Blog up & down like a toilet seat

This is getting a little tedious.

Yesterday we reported that we’d (again) had Abe and Ella’s blog removed through complaining to Wix, the blog host they use. Similar to the first time we complained, the blog was removed within hours (and there was much rejoicing).

But once again, Abe and Ella have made a change to their IP address and name server, and their blog has popped back up, like a turd on the Thames.

We’ve initiated yet another complaint with Wix, and hope that they’ll be able to remove it from their system permanently.

However, until and unless that happens, might we suggest that we revert to Plan A: ignore them. We still feel that our earlier idea of a boycott is a valid one, as it’ll take away the one thing Abe and Ella crave the most—attention.

We’ve assigned a team member to keep an eye on things there, and in the unlikely event that anything interesting happens, we’ll publish a full report here, so you needn’t even bother visiting Abe and Ella’s site.

And let’s hope that our friends at Wix will be able to come up with a more permanent solution.


8 thoughts on “Blog up & down like a toilet seat

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  2. I guess this just goes to show how important the blog is to Abe & Ella. They must know by now that people are losing interest in them but they need to try and keep the hoax going as it is all they have now. I’ll carry on boycotting their blog just because I find El Coyote’s summaries of what they have to say far superior to anything they write.

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    • It really does seem to be important to Abrella–enough so that they keep slapping it back up under slightly different domain names, despite people’s lack of interest. Makes one wonder whether they expect to reap some reward, financial or otherwise, from this whole exercise.


  3. Sometimes you have to listen to the unconscious communications, the prat also went into toilet themes at the end in his spamming of that blog. The practice of enemas and obsession with sodomy….inference: They are both a pair of shits.


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