‘We Believe the Children’: 1980s moral panic echoes in Hoaxtead

A few days ago, one of our commenters mentioned a book which sounded very interesting: We Believe the Children—A Moral Panic in the 1980s, by Richard Beck.There are some startling similarities between the genesis of the “Satanic day care abuse” panic of the 1980s and the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Those of us old enough to remember the bad old days of that earlier “Satanic panic” will recall that while it seemed to have been kicked off by the supposedly true story detailed in the book Michelle Remembers, the primary locus of concern seemed to converge on child care centres. The McMartin Preschool case is by far the most famous, but Mr Beck describes cases most of us have never heard of:

In Niles, Michigan, the son of one preschool owner was sentenced to seventy-five years in prison. Children at the school said the man had photographed their abuse, made them take drugs, unearthed corpses, and sacrificed—not killed, but sacrificed—animals.

In Malden, Massachusetts, the owner of a day care center and her two adult children were accused of abusing forty students in a place called the “magic room.”

In Chicago, a janitor at a community child care facility was accused of boiling and eating a baby. Other staff members were charged with 246 counts of abuse and assault.

The day care ritual abuse trials were not anything like most child sex abuse investigations. In North Carolina, children said that their teachers had thrown them out of a boat into a school of sharks. In Los Angeles, children said that one of their teachers had forced them to watch as he hacked a horse to pieces with a machete.

In New Jersey, children said their teacher had raped them with knives, forks, and wooden spoons, and a child in Miami told investigators about homemade pills their caretakers had forced them to eat. The pills, the children said, looked like candy corn, and they made all of the children sleepy.

The bizarre and outlandish allegations have their echoes in the Hampstead SRA hoax; and just as in the Hampstead case, absolutely no forensic evidence of any sort was ever uncovered:

Children in various cases said they had been taken to graveyards, sometimes to kill baby tigers and sometimes to dig up bodies, which were removed from their coffins and stabbed. In addition, the sex rings said to be operating in cities like Jordan, Minnesota, and Bakersfield, California, supposedly involved regular meetings, wild parties, elaborate religious ceremonies, and the production of child pornography, all witnessed by many people….

Despite the numbers of people said to be involved, despite all of the different implements the defendants were said to have used, and despite the brutality of the violence they were believed to have inflicted on the children they cared for….(n)o pornography, no blood, no semen, no weapons, no mutilated corpses, no sharks, and no satanic altars or robes were ever found.

Of course the significant difference between the events Mr Beck describes and the Hampstead SRA hoax is that in the daycare investigations, children were coerced into fabricating stories by investigators using very questionable interview techniques, sometimes on children as young as three or four:

Interviews could last for hours….When children failed to provide answers that corroborated allegations of abuse, interviewers repeated the questions. As these interviews pressed on, children who did not provide affirmative answers to questions about abuse found themselves being asked the same questions all over again. So the children began to provide different kinds of answers.

In hindsight it’s easy to see that hammering away at young children, and not accepting “there was no abuse” as an answer, could have pushed children to create stories to satisfy their interrogators. The big difference between this and Hoaxtead, though, is that Abraham Christie’s interrogations were backed up by serious physical abuse: kicks, punches, suffocation, burns, threats of being buried alive until the child “told the truth” and admitted to sexual abuse that had never actually occurred.

Mr Beck states that by the middle of the 1980s, defence lawyers had begun to seriously question the veracity of information obtained by the investigators in the daycare cases. Under scrutiny, it became clear that these interviews were producing false testimony, and destroying hundreds of lives in the process.

Fortunately for RD’s children, once they’d been taken into protective custody and knew they would not be returning home to further abuse, they felt confident enough to correct their earlier allegations to the police. However, the blind belief that the children “could not have made up” the grotesque stories they originally told in the videos and the first two police interviews still permeates a small but vocal group, who for reasons of their own would very much like Hoaxtead to have been real.


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      • “Several wealthy Puritans formed the Massachusetts Bay Company and pooled their resources to move a group of the Puritan faithful to the New World.

        By March 1630, 17 ships funded by the Massachusetts Bay Company left London to establish a new colony led by a one-time lawyer named John Winthrop. The Puritans, under Winthrop, agreed that they would establish a city on a hill, an example of good behavior and religious purity for the whole world and especially for the Stuart monarchs in England.

        Between 1630 and 1643, nearly 9,000 Puritans migrated to the colony. The Puritan migration was much more rapid than any other group migration in the colonies at the time. Once they arrived in New England, the Puritans established towns and farms. Most Puritans settled in towns near their extended families and created churches and schools…

        The Puritans believed that God had formed a unique covenant, or agreement, with them. They believed that God expected them to live according to the Scriptures, to reform the Anglican Church, and to set a good example that would cause those who had remained in England to change their sinful ways. Most early migrants to the Massachusetts Bay Colony were full-fledged members of the Puritan faith.

        Church attendance in Puritan communities was mandatory. However, not all church attendees were considered to be full members of the church. In order to become a full member of the church, Puritans had to prove they had a conversion experience and that they were part of the predestined elect, a group who was guaranteed admission to Heaven. For the Puritans, religious and political life were completely intertwined. Each Puritan town had town meetings to determine how the town would be run, and only male church members were allowed to vote on issues affecting the town.”


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        • The Puritans are one of the scourges of modern life and it’s not difficult to see how they have influenced the US so much. They have morphed into the far-right Christian Fundamentalists who have influenced US politics with thought that verges on fascism. They supported slavery (so much for being Christians) and in the 20s they were funded various police actions & vigilantes to harass and beat-up unionists.

          They held intense white heat fury for the great FDR who saved the US and catapulted millions of Americans into the middle class with his policies and set up the US to become the richest on the planet by trying to include everyone in the experiment.

          They have a real “nothing is free” mentality and abhor the very notion that someone should get something for free without working : like unemployment or health benefits which horrifies them (unless it’s corporate welfare which they feel entitled to).

          I think the rise of Donald trump is an inevitable end result of the Puritan ethic: the line between the Puritans, Christian Fundamentalists and American Gangsterism is very thin.

          They have always abhorred anyone who does not follow their strict codes of ‘moral values’. Gays were a target and inventing a Satanic Cult was also inevitable. These were the people who hanged “witches” in Salem.

          Of course the Hoaxtead creepies will claim these previous outbreaks of Satanic Panic confirm Hampstead and any case which was found to be a hoax was a cover-up. I don’t think they could believe their luck when the @pizzagate faux scandal broke and they are still hyperventilating about it. Of course the real reason they seized on that is not because of Hilary Clinton but their sheer outrage that an uppity black man had the temerity to be in the White House for 8 years. But 10,000s of others who aren’t particularly racists still jump on-board as it confirms what they believe : that there just must be a secret cabal of VIP Pedos running the world.

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    • It’s amazing how many similarities there are from the cases on the video and Hampstead even down to raw food being consumed.

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  1. ‘Horrible Histories’ has the source of the satanic panic phenomenon (i.e. medieval England) down pat 😀

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  2. Well I was a bit late sending you this email so I will paste it here.

    Comment: I don’t know if you might want to include this in your write up but the reason the video has a relatively high number of view and some downvotes to boot is that I posted it on Voat Pizzagate. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1624617

    The idea was to lure people in without including the satanic panic in the title and the upvoats and zero downvoats reflectt that it was successful. I also tagged it NSFW for two reasons, mainly because it deals with a tough subject matter and secondly to avoid Krusty Shoe/ListenUp as you have to go through your settings to see NSFW content and I don’t believe she is smart enough to do that.

    The other point is the comments obviously show what conspiracy theorists believe about this information. I watched a few times and tried to see it through the fruit loop lense and in that sense it can be taken both ways. They can look at the fact there were actually many court convictions and serious time for alleged offenders and the no evidence thing can be down to government/law enforcement/illuminati/freemasons etc cover ups. Of course they will say none of the higher ups/elites did time and only the poor or daycare staff got time.

    Not sure if ironic is the word but the phrase “we belive the Children” is similar to Krusty shoes catchphrase and site. It also a first glance sounds like we believe their stories of abuse when it obviously states the opposite in the text.

    I wonder how many of these actually watched the video, and/or stopped after the conviction point?

    Anyways, I look forward to your usual great write ups. The email is a temp so I won’t get the reply, I should change it to my gmail just lazy.

    Cheers mate.

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    • Thanks, ACMB, and it’s interesting that the video got that reaction from the Voatsters. You’re right that the conspiraloons do see things through a different lens: if there’s no forensic evidence it’s not an indication that nothing happened, but proof of a coverup. If there were no convictions that’s (again) proof of a coverup; if there are dozens of convictions, that’s proof that the problem is even worse than we thought.

      Essentially, those who choose to believe in conspiracy theories will perceive any evidence as proof of their own viewpoint, and if it doesn’t match their preconceived notions, why, it’s proof that the Powers That Be have done a really good job of covering things up.

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      • the same with the Hampstead case. they believe the initial medical report which admits that Abe tortured the children, which itself leads to evidence of a forced confession and coercion. Believing in that report also means you don’t believe the levels of abuse the children talk about as some old scarring doesn’t match the horrific daily basis of multiple adults abusing the children. There is no way what they state in the videos could go unnoticed by a parent doctor etc.
        The videos themselves show abe clearly prompting the children and even getting excited about the whole ordeal, non of the people involved seem to have any emotions that match a serious abuse case. Filming children talking about abuse in public at an airport and on a plane just doesnt happen in real cases.
        Now chrisite admits himself to beating the children, Ella to enema’s and the children admit christies abuse and making them remember through horrific torture and repeat his words. The Clement recording is the most obvious, using that as evidence just shows how dumb these people are, talk about shooting yourself in the foot at every step. That just leaves who do you believe? A wacko drugged up criminal with a long history of child abuse or is it an international satanic baby munching club where no other victims came forward even though it supposedly involves thousand of people, hundreds of children and the entire school district of Hampstead. Only a real SPECIAL CASE would believe the latter.

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    • Yes, I believe there have been instances of people dressing up or lighting candles or chanting to terrify their child victims into submission and silence. These days, as MKD says, victims who’ve experienced that will probably have a harder time being heard and believed, thanks to the hoax promoters who’ve made it so easy to discredit real victims of abuse.

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      • Except I do not think this mob have ever been near or seen a traumatized child.

        The Hampstead videos are the very opposite to how children who have been abused on a regular basis act. The children’s natural child-like enthusiasm to please the cameraman ( career criminal and convicted child abuser Abraham Christie) after various tortures and mind games is the very opposite to how a genuinely sexually abused child will act. I’m pretty sure the police who would have dealt with matters like this before would have noted from the very beginning how in fact, the kids were acting like normal every day kids even though they were relating offensive sexual tales.

        Of course if the had been raped repeatedly as claimed they would have serious internal injuries and that’s if they had survived.

        People should really rejoice that this was a hoax and the children were not raped. But it’s not about “Believing The Children”..it’s about ME ME ME.

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        • I haven’t ever been near or seen a traumatised child. I could never watch a child in distress or read about details in newspapers etc. I find it grim and uncomfortable reading. That being said, I did watch the Hampstead videos and there was a big difference. The naivety and innocence of the children regards what real child abuse is, and about sex in general was there for all to see. The voice of Christie and his attitude to the children didn’t sit right but it wasn’t until the police interview with the little girl describing his abuse and justifying it that I got the full picture. I never needed those retraction videos but the only trauma evinced was the little boy wringing his hands when talking about Christie’s treatment of them and the fear of having to face him.

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        • Thank you for a great read. I have added it to my “Responses to the Nonces” for quick copy paste if you don’t mind.

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        • Yes, it still shocks me that anyone who has children of their own (coughKristieSuecoughSonyacough) could think that the way those children responded in the videos was in any way indicative of abuse. At one point the little boy is describing something horrific, and then in exactly the same tone of voice starts chatting about an Indian meal they had that night, and how much he enjoyed it.

          This isn’t how traumatised children act. I’ve met children who’ve had the misfortune to have lived in war zones, and believe me, they don’t discuss it as though it were a plate of chicken vindaloo.

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  3. There is also another part I posted from the book on an older thread. strangely enough this mentions spoons and enema’s. Sound familiar. I believe Christie has reaserched the Sybil book and other so called survivor/MKULTRA/Satanic panic stories in his infatuation with the topic. I have a few of those books but have never read them and probably never will, but I will find time to go through some parts and see if there are more connections.

    OLDER POST – https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/2017/02/04/hoaxer-in-fighting-is-anyone-speaking-to-anyone-any-longer/comment-page-1/#comment-55803

    Thanks for your input. I have uploaded the Introduction here if you want to read the full intro.. https://postimg.org/gallery/1v818iqea/

    I searched the book for reference to the Doctor you mentioned and couldn’t find the name included in the text. A search for “Dr” brought up Pazder and the Michelle Remembers Book.

    “As Satanism became a more prominent feature of the country’s secular and religious entertainments, a number of Schreiber’s prose decisions in Sybil took on increased significance. Mason’s nighttime walk with her pooping mother “began as a casual stroll” but ended as “a demonic ritual.” Hattie carried out her acts with “ritualistic deliberateness.”71 The abuse with enemas and the wooden spoon—that was another “favorite ritual.”72

    Schreiber’s book never said these rituals were specifically satanic, but in the same year that Sybil was published, a psychiatrist working in British Columbia began seeing a new patient. Dr. Lawrence Pazder was in his early forties, a married Catholic with children, when he embarked on a course of intensive psychotherapy with a twenty-seven-year-old patient named Michelle Proby. He ran his psychiatric practice out of the Fort Royal Medical Centre in downtown Victoria, British Columbia, and he shared facilities with four other psychiatrists.73 In 1980, having left their respective spouses and married each other after seven years of off-and-on treatment, Pazder and Proby, the latter using the pseudonym Michelle Smith, published their coauthored account of what they had discovered together. It was called Michelle Remembers.”

    “Proby and Pazder received a $100,000 hardcover advance for Michelle Remembers, with an additional $242,000 to follow when the book went into a paperback edition. Proby made a formal conversion to Catholicism and went on a thirty-nine-day publicity tour to promote the book, which, helped along by full-page newspaper ads and reviews that ranged from bemused to horrified to bewildered, sold well. For his part, Dr. Pazder gave a presentation on the book at the 1980 meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in which he coined a term that would come into wide circulation over the next ten years: “ritual abuse.”86 In interviews Dr. Pazder insisted that Michelle’s experiences had taken place, that her memories were too consistent and too detailed to be written off to some internal fantasy or therapeutic error. “In the beginning I wondered if she had made things up,” he told a reporter. “But if this is a hoax, it would be the most incredible hoax ever.”

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    • As I recall, that book ends with a surprise visit from the Virgin Mary, who whisks away all the scars and other evidence of Michelle’s abuse. Talk about deus ex machina!

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      • It is amazing that anyone took the book seriously. If you read it literally you have to believe that there are people with supernatural powers to warp time and space. Rooms change shape and expand, hundreds of people spend months in a cemetery, in the middle of a residential area, performing Satanic rituals and no one notices. When records were checked, Michelle was recorded as being present in school throughout the periods when she was supposedly being abuse. The account Michelle gives is rather like those of supposed UFO abductees under hypnosis, full of explicit and implicit sexual imagery dragged up from the subconscious. Dream imagery telling us only about the subjects adult sexuality.

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        • And then there’s the little issue of Michelle and her so-called psychiatrist “re-enacting” each ritualistic indignity on the floor of his office, after she’d finished describing them. Michelle’s supposed abuse was in fact a long drawn out shared sexual fantasy, a 50 Shades of Grey for the witch-hunter set.

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    • Another Big Problem: the local TV circuit in the US is huge with every small area having it’s own talk / interview show and one can promote almost anything but especially something sensational like Witchcraft and Satanism for an entire year and do a different show every day. Sales of a book will rocket up once someone is on tour.

      I also blame Oprah Winfrey who has promoted so many hoaxes when she was at the top of the game.

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  4. A great write up Coyote. One thing I may add is that in all these cases including the Witch trials, the allegations came not from the children but from the parents first. Then the examinations and false confessions were coerced by the parents and authorities. Beck mentions this early on.

    “In each episode, children were thought to have been abused by a secretive group of conspirators, and each time it was the adults who first began to suspect that a conspiracy was at work. Initially the girls in Salem did not even report that anyone was harming them. Some scholars have hypothesized that their outlandish episodes and fits were primarily expressions of ecstatic religious fervor. ”

    Some more points.

    “By the time children involved in day care investigations spoke to an interviewer or therapist, many of them had already been questioned repeatedly by their parents, who described themselves to journalists and in books as being made physically ill by anxiety, anger, and fear.”

    “Professional interviewers often used these earlier conversations as the foundation for their own questioning, and in some interviews children referred back to their parents as a means of explaining, both to their interviewers and to themselves, the strange situation they now faced. In Miami a therapist named Laurie Braga asked a little girl how she felt about Frank Fuster being put in jail.

    A: I’m glad.

    Q: You’re glad. How come?

    A: Because [inaudible] now I found out that he was bad. . . .

    Q: No. What is it that makes you think that he is bad?

    A: My mom told me.

    Q: Did she tell you what he did that was bad? [pause] Don’t you wonder? No?

    A: Do you know what he did?21”

    Another point is that like the Hampstead case the parents were relatively well off.

    “In September, police arrested the accused teacher and charged him with three counts of child abuse. They also mailed a letter to some two hundred parents of current and former McMartin students, alerting them to the investigation and requesting their assistance. These parents, by and large, were affluent and successful professionals, often working in real estate or the aerospace industry. Many of them had put their children on a lengthy waiting list in the hopes of getting them into what was, at the time, the most respected preschool in the city. In October, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office asked social workers to interview children who had attended the school, and by November the evaluations were under way. The McMartin Preschool closed down for good, after twenty-eight years of operation, in January 1984.”

    “The turning point came in 1962, when a Denver physician named C. Henry Kempe published “The Battered-Child Syndrome” in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Kempe had reviewed injury reports from seventy-one hospitals around the United States and identified 302 cases in which injuries appeared to have been intentionally inflicted by the child’s parents.”

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  5. A great video in your playlist on this site under the videos section by MKULTRA666, that show Christies perverted obsession with SRA. I think it is age restricted and requires logging in to youtube to view.

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  6. Oh and Angela the “Christian” (and Trump-supporter) is calling for the death penalty again:

    She’s crossed out the bits in her Bible that say “Turn the other cheek” and “Thou shalt not kill”. Phew!

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  7. Meanwhile, Sonya continues to encourage Arthur’s lunacy instead of encouraging him to get help:

    However, it’s academic, as Arhur’s now done the sensible thing and jumped ship!

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      • Arfur has said he is giving it up and then this nasty piece of work is encouraging him, telling him to keep going. Grrr…

        Just like she broke JC encouraging him leading to him being sectioned.

        Nasty nasty vile piece of crap she is.

        I suppose she is at this very moment pissing it up in the bar, singing the flaming blues.

        Bet she clears the place with her singing.

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    • Pssst: it’s called banned, luv, not blocked. And yep, he sure is, for his own good. Shame his own so-called friends can’t see that. Oh well, Melissa – I guess you’ll have to find another vulnerable, mentally ill person to encourage to act like a demented psycho for your own amusement. Ho hum.

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  8. Police officer: “Have you received any specific threats?”

    Arthur: “No, none whatsoever.”

    At last, a dose of honesty from the hoaxer camp 🙂

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    • I laughed out loud when Arfur said that, as I was then picturing that Cop scrunching up his report sheet, and flinging it in the waste paper bin. lol It was also as funny as f*** to see Arfur on the Coffee and Ciggy. Austerity?, or is he saving up to make another €168 Donation to Angie’s prolonged Holiday in the Sun Fund? 🙂

      Arfur would need to think very carefully about making any further complaint’s to the NSW Police, about this Blog, or the people who use it, as surely the Police would then need full access to his Facebook, Youtube, and Skype accounts etc etc, to follow up on their Investigation? In that scenario, Arthur could very easily find himself nicked for breaching his probation order, as the only Threats and Abuse they’d find, would be from Arfur himself.

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    • As always, I’m impressed with the patience and forbearance of the police.

      And Arthur, if you’re reading this, please know that no one here has ever made any threats against you, nor ever will. You’re worrying about nothing.

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    • From the website ReligiousTolerance.org:


      Allan Barkman, Niles, Michigan, was convicted in 1985-APR of 1 count of child abuse. Many children disclosed that they were taken to barns, a church and tunnels where Barkman took pornographic pictures of them, sexually abused, tore the head off a chicken, gave them drug injections, raped them with objects, etc. They also mentioned that Barkman’s wife once dressed up as a Witch. He was given a 75 year jail sentence.

      Mrs. Barkman operated a preschool at Niles. After she reported the mother of one of her pupils for neglect, that mother in turn accused Mr. Barkman of sexually abusing her child. There was no physical evidence on any of the children which would confirm the abuse, even though it would have been present if the abuse had actually occurred. Children’s disclosures occurred after the usual intensive and leading questioning. In 1990, his conviction was overturned. Rather than face a new trial at which he might be found guilty again, he accepted an offer to plead guilty to a lesser charge; he was given 5 years probation.

      (Emphasis mine)

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    ‘Fake news’ inquiry launched

    I think Hoaxtead, the father involved and some Hampstead residents must make a submission to this Commons Select Committee inquiry.

    Pull no punches. Tell how it has been. Name names. This is an opportunity to put the skids under these hoaxers. Inquiries like this could well end in criminal charges for the perpetrators of the vile false accusations. We know who they are.

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    • The Hoaxtead blog is like a brilliant submission in itself but obviously there are too many of us rabbiting on ( me) but all the elements are here. It just needs to be put into a concise timeline with the detailed affects upon the lives of so many innocents.

      It’s also a sensational matter that would catch the eye of those conducting the inquiry and bring into a play a real life ‘fake news’ stream that has caused so much misery rather than the case of an election where cause & action can’t quite be pinned down. Elements such as the fact 2 criminal perpetrators of the hoax are thumbing their noses at British justice even while they spur others on to perpetuate the misery.

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  10. Arty wants me/Us/Travistock/Someone to pay him 100 Billion US Dollars. Thanks Arty just sending that request to our accounts department. They should have the cheque in the post for such chump change.

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  11. Latest from Angie.

    Angela Power-Disney
    2 hrs ·

    Hello to Friends & Allies and even Foes!
    Much to report on after an eventful and challenging month. I pray you are all riding the waves as this seems to have been a rollercoaster ride for people all around the world. There are two videos attached, one to each of my youtube channels if you view them on youtube an option on the bottom right corner. It helps if you like and subscribe to the channels too, and if you wish to get a notification every time I upload there is a little bell to press beside the subscribe button. I am going to be 60 this year and it is an ongoing adventure to keep up with online technology, but I guess we must treasure this opportunity for as long as we have it!
    Main bullet points for this update;

    1. There is a small group in San Francisco area looking for the children to establish their whereabouts and safety. Obviously they are possibly disguised as is their Father so if anyone knows someone with computer enhancement e fit skills to project what they may look like today do get in touch or put them in touch with me. Perhaps you could share this update with people to find someone. Your prayers as always would be appreciated in this endeavor.

    2. I am having to put a time limit on my source to provide back up evidence for the information shared with me about Ella´s alleged implication in the horror that has been these childrens´upbringing. It has been five months and sadly though I believe the intel I will need to retract the allegations if the promised evidence is not forthcoming

    3. I am no longer broadcasting with CCN MEDIA and there will be a detailed explanation video released in the next few days by myself and another broadcaster who has also left the network. Mud slinging is never fun but there is a thin line to walk where transparency is in everybody´s best interests, and I hope you will understand.

    4. A major shocking development was a disinfo introduction to a #freerupert launch interview where it appears he or his host are discrediting the case alluded to above. I do understand and indeed Rupert said in the video that he would say anything to get his passport back and get out of the clutches of the UK Police and Judiciary. In my opinion muddying the waters for the children is a PRICE TOO HIGH TO PAY and I will probably need to distance myself from him, despite compassion for his plight, until and unless he tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Again this is a delicate path to walk and I am often accused of letting fellow adult campaigners down….I make no apologies for being ruthless in pursuit of the truth and liberty of CHILDREN in danger and captivity. Our path as their advocates is hard but nothing compared to the suffering worldwide of children being trafficked, pimped, raped and murdered.

    5. Sandy and myself will be starting our own broadcasts in the coming week or two, with guest shows with Nina and Rhiannon on a regular basis too. One scheduled guest later this month is Vanessa Bates, the Mother of Max Spiers working tirelessly for the truth for those of you who have been following the sad story of his alleged murder. He had been very supportive of the case I and so many others have been working so hard on for two years now. We are learning the ropes and investing the minimum possible but necessary to step up to this new challenge. I do not take for granted the monthly support from partners in this work and hugely appreciate it no matter how small or large. Most of my regular bills also fall due around mid Month so if you are a monthly supporter I would ask you to donate if possible on a similar date each month for budgeting and peace of mind this end!

    6. One of my new ventures to supplement my income is to launch an audio book publishing company at competitive rates. If it is something that interests you, Nina and I should be releasing our first in a week or two which came about like most good ideas spontaneousy when a survivor sent me a manuscript that was so good I narrated it and Nina is currently working on the edit with photography. If you have a book put to one side and the subject matter is something that aligns with the work we do, feel free to submit or shoot me a message on facebook or by e mail with three chapters and an outline in the first instance!

    7. Finally, I am looking for an intern for a month who will give me about 20 hours a week computer support at a more advanced level than mine (not TOO hard lol) in exchange for free accomodation in the sun! Obviously I will need to vet applicants for safety reasons, but if you know anyone suitable again please share, network and contact me!

    8. Another exciting though rollercoaster piece of news is the tremendous though to many unorthodox support of ARTHUR KAOUTAL an Australian reformed underworld figure who turned down a government agency invitation to work in the illegal drugs trade because he would not and could not turn a blind eye to the trafficking and abuse of children for blackmail and other purposes that goes hand in hand with black ops drug trafficking. He is a warrior with street savvy and a heart of gold and you can find a 2 hour interview I did with him on the archives playlists of Conscious Consumer Network youtube channel, or on my website which can be launched any day as soon as I have funding to increase my online security from hacking or nefarious activity due to the nature of this work. In fact I will add the Arty as I call him interview to this update too for ease of access.

    The pressure has been ENORMOUS these past weeks but so have the gains and the awareness about international child trafficking and abuse has gone through the roof globally. Many researchers worldwide are now networking with myself and others in linking up the global cult and joining dots that lead to ENDING CHILD ABUSE with the help of God and support of good people worldwide not turning away their gaze from a horribly difficult issue. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    The attached videos are not as long as the CCN broadcasts of 2 hours each, they are about half an hour or so and it would be great if you could find time in your busy lives to listen to them.
    Finally please do continue to PRAY as I do for all of you!


    Answering the Inquisitor Part 1/2

    Arty the unlikely hero !
    Help spread the word!

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      • It is also on her gofundme under updates I posted it yeasterday from there but I said if not appropriate delete. It was screenshots so awaiting moderation. Think it got scrapped because of the possible criminal charges of kidnapping the children. Maybe El Coyote will say whether it’s okay to reveal her intentions.

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        • Thanks. Didn’t see it there. I notice it, as it was posted today on Facebook. To be honest, I don’t see any direct threat of Kidnap, Location finding and observation? Yes indeed, and that is bad enough in itself of course, as it shows, a possible threat of harassment.

          Please deleted that particular section mentioned though, or indeed delete the whole thing, if needed EC.

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          • Pretty creepy though, saying she is in contact with a suspicious group working on tracking the children down. That’s never good.

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    • Thanks for sharing, Ed. And what the f#ck – she’s appealing to people to provide information to help some shady American group to track down two vulnerable children? What a vile, disgusting woman!

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    • Oh how convenient, Angela. “No evidence has been forthcoming”, so you’re “withdrawing your allegations” against Ella. Hmm. Yeah, right – nothing to do with you having had no f#cking evidence in the first place and desperately trying to find an “out” now that you realise how deeply you’ve dropped yourself in it, then.

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  12. “2. I am having to put a time limit on my source to provide back up evidence for the information shared with me about Ella´s alleged implication in the horror that has been these childrens´upbringing. It has been five months and sadly though I believe the intel I will need to retract the allegations if the promised evidence is not forthcoming”

    I thought Angie said she had seen the supposed video of Ella abusing a child?

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    • I notice Angela Power is sticking in the word ALLEGED now.

      She certainly never did in that phone conversation to JC or on that daft CCN show she did.

      I got the impression she was making out she saw the film of Ella masturbating a small boy on her visit to England in August/September 2016.

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    • So does that mean you can state the worst thing about someone, say you saw video evidence/know about 110% evidence, report it as facts then months later just say oh well I need a timelimit for retraction of these allegations if my source doesn’t send me illegal images? Young journalist of the year/nominee for a magazine/ not really.

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      • Wow! Thanks for sharing that Spiny. It is indeed a must watch for everyone. I’ve never seen Mel Ve so rattled. This Blog and the MKD’s, have really got to her. Like you, I won’t spoil everyone’s fun by talking too much about it now, but I’ll just add that it is indeed packed with lies, contraction’s and implausibilities, from start to finish.

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      • Thanks for posting the Mel Ve video Spiny. It always makes me laugh how Mel pretends that she isn’t bothered by this blog or the MKD videos when it is plain for all to see that she clearly is very bothered by them both.

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        • Mon plaisir, Arfur.

          It’s laugh-a-minute stuff, isn’t it.

          For anyone who missed this latest cringeworthy effort from Mel Hasbeen:

          She says CCN was down for a week due to someone cutting the cables outside her house (that’s known as the Sabine defence, lol).

          She also has a load of glowing things to say about HR and MKD, before suddenly changing her mind in the second half and deciding we’re all a bunch of wasters.

          Conversely, she’s vaguely complimentary about Angela in the first half, stating categorically that she won’t give us any troll fodder by berating her…but then in the second half she lays right into her, providing some excellent troll fodder!

          Oh and she’s admitting now that she really screwed up over Kevin Annett, which is a step forward.


  13. I think Krispy Poo Didn’t understand the video. She responded by posting all my usernames that I have freely provided on here. Something I have had from both sides to be honest.

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      • If that is her anyhow. Maybe she just thought i linked it but was quick to respond with my voat name, name on here etc, when I replied. Not sure why people do that, I don’t play that game.


      • It could be in answer to the one comment on APD’s ‘Chasing Rainbow’s, answering the inquisitor’ which begins…’They say that you can’t prove a negative Angela but in the case of the Hampstead children you can.


  14. The shameless mare is still egging Arfur on to continue his crazy antics for her own amusement instead of getting the mental health care he so clearly needs:

    She won’t be happy until he’s sectioned like Jake.


    • I think Arfur will be soon the way he’s carrying on.

      Thought he was stopping but oh no he’s done yet another ranting video.

      Big sigh…


      • Yeah, I saw that, FA. I elected not to post it here, as I don’t want to encourage his lunacy. Did you see how everyone was keeping down the other end of the pool from him and how one of his relatives was shouting at him not to say anything nasty on the video? The poor guy is so lacking in self-awareness. Tragic really.


      • And speaking of hasbeens, did you see Mel Ve’s latest ‘Wax Lyrical’ rant?

        She says CCN was down for a week due to someone cutting the cables outside her house (that’s known as the Sabine defence, lol).

        She also has a load of glowing things to say about us and MKD, before suddenly changing her mind in the second half and deciding we’re all a bunch of wasters.

        Conversely, she’s vaguely complimentary about Angela in the first half, stating categorically that she won’t give us any troll fodder by berating her…but then in the second half she lays right into her, providing some excellent troll fodder!

        Oh and she’s admitting now that she really screwed up over Kevin Annett, which is a step forward.


  15. Hey Sam, you’ve got Shouter squirming, then. LOL

    ‘When Hoaxtead Can’t Baffle You with Bullshit- They Resort to Scare Tactics’

    By the way, he’s still obsessing over us. His last three (mostly nonsensical) posts were about us, haha 😀

    ‘Hoaxtead and Their Constant Bitching About Fake News’

    ‘The Impending Kidnapping of the Two Hoaxtead Children’

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  16. LOL! WTF? When the bloody hell did anyone here say this, Shouter, you creepy lying lobotomised chimp? Proof of claim, please…


    PS: any chance you could answer my three questions, please? You keep running away from them and blocking me whenever I post them to you on YouTube and Farcebook.


  17. Pingback: ‘We Believe the Children’: 1980s moral panic echoes in Hoaxtead | ShevaBurton. Cross of Change Blog

    • Great video Arti. It’s absolutely spot on. I couldn’t believe she use the old… “my Broadband lines were cut by a saboteur” tale. Kevin Annett used that very same tale, on at least one occasion, to explain why he was offline for a few day’s. Apparently he was so important, that the Vatican sent some operatives/Agents, over to Vancouver, armed with a pair of wire snippers, to silence him lol Mel and Biggi must be as equally important so 🙂

      More than likely, Mel and Biggi’s Broadband was indeed cut……”cut off”, for non payment of their broadband bill. Her tale became farcical, when she then mentioned that she had been keeping up to date on this Blog and the MKD’s video’s, via Biggi’s mobile phone. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but surely if you can watch Video’s and read blogs online, via a mobile phone, than you can then also use it to access Facebook, and post an intimidate report to your fan’s, that your Broadband line has just been cut by a saboteur?. Strange how that wasn’t done isn’t it?

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      • Yes, when she mentioned the phone I just started laughing. As it happens, I’m writing this on my mobile…amazing what technology can accomplish these days, isn’t it?


        • Absolutely EC, and even if that saboteur goes on to sabotage your mobile phone too, by dropping it down the loo, for example 🙂 you can always grab your laptop, and head down to the local Cafe or Bar, and use their free WiFi to post an alert. lol

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  18. “Ankle Nipping”? LOL Stop spreading lies Mel Ve! I’m sure the “hate” will stop when the Hoaxers do….She has more views due to Hoaxsted than her Crappy Psycho Shows! She has the Nerve to accuse OTHER’s “Causing Harm” AND had her Interwebs Cables “Cut”….Is Sabine visiting Holland Again? HAHAHAHA! Mel Ve needs to remember what happened to James Casbolt and Where HE resides now. That deluded Crank Yanker should have thought of the consequences of spreading HER Utter GARBAGE!! She needs to “educate and inform” her Dumb self!! Distancing herself from the fake court hoax wherein SHE was a “juror” is waxing hilarious!! Gullible Chump or intentional Liar? Mel Ve “triggers” me to “cut” my own cables and take My Attack dogs for an airing Whilst “reviewing” the “paper copy” of the “Dossier”, soon to be retracted due to “time limits”! HAHAHAHA They can’t throw each other under the bus fast enough…What part of, “Angie is disgusting” is unclear?

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