Court Update: Case adjourned

According to our court reporter, who spent this morning at Blackfriars Court monitoring Sabine and Neelu’s hearing on charges of witness intimidation, their case has been adjourned to next Friday, 15 April.

Contrary to Angela Power-Disney’s prediction that ‘thousands’ could attend, turnout was very light in support of the accused: we spotted Belinda McKenzie, her willing lapdog ‘Small Paul’ Barbara, dowsing specialist Penny Pullen, Jake ‘I am not a toy-boy’ Clarke, and a couple of others whose identities have not yet been confirmed.

Full marks to Paul Barbara for turning up despite his arm injury, which we assume he suffered while carrying Belinda’s signs around for her.

Paul Barbara 2016-04-08

We’ll be issuing further updates as they become available, so stay tuned.

Blackfriars Crown Court


40 thoughts on “Court Update: Case adjourned

  1. Well, this is an anti-climax if ever I saw one. Jakey now has yet another week to disseminate detailed maps of Liverpool and recruit up to two more gullible idiots ‘for the cause.’ CURSES !

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    • An understatement of a climax for me. I have been trying to get updates via my crap phone and failed. Then I come home excited to use my laptop to get the update, to find my cat had taken possession of my laptop. Having bribed my cat with chicken, and regained control of my laptop, I find the case has been adjourned. Hell, even the opposition is silent on what happened.

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      • Yes, it’s been a frustrating day in many ways (kudos to your cat for blackmailing you into the chicken, though!). However, I think Angie’s latest video makes up for at least some of the day’s fail.

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    • Pretty sure that’s a sock of Neil the badger shagger. That or Jason is a fan of Neil because he copy and pastes the same messages on YT, and every comment is in CAPS.

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  2. I doubt we will find out before next friday. I strongly suspect that this site will be the one on which Sabine and Neelu try to hang their hat upon as a reason that they should not go to trial.

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  3. Make sure you all follow Bronny’s instructions and report me 😀
    [Trigger warning: the post linked above is extremely graphic and abusive, even by Bronny’s standards.]

    This is the exchange that has provoked her ire. Frankly, my behaviour was disgraceful and I should be locked up, as I’m sure you’ll agree:

    And here’s a snippet of her amazing detective work:

    Nope. Me neither ❓ ❓ ❓

    (Sam Spade isn’t one of mine, by the way.)

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    • These people are incapable of believing that there could be more than one person who finds them repulsive. Repeatedly claiming an harassed father has all these ‘sock puppets’ to harass them is another form of abuse & also breaches the court order.

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      • Well, plus it’s completely immaterial. Even if it were physically possible for us to be one person, so what? As Inchambers@ has said, it is completely irrelevant to the case at hand.


    • Intriguingly, the video description says she can’t share this video, as that would put the source of the leaks in danger. So they’ll be pleased with that, lol.

      By the way, it also says that that person has previously “served time for whistleblowing”. Earlier this week, Inchambers was saying that Robert Green had been rearing his ugly head of late. Am I over-thinknig this by speculating on the possibility of his hand in this?

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      • No Norman, I don’t beleive you are over-thinking it at all. A weather eye has been kept on Green, and it’s known he’s learned little or nothing from his experiences. He has also burnt ALL possible bridges to cinders; so he has no way back. It’s reckoned he’s prepared to go to jail AGAIN in order to gain true martyr status. – And to be clear, there is now NO shadow of a doubt that what he seeks is attention – and sheckles from the conspiritard (my associate prefers conspiRETARD!) ‘community’.

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      • “many death threats from all over the world”. Aided by her. It’s just outrageous that these people can get away with this dangerous inflammatory stuff.

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      • So Rupert Q “with a nose like a bulldog” is going to be low key and get a cop to squeal?. I’m just staggered by these people.

        They have whipped up a campaign of hatred against a father who now apparently is receiving death threats and whose life is in danger if he also goes to the USA.

        if Angela Power Disney has evidence of these death threats she has an obligation to report them to police.

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        • Also, what dos Sabine mean when Angie talks about the high probability of someone killing RD in the US (and says he can run but he can’t hide) and she responds with “This is the information I want you to pass to Rupert”? Is she hinting that she wants Rupert to kill Dearman?! If not, why the hell is she so keen for Rupert to be told about death threats to RD in America?

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  4. Angie said Rupert wants to come over probably in July and sit in some pubs to get some folk to squeal.
    I understood that to mean that Rupert wants a week’s break in the UK during the summer getting pissed up in the pubs and talking to people if he really he has to.

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