Abe & Ella’s blog bites the dust…again

Yesterday we noticed that Abe and Ella had resurrected their blog, which we’d had taken down last week.

As we mentioned yesterday, as soon as we realised the site was live again, we initiated steps to have it removed once more:

And thanks to the very astute and fast-acting people in Wix’s complaints department, Abe and Ella’s site once more looks as it should:

Abe & Ella's blog-2015-12-07

A side-note: apparently when we had the blog taken down the first time round, Abe/Drifloud spread it about that the ‘powers that be’ had had it taken down because of its explosive content.

If he meant ‘explosive’ in the sense of ‘explosive diarrhoea’, that’s more or less accurate.

We took the initiative to have the blog removed the first time because it is illegal, immoral, and harmful to a great many people. Ditto for Round 2.

We are under no illusions that the fight is won, but no matter what bullshit move Abe and Ella pull next, they should know we’ll be on top of it…and we’re not going away.

We can do it




15 thoughts on “Abe & Ella’s blog bites the dust…again

  1. Now that is taking away Abe’s power! XD
    Papa Hemp may live for 3,000 years but his blog won’t 😉
    Well done, guys (again)! 🙂


  2. Abe will probably consider this a victory, how will people boycott the site now, didn’t think of that did you!

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  3. aaah, lovely news 🙂 Well done. Wouldn’t it be nice, if Google or some internet safety team, could note, what websites are then accessed, to help them block the lot ! i have no idea if that’s possible, but hope so. 🙂 So swift, proper justice…….. Good can overcome Evil. 🙂 Really impressed. 🙂

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  4. Good news. The fact they set up another blog shows how important it is for Abe. If another appears then I think the boycott idea is the best way forward.

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