Belinda’s ‘dog-whistle’ politics

Have you ever heard of ‘dog-whistle politics’? We hadn’t, until one of our American friends used the term recently in reference to their election primaries (which we also don’t really understand, but that’s a whole other matter).

As it turns out, dog-whistle politics is a type of political messaging that uses coded language: to the general public, the words have one meaning; but they have an additional, different, or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup.

You know how, once you’ve had something pointed out to you, you start to notice it wherever you turn? That’s what happened to us.

We were reading Belinda’s strangely muted description of Maggie Tuttle’s ‘Children Screaming to Be Heard’ event this past Saturday, and suddenly the dog-whistle words and phrases began leaping out at us: Belinda-Knight Fndn 2016-04-261. “Many probably decided they could get all the speeches and discussions on line afterwards, so best save themselves an expensive journey“: Decoded, this means “most of my audience is either unemployed or underemployed, and none of them own a house in Highgate…so I’ll pretend to be sympathetic to their piddling concerns. Besides, if I’m nice to them, perhaps they’ll throw a few coins in my tin can”.

2. “(T)he seemingly relentless, continuing and unchecked assault on children and families in UK by the local authorities“: This translates to “you are all vulnerable, every last one of you. They are coming to get you, to steal your children, destroy your family, and there’s nothing you can do about it…unless you listen to me”.

3. “(I)n ancient Babylon two dozen centuries back being ruled against our human will by a politicised priesthood with a particularly horrible sadistic mindset, devotion to the darkest of dark gods and zero empathy for human suffering“: This one’s easy: it means, “SATANISTS!!!1! THE SATANISTS ARE COMING AND THEY’RE GOING TO CONTROL YOUR MIIIIIIIIIND!

4. “(T)he barbaric and debauched epoch of ancient Babylon ad (sic) worship of Baal” comes out to “MORE SATANISTS! WE ARE NOT FOOLING!!”

4.1. Day 1 of the 13 years (sic) leading up to the ‘fire and fertility’ occult festival of Beltane of May 1st“: This one equals “More occult shenanigans, probably Satanist, will definitely result in baby-eating”. (It also somehow conflates Beltane, the Celtic May Day celebration, with ancient Babylon. Well, she did say she is an amateur historian. And presumably her interests don’t include geography.)

5. “(T)he gateway or portal to the ancient Temple to Baal at Palmyra, Syria, blown up supposedly by ISIS”: This one is masterful. Belinda manages to include the Temple to Baal (clearly Satanist and therefore evil), Syria (source of refugees that will no doubt be Muslim or some damn thing), and basic false flag conspiranoid woo (the claim that the Temple to Baal might or might not have been blown up, maybe by ISIS, maybe by someone else.

(We’re not sure whether she’s insinuating that it was blown up, and the culprits are supposedly ISIS, or that it might not have been blown up at all. Doesn’t matter, really: the point is, she’s hit all the right bells for her audience of consipraloons.)

6. “Having been unable to attend either the unveiling nor the taking down after 3 days of this ir any of giI n the heyday“: Even our expert dog-whistle cryptographers were stumped by this one. Had Belinda dipped a little too heavily into the amontillado? We just don’t know. If any of you have an idea of what she might have been trying to convey here, please do let us know.


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  1. Some one asked when this latest statement was first posted if Belinda was tacitly supporting terrorism. Well the Charities Commission had strong suspicions that money from Iran Aid was actually going to the MKO (People’s Mujahedin of Iran) which is why that little scheme was investigated and wound up. From what I understand of it, the MKO has a complicated history – having been both anti and pro Israel at different times – but was designated a terrorist organisation by the US in 1997.

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    • Yes–there’s much more to the Iran Aid thing, including the fact that her ‘husband’s’ teenage son was held in an MEK/MKO camp that was known for its human rights abuses. When the father was asked to intervene and try to get his son released, he refused, as he was ideologically linked to the MEK/MKO and believed in their cause.


  2. Er..’ir any of gil’ is it ‘I ran out of gin’ ? Or, wait wait, ‘ir an’ is clearly a covert reference to Iran..Y could be ‘why’ and of gil could be a reference to gil scott heron who was a famous adversary of Belinda’s. (well, ok he wasn’t but he would have been if he’d known her, he was a good sort) No? Oh well.

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  3. Meanwhile Jake posted a video which says that cannabis might have been brought here by aliens. I’d despair but that would be giving up.

    Mind you I want to thank Jake because the video led me on to some interesting reading about the African Dogon tribe and I’ve ordered ‘Conversations with Ogotemmeli’ by Marcel Griaule. I hope (honest, I’m not taking the piss) that Jake or some of his friends go further than the video and read some anthropology because it’s interesting and knowledge is good for you.

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    • Indeed, if you stop seeing the world is a black and white battle between your own self righteousness and imagined evils (I’m talking to the hoaxers) you will find not only does it have shades of grey but a full spectrum of colours.

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  4. Slow service at her nearest hostile-iary? I think Anna’s right… IR means ‘rate’ in Hindi, Gil? A unit of alcohol? – Can’t get enough booze? – Could be!

    Alternatively, I understand the Gil (Gill actually) are a clan of the Jat Peoples of Northern Pakistan. Some Jat clans are described officially as “Other Backward Class (OBC)” A term used by the Indian Government to describe those who are socially and educationally disadvantaged and mostly remain so!

    Could this be this cunning linguist’s pretentious (and possibly rather racist) way of saying she is, like the Gil, making very little progress in advancing her causes? Perhaps if there is an old colonial in the house they could confirm? It certainly sounds like something that might be up there with chotapegs and punkhawallahs…

    Must go, time for tiffin!

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      • I believe ‘gil’ is an old Celtic prefix meaning ‘servant’ (e.g., ‘Gilbride’= ‘servant of St. Bridget’)…and servitude is certainly a ubiquitous theme among the religiously obsessed. No idea if that’s what she means by it, obviously. As for ‘ir’ – I’m stumped, and surely she’s not alluding to the Spanish verb ‘to go’! My initial hunch was “this era of any servant”, but that could be way off too. ‘Yry’ refers to a physical foundation / settlement in Hebrew – might it be a variant of that? “This (place or era) of any servant “, alluding to religious allegiances run amok in the modern world (inside her twisted head, anyway )?
        I’m confused, and my inner linguistic geek is beyond frustrated. Please pass the Balm of Gilead !

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      • I think I *may* have cracked it, EC. She’s drunk-typing in the back of a speeding taxi, simply reminiscing about a 3-day ‘rainy golf’ outing she enjoyed back “n the heyday”, i.e. when she was young, giggly and limber. Occam’s Razor ?

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      • Seriously, though: ‘3 days of this ir any of gil n the heyday’, rearranged via my weird anagrammery method, comes out as ‘ 3 days of this rainy golf in the heyday’!

        Is she an avid golfer? 🙂

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  5. OooohErrr… It’s just been pointed out to me that Gil is also a village in the Hormozgan Province of Iran…

    With Belinda’s MI5 connections/links to terrorist organisations? I’m now wondering if this is some sooper seekrit message to her handlers? – Sort of… I’m a nonentity, get me out of here!

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      • MmeC here ….argh! My post just vanished and I can’t log in for some reason. Sigh.
        “Gil” is an old Celtic prefix meaning ‘servant’ (e.g., “Gilbride” = “servant of St. Bridget”) – and we all know how ubiquitous the theme of servitude is among the religiously obsessed. “Ir” is a total enigma. My initial hunch was that she meant “this era of any servant”, possibly referencing the insanity of religious allegiances run amok in the modern age (in her twisted head, anyway). “Yry” means “settlement / place” in Hebrew – but why would she combine Irish and Hebrew in the same phrase? My inner linguistic geek is confused and frustrated – please pass the Balm of Gilead ! I’m just not biblically erudite enough to tackle this one, but have a strong feeling it’s a condemnation of contemporary religious practices and resultant world chaos in some way – but I could be completely wrong…


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  7. EC, MmeC here…just tried to post a comment but am having trouble logging in. Quelle forking surprise, n’est-ce pas? Anyway, just wanted to know whether or not it made the crossing. I’m on the verge of hurling this phone from a scenic mountaintop a few miles down the road..

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