Was Angie really in Dublin Airport?

We’ve had a good bit of discussion here in the past day or so over one of Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s posts, in which she claims she was at Dublin Airport en route home from Lanzarote yesterday.

Angela at Dublin airport-2016-04-06

First, there’s the issue of timing

The one flight from Lanzarote that day was scheduled to arrive at 3:15 p.m. Actual arrival time: 3:11.

Angela-Dublin from Lanzarote 2016-04-07

However, here’s the online photo data from that shot:

Angela-airport photo data 2016-04-07

As Inchambers@acourtnearyou says, the photo was altered at 12:30 p.m., and uploaded to Facebook at 14:52 p.m…..19 minutes before the Ryanair flight from Lanzarote landed.

So Angie has the astonishing ability to be both in the plane and on the ground simultaneously…no wonder Belinda wanted her for her crack team of Hoaxtead promoters!

Then there’s the issue of the weather

Doesn’t Angie look nice, all dressed up in a pretty summer dress with a light cardigan? The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming…she’s waving and smiling….

But wait! Was the sun really shining in Dublin yesterday?

We asked a couple of our commenters what the weather was like, and the response came back: “very cold and wet”. In fact, one of our commenters said they had been “well padded up” before they went out.

This weather calendar for Dublin bears them out:

Angela-Dublin-airport weather 2016-04-07

Ah well, perhaps the sun follows Angie about, and shines only on her.

And Angie’s dress…

Does anyone recognise this outfit, which Angela wore last May when she was interviewed by Miles Johnston for his ‘Bases 43’ videos?

Angela-Bases 43-May 30 20015 2016-04-07

Slap on a magenta cardi, and voilà! Dublin Airport Angie!

Not to mention the flowers

Would it surprise you to know that some of our team members are avid gardeners? And according to them, the flowers behind Angela in the photo are hyacinths, primroses, and a couple of immature tulips.

The question is, would the hyacinths be in full bloom in Dublin in early April?

According to our gardener, Dublin and London are in two different climate zones, with spring flowers in Dublin blooming at least a couple of weeks after those in London.

If you’ve been out and about in London lately—say, in Hyde Park—you’ll have seen that some of the beds of hyacinths and primroses are just coming into bloom now.

Here’s the information for that photo:

Hyacinths, primroses, tulips-Hyde Park 2016-04-07

So to wrap up, Angela is sitting at Dublin Airport 20 minutes before her plane landed, on a bright sunny day when it’s raining and cold for everyone else, amidst a bunch of pretty spring flowers that won’t be blooming in that part of the world for another couple of weeks.

Almost too amazing to be true, isn’t it?


74 thoughts on “Was Angie really in Dublin Airport?

      • They have no idea how long I’ve been aware of some of them. This was just the case that broke the camel’s back.

        Did you know that when the fact finding hearing was going on, they were handing out what was supposed to be copies of the children’s tattoo drawings, but Abraham Christie couldn’t get his flabby lying arse inside to talk about it under oath and be questioned.

        Seriously, I have a link, but it includes images of those pictures. Hotel Neptune all one word dot co dot UK.

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        • I’m glad you and some of our other commentators have had your eyes on these people for a while. They were brand new to me a year ago, and it’s been an experience.

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      • You and your team are amazing, EC ! I noticed the ‘Miles Johnston outfit’ – down to the same necklace, even! – the second I saw this pic. For an unbearably gifted genius, she certainly is one dim bulb…
        When was the MJ marathon interview, anyway? And was it conducted in Dublin? If so, I say ‘mystery solved !’

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  1. Bear in mind that the Exiff data shows when the file was MODIFIED. So yes, it’s very possible that picture was actually taken long before yesterday.

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    • One thing to consider: still don’t know whether she went somewhere just after her marathon interview with Miles Johnston in Oldcastle(during which she wore the same dress and jewellery as in the above pic), but he posted the videos 10 months ago. Doesn’t she appear to be enjoying a lovely, carefree June day?

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  2. Putting aside Angie’s amazing time-travelling abilities, Let’s also hear it for the record-breaking speed at which these events took place. Passport control > customs > baggage reclaim > getting robbed > robbery reported > smiley photo….all in under a minute!

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  3. Excellent post and I am loving all the detective work going on here. Honestly MI5 has nothing on our team(which consists of only one person named Ricky). 🙂

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  4. The weather issue is an awkward one. It isn’t impossible that the photograph was taken yesterday. Dublin airport COULD be slow to change their posters, primroses in full bloom COULD have been recently planted out from a greenhouse (I saw some being planted on a roundabout this morning on my way to work).The dodgy framing COULD be because her son has an eye condition … But being photographed outside an airport doesn’t PROVE you have just got off a flight. Check out is usually quicker than check in, but I’ve never known it to be instantaneous. I could go to an airport and be photographed outside it without going anywhere.

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    • Fair points, FS. Either way, though, she is looking remarkably relaxed and contented for someone who’s just been robbed and who’s expecting to be both “assassinated” and arrested at any moment.

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  5. Brilliant detective work! This has made me reassess the trip her son supposedly took to the States for his eye surgery.. She’s a cunning old trout and there were phone calls to his hotel and receipts etc but now it’s all thrown into doubt. She did a very dodgy follow up video post-surgery with Jamie and he looked utterly mortified and couldn’t look at the camera. Hmmm
    p.s. (sorry had to change email yet again but this is me, I can vouch for myself lol)

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  6. So are any of you going to Manchester for the trial tomorrow?

    If so, Jake Clarke has very helpfully posted a map of Blackfriars in Manchester for all those potential supporters.

    Good spot, Babs 😀

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  7. Another poster raised the question as to why Angie was only wearing thin clothes and seemed very happy at the time that the photograph was taken?

    That is probably because the photograph was taken on a day other than yesterday.

    I spoke to the airport this afternoon – they record accurate weather observations for the airport,

    Yesterdays observations at 15.30 (LOCAL TIME) Dublin are as follows:

    Location: EIDW
    Day of month: 07
    Time: 14:30 UTC
    Wind: True direction = 300 degrees, Speed: 15 knots
    Visibility: 10 km or more
    Clouds: A few , at 1800 feet above aerodrome level, cumulonimbus
    Clouds: Scattered , at 2000 feet above aerodrome level
    Temperature: 12 degrees Celsius
    Dewpoint: 05 degrees Celsius

    QNH (Sea-level pressure): 1012 hPa
    No significant changes expected in the near future.

    Much too cold to be happily walking around in summer clothes…. Strange that the man visible in the left top part of the screen is just wearing a vest, the other man a thin jumper.

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      • Wasn’t this most likely taken when she did that excruciating, 86-part interview with Miles Johnston? Didn’t she have to go to Dublin for that? Same hair, dress, necklace… It’s just too much of a coincidence that she’d wear *precisely* the same dress AND accessories twice when being filmed/photographed during ‘significant life events’. Women rarely do that – particularly vain ones like APD…off to check one of those “Bases” interviews to see what she has on her left wrist, if anything…

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      • Yes, she is wearing silver bracelets on her left wrist in the “Bases” interviews. Hard to see, as she’s wearing a long-sleeved black cardigan – but they are there. In this pic, she seems to have taken off her heavy earrings and switched cardigans. The interview took place in Oldcastle, and I don’t know where she headed afterwards, but I’m convinced this photo was taken (*somewhere* – is there an airport closer to Oldcastle than Dublin?) after those interviews had concluded, whatever month/ year they took place…
        Hope that made sense! Still having major keyboard problems in English on this “smart” phone…

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        • The nearest airports to Oldcastle are small Aerodromes. If you look on Google Street View you can see a surprising amount of detail around Dublin airport; the architecture looks similar to the Angie photo and there are some brown ribbed planters too. My guess is that the photo does show Dublin airport.

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    • It really is bizarre, they just seem to live in an alternative reality.To them there never was a High Court case and a Judgement or they seem to believe they can just dismiss that out of hand and it’s of no importance because they believe something else.

      They breach that High Court injunction – even Jake is doing so – and Angie has continually by identifying the victims. She outrageously insults the judge as they all do, and accuses her of being part of a cult. She accuses Hampstead residents & social workers and police of being part of vicious cult that abuses and murders children and then has the hide to complain to police because others will not let her get away with her false accusations. She continually accuses an innocent father whose life must have been ripped apart by these falsehoods and continued harassment.

      They rabbit on about law while at the same time are apparently ignorant that the process of law has been followed through to it’s conclusion. Angela Power Disney is apparently so ignorant of law she does seem to realise that not even the police can breach that High Court Judgement and injunction.

      I see Power-Disney and Belinda McKenzie as very evil & manipulative people who drag none-too-bright others into their web. Clearly some have serious mental issues- the 2 who are to appear in court and others like Jake are essentially victims of these two,

      And she has the hide of Jessie the Elephant to complain of harassment : she accuses everyone who posts on here as either all being one person – an innocent & falsely accused father – or of being Satanic Cult Members who participate in ritual murder. And then she tells some poor lad to make a fool of himself by complaining to police ..about what? ,Being called a “toyboy” ?

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      • And there is where we get to what troubles me about this type of case…

        There IS a law, why isn’t it being upheld? Why aren’t the social media platforms being held to account and forced to not only take-down illegal material, but provide the authorities with the means by which those posting it can be prosecuted? When they do call a miscreant to book, why do they go about it in the most convoluted way? – Very often (I’m thinking particularly of Robert Green here) only providing fuel for the fires of conspiricy theory? Are they REALLY just incompetent? Or is there some other agenda? – Mind that rabbit hole! But where did McKenzie get her ‘Teflon’ coating? And why is she so-provided? It would appear that she is a serial fraudster, liar and general-purpose con-merchant from what I can glean of her!

        Angie – in my humble opinion – is essentially just a low-level common criminal; and has definite psychiatric problems of her own – in which she revels! She has grifted her way through life thus far and is floundering somewhat to find her next ‘mark’. That birds of a feather flock together, and that she and McKenzie prey on the mentally feeble and mentally ill is a given. As much as I readily acknowledge that Neelu and Sabine are not ‘incapable’ – i.e. they are fully able to understanding the wrong they have done and should be fully able to assimilate why their behaviour is both morally and legally wrong – those are two sick women in the dock. – To whose advantage exactly? Certainly not that of society! Only to the Ringmasters.

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        • As I think you’ve mentioned in the past, it’s all about putting on the show for the gape-mouthed believers.

          I think Sabine and Neelu in the dock create a pity reaction: both women have obvious psychological issues of one sort or another, and will make lovely martyrs if they’re convicted. We can look forward to ‘Free Neelu!’ and ‘Free Robert Gr…er, Sabine!’ campaigns if justice is actually done.

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      • For anyone not there they will be able to get live updates via http://xhibit.justice.gov.uk/xhibit/blackfriars.htm

        It does not give outcomes though, but perhaps a kind Court reporter will make certain that its published in the press – my thoughts are that the press are VERY aware of the case.

        I also have no doubt that investigators from other agencies not directly involved with the case may well be in the public gallery listening carefully to gain any extra evidence for their own work.

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  8. I actually know someone who is flying into Belfast tomorrow morning for a weekend break. I wish it had been Dublin although I’m sure they would have found it strange if I’d asked them to send me a photo of the plant box out front, but I would have!
    Shame none of us live in Dublin and could drive over to the Airport for a look. 😀

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    • Funny you should mention that, Jake…I am dying to see Northern England and Scotland, but all of my UK experiences have been confined to the South thus far. I once flew from Paris to Belfast via Manchester (a one-hour layover), and I remember loving the architecture and design of its airport (Manchester’s, that is…) I was really frustrsted that I couldn’t explore the city itself for a few hours. Sorry for the tangent ! Anyway, I sadly won’t be able to attend the “Mancunian” protest tomorrow either, lol …

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  9. More nonsense from Everard. It can be seen on his Facebook page:
    Christopher Everard
    3 hrs ·
    TROLLS are STALKING ME – because I am exposing the fact that they eat 150,000+ children a year… These witch-trolls, fake pagans and satanists are extremely nervous about me at the moment and the masons and witches are sending me hate mail and spamming my clips on YouTube – but I am used to it – any one can see they are psychologically damaged and that the disappearance of so many children is on an industrial scale – just like it was back in the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries… The satanist-trolls on YouTube and in the Vatican and OTO were banking on the fact that no one would believe an author like me for saying that hundreds of thousands of babies and children were eaten every day in rituals worldwide – but that’s the truth – and they have placed statues all over the world as a sick joke wasting your taxes on these monstrosities which glorify their cults which have been running for thousands of years….
    This subject is at the root of my film SPIRITWORLD which has caused me to travel to many countries filming for the last three years – I am also writing a new eBook with interviews from EU Parliament politicians and top police officers and MI5 – all about the missing children syndrome – it is a worldwide phenomenon – and fake Catholic Satanists are at the heart of the scandal – 4,000 babies were found in just one day in an unmarked grave in Ireland – police pretend they had no idea what was happening… I am also making new TV shows for THE ENIGMA CHANNEL, and would appreciate it if some of my FB buddies could share my posts to some Groups whilst I get on and finish my writing – thank you all for your brilliant support.

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  11. I hate to support Angela, but in the photo taken at the airport, she has red nail varnish on her left thumb.

    In the Miles Johnston Bases photo, it looks like she has no nail varnish on!


  12. Is this photographic analysis getting us anywhere? If we are not careful we will go full Spivey and start claiming Angie is the late Princess Margaret.

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