Will Cody try a Halloween walkabout in Hampstead?

In case you’ve been asleep all week and are just now having your first cuppa, may we remind you that tomorrow is Halloween? It’s a date that strikes fear into the Hoaxtead witch-finders’ hearts, as they fantasise all sorts of ghoulish shenanigans taking place behind the scenes.

One of our commenters pointed out a couple of days ago that Halloween would be the perfect time for the loopy and loony to go on an amateur sleuthing expedition, to try and suss out the ‘cult’ they imagine inhabits the hidden corners of Hampstead.

And our pick for Chief Witch-finder would be the inimitable Code 2222—the fellow who stalked and terrorised the woman and child who were living in Christ Church cottage last spring. In case you’d forgotten, here are a few pictures of Cody:

He’s been described as tall and thin, Caucasian, with an accent reminiscent of Ali G’s. (We know. Go figure.)

If you do happen to notice him skulking about, it’s best not to approach him. Contact Barnet police, and leave it to them. We have no evidence that Cody is a violent sort…but we don’t know that he’s not, either.

Stay safe out there!



6 thoughts on “Will Cody try a Halloween walkabout in Hampstead?

  1. It comes to my mind that all those weird characters such as Neelu Berry and Belinda Mckenzie are a walking horror story, the bogey creatures that mothers frighten their children with.

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    • Neelu is busy dissolving Chem Trails over Stratford in East London with her crystal therapy (magic ?). She’s also found a new hero, the Aussie fruitcake Santos Bonacci who was “kidnapped by satanic terrorists dressed as Police”. That’s real police who arrested him after he skipped bail when he was charged with avoiding $1000s in tollway fees on Melbourne roads. My Melbourne spy says Bonacci claims money is now defunct and a tool of the Devil but he happily accepted coins when he went busking in central Melbourne, the reason why he accumulated the tollway fees.

      I believe he’s also set to face charges of not declaring income when he’s been receiving a disability pension. Most of the Hoaxteders like Sabine & Belinda who rage against the Machine claiming they are Rothschild Satanist Agents who have developed the monetary system to ‘enslave’ them think nothing of accepting State benefits from The Man.

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      • It’s hard to even begin to decipher the hypocrisy these morons display, isn’t it? Ultimately, they want it both ways, and that just ain’t happening.


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