Machin’s (almost) disappearing act

A few days ago, we noted that Sabine and Belinda’s newest colleague, David Machin, whom they were promoting as a Gen-you-wine Reporter/Producer, with an actual membership in the National Union of Journalists and everything, also appears to tick all the requisite conspiraloon boxes.

We suggested at the time that Mr Machin might wish to be careful about who he chooses to associate with professionally, and it looks as though he’s taken us at our word.

For when we looked at the other day, lo and behold, Mr Machin’s name had been completely removed from the ‘About’ page!

Here’s how it looked last week:


And now:


Has Mr Machin jumped ship, then?

Not exactly. Here’s the ‘Contact Us’ page from the blog:

Contact page 2016-05-14

Good to know.

Proskurov, IgorOur question, though, is: what ever became of Igor Proskurov, Belinda’s video producer and web designer of record until last fall, when he helped her out with the ‘Forced Adoptions’ event?


Since then, he seems to have sunk completely out of sight; his last video under his iProVision imprimatur on YouTube was a rehearsal for a play about women and self-harm, meant to debut at the Tavistock Institute earlier this year.

Quite the departure from his Hampstead days, and we wonder what sage advice he might have to give his replacement.



10 thoughts on “Machin’s (almost) disappearing act

  1. The Twitter spat between Hemming and Giles Peaker (nearly legal) continues unabated! Hemming obviously coming off worse. Big fan of Peaker, nearly met him once but had to pull out of a conference for health issues. Greatly regret not going, he’s a bit of a legend in housing law circles. We need a few thousand more of him and we’ll be ok.

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  2. I heard a rumour that Ivor “returned” home, which must have been quite a below for Sabine and Belinda.

    The still shot below is from one of the videos taken by Ivor, its clear that his “broadcast quality” videos were significantly better quality than the “broadcast quality” produced recently by David Machin

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  3. “below” is a deliberate play on words,….

    Another still from Ivor’s videos. This time it must be a moment when someone made a donation. A little like the bell being rang in TGI Fridays every time someone tips the staff.

    Its interesting that Ivor was around for the launch of The Knight Foundation, the videos have “TKF” in the listing. That’s obviously now gone.

    David Machin is now producing video for the pair, will that go under the initials of MCN (Mc Nasty)

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  4. I remember these videos–they’re the ones where Sabine does her usual grotesque posturing, like some sort of bizarre caricature, while Belinda’s lips barely move. The quality of the video itself far surpasses the sample from Machin we saw the other day, though. Belinda must be sad that Igor ‘returned’ home.


  5. Guidance 2222 is the king of unwatchable paranoid videos. His prowl around Hampstead was enough to give you motion sickness.


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