Angie & Q*Bert’s Sooper Seekrit Video

Sometimes you just have to sit back and wonder what on earth goes on inside Angie’s cranial cavity. A few weeks ago she posted those strange Skype conversations with Sabine, despite knowing that a trial is in the offing for her alleged friend. And now she’s posted a call between herself and Rupert, claiming that it’s ‘FOR EDITING SELECTION/DISCARD’.

Uh-huh. That’s what we do, too. Record ourselves in private making stupid and/or self-incriminating comments, and then post it for the world to see. Brilliant strategy.

Here’s the latest video in question:

We’d advise you to hit ‘play’ and then quickly switch to another tab on your monitor, lest you subject yourself to the extremely unappetising sight of Q*Bert picking incessantly at his moustache.

(We’ve been reliably informed that compulsively picking at one’s face is standard behaviour for crystal meth and crack addicts. Or people who can’t get over the fact they have managed to grow facial hair, and need to keep checking to see that it’s still there. Or both.)

Some highlights for those of you who just can’t handle the idea of sitting through another of these sh!t shows:

The ‘most obvious solution’

Angie: I just woke up knowing that you were right, that the mother and the boyfriend were both part of it….I sat with it for a couple of days and I prayed….

Q*Bert: It’s the most obvious solution!

Um…it is?

Not, perhaps, “the mother and the boyfriend made the whole thing up as a truly brainless ploy to ensure the father would never see his children again?” That doesn’t seem obvious to either of these two geniuses?

Oh. Okay. Guess not.

Nope, no paranoia here!

Q*Bert: I’ve told a couple of people about what’s going on, about the discussion that’s going on, and all of them are completely freaked out and are convinced that you’re luring me in to have me murdered.”

And they say drugs make one paranoid. Guess Q*Bert’s completely dispelled that old stereotype!

Never let facts spoil a good story

Angie: The worst they’ve done is…you see they’ve got some bent coppers [Nope.—Editor]
….they’ve got people in every institution [Wrong.—Editor].
The worst that’s happened is that they’ve thrown 2 activists in a cell for a weekend, twice; they’re taking 2 to court
[No we’re not; the CPS is—Editor];
they arrested another activist, a 71-year-old at midnight
[You’re double-counting, Angie—Editor];
they smeared…they sent 50 letters to my community, my country, neighbours, friends….
[Not us, no, no, no, and no—Editor].
And that’s the other thing—the girl who fled to Brazil
[It was Suriname, but who’s counting? —Editor]:
they contacted her family and got all the family dirt on her, like she used to be a drug addict, and all the blah blah blah…
[Hahahaha! Angie actually fell for that? —Editor]

This thing is jam-packed with gems: you’ll hear Q*Bert tell Angie not to question his genius; you won’t want to miss the touching mother-son scene where Angie sends her oldest son off to buy pot; there’s the part where Q*Bert confides that when he had a job in New York, he used to “dart around and jump from place to place”. [Did he do a stint as the Easter Bunny?—Editor]

And much, much more!

This one really is comedy gold…except that sadly, Skype cuts out for the last three minutes, leaving us looking at the top of Rupert’s hooded head.

In the end, we’re left with more questions than answers: why? What made Angie think it would be a good idea to post this piece of pure unadulterated horseshit video?

Why did she use pictures of her own two sons as the video thumbnail?

Why now? Why ever?

Is she really so dim that she doesn’t know how to keep her videos set to ‘private’?

Or is she just really so addicted to attention that she will stick any old thing up on her YouTube channel in hopes that someone, anyone, will notice?

Amateur hour

43 thoughts on “Angie & Q*Bert’s Sooper Seekrit Video

  1. “Q*Bert: I’ve told a couple of people about what’s going on, about the discussion that’s going on, and all of them are completely freaked out and are convinced that you’re luring me in to have me murdered.”.

    Maybe discussed it with his pals on the hunger strike in Rome (whatever happened to that escapade?) who may not be thinking straight. Apparently the lack of food for a long time can make you hallucinate and feel as high as a kite.
    Or more likely sat around with some pals passing around a joint.

    Of course now that he has said that and it’s on the internet it becomes fact (Truther Rule #99) so we may conclude that Angie is actually an Illuminati hitman/dame and seeking out Rothschild /Freemason/Royal enemies to eliminate.

    Afterall she is very beguiling and has used her temptress charms on Jake & Rupert and recall that man waiting for her in a local hotel who fled like the wind after being warned …has anyone heard from Abrella lately? Gone silent. Are these videos a way of establishing an alibi? Has Rupert Q stumbled onto a Devil Worshiping secret?

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  2. She is right that she cannot be extradited to the uk because that is for ne’er-do-wells outside the EU,she and/or Abrella et al could however be “surendered” under the fast track European arrrest warrent (2002)..Little Britain is still in that club I believe.
    These types hang themselves by hook or by crook without the need for paperwork.

    Oh to be as fly on the wall when Mr Hoodwinked is finally initiated into the Dried Prune collective..


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  3. Yes Angela is addicted to the attention, any attention.

    Why would anyone want to murder Rupert?

    These people are empty eaters.

    Delusions of grandeur and i haven’t a flying f… why!


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  4. Btw think Jake is a bit of a pervert.

    He’s posted up some sex abuse video in The Faraway Field closed group on fb.

    I’m sick of the bunch of them.

    Jim McMennimin has started up again on me on the Anonymous Op page.

    I’m hoping he’s going to report me for using a false name. (as i want to close my fb account, but don’t know how)

    I’m not going to verify it.

    So hopefully job solved.

    Yippee. I just can’t deal with these weirdos.

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  5. Look, I’ve had it made into a plaque.

    I’m thinking of having it put on a t-shirt. And then keyrings, mugs, fridge magnets, lunchboxes…We could make a fortune from Angie-Roopy merch. It’s the soap rocky romance of the decade!

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  6. ” I don’t say where I am” – Angie. Later….”I’m in Lanzarote.”

    Oh well. Rupert needs to know that this video is about to go viral in Hampstead pubs. If he goes there he needs to be ready to defend his ‘genius’ and he may have to undergo trial by ridicule. I hope he’s up to it.

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  7. Angela and Rupert Power-Disney-Quaintance could prove to be an admin nightmare and may hamper their inevitable application to social services to foster or adopt.A deed poll change of name to Mr and Mrs Droopy will soften the arduous documentation process for all parties.Devil is very much in the detail in such matters.

    The spirit of unabashed opportunism is alive and kicking and owes much to Disney Rascal and her fellow enterprisng delusionists .Dennis put me down for one of your finest mugs as I need a new pi$$ pot.

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  8. It’s fairly simple…… They’re just druggie scum. No more no less, just low-life druggie wasters. Disney, her spud-headed son, that sad little manchild in the Monk’s habit… Dossers and chancers the lot of ’em!

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  9. I question why the police are failing to use their powers that they have under the EU warrant to extradite Angela Power Disney, Abraham Christie and Ella Draper to the UK. There is sufficient evidence for criminal activity and charges to initiate an EU warrant.

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  10. The last few “frozen hoody ” minutes have left me in suspenders.Is this a simply another blond gruffalo trademark act of utter ineptitude?

    Or perhaps:

    Rupert uses his amazing cosmic powers to zap his evil nemesis in a moment of paranoid mega angst.

    A team of Spanish Inquisitors(in obligatory full dress) march in and seize the Mangey one and all her worldly goods(under the fast track European arrrest warrent (2002).

    The bald devil child spawn returns eyes swirling demanding 200 Euro on threat of spilling the beans.In the ensuing scuffle Angies ashtray falls onto a mound of ill gotten cash setting fire to the holiday let.

    Abe has been in the flat all along and having taken a cocktail of super strength viagra and screaming yellow zonkers mistakes Angies PC for a urinal and short circuits Lanzerote.

    Prune juice smoothie anyone?

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  11. Money SV, APD’s not worth it – she’s just a low-level petty scam artist after all. And it’s doubtful whether Christie and Draper are worth it either; a tatty two-bit drug dealer and his Easter-European Moll? Is that the best place to be spending large amounts of tax-payers money when there are real active “dealers in misery” right here in the UK?

    The Police have limited resources. – And as much as those who have followed the Hampstead hoax might see it as a ‘big’ story it’s really not in the great scheme of things. Some argue that part of the reason these hoaxes are floated at all is as a distraction designed to divert attention away from less-public and more serious abuses that are going on… These tend NOT to be plastered all over the more childish/hysterical/stupid corners of the internet and it’s actually quite relevant that the conspiritainment community show little or no interest in GENUINE cases where the authorities’ behaviour might be questionable.

    There is also the secondary point that the Police might simply be handing out enough rope for these people to hang themselves on. Setting Sprats to catch Mackerel sort of thing. – Some hoaxers are thought to link to the child pornography trade in Spain/Portugal and Eastern Europe for instance. For all we know officers could have spent a decade or more after the ‘big fish’ out there – Are they going to blow that for the sake of a dried up old Haddock like APD? Or DJ Wakner Jakey? Or Rupert the Paedobear? Or even Son-of-Steptoe Abe?

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  12. Oh of course I’ve forgotten APD lives in Ireland and not the North.

    Yet another interesting discussion on Oz radio and a discussion about social media and Contempt of Court which this lot are in breach of- especially a case in New Zealand and a rant on Facebook about a judge. It’s just a matter of time before a crackdown comes and this lot have breached serious laws particularly how they have accused the judge in the Hampstead matter of serious crimes as well as local coppers and social workers.
    Social media and the courts

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  13. “Here’s what I need (when I get to London): the full and complete library of Joker comic books, a Dick Tracy decoder ring, and a moustache comb.
    Get these for me, you good-looking dope fiend, you!”

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  14. I agree, Joe–I know there are some outstanding warrants against several of these people, but the question is whether it’s worth it to launch extradition proceedings–at least from a costs point of view.

    I do think it’s interesting that Angie specifically chose Lanzarote because she thinks there’s no way to extradite someone from Spain to the UK…whether she’s correct or not, it’s interesting that she’s fully aware that she’s on the wrong side of the law.

    Speaking of which, I thought her grand plan was to move to Lanzarote this month? Wonder what got in the way of that cunning plan? 😉


  15. People will be beating down the doors to get those! LOL! (and on the mug version, the wraparound should ensure that Angie is giving him that ‘now where did I leave my Anusol?’ look for all time.


  16. I was waiting for the grand finale as well. I think I like yours better than whatever Angie and Roopy could have cooked up. It has the ring of a Hollywood blockbuster about it.


  17. One of our local Bobbies was telling me there are probably warrants out on half of Wester Hailes, but it’s only when they’re stopped for something else that they rise to the surface. – They Police just don’t have the time or money unless it’s something really heavy.

    As you say, who would be worried about whther or not there was an extradition treaty if they hadn’t done anything wrong? I’m not sure what the situation actually is, and Spain/Portugal do seem to have a reputation for being hidey holes for an awful lot of crims and perverts. But I’d be surprised of these places really were ‘untouchable’… They’re in the EU surely?

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  18. I think Spain/Portugal (coincidentally home to Abrella/Alan Wrightson aka Drifloud) used to have reputations as excellent hidey-holes for the criminally inclined. However, as I understand it those days are long gone.


  19. Do you think he is likely to try and bring his stash with him? Do you think he is a swallower or a stuffer? Tell immigration to have the Ex-lax and the latex gloves ready!

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  20. I imagine him whipping out his stash to show the immigration officials at Heathrow–and being shocked that they aren’t impressed at his drug-buying acumen.


  21. Hang on a bit. Wasn’t Rupert saying that he was going to be neutral and get info from both sides so that he would end up with a video that was fair? This sounds like he’s already made his mind up. He was going to kick doors in, then he isn’t. He was going to be unbiased, then he isn’t.

    P’raps he has ‘alts’ that need integrating. I’m sure there’s loads of people would volunteer to integrate his alts for him. I’d do it but I’m squeamish.

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  22. I agree that the police have limited resources, but the Satan Hunters such as Angela Power Disney and Abraham Christie have managed to already create an impressive list of illegal activity and breaches of injunctions, creating misery and potential harm to dozens of people. If the legal authorities start ignoring the actions of these types of people on account of limited resources, then it signals open season for everyone involved in these kind of activities. What is the point of laws if they cannot be enforced. The police, and anyone else reading this, need to get to grip with these Satan Hunters and use their powers to pull them in, they are pissing on the law.

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  23. Rupert is a hypocrite, and his only interest in Hampstead is what he can leverage for his own personal fame and fortune, he has no interest in truth, justice, or the harmful consequences of his actions.

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  24. This is exactly the point we’ve made to the police and CPS, and it does look as though things are beginning to happen behind the scenes. As JW has pointed out, some cases fall into the ‘too difficult’ category; but with persistence and a lot of legwork on the part of many people, things are moving forward.

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  25. Pot, Cannabis, Pot Cafe, Pot, Pot Cafe, Cannabis, Munchies…. sorry that’s all I heard, just a bunch of pot-heads babbling..

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