it on one of her Eddy the Cat videos, in plain sight! (Alton was her married name.)

We were unsurprised to find that Charlotte was a long-time friend of Belinda and Sabine; and after a bit more digging we discovered that she and her ‘video man’, Jacco de Boer (‘Jackie Farmer’, geddit?) were holed up in Suriname. This rendered Charlotte immune from immediate prosecution, though the police tell us that should she return to the UK, they will have a nice welcoming committee ready to greet her.

The quest to find ‘Jacqui Farmer’ was one of our first endeavours, but over the past year we’ve worked to expose many, many more of the Hoaxtead crew’s lies and foibles. We rely in large part on input from team members, who are continually sending in titbits of information, observations, and evidence of the Hampstead hoax.

Our goal remains the same: to stand up and say a resounding “No!” to the liars, scam artists, and gullible dupes who’ve done their best to destroy lives by spreading this hoax. And we’ll keep on doing that for as long as need be, until Hoaxtead is nothing but a bad memory.

Hoaxtead off to war

82 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Hoaxtead Research!

    • Amen, GB ! I boarded the Hoaxtead Research Train a bit late, after hearing from 2 outraged long-time friends / Hampstead residents a few months post-Hoaxtead’s initial launch. (One has a young son VERY happily and safely enrolled in a school accused of being linked to the ludicrous, mythical ‘cult’ by the hoax brigade.) They suggested I check out Hoaxtead Research….and boy, am I glad I followed their advice ! It has become my very favorite blog on the internet, hands-down. Second-to-none sleuthing & beautiful writing that tackles extremely serious subject matter with a powerful combination of objective, sometimes painful facts and razor-sharp wit/humor – what’s not to love?
      Huge kudos to Scarlet and EC for their steadfast dedication to fighting a gross injustice while making this blog addictively entertaining at the same time – a Herculean feat, and that’s an understatement !
      Obviously, I also tip my hat to every contributor/ team member associated with HR as well. It is truly a thing of unique beauty, and everyone directly involved with it should be immensely proud. My ONLY regret is that I didn’t discover it sooner…but I’m thrilled that I did, as are all of its dedicated readers and followers, to be sure. Sending massive vibes of gratitude to you for waging (and continuing to win) a glorious battle against the deeply deluded opposition. Had I attended an American high school and taken part in a cheerleading squad, I’d put on my old uniform right now and belt out a ‘Ra, ra, sis-boom-ba !’so deafening you’d hear it across the pond !
      Bravissimo and bon anniversaire, Hoaxtead Research ! 🙂

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        • Thanks, EC! I humbly accept your tasty offering with chuffed alacrity. No good champers in the house at the moment, but I’ll raise a glass of ‘meh’ white wine to the team while pointing
          it Atlanticward & pretending it’s really Moët & Chandon…

          Seriously, the gratitude is all mine. The blog is masterful, and mere words clumsily crammed into a claustrophobic little ‘phone box’ can’t possibly do its sheer brilliance the justice it so richly deserves 🙂

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      • Same here..via friends of friends who are affected.I don’t think it ever enters the heads of the Hoaxers that the people they accuse are just decent hard working folk with mortgages and jobs and struggling to build a nice life and raise a family and that includes the coppers and social & council workers who have feelings also and get affected as anyone does when falsely accused.

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        • You’re so right, GofS. To the Hoaxtead thugs, it seems the people of Hampstead are merely ciphers. But that’s not how it works–real people have been hurt, real lives damaged.

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  1. Congratulations on a superb job and for being a port of call of sanity in a world gone mad with crazed Satanist Illuminati hunting obsessives. Sam says so as well.

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  2. The great thing about this blog is that it doesn’t just tackle the hoax surrounding Hampstead. It has also exposed the much wider agendas of people such as Belinda McKenzie. I believe that part of Belinda et al’s success has come from their websites and groups being so prominent in Google searches…etc. Vulnerable members of the public can be so easily taken in by people who on the surface would appear to be the perfect support, especially when they offer ‘lay’ legal advice.

    The existence of this blog means that some vulnerable people may just get to read about the dark side of Belinda et al’s agenda. If it saves one family from being destroyed by Belinda et al’s advice, then it has been worth it.

    In terms of the Hampstead hoax, it means that curious individuals who stumble across this case can see an entirely different side to the story.

    Well done to Scarlet, EC and all who have contributed, and thank you.

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    • Amen to that, Dave. While the hoax itself is the main focus and epicenter of HR, far broader agendas/intricate webs of deceit and the greedy, sociopathic personalities behind them have been thoroughly explored/exposed along the way as well. As a ravenously curious skeptic who loathes exploitation of the vulnerable, I’ve learned far more here than I ever would have imagined. To me, HR is an example of responsible muckraking at its finest.

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    • Thanks, Dave–from the start, we’ve tried to give a clearer view of the agendas of those involved in pushing the hoax. Our goal has been to provide a counter-narrative, to enable people to think for themselves and ‘join the dots’ (to borrow some truther jargon). We do promise not to call anyone ‘sheeple’, though. 😉

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  3. Thankyou all, There i was yelling and spamming all over the net about how child sexual abuse was the most evil harm to the innocence of children, that then having to suppress it, was so harmful to the essence of being, and therefore spreading harm, by abuse being denied, allowed to continue……….and it worked, alot……
    So various types of vultures, vampires came along, and sucked up the energy, here UK, and misteered, or misdirected attention, wherever possible, via the various overblown hoaxy or embellished cases and events…….
    I was called a jealous bitch the other day for pointing some truthes about these ‘heroes’, to some newer recruits to try and resurrect the case, Maggie Tuttle, Brenda McNamara are attempting to use their followers to again bully any dissenters into silence by calling them various names, as demonstrated by the recent increase in attacks online onto me, silly people if they think that will silence me….. that hampstead was meant to replace that hollie hoax and this time become unstoppable, became clear to me, fairly quickly……

    Given what has occurred since the 2010 rally, and that they also conspired to take the platform, something i had only began to realise years afterwards, i also believe they conspired to remove all evidence online of the previous 17 Annual rallies………..This fact alone, should be a massive red flag to any survivor online, joining with social media campaigns, and already is for many, who will not allow their sites or platforms to be used by them, and therefore find their traffic limited, by lack of sharing, against the onslaught of the sites these conspirators control, from their various hubs, including Brian Gerrish, who seems to be taking a last ditch stand with that case, that died over a year ago.

    I had had suspicions, or even knowings for a few years, and also various people were confirming some, or cases i followed were falling apart, and people recruited by either Belinda, Bill, Brian, and their most ardent fans/followers…..who if anyone dare criticque, well they become an enemy and are pointed at as a deserving target for bullying, namecalling, of the most vile kind,,,,,,,,some of us have been isolated, avoided and all based on fear of repercussions, if anyone dare to like any of us, daring to point out the untruthes and manipulations flying around the net, even infecting, harming, effecting the IICSA, and attempting the same downunder with the Royal Commission…….. I hadn’t reaised what would be unfolding, and i am so grateful to this blog, the writers, contributors, commenters.

    Mostly, i had carried on for years, still connecting with strong, active, well maintained groups, around the world, and some relationships are very deep connections, some people and i have spoken, perhaps only a few times, and years can divide our contacts, except in fleeting posts and sharing, but at any time of real need, there are many, that i can trust and who trust me, so that a few quick calls, and messages were all that were needed for me to undo the harm, down under, mainly, though some of their troll teams have still been active, lately, in the mix of groups, being devisive and negative, to undo good work, connections, trust….. not hard, especially with survivors newly becoming active on social media, and without the backup or connections of more healthy people and well run and honest sites, dealing with all aspects of abuse.

    At the beginning here though, i had to take it slow for personal reasons, but also i did not want the focus taken away from the core of this case, the harm to children and innocent people, needlessly, and in my view, very likely, even pre planned…….what evil in the name of doing good.

    My whole intention, stated many times was to shed light on the evil being done through ignoring the truth and enormity of CSA and especially within institutions, because while that continued, and the coverups, then we had no chance of really stopping it, because some people with influence and power, were skewing the system, so that it would be able to carry on.

    By shedding light on all of the cockroaches that began and perpetuated fake cases, or faked up real ones, embellished and dramatised…..unfortunately some gullible people caught up, and cheering them on, will now feel defensive and stay in denial, perhaps, unless they are big enough to actually really check the evidence and facts, let go of fake and toxic ties, realise that some divides were encouraged, by some very busy keyboard warriors of the nasty kind. that sit and stalk and watch and have many sock accounts, ready to negate or confuse vulnerable newcomers, or groom them to their groups, agenda’s and help to hype their cases, causes, petitions, and therefore ignore the ones out there working with integrity, hard facts, evidence, truth, and indeed some mightily strong networks are still thriving out there. Neither will entertain the other, i have though been watching the displays and common themes for a while now, and also recieved a great deal of hostility when trying to warn people……….

    This blog though, made me look moreso at sites i had avoided and not wished to give time nor energy to, and so meant i could join some dots, with proof, provided, largely here, in such a way that it would catch the attention of others’ seriously online with these issues, and it really does seem evident to me, that more and more people are indeed waking up, to the wrong paths they have been led down, and by the main playsers, who stole undeserved credibility 2010 at our rally.

    Therefore i knew beforehand that i would recieve condemnation for daring to speak out, but that i could not hide behind a fake profile, for my information to be of value.

    I have at times, needed to take breaks as some of it has been so vile. But i have returned each time, appreciating the steadfast committment shown by the writer/s of this blog.

    It is a real blessing to the whole movement working to eradicate the ability of predators on children to abuse and then share images, or blackmail people and network to collude to thwart our efforts, sabotaging our efforts , must have been important, but i don’t think it has worked, and this blog, the attention to detail, that allowed me to form a white and blacklist, that could be circulated to people with good influence and power, and the appreciation shown from certain groups, that do real and effiective work, but who were very confused, by these charlatanic sites, people, and were regularly mass emailed or bombarded with phone calls of the kind encouraged by Charlotte Ward, Sabine and Belinda, and the others, Sparking off actions that only serve to collect new victims and make a mockery of real efforts.

    I mostly support, encourage and share good news of campaigns, or efforts regarding the issues, had but, those that created an illusion of spearheading from that 2010 platform, created by me and my group, had they all behaved with integrity and highlighted truth rather than lies, half truthes, faked cases, then i would have remained loyal too, and continued to share their videos etc, i stopped and began warnng others’ , years ago, i havn’t done this with any reason nor malice, just am, so grateful, for the evidence provided by people here.

    Thankyou all, Happy BIrthday, Cheers and I had tears reading this, i remember finding an EddyCat video where a woman was pointing out how to search for the leading google headings, illuminati being ‘it’, at that time, these are things, some people and i have noted and chatted about, and i know some have done more digging than i would know how to, and sent it to other interested parties, and perhaps even this blog…… i am pleased and proud, to have contributed any help, in order to prevent this from being more harmful, than already….. thankyou for the opportunity and patience with my lack of skill, clarity or grammar !

    It is an education, and as someone already said, so well done, with style, dignity, and evidence, humour and light amongst such evil, is beautiful to behold.

    If i’ve said too much, i never mind correction, protection etc 🙂

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    • Anyone that listens and believes a word Brenda McNamara says is an imbecile.

      She’ll believe anything that Bill Maloney is involved in,

      though he is remarkably quiet on the Hampstead case.

      Brenda is trying to resurrect the Hollie case.

      It’s all to do with Brenda wanting to be the Leader.

      It’s done and dusted.

      Ridiculous woman…


        • I bet if anyone had asked her, her view on Hampstead

          BEFORE she’d had chance to find out from others which way to go,

          she would have answered “no comment”.

          The woman hasn’t got a brain.


        • I saw this, and thought at the time that it was about time someone pointed that out! She’s right, of course…but if she’s also pushing the Hollie hoax, I can’t really figure out where she stands.


          • Brenda doesn’t really have a mind of her own.

            If Bill says it’s genuine, she’ll go with it.

            She’s still pushing the Hollie tale as she’s not in on the Hampstead saga, that being run by Belinda et al.

            Brenda wants the limelight.

            She seriously hasn’t got a f…..g clue.


      • I’ll confess that I’ve had little to do with Brenda, so can’t say much about her, but anyone trying to resurrect the Hollie hoax is living a delusion. That dog won’t hunt, as they say in the States.


      • Maloney has pulled his head in after the collapse of Operation Midland. He is similar to Belinda McKenzie in that he is a vocal bully but gets others to do the really dirty work so it’s they who get busted.His efforts at being ‘controversial”- being booted from a TV studio and gate-crashing a political press conference with his “when did you stop beating your wife” rapid fire questions (with that airhead Sonia Poulton) have backfired as the media decided to take an interest and found his past isn’t quite as he presents along with his phony ‘awards’ for his home movies.

        Even the Tory bashing Mirror has wised up to him and won’t have a bar of him having being stung by his promotion of that crook Chris Fay and that other one who was found not guilty of conspiracy to pervert justice but has since sensibly zipped his lips/

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  4. Happy birthday – a fantastic site, that has undoubtedly made a real difference in stopping some of the self centered, egotistical money grabbing schemes that had started to develop unchecked (before this site exposed the true motives and players)

    Now – did someone mention cake? What time and where??

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    • Thanks, JW! It’s been great to meet you…hope you’ll stick around!

      I believe Gabriella is still dishing out the cake, so enjoy! 🙂


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  6. What a great job Hoaxtead has done over the year. I would like to send your group and yourself’s a big thank you for giving the children of hampstead something positive to read if they ever come across the nasty stuff written about them. So Thank you.

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    • Thanks so much, HS. One of our goals is to try and minimise the mentions of the children (RD’s and all the others) whose information has been criminally published all across the internet. It’s a bit like trying to empty the ocean with a thimble, but we keep trying. 🙂

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  7. Only a couple of months after the blog was started saw the newspaper article below published – you can see it at


    Its a very interesting article, especially in the context of Belinda’s own admissions.

    To quote the article: “The Charity Commission is investigating claims that a Highgate-based organisation has been masquerading as a charity – including revelations that it sent almost all its donations to a fugitive wanted for questioning by police.”

    I understand that investigation is still ongoing. – The rest of the article:


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    • Yes, we covered this story last summer–I was actually quite surprised that no sanctions were placed on Belinda at that time, since she seems to be a repeat offender in the charity scamming game.

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      • EC – Its only ten months since that was reported – plenty of time yet. She is not off the hook yet. The teflon is wearing very thin!!

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        • Its no coincidence that she resigned as a director at the Knight foundation only a few weeks ago, and hardly surprising that she is drinking her self into oblivion

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      • However she has now come to the attention of the media and they will keep an eye open for any infraction she may cause in the future.
        McKenzie has now been on the receiving end of bad publicity. We all wish some of the others would be exposed in similar fashion but as an ex-media worker I know- she will be on the back-burner as a possible source of a sensational tale with all the right elements. Perhaps that is why she is now crafting a new look for herself- owed money she ‘loaned’ to a charity and so on. For all we know some journalist has decided there is an interesting story here and been making inquiries.

        Remember the Hampstead hoax received world-wide publicity, not because the lunatics think their idiot internet ramblings are given credence but because Ella Draper and Abraham Cristie have been condemned in a court as child and subsequently in the media, as abusing false accusers who drugged children with marijuana and tortured them.

        It’s almost guaranteed that a journalist at some stage will think :”where are these 2 abusers now wanted by the police who thumb their noses at the authorities with their website and are still on the run..time to do a follow-up and to make use of my good friend on that Spanish newspaper who can do some local digging and get some snaps of the child abuser Abraham Cristie lying in the sun and smoking weed and mocking the British police.”

        Well that’s how I would think if I was a tabloid editor.

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        • As a tabloid editor I would also need a good sub-editor for obvious reasons !!. You would be surprised at the number of journalists who have jobs if you read their original stories before a good sub got to them!

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    • Love it : saw it posted on Power-Disney’s FB time-line.
      Also more proof that cats (I have two) will live with anyone- even Jack The Ripper, if they get fed and housed.

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  8. Congratulations El Coyote and Scarlet Scoop – this blog is an excellent example of people taking on false accusers, liars, troofers, conspiritards, and all the other detritus of society – and winning. Thanks also to all the commenters below the line – many lols and food for thought.

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  9. Happy Birthday Hoaxtead. What a brilliant job you’ve all done over this past year. The Hoaxtead team are so dedicated to this cause and it has been a pleasure to communicate with such good honest folk working for nothing against the bad guys. Big Up to Hoaxtead

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  10. Congratulations bloggers on doing this for a year. 🙂

    I’m being a party pooper, but it’s sad that that the videos are still out there and all the rest of it, sad that it hasn’t faded into obscurity yet.


    One thing that’s always surprised me is those that claim they believe that children’s rights are important have in many cases not really cared or justified the impact of their actions on the two children at the heart of this. I hope they are well, and all the others that Abraham Chrstie and Ella Draper hurt.

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    • You’re right, YT–it’s a bittersweet occasion, as there’s still so much to do to ensure that this thing is finally put to rest.

      The self-justifying actions of the Hoaxtead mob speak far louder than their claims that they care for the children.

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  11. Dear Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs Coyote, Frances wishes you and your team an effervescent and jolly birthday, with wishes for an even more productive year ahead. You have, as young people say, hit the Hoaxtead ball out of the park, and it has been a pleasure for Frances to witness your winning ways for the past 365 days.

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  12. Well, what a year. Congratulations on being the real truth seekers – that’s the alternative media that I’m interested in. I visit here at least daily – thank you to Scarlet Scoop and El Coyote for their tireless efforts. I then visit here more than once a day to catch up on the insightful comments – thank you to the regulars!

    I always remember that there are two children out there, growing up, having had this trauma inflicted upon them. The trauma of having their lives as innocent children disrupted by true evil.

    I am always amazed at how those who wish this case to be true talk dispassionately about the abhorrent, horrific, disgusting things that they insist have happened. They should instead rejoice in the fact that a court proved that the SRA in this case was untrue. A lie. Them wishing it all to be fact is, I’m afraid, more of a reflection on them. They should really take a look at why they take power from projecting these horrors onto the children.

    What is true is that these children were abused by their mother and her new partner. Yet many ‘troofers’ fell over themselves to entertain that criminal pair, parading them as ‘superstars’ in the AM. I’d rather see the mother and partner investigated/brought to justice for the mental and physical torture that they admit to (spoons, etc).

    Anyway – in short – thank you Hoaxtead! I hope I spelled it right 😀

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  13. You are likely to read about this in the next few days. Many of us are keeping a safe distance from Belinda McKenzie because of what has happened.

    News has now been published that shows the Mother and son that were being helped by Belinda McKenzie and John Hemming, have now made it back to Zimbabwe. UK Law seems to have been ignored. Some have stepped back from being involved with BM for fear of the likely repercussions over this. Criminal conspiracy to abduct a child are words being shouted around. No one wants to be involved in that.


    This is what everyone is worried about – CONSPIRACY (TO)


    Date produced: 13 March 2013
    Title: Offences Against the Person
    Offence: Child Abduction
    Legislation: Child Abduction Act 1984 section 1 – by parent, Child Abduction Act 1984 section 2 – by stranger
    Mode of Trial: Triable either way
    Statutory Limitations & Maximum Penalty: Seven years

    Aggravating & Mitigating Factors
    Whether force used
    Any sexual or violent motive
    Breach of court order or defiance of legal process
    Removal to another country
    Length of period of abduction
    Resulting impact upon victim and family

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    • By the way : I know for fact from 2 friends who have newsy websites with local stories- one in the UK and one in Australia, that Fleet Street actively searches the web for stories and they have found tales they have broken routinely picked up by British tabloids (sadly not paid for). The MailOnline has a team of young researchers whose sole job is to seek out internet stories.

      So I reckon this website would be actively visited by such researchers. If you did a search on ISPs who visit Hoaxtead I bet you would find some match up to the collation of British newspapers.

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      • I believe that its a recording of the video linked part of the proceedings. However that also has a link to an AUDIO recording of the ENTIRE HEARING (that is at times when the video link was switched off) Such a recording is of course illegal and would have been done by someone actually at the hearing – perhaps in the public area.

        There is an apology on Youtube for the poor audio quality….

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  14. Happy Birthday! What a good job! Challenging the chumps and rooting out the ridiculous! All I can say is it’s a good job that none of these bast…er….heroes of the hoax live near me. I’d have been pinching pendulums and kicking crystals over the goal posts of JUSTICE! Mind you, you’ve scored more than a few tries here! Keep up the good work y’all!

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  15. Congrats to all! And thanks for everything, of course 🙂

    I was kind of hoping for a reprise of the video by the same name as the origin post. I’ve had such great laughs listening to it…

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  16. Happy Birthday and congratulations. Having had some involvement with the forerunner to Hoaxted Research, I had to drop out because of “reasons” but I have continued to enjoy and be astounded by the excellent work that you have done. Keep going.

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  18. Sorry it’s late, but belated happy birthday.

    As George Orwell so rightly pointed out, the best response to these idiots is to point and laugh at them – but a good dollop of cold hard facts is also handy.

    You have provided both facts and hilarity and made me feel a little less alone on the tempest tossed seas of Internet lunacy.

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