Why would Angie bother lying about flying?

The problem with being in a relationship (even if it’s only a long-distance Skype one) with a woman who lies for a living is that, well, eventually you’re bound to find out that she’s been lying to you, too.

That’s the sad position Q*Bert finds himself in, as illustrated in this video from our friends at McKenzies Devils:

Don’t take it too personally, though, Q*Bert: Angie can’t seem to help herself.

Why all the lies?

For example, one might ask why anyone would bother to lie about flying from Lanzarote to Dublin, as Angie appears to have done on Tuesday. On the surface of it, a lie like that makes no sense.

And yet, though this be madness, yet there is method in’t…or at least a kind of low cunning.

Think of it this way: if you were a known fraud artist, wanted by UK police for various bits of skulduggery, including promoting harassment and malicious communications, you might want to slip into the UK unnoticed from time to time.

Let’s say, for example, you wanted to attend a friend’s day in court, but you didn’t really want anyone knowing your plans. Knowing that a certain blog keeps track of your movements, you might think it clever to put up a smoke screen:

“Hey!” you’d yell, waving your arm in the air. “Over here! This is me, coming back from Lanzarote to Dublin! Even though in my videos in Lanzarote I was red as a lobster, my skin has miraculously whitened in the Irish sunshine! Yoo-hoo, over here!”

Angie-sunburnt 2016-04-07

You’d post a few old videos of yourself from last September when you really were in Lanzarote, rambling on about the Illuminati and all your various stories of Angie derring-d0, and then claim you were returning to Dublin, and post a picture of yourself waving and smiling at the airport.

Angela-NOT SUNBURNT-at Dublin airport-2016-04-06 copy

And while you had everyone distracted by your clever ruse, you might just sneak into the UK by ferry, where you might not even have to show a passport. Quick train to London, tube to Belinda’s lair, bing-bang-boom, and Bob’s yer uncle!

Now, we’re not saying that was Angela’s gameโ€”but we’ll be keeping an eye open for her in court this morning.

Just in case.

she's a liar


88 thoughts on “Why would Angie bother lying about flying?

  1. Interesting little bit of concocted self-pity from Angie in her video of the 31st March 2016 (the ‘beating chldren one) where she makes sure we know that she has the 20,000 Euros from her late sister’s estate and it came as such a surprise. Not sure if her sister died intestate but even so, nearly a year is a long time to sort out who’s getting what. According to Ange, Fiona was practically a millionaire and had a couple of properties and savings. So the 20 grand is small beer, or at least that was the impression Angie desperately tried to give off. In other words, I have this money, it’s not even a lot of money and it’s all above board and I’m terribly upset as it brings the memory of my sister flooding back and I’m going to invest it in my go-fund me to help my ‘investigative’ journalism . Yeah right. More like, I’d better account for this money and sharpish. Youtube has become another tool in the villain’s arsenal, a sort of cyber alibi.
    ( On another post..sorry, realised too late that you’d already seen the video where she’s complaining about her new fella being warned off. I must try and keep up to date, you all move so fast, like a coyote!)

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    • LOL! That’s okay, even coyotes lose the thread from time to time. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I think you’re right that she uses the videos as a way to build alibis, as she knows she’s under scrutiny now and can’t get away with what she used to.

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  2. Angie’s big mouth, not being able to stop bragging about herself, is her going to be her downfall, but hey you can’t tell a Narcissist that.

    On a related note, i was told last night that “Princess” Neelu may not be attending court this morning on account of her being a Princess of wherever and she may be in that country, hence she may only be represented in court by her legal team.

    If that is actually the case, i hope Jakey and Angie aren’t too disappointed.

    Who ever is going from here this morning, have a nice day.


    • Thanks for the update. Babs ๐Ÿ™‚

      To answer your question, I don’t think Jake will be too disappointed about Neelu not turning up, as he’s only bothered about supporting Sabine, apparently:

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        • She will have been bailed by the Court at her previous hearing. That bail will include a condition that she needs to surrender to the Court for today’s hearing. Failure to surrender without good reason is a criminal offence and as SV states its likely that an arrest warrant would be issued.

          Such a failure is treated by the Court as a potential reason to keep a person in custody until trial so that they do not avoid the criminal justice system.

          Good luck to Neelu if she fails to attend, she will need it……

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    • These people share many traits : narcissistic personality disorder & sociopaths..they are pathological liars. Pathological liars are different to you and me. They tell another lie to cover the exposure of the first lie but..the thing is, they have no concept that you know they are lying and because they have no empathy with people the notion they are telling lies does not even enter their head.

      We all lie. I lied today when I visited a pal in hospital. I’m feeding their cat and looking after their flat. A leak has developed in their roof and a horrible patch of mold has developed on the carpet and it smells. But I lied to my pal who is quite sick that everything is OK. (I’ll have the problem fixed as they’ll be in hospital for a month). I still felt quite bad- what if she found out I had lied? It won’t happen and this matter will pass in a fortnight but we all at some stage tell little white lies often for good reasons.

      Angie just doesn’t really care that you bust her in her lies. It annoys her but it does not prick her conscience because it’s barely there. Real sociopaths have no concept of conscience and this is why they are so difficult to pin down. They don’t share the values of the great masses so they don’t really know what we are talking about or even why.

      But they are generally quite clever and can mimic the values of non-sociopaths. They are usually good at reading people & quickly working out what that person wants. Hence Angela has quickly reeled in Rupert Q & Jake who are looking for some sort of meaning in their life & flattery from Angie has ‘seduced’ them.

      But when you look carefully at Angie’s life you can see what a catastrophe it is. An example is her complaint that an “upright citizen” warned off her new lover. That is just not a real situation. No new partner would be so influenced by a stranger & simply immediately accept what they said. Much, much more must have happened to drive the man away but Angela can only explain this with the most simplistic excuse that is simply unbelievable.

      Sociopaths will quickly work out the accepted bounds of society (but they do not share them). They will commit illegalities if they can get away with them but generally know when to stop for fear of being caught. When she says she “feels threatened” she is actually being genuine : she feels her existence is being threatened by an onslaught of truthful posts on here that expose her. She’s a bit like a rabbit caught in the headlights and just not knowing which way to run.

      # end of lecture.

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      • that one man has been cloned & there are 48 of them just like in Multiplicity with Michael Keaton. Each new RD close is wackier than the first. Angela understands this because at 3 years of age she was inducted into a secret program (MKULTA ??) where she learned the secrets of the Rothschild Cult Cloning program ( QE2, Pope, A Hitler- all clones) at an army base by her dad where the dirty bastards pissed on her.

        What you don’t seem to understand is that there are more than one Angela. She has been cloned and they appear at different places at the same time : on a bench outside an Irish airport : in a plane crossing the Atlantic at the very same time : meeting other cult survivors & “whistleblowers’ with David Cameron in Lanzarote.

        The problem is when they cloned Angie numerous personalities were manufactured but they all inhabit the same body.

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      • The Cult? – Curent lineup Ian Astbury, Billy Duffy, John Tempesta, Grant Fitzpatrick I think… Maybe Cameron’s lined up to play the wooden spoons after the next election?

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    • Angie will be desperate for a video with Mel Shaw. (who is a fan of Brian Gerrish)

      Ange will promote this from the rooftops.

      Think Mel needs to be warned, that Angie is a fraudster.

      Angie picking off another vulnerable victim.

      Has she no shame=NO!

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  3. I’m waiting for the claim by Angie that all her evidence to support what she has claimed was also in the bag and stolen… Along with all her “money”

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    • Sherlock – you should not have mentioned the cheese grater, don’t you know Angie is disabled through one? She had a nasty accident when the MK experiments were being undertaken as she was made to invertedly pass a cheese grater, unfortunately on its passage up through her body it got stuck in her throat before she had the chance to pass it through her mouth. Those experiments were nasty things and often went wrong.

      SHUSH – don’t mention the cheese grater, it will start her off. Shes a glass half empty person and cant see the obvious advantages that having a cheese grater stuck in her body gives her, all that time over the years she has saved never having to grate cheese before it enters her mouth. However I do feel sorry for anyone “kissing her”, Ouch the cheese grater must be rough on them….

      Now back to reality – Angie is a pathogenic liar.

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      • Actually JW – being ‘MK-Ultra’ experiments – this took the form of a torture where she was mind-milked using a ‘milking machine’ constructed from old cheese graters (they didn’t really have the budget). My associates and I have researched this thoroughly, and even managed to find an old advertisement for the device: which was once marketed by Ted Heath in in an attempt to address the balance of payments defecit.

        Apparently this was available at Woolworths for 17/6d back in the day. – So ‘they’ say. – Cheese and 13A plugs extra.

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  4. A few facts:

    This is from her video (posted earlier in this thread)

    1: Angie lives in a Council House
    2: Her only OFFICIAL income is benefits
    3: Those benefits are a carers allowance

    Carers allowance in Ireland is a means tested benefit for some one who requires FULL TIME care.

    Her son is now older than sixteen, his eyesight has improved significantly and Angie now claims to have rented an apartment in Lanzarote to stay in. She has also stated that she has recently received a sum of 20000 euros as an interim payment for her sister estate.

    Now with her sons improvement in health, a substantial sum going her way and the fact that she is claiming to be going away to live so could not possibly be a carer would all seem indicative of an end to Angies benefits (that is housing benefit, carers allowance and her sons disability benefits)

    That is of course if Angie remembers to tell the benefits agency in Ireland.

    I know Angie is incredibly busy, So just in case she has forgotten or not had time, the information that she has published has all been sent to the Benefits agency for them to consider.

    Just to be clear, here is Angies Council House that she talks about:

    No need to thank us Angie, its always a pleasure to help someone like you.

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  5. Any news from Blackfriars?

    I’m not sure where Angela is, but she’s not been on fb for about 15 hours.

    My guess is defo London.

    I was thinking about this lie of hers, about being in Lanzarote.

    If she had been in Lanzarote and she says it was only for a few days, it would have been a lot simpler to have got a flight back straight to London.

    Why bother going back to Ireland and then on to London?

    Answer=Angela was not in Lanzarote during April 2016.

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  6. Update: according to our spies, Neeluโ€™s just come out and gone back in to hear the result of the plea to void the trial (apologies if Iโ€™ve used the wrong legal jaron there).

    Also, the number of supporters has shot up to an astonishing 8, including Paul โ€˜Sunday Manโ€™ Barbara. So not quite the storming of the Bastille that Angie and her toyboy Jake had anticipated, then.

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  7. An interesting discovery – Angie Power Disney DID purchase her house from the Council in 2014. It is an EX council house.

    Charity scamming must be lucrative:

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    • The property does have a “Burden” against it (Covenant for those of us in England)

      The property is subject to the provisions specified in Section
      90(6) of the Housing Act 1966, against alienation, mortgaging
      and charging without the consent of Meath County Council for a
      period of 20 years from 1st July 2014 and to the conditions (if
      any) specified in Instrument No. D2014LR076679A.

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  8. 29651 Euros, that was cheap!

    Still where did Angie get the money from?

    Wouldn’t that have put her over the limit for savings to claim Carers Allowance?

    Angie can hardly have a Mortgage=Unemployed.


    • It really is not sounding very good for Angela.

      Somehow an unemployed woman of just turned 57 (at that time) buys a house, having not worked for 30 years!

      Oh dearie me!

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  9. The burden will be to prevent a wee stunt that often goes on up here… The money for the house is lent privately to the tenant (almost always on benefits) by a third party. A condition of the loan is that it will be paid back when the tenant leaves the property at the full market value of the house. – As the tenant in this case is often elderly that means when they pass away. Meantime they pay no rent and no mortgage! – This sort of arrangement has been known to be set up so as it isn’t even apparent on searches! – You can imagine how much ‘fun’ a fraudster can have in that situation!


  10. Yes but Angie being on benefits, would have the rent paid for her, (housing benefit) so buying the house makes no sense, unless she gains from it and Angie is always on the make, one way or another.

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    • Usually the ‘arrangement’ suits one relative buying the council property of another relative. But sometimes there is a financial kickback to the tenant or some other benefit. Back in the day a common one was for the ‘lender’ to have the place refurbished. – Useful when council repairs and upgrades either don’t happen or are of a very poor standard. And – suppose you had money from ‘somewhere’ that you wanted ‘buried’ so as to not attract the attention of The Revenue or benefits people? There were also other tricks that could be pulled such as mortgaging for much more than the house was worth etc. With the burden on it it’s not so much that it can’t be sold to someone needing a mortgage for it… More that the council are in a position to ensure the arrangements are ‘normal’. And the house isn’t being used (say) in some sort of money-laundering scam or mortgage fraud.


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