Ella: ‘Lost emotions’ or ‘remarkable emotional poise’?

One aspect of Hoaxtead that almost everyone comments on eventually is Ella’s apparent nonchalance at the loss (almost surely permanent now) of her two beautiful children.

In all the video and audio interviews with Ella since her children were taken into care, her demeanour has spanned the full spectrum from ‘distant’ to ‘cold’ to ‘dead from the arse up’.

Even in the infamous initial interview videos, in which the children blithely described unspeakable scenes of rape and murder as though they were recounting a trip to a fun-fair, Ella’s voice can be heard from time to time, calmly correcting them on certain points, or directing them to describe aspects of their alleged abuse.

From this, we might infer that Ella has always been a rather cold mother.

She was certainly a controlling one, keeping an iron hand on each morsel of food the children ate, and growing very upset when they consumed anything not on her list of ‘allowed’ foods.

The contrast between Ella’s ‘lost emotions’ and what one might expect of a parent whose children were being raped, forced to participate in grisly murders, and cannibalise infants was even more startlingly clear when we began to listen to some of the parents who spoke at Belinda and Sabine’s ‘Forced Adoption Event’ on Thursday.

These parents, whose children had been taken into care, sometimes forever, sounded desperate. They were emotional, often on the verge of tears. Their voices betrayed their distress at ‘only’ losing their children, let alone having them coerced into rape, participation in murder, and cannibalism.

And yet…Ella remains impassive. Calm, chilly, even sometimes laughing.

Meanwhile, she and Abe and their few remaining acolytes (Angie, Deb, Neelu, we’re looking at you) have the unmitigated gall to accuse the children’s father of ‘faking it’ as he described his experience to Victoria Derbyshire. Critics point to the fact that while his eyes became a bit red, he didn’t cry; while he sniffed a bit, he didn’t wipe his nose on his sleeve.

Whether he was over-theatrical or just overcome with emotion, we have to say that his reaction struck us—as it did most people—as far more appropriate to the situation than Ella’s emotionless performance.

Even Abe has felt compelled to comment on his girlfriend’s zombie-like attitude, if only to attempt to explain it away:

Abe-Nemesis Green-re Ella's 'emotional poise'Oh, she does yoga and meditation? Well then, say no more. That explains everything!

JK, no it doesn’t.

In any case, for a rational, succinct comeback we know we can rely on Pookster78:

Pookster to NG-re 'Ella's emotional poise'Of course, Ella’s unnaturally calm approach caused the police to doubt her story almost from the beginning (see previous reference to parents whose children have been apprehended by social services). There were many, many other factors, including an absolute lack of evidence, but Ella’s lost emotions were, and continue to be, a dead giveaway.

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  1. There is something almost zombie-like in Ella’s only face-on video appearance to camera, the witness-statement where she reads off the names of her hit-list of people she does not like for whatever slight her narcissistic ego could not bear. In other audio’s she and Abe have made she and he sound loved up and engrossed with each other, even correcting and completing each other’s sentences. When you think about it, their whole campaign might be more to do with the fact that they are aggrieved at having ‘lost’ and the feelings associated with being losers than the feelings of grief for the children. Even the ‘desert’ pictures with the hemp leaves is like a slap in the face for the two children who certainly won’t have any fond memories of hemp or of Papa Hemp. Papa Hemp is not an advocate for Hemp but a warning against it.

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    • I could dismiss one or two recordings of her having an inappropriate emotional response to the stuff she’s talking about. But she actually giggles sometimes. That’s not emotional poise, that is actually very chilling. And it’s every time that she doesn’t show grief or distress.

      JF said that it was because Ella had PTSD, but of course Ella denies having any mental health problems whatsoever, and she wouldn’t see a psychiatrist in connection with the case for that reason.

      You know the public appeals where relatives sit at a desk with the police and appeal to the public for information about their missing child. There are reasons those are done, one of them is so their emotional reaction and what they say can be studied……………. I find them fascinating. You can watch one and then some relative or acquaintance of the missing child starts speaking and there’s an “OMG they did it” feeling in the pit of your stomach. Very often confirmed by a later arrest resulting in conviction and a suitably lengthy prison sentence. That’s not the only reason they’re done.

      I certainly don’t think RD was totally faking crying, if at all. Not many tears but a genuinely snotty nose? If he had properly bawled his eyes out in that interview, I can imagine people would have said, well of course, he’s faking anyway, he’s an actor.


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      • And note that loonies like Charlotte also go on to attack Victoria Derbyshire as somehow an enabler of Ricky and then delves into her private life. If she knew the name of Derbyshire’s immediate boss she would attack them and so on up the line but accusing the BBC whole scale fills in for all of them.


        • It is madness. And it’s desperation: the Hoaxtead pushers are so determined to ‘prove’ their belief that the world is run by a paedophilic elite that they will attack anyone they can to force their point. Of course, this doesn’t make it any more true.

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  2. “Their whole campaign might be more to do with the fact that they are aggrieved at having ‘lost’ and the feelings associated with being losers than the feelings of grief for the children”.

    YES. I think this is the issue. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Mark.

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  3. i’ve come across a few postings today, of parents missing their children, for real, and it sounds, reads, and looks real, in stark contrast, they must be sickened, some of them have gone the route of seeking help from the likes of sabine, belinda, and others too, yet never had any support, no videos shared, many parents made their own, appealling for help, telling their story, now watching this unfold, must be horrendous,

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    • even when parents have their children removed for safety reasons they still are parents and the majority are filled with emotions of loss and express them no matter the rights and wrongs of the way social services may operate.
      Ella is very unique the way in which she expresses herself. Deadpan.Almost like reading from a script.

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      • Hey there

        Thanks for the niceness!

        It may well be. If you come out the tube, it’s the first road off the high street so ideal for lunacy-access. It remains a source of concern in the area as no-one wants to get walloped just trying to get back from Tescos in the rain or whatever.

        On this specific incident, causing an incident at each church in the area rings alarm bells. Frankly, it doesn’t take much to push some people over the edge and there’s so much stuff online that I’m surprised there’s not more loonies on the streets here. Those instigating this really should be held responsible if acts of violence occur as a consequence.

        I refuse to be a victim (although I’m genuinely more worried out and about) so I’m off to the pub. We have some lovely pubs here 🙂

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        • So I’ve heard! One day I’ll get down there and check them out.

          I don’t know if you’re in touch with the police who are in charge of this, but I wonder if they’d know a bit more? It’s definitely a concern. And yes, those egging the loonies on should face the full force of the law.

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        • i am so saddened, apart from angry, i was born down the road, holloway, and spent alot of time in hampstead, no CSA campaigner worth their salt would have anything to do with this, they don’t, they won’t, many are seriously overstretched with all the real stuff going on. But i’m afraid it has left the loones to it, but i’m trying to step up and asking others too.

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  4. Nope, we don’t have kids and I’ve only really followed it online (mainly thanks to this excellent blog).

    And yep, there’s a couple of cracking pubs. Proper old school. I’d avoid pizza express, but *only* because there’s a nice, independent pizzeria three doors down 😉

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  5. Dearman too, commented on Ella’s lack of emotion during his interview with Derbyshire. He said he shook her out of frustration as, whenever he remonstrated with her she would laugh with a vacant look. For all we know he might have been concerned about the children and his behaviour, although not laudable, might be understandable.

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  6. Looking at the Ella Draper lack of emotion issue. Firstly, I am sure that Ricky Dearman had a serious lack of judgement in having a relationship and children with this women, or she has changed significantly since he initiated that relationship.

    I think she suffers from depersonalization/ derealization disorder, which causes these lack of emotions, feelings and a zombie feel about her. I have had occasional periods of depersonalization, usually at times of extreme stress; it can be set off by taking too much cannabis.

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  7. Criticise Abe, Belinda, Sabine and all the rest of them all you like, but please leave the children’s mother out of this. The children do not deserve to read these kinds of posts about their mother one day. That family and all the other families that have been dragged into this sad affair have suffered enough. I pity that mother. I don’t pity Abe and the rest of them.


    • Maybe you are right. But she’s still with Abraham Jemal Christie as far as I am aware. She’s culpable. She stood by when they were thrown against walls, hit on the head, the little boy was punched to the side of the head, when they were kicked, fed cannabis smoothies, when they were captured on camera for the home videos, when they said what Abraham did, when her daughter was called a cunt, kicked in the genitals, when her son was so bruised to the face he couldn’t go out of the apartment, when they were hungry, when they were threatened. She’s stood by Abraham through the court case and in the aftermath, when she’s done interviews, she’s discussed her children, and done the interviews with Abraham. She has a YouTube account that has been used to comment on the videos.

      I think the children may love her still, despite all this. They wanted her to get rid of Abraham. She chose him over her children. There’s no sugar coating that sad state of affairs. That cannot be hidden from them. That says more to those children than anyone saying she has lacked appropriate emotions ever could.

      If my partner of a matter of months hit child, you wouldn’t see me for dust. It’s too easy to absolve because she may be a victim of Abraham’s herself. Her numerous interviews appear to have been done entirely of her own free will.

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      • I’m not commenting on what she has or hasn’t done. Nor am I saying that people aren’t entitled to feel upset. I’m saying that for the sake of those poor kids, it would be nice if everyone could stop the public judgement of her and stop repeating what she has done via this blog. That’s all. It’s for the kids to decide what their relationship is/will be with their mother. It’s for the police to prosecute her for any alleged crimes.


        • I think I understand your point of view, but unfortunately, what the mother has done has already had a huge impact on those children. One way to look at it is that as we try to make sense of her behaviour, we might be offering some route for the kids to eventually come to terms with what happened to them.

          We are at a distance, and can only interpret what we see; we only know the aspects of her behaviour that she’s chosen to make public already. As Tracey says, we know what she’s done, in part because of her insistence on spreading this story across the internet.

          My hope is that over time, this blog will offer a counterpoint to the narrative held up by the Hoaxtead pushers: would it not be even more confusing and distressing to the kids if the only public narrative regarding their mother told them, “She’s a hero, a brave woman who stood up to a satanic cult”? Early on, the children expressed anger at their mother for allowing Abe to hurt them. This is appropriate and justified, and to try to pretend otherwise tells them that their feelings were invalid, and does them a grave disservice.

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        • Ella decided many months ago to betray her children.

          Ella puts herself out there for public scrutiny.

          And finally, Ella is going to have to beg her children for forgiveness, this blog will make no difference to their opinion concerning what their mother is or is not. They have lived through all of this first hand, they know full well what their mother has done to them, and what their mother allowed her ‘boyfriend’ to do to them.

          They are very clever children, this blog will make no difference to their opinion of their mother, they know the truth.

          Appeal to Ella, ask her to stop publishing the rubbish she does, appeal to her to come back, leave Abe and fight for her children. She might listen to you.

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    • Compared to how the internet is awash with the vicious conspiracy websites that repeat over & over the Satanic Cult claims including Youtube and Facebook to some extent, this website is one of the very few records of the actual truth.

      To the contrary, it would be a disservice to pretend that the mother is some innocent party in all this when she is nothing of the sort.

      It is the father who has been demeaned , insulted and defamed endlessly and a 1000 times. Any comments about Ella are minimal compared to the dreadful lies told about the children’s father.

      And it may help the children – if the fanatics continue to promote their lunacies – to know there is a body of people who see the truth and remember there is a court judgement that roundly criticises Ella and accuses her of torturing her own children.

      Hiding the truth from the children does not help them.

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  8. We mustn’t forget that the Social Services were involved with Ella before Abe came on the scene.
    I think of Abraham Christie as being an antisocial worker.

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    • Yes, that’s definitely something we need to do as part of this, Sheva. Getting the videos and lies taken down is really important, though it’s unlikely that we’ll ever manage to purge the internet entirely.

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