More evidence that tattoos are a fiction

Some of the most interesting conversations on Hoaxtead happen in our Comments section.

For example, the other day when we were discussing the possibility that Abraham knew Bill Maloney prior to launching the hoax, commenter Emma pointed out this little video, an addendum to the interview with Abe and Ella on The World Beyond Belief:

The video begins with the hosts bowing and scraping to Abe, telling him they know he likes to go over any of his and Ella’s interviews with a fine-toothed comb before they go public, and that it’s perfectly A-okay with them…a telling concession for any so-called journalist to make!

Abe re-tells the story of how even though both Brian Gerrish and Bill Maloney knew about Leon Brittan’s tattoos, when they received an email detailing two children talking about child murder, rape, and cannibalism, and mentioning tattoos…they said nothing. He really gets quite hot under the collar: he and Ella went to all the trouble of forcing the children to draw the alleged ‘tattoos’ on the targets of the hoax, and Maloney and Gerrish had the utter rind to ignore them! Honestly, some people.

One of the interviewers observes that had this accusation happened in America, anyone libelled in this way would immediately go to court and sue everyone.

Abe’s response: “We can say what we like about them. They’re not going to do a thing“.


Is Abe saying that the tattoos are as much a fabrication as the rest of the story he and Ella concocted? It certainly sounds that way to us.




13 thoughts on “More evidence that tattoos are a fiction

  1. Don’t forget that the tattoos are only printed on to make the kids say they are. Then they can be removed to debunk the case.

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  2. It’s all such a jolly frigging jape isn’t it? They are so matter of fact. Abella are completely unconcerned about the kids, they are just intent on proving their mindlessly mad cult claims. A pair of sociopaths. Thank God those children were removed from this pair of evil sods.

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  3. The bit in question is at approx 4 mins 25 s; As someone else said, the voice of Abe, lowered, going into seduction mode, is very very sinister here. If he could say this ‘on camera’ imagine what he is like when he thinks he is in his private sphere, what else he would reveal.


  4. The argument that people should be rushing to sue the alleged libellers if they’re innocent has been trotted out time and time again by the hoaxer twunts. But here’s the big scoop – it costs about 80 grand minimum to sue someone for libel. And as for it being more common in America, I beg to differ, as over there the burden of proof is with the plaintiff – i.e. you would have to prove the alleged libeller was lying – whereas in the UK, the burden of proof is with the defendant, so the alleged libeller would have to prove they were telling the truth. And one thing’s certain – they wouldn’t be able to, as 18 months into this fiasco, not one single scrap of what any UK court would class as proof has been produced to support their allegations of satanic baby-munching paedophilia.

    By the way, I didn’t imagine all that crap about the attack of the killer ant-bees at around 8 minutes, did I? It has been a long day, after all.

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    • That was a particularly moronic statement from the interviewer as there is no point suing for libel if you cannot collect the damages and are stuck with the costs which you would be in this case as none of the defamers have money apart from McKenzie who gets others to do her dirty work.

      It’s why I think there needs to be a law for criminal libel in this day of the internet.


  5. You can be sure that if anyone did attempt to sue, Abraham would try blame the children. Claiming that it was their idea and they that lied. Possibly meaning more questioning of the children and more stress for them. He is a sick little man.

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    • I’d be extremely surprised if the children were allowed to be questioned again, but that would serve Abe’s purposes even better. He likes to go after those who can’t defend themselves.


  6. That’s Mork and Mindy, sorry, Paul and Mindy Marko conducting the interview. They run a website called Pinecone Utopia and the video is taken from their podcast series, The World Beyond Belief. They are, indeed, ‘beyond belief’. Apparently they live in South Africa.
    I think Abe was taking the piss with them a bit, old joker that he is, especially when Paul talked about getting an artist to repaint the tattoos on mannequins. You could hear Abe cackling sarcastically. They seem like two befuddled fools, ripe for exploitation by the likes of Abe. Wonder if they sent him any money?
    Oh, and what the hell is ‘pubenda’? Is this some special Satanic arrangement of the genitalia? Sounds painful.

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    • ‘Pubenda’ is what Abe called it…and how he spelled it…before we finally mocked him enough that he started spelling ‘pudenda’ correctly.

      He still sounds like a prat though.


      • He still hasn’t got it quite right, though. ‘Pubenda’ is the plural but he uses it in the singular, which should be ‘pubendum’. I’m a hoot at dinner parties, you know.


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