We believe the children!

The fun and games continue over on Abe’s (and possibly Ella’s) blog: commenters continue to ask pointed questions, and Abe continues to suppress them. What is he hiding? You be the judge:

Here, ‘Lost it somewhere in the house’ notes some serious inconsistencies in the ‘tickle time diaries’ Abe suddenly produced last week.

Points to ponder: after all the terrible physical and emotional trauma the children are said to have suffered, the little boy only describes ‘tickle time’ in his alleged ‘diary’. And yet, he never mentioned tickling even once in the police interviews.

lost in house 2015-11-02 1A couple of days ago, Abe/’Nemesis’ cut and pasted a piece from an early Aangirfan blog post which contained the allegation that the father had ‘forced Axxxxxx to steal Mr Christie’s iPhone…which according to the children, was then used by Mr D. to film the sex abuse scenes’.

Lost in house-Nemesis 2015-11-02‘Lost it somewhere in the house’ picks up on this, pointing out that a) it does seem to imply that Abe has something extremely untoward on his iPhone, and b) as a modus operandi, it makes no sense whatsoever to steal Abe’s phone for filming purposes.

And in the extraordinarily unlikely event that this actually happened, how did Abe fail to notice that his phone was full of child sex abuse images involving his girlfriend’s children? Why did he not immediately report this to the police?

Lost in house 2015-11-02 2And furthermore, it seems as thought Abe might be trying to cover up the extent of his own abuse of Ella’s kids.

Lost in House 2015-11-02 3When it comes to accusations of child abuse, who are we going to believe? A man who’s already got an extensive past history of child abuse, criminality, and violence…or Ella’s children?

Oh, and while they were at it, ‘Lost it somewhere in the house’ enquired after Ella’s health:

Lost in house 2015-11-02 4Good questions…but we hope no one’s holding their breath waiting for Abe to answer.

believe the children

20 thoughts on “We believe the children!

  1. Abe’s just posted on there making a load of claims about Ricky that I’d not heard before. Stalking the kids in the park? Breaking into Ella’s garden? Assaulting Ella’s mum?! Have I just missed these up to now or has he suddenly plucked them out of his arse? I don’t recall any of them being in the Police/fact-finding reports (including this alleged assault on Ella’s mother, which was supposedly reported to the Police at the time):

    “…He came to school to ‘surprise’ the children and often stalked us, showing up from nowhere: in the park, or on the way to school and in shops. I warned him on many occasions to stop doing this. But he requested to see the children. Many times he came and knocked on my door without prior notice and several times he broke in through the garden door. On one of such occasions he was violent and humiliated my mother by screaming and hitting her. He ran away before I dialed the police…”

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    • Funny that none of this made it into the original reports…it’s really quite interesting that Ella & Abe seem to be dredging all this stuff up now, isn’t it?


    • @ Just one more thing, Ma’am…

      That’s something Ella cobbled together ages ago to show how evil RD is. Bearing in mind RD as far as I am aware does have a caution for assault for something at a different incident most of what Ella writes there appears to be her floundering for dirt on him.

      The back door stuff is funny. RD’s a northerner right? Working class background? Obviously breaking through a locked door is wrong and illegal, and so is going into someone’s house when they don’t want you there…………but…………..just walking unannounced in to someone’s house through the back door is actually reasonably common. Believe me or not. I know it happens oop North, Liverpool, Wales. It might shock a person born and bred in Russia but it’s never bothered me. It reads more like someone desperate to see his children to me and overstepping Ella’s boundaries. There isn’t anything about him hitting Ella’s mother from an official source. He did actually live round the corner from Ella after their separation I believe. Perhaps a bit more physical distance would have been sensible for this ex-couple.

      I wonder what all the old family court judgement stuff contains?

      I know plenty of people who have kids, split up, and everything regarding their children is fine. Most people work it out between themselves and never see the inside of a court.

      I think RDs police interview mentions Ella getting them to see their father 45 minutes late in his first meeting with them for ages, which is very wrong of her if true, and RD then not bringing the children back on time so he got his allotted time with them, also wrong but it’s hard to always do everything right in the face of that sort of stuff. If he was truly an evil mastermind perhaps he’d have been able to behave perfectly in the face of any of Ella’s bad behaviour just to manipulate her and the courts.

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      • If he was an evil satanic cult leading mastermind with all these connections in the Police Force, Cafcass/Social Services, Judges, Solicitors. I would expect he would have had custody of the Children from the outset because of all the resources he had to his advantage. Not sure Abe thought that one through, like everything else that comes from his pit of delusions.


        • Yes, excellent point. If these people are all-powerful ‘satanic cult’ leaders who control the government and courts and such, why don’t they always win?


      • I hadn’t seen ED’s list of RD’s various alleged faults, but your explanation makes sense.

        As you say, the vast majority of people with kids split up and are able to settle their custody and access arrangements quite readily. From the beginning, though, this seems to have been an issue for Ella. One wonders if there was some lingering bitterness at the fact that RD left her?


  2. I have to congratulate you for having the patience to wade through Abe’s rantings. Talk about going overboard,

    On the subject of filming I’m always amazed at these satanic promoter’s ability to film every event. I often think how patient the cops can be when faced by a Hoaxer wielding an Iphone in front of their face, and often there may be half a dozen stuck a few inches from their nose.

    However not one single one of these fanatics ever films anything of relevance in the way of actual evidence (obviously because there isn’t any) Take the lovely Neelu Berry who films herself quite expertly at times yet she claimed she witnessed baby carriages being delivered to a Hampstead church on a Wednesday presumably for the “All You Can Eat” smorgasbord luncheon with a bonus baby skull necklace for every attendee.

    Sadly Neelu failed to film this concrete proof especially as there were numerous carriages being wheeled in (what do they do with the baby carriages after?..boot sale?)

    On a sad note I can report there has been a falling out between noted Irish comedian and Common Law Lawyer Patrick Cullinane and his close pal John Patterson, anti-council tax warrior. It was a brief but lovely match but like so many marriages the differences were too great. Patterson revealed one unknown snippet : apparently Cullinane charges £19.50 per hour for his advice & help in court matters,

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  3. “Abraham kicks my front privates”
    “Abraham punched my ear”

    Yes. I believe the children! The question is, why don’t the Hampstead Hoaxers??

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