Abe’s latest video is further proof of fakery

Last week we asked our readers to report Abe’s latest video, in which he parades the ‘diaries’ which suddenly materialised out of nowhere, along with various drawings that he claims the children made which ‘prove’ Abe and Ella’s claims.

As often happens here, some of our readers had their own keen observations on the video, which they shared in the comments section. We’ve brought them forward, as we think they’re important and worth considering.

Please note: this post contains sexualised drawings allegedly made by children. If you find these too disturbing, we recommend you pass this post by.

HxR comment-RD breasts-1

Here's the image Tracey is referring to. Note female breasts.

Here’s the image Tracey is referring to. Note female breasts.

HxR-headdress-drawn by adultHxR-comment-tickling HxR-comment-pee peeHxR-comment-front bottomHxR-comment-fake strap on

The children's idea of what a strap-on might look like

The children’s idea of what a strap-on might look like

HxR-comment-fake strap on 2HxR comment diary forgeryHxR comment-tickle diary forgeryHxR-comment-sad situation


21 thoughts on “Abe’s latest video is further proof of fakery

  1. Talking of videos, Neelu’s latest offering (also re-posted in Hampstead research) confuses two entirely different members of the police force. Both named Wolfenden (hey, must be the same person if they have the same name!!) One was a liaison officer at the church ‘vigils’, the other an ex assistant Chief Constable of Wales and now very active in charity work etc.
    Thing is, she saw the one at the church herself and she’s obviously researched the other one,Clive Wolfenden, and will have seen his photograph. They are nothing like each other. Perhaps her solicitor needs to advise her about libel laws etc.

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  2. Since we know Abe is an avid reader of Hoaxtead, and that they – btw is Ella still alive? – have all the legal documents – eg evidence bundle contents lists – and they are not averse to substantiating their ‘case’, if we see/hear nothing but silence in terms of no post- showing evidence- on their blog, we can assume the above post is correct and that the diaries are fake, and were never presented to the police or courts. And that they are out and out liars and frauds. Not that we did not know that anyway, this is just a further proof,for any that still have doubts.

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  3. I get the feeling these drawings were earlier attempts at the ones they gave Sabine. Since then Abe has doctored them.

    I notice that A writes in the diary “tickle time!”. While possible, i’m not sure a 9yr old would bother with an exclamation mark for added emphasis. It’s not only highly suspicious that these ‘diaries have only been mentioned now by anyone, but also that from all we have been told, G only wrote about that in his diary. Why would he not write down anything about the other events.

    Both children’ handwriting is similar size, joined at parts, straight and neat. Many children their age are still struggling with the basics. Remarkable then, when you think that Abe would have us believe they have suffered years of traumatic events, with their classes being interrupted by Satanic sex parties.


    • I agree. I think we can safely say that those drawings/diaries are fake and are yet another Abraham Christie fabrication.
      His internet ‘campaign’ is failing miserably and is riddled with inaccuracies, libel and nonsense. I can count his remaining supporters on one hand. The man is a pathetic, greasy, drug-addled nob-head. I’m not holding back here, I’ve had enough of his fun and games.

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