BREAKING: Abe & Ella’s blog bites the dust

THIS JUST IN: In response to a complaint from one of our regular readers,, which hosts Abe and Ella’s ‘Hampstead Cover-up’ blog, has removed it from their servers.

The complaint:

Wix-complaint letter



I would like to report a site that is posting illegal content. The content is illegal in the UK where I believe the site is hosted.

The particular laws relate to the naming of, or providing information which leads to the identification of victims of sex offences and to identifying children involved in proceedings in the family court.

The person who owns that blog, Ella Draper (also known as Ella Gareeva) has been served with a court order which says that she must remove things from the Internet.

The order is here, uploaded by a person who was at one time assisting her in court:

[redacted as it contains full names of both children]

Much of the content is also almost certainly libellous, but not of me so I will not be taking legal action. Named individuals are claimed to have raped children and killed and eaten babies.

The background to the appearance of the blog is contained in this court case which is publicly available.

The case has been covered by the press in the UK, particularly the Ham and High who I have copied in to this email.


The response (mere hours later):

Wix support ticket

Visitors to the blog will now be greeted with this glorious sight:

Abe & Ella's blog-2015-12-07

To say we are delighted would be a vast understatement. Many congratulations and huge thanks to the person who took the initiative in this…you know who you are!

And thanks should go to as well, for acting decisively. They could teach Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook, and WordPress a thing or two about ethics.




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  1. Yes must be congratulated for swiftly complying with the law especially as they advertise on Facebook.

    Several court decisions in Australia including a recent one have concluded that Google shares legal responsibility for defamatory websites they host and they have paid out small fortunes to complainants after throwing millions in legal fees to fight plaintiffs. Yahoo have similarly paid out damages and remove links very quickly once a complaint is made,

    While UK law has decided Google are not ‘publishers’ they are still in the frame if UK websites can be accessed in places like Australia, Italy, France where they are deemed responsible.

    As I keep stating, any Hampsteaders who have family or friends in Australia as many do should consider legal action against Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Google for defamation and breaching a UK High Court injunction. I guarantee law firms would queue to take on the case on a no-win, no fee basis – they would find law firms in Oz only too keen to.

    It’s also time some UK politicians took up the cause of Youtube’s repeated and blatant ignoring of the Injunction when they have been informed by so many of us. They thumb their nose at Britain by paying no tax, while contributing to the destruction of 1000s of jobs in publishing and advertising and use UK resources.

    Politicians like John Hemming sicken me. He has never said a critical word about the destructive forces of McNeil & McKenzie and as an elected law-maker he aided those who break the law.

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    • Brilliant comment, Sam!
      Great insights re. the law and it’s also great to see that it’s not just me who gets pissed off about Google’s tax-dodging shenanigans.
      Facebook too, by the way, so if Mr. Zuckerberg is genuine about wanting to give his dosh away to good causes, he can start by making a contribution to the schools and hospitals of a country where he’s been allowed to run a business and make his fortune.

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        • I’ve been added to various lists recently on twitter, some look very serious about cybercrime, i’m not sure how to best use the tools, being shared there, but please do join, if they look helpful,
          To me, they do, in terms of putting pressure on, where needed, and shedding light on the dangers of a campaign such as this hoax.
          This guy has just created a public twitter list, @HackedAgainBook I’m going to watch the videos, looking at the blog, he seems to know a thing or too, anyway, it might be a wake up, call, is that Abe gulping ? 🙂

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          • Great, thanks Sheva–I’ll have a look. Cybercrime is becoming rampant, and the regular non-specialised police don’t seem to know what to do about it. More tools will be important, as false allegations like Hoaxtead can gain more traction online, and vigilantism becomes rampant.


      • Zuckerberg could employ a few more people whose job is to police offending videos. They are quick to act when a copyright breach is claimed but when it’s videos of child abuse victims they are as slow as a wet week. They are not only breaching a High Court injunction they are breaking UK law by allowing sex assault victims to be identified.

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          • me too, i have quite a few emails, and i replied explaining more about it all, also people are getting braver about sharing, on FB, but there are signs, it is getting out through private links, messages, although there have been some really good tweets, re tweets, the warnings are spreading through some strong networks. FB tho, if it’s still true, generally need 50 reports to auto take down, i used to belong to some groups, who searched out groups with obvious links to child abusers, but some got outta hand, it is important, with those to alert the authorities, so they can collect, collate evidence. Facebook though, i believe should, rather than just removing, also pass on evidence of either cyberbullying, grooming, child abuse, on to the authorities, and we need a clearer report option, too.

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          • A clearer reporting option on FB would be grand. As it is, none of the categories they provide really apply, so we wind up choosing almost at random, which makes me wonder what happens to the complaints when they finally do reach whoever makes the decisions there. It’s very frustrating. If they had something like “defames other people”, that might help! 🙂


  2. Congratulations to you know who, and everyone who has worked hard ‘on the case’.

    I am very happy that awful blog has come down.

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  3. I was wondering what happened. Whether it was a complaint or they had taken it down themselves. I too would like to congratulate Wix for doing the right thing, and whoever it was who made the complaint.

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  4. Really happy about this, well done, especially the person who did it, i was thinking earlier maybe group letters etc, but the Oz option, could be worth exploring. And i hope more of the damage can be undone, my thoughts are very much with the people living in Hampstead, i may seem too soft or calm at times, but i would not be able, if i was going through it, I hope this lifts spirits, and i will keep helping, as i can, and hope i am. I too am sickened at how many reports are needed for action, sometimes it is based on number of reports, in a case such as this, it should not be taking so long….Perhaps there are some other ways to bring pressure to bear ?

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    • I think we’re all trying to help in the best ways we can, Sheva; your help has been much appreciated, especially as I know it can put you in the firing line at times. Let’s all keep thinking of further ways to keep the pressure on, and share them here as they come up.

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  5. Anyone want to place bets on how long before the troofers start screaming about the PTB interfering with Abe’s blog? I’ll start the bidding at 12 hours.

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  6. Slightly off topic but I noticed Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy complaining that his Hollie Greig blog was removed about a week ago.

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    • ahh, i put them horrible hoaxers outta my mind so much, actually i may have falsely accused Butlin Cat of being the troll bully on my blog, but thinking back, someone who knows alot about the hollie investigations, told me it was Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy, i didn’t keep it, but he posted some nasty shite, somewhere, i just deleted, ignored.
      The instant, i had posted the comment on my blog, from him ? or him ? there was a response ‘6 months, before you post this, you are a gatekeeper’. What a stalker, eh ?
      It’s been obvious to me for a long time, that i am watched, by trolls in the teams, supporting hoaxters, hence, my enjoying very much, being able to share this investigation, and evidence, as well as, the laughs along the way. So it’s not off topic, at all, Dave, the tactics employed by Belinda’s & Sabine’s teams, are the same in so many ways.

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      • Malcolm also coached his daughter to say things about her step brother. Like Abraham, he has fallen out with most of the Hollie Grieg hoaxers at some point, including Belinda. I think he may have even accused her of being MI5, just like Abraham.

        It was during a discussion with Malcolm that my attention was brought to this case. It was he who linked me to the videos and asked my opinion.
        When I said to him that coaching his daughter is abuse in itself, he threatened to phone the police on me for accusing him of being an abuser. I pointed out that he accuses the police of being part of the cover up, to which he replied that he would go to the ‘good police’,lol.

        Absolutely, the way Belinda twisted aspect of the Hollie Greig case, such as medical records, is exactly what she did with this case.

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        • That is hilarious about Malcolm going to the ‘good police’, Dave! And I know that for Belinda, the Hollie case was definitely the predecessor to Hoaxtead. Watching those old videos and reading the blogs, you can see Belinda’s strategies in play. I think Hoaxtead got out of hand, though, and might well prove Belinda’s downfall. At least, one can hope.


  7. Abe’s blog has gone? Oh no! Where am I gonna go now for the latest dildo news, fake IPCC letters and writing tips from chubby-chopped New Zealanders?

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  8. Crystal the dog whimpers quietly in the background. Ella and Abe have just finished their salad. They sip their green juice, silently. Things feel very tense. They both seem stuck in a very deep depression. Ella is wondering how she can get rid of Abe now. Abe is wondering how he can get Ella’s PIN no. The dog is wondering if she will get fed at all, today. Things seem pretty bleak.

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    • Poor Crystal. I do worry about that poor pup.

      And you’re probably right. I’m sure things are tense chez Abe’n’Ella. Especially once Drifloud finds out that every single one of his Twitter links is gone. Quel dommage.

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  9. You know there was a brief, like 2 hours, outage over there on Friday night and I though for sure they had already taken it down but then back it came like a bad penny. Wondered then if they were giving up because no one was reading them except that dildohead guy and the fat New Zealander? and a couple of people who made sense but kept getting erased.

    But I’m glad it’s gone now. good riddance to bad rubbish.

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    • I heard something about that from someone else, and wondered whether maybe they were thinking of calling it quits. After all, what’s the point of a blog if no one reads it?

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    • I think at some level Ella and Abe might be secretly relieved it’s been taken down, since it was a BIG embarrassment, all that talk of dildo’s by a mad stalker in the comments. That blog was probably their last fling at this thing, and now they will just fizzle off quietly in shame. If they don’t they soon will, we are witnessing their last gasps.

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  10. I think we should all do our bit to ensure that Belinda, Sabine, Deborah, Angela et al get to hear about this.
    I’ve posted the link to this post on Belinda’s blog and Angie and Debs’s YT channels 🙂

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    • I’m pretty sure New Zealand has anti-harassment laws & Bronny’s blog would come under this.

      My personal lawyer in Oz is taking out an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) against a blogger who has repeatedly defamed him (and he’s a defamation lawyer) as an easier option. People usually win these orders and then if the offender breaches an AVO they can be immediately arrested & jailed.

      ## According to this lawyer- only one person has to read a libel and think less of the person named and that is enough to take legal action. Sadly most libel cases take years if the person fights it but plaintiffs can usually successfully demand a defendant pay into the court costs in cas ethey lose or prove they could cover costs if they lose the case. The courts are wise to alleged defamers who think they can fight a case in court and then declare bankruptcy if they lose.

      We cannot change the fast pace of social media but politicians really must get into gear. Social media can be used for many beneficial reasons but why should innocent people feel utterly powerless against the onslaught of often anonymous bloggers and Youtubers?. I wish there was still a law of criminal defamation.

      Wont Abe pop up again via another host? I think the swiftness with which Wix acted is indicative of smaller hosts who will avoid legal problems quickly. It’s Google (Yahoo will remove links to defamations quickly) who really are a problem as the company bases sections of itself wherever the laws suit them but then claim they are US based and are covered by ‘freedom of speech’ laws. In all the Oz cases the judges were most contemptuous of Google’s lawyers trying to have cases moved to more affable US courts and have refused each time on the basis Google sells advertising in Oz.

      Congrats to whoever did this and Abe & Ella should thank them too. They have actually done them a favour.

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    • Hi, Sassy–ironically, Bronny’s original comments to the person she thought was RD (from the previous post) will all have been lost, now that Abe and Ella’s blog is gone. We do have the screenshots, but the originals are now history.

      But this brings up a larger issue: while it’s important for people like Bronwyn to be held to account for the ugly, vicious things she has said (and it’s clear that she did say them, as she used her Facebook avatar to sign into that blog), I would really hate to see our side engage in a witch-hunt against those who are defaming and harassing the people of Hampstead.

      I don’t think you were wrong to write to the company–I know others did, as well, because we’re all concerned that someone with Bronwyn’s attitude should be in contact with vulnerable people. I really don’t know what the answer is, but maybe that’s something we should all talk about here, on this blog. Please don’t take this as any kind of scolding, but your comments really made me stop and think: what do we stand for?

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      • I was thinking along the same line.

        It bothers me that the likes of B has professional contact with vulnerable people, but at the same time I wonder how far one should go.

        I don’t mind reporting people when they break the law, especially in relation to Hampstead (this week I caught Angie contravening the Court Order and this info has been passed on to the police. I expect next time she comes to England she’ll have afternoon tea at Barnet Police station) but once we go outside of that are we taking a step too far?

        Open to debate I suppose.

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        • Wellbeing of her patients vs her wellbeing.

          It is surprising more hard of a choice. Do we risk ruining her life to stop her? Or do we do nothing and risk her doing something bad with her patients?


    • Note that GoDaddy is incorporated in Delaware which has specific laws that enable owners to remain secret and for corporations to not have to publish financial details. It’s the state of choice for 1000s of corporations who never actually go near the place (including all Rupert Murdoch’s companies).
      That’s Christine Sand’s website of course/

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      • Yes, I’ve heard that GoDaddy is set up specifically to avoid people having to take responsibility for what they say online. Much like the host that Charlotte Alton Ward used in Iceland, I believe.


        • Yes, I noticed I couldn’t find anyway to stop them by use of GoDaddy’s policy but I was hoping that people here can find one. Guess they can’t.

          GoDaddy… man, there really should be tighter laws surrounding this for web hosts.


          • There really should. I think if we learn anything from this mess, it’s that internet publishers, like book publishers, need to be more aware of what they’re actually publishing. Harassing and illegal material is not okay, and doesn’t fall under the purview of ‘free expression’.


  12. Well done it’s good to see that some providers have a common sense approach to content and removal, I am looking at you YouTube/Google.

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  13. Frances is back after a long journey, and immediately caught up on all things Hoaxtead. Imagine her consternation upon reading the above headline…stating that Abe and Ella’s dog had bitten the dust. First of all, Frances is unaware of any canine living in their abode, and secondly, she couldn’t work out why Sir Woofs-a-lot’s demise was cause for celebration.

    Then she re-read the headline.

    Frances now has an appointment with her eye doctor next week.

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    • Frances! You’re back!
      Yes, fortunately it’s only the blog that has gone tits-up in Abe & Ella-Land.
      However, they do in fact have a dog named Crystal, who’s made guest appearances in a few of their videos, looking emaciated and a bit desperate.


  14. Do you think it would be a good idea to redact the children’s names from the linked court order?


    • You’re right, but the only way to do that is to redact the order itself from this post, as the original is housed on an external Google Drive. However, I’ll remove the order.


  15. I hope that Neelu doesn’t get to hear about Crystal the dog otherwise she may be tempted to bury the poor thing near some courthouse as she likes to do.

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  16. A random thought has popped into my head. You may recall Charlotte’s rationale for putting her Hampstead Research (“Hamster Reacharse”) blog out to pasture. It was because she’d decided that Abe had everything covered with his blog. I wonder how that worked out for her, hehe 😉


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