ACTION: Let’s take away Abe’s power

It looks like our clean-up efforts on Abe and Ella’s corner of the internet have been short-lived.

Their disgusting blog is back up, as apparently they revised the domain name info’ and managed to get it past their blog host, Wix.

We’re working to have it removed again, but in the meanwhile, we’d like to make a suggestion to our readers.

Based on the comments section, we get the strong impression that Abe & Ella’s blog is read by approximately three supporters; the rest of the readers and commenters are there to point and laugh, to take pot shots at Abe, and/or to attempt to force him to answer important questions about his role as one of the primary instigators of Hoaxtead.

As we know, Abe never has a straight answer for anything. He blusters, fumes, makes counter-accusations, puts every second word in ALL-CAPS, and generally mucks about like the buffoonish midget he is, but he never actually answers a question.

So while it’s a great idea to try to hold him accountable, it’s really an exercise in futility, like trying to nail pudding to the wall.

So what can we do?

As you might remember, when Charlotte Ward Alton’s ugly Hamster Research blog was up and running, we organised a boycott for a week, to test our hypothesis that most of her visitors were there to observe the train wreck.

It worked: within a couple of weeks of her readership dropping precipitously, Charlotte threw in the towel.

Of course, we can’t guarantee that boycotting Abe’s blog will have the same effect. But we do know that like many small men, he’s got a big ego problem.

He really, really, really wants to think he’s strong and powerful. Loads of views on his blog—even if those views come from those who’ve arrived merely to point and laugh—give Abe something he desperately craves. (And withholding any real answers gives him the ability to feel even more powerful.)

The fact is, the only reason the Hampstead hoax has managed to cling to life for the past few months is that Abe and Ella have continued to give it artificial respiration.

So let’s pull the plug.

Let’s take away Abe’s power: the power to be heard.

you have the power



19 thoughts on “ACTION: Let’s take away Abe’s power

  1. Great idea to boycott his blog as then he will get to really see the lack of support he actually his. All his life Abe has wanted to be a big man instead of the half-pint he is. Perhaps he should consider wearing Ella’s heels to give him the stature he is so desperate for

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  2. The best action is to try and get the links in Google etc removed. Google will do so in certain countries- I’m going to try from the Oz end. Yahoo will remove links pretty fast and don’t worry about what country it is.

    Less availability means less readers- and the original suggestion of maybe just Hoaxtead reading the offensive website on behalf of decent people is a good idea so as not to build up traffic.

    Also the fact Abe (or any of the other real abusers) keep re-publishing is evidence of malicious harassment so screenshots must be kept in case the Fuzz will get to feel Abe’s collar. I think inevitably Abe & Ella will want to return to the UK – who would ever really not want to be able to? – and they should not be allowed to get away with their dreadful treatment of innocent people.

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    • You’re right that the ‘right to be forgotten’ is an excellent tool, and the innocent victims in this case have attempted to have Google enact it, without success to date. However, it might be worth another try.

      Currently, Abe and Ella’s site has been removed again (thanks to Wix, whom we now adore!), but in the event that it comes back, we have a team member who’s willing to go in and screenshot anything useful to our readers.

      As you say, Abe and Ella will eventually want to return to the UK. When that happens, they’ll have a lovely welcoming committee…and all those screenshots will come in very handy.

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