Some pertinent questions for Abraham Christie

If you’ve hung around any of Abe’s socks’ channels on YouTube lately, you’ll find that one person in particular, Pookster78, has been holding him to account for his various lies and delusional rants.

Here’s a small sampling, addressed to Abe’s ‘Dicky Rearman’ sock account:

Pookster questions AbeThe first of Pookster78’s questions refers to Abe’s bizarre pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo about hemp juice being an excellent replacement for blood transfusions, as per the following:

Abe's wacky ideas on hemp transfusionsPookster’s response:

“What about the other 200+ components of human blood, vital in the correct proportions and forms in order to have us survive the transfusion?”

Pookster follows up with a series of questions which I think we’d all like answered:

We the people, the public, want to know if you are Abraham Christie, or have been given permission to speak for him. Further, why you are babbling on about hemp, instead of children that you claim have been raped and forced to commit murder?

The public would also like to know why you have not released the evidence you claim to have, what format it takes, and when was it discovered?

There is rumour that Abraham was taking photos of other parents’ children from the school. Does he care to deny or confirm that rumour?

Araya has told us that Abraham’s phone contained child porn. The public wish to know what type of images they were (Ella’s children, amateur footage of other children, or images from website)?

There is also rumour that Ella still receives financial payment from her ex husband, who she also accuses of being part of the cult. Does Ella wish to confirm or deny this?

I keep asking these questions but no one seems to have an answer. What have you got to hide?

What, indeed?

One last question: anyone know who the third man in this picture is?

One last question: anyone know who the third man in this picture is?

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  1. Ha ha Pookster knows more about the composition of blood and blood products than Abe with his ‘honorary’ doctorate, which is just a device to boost his credibility, for gullible troofers who could really *not* comprehend the ‘science’ or bother to research it. And Abe knows that.

    In any case, wtf does dicky/abe mean re ‘transfusion’? Do you put the hemp juice in a bag and IV via syringe into a vein, or how does it work? And if it’s a metaphorical transfusion, then it is not a transfusion at all, but oral ingestion, whereby the body will break down all the components e.g the chlorophyll and proteins, etc. Anyway, how does cannabis (which allegedly does not have any psychoactive components in its raw, fresh, form, the one Abe advises to use for this ‘transfusion’ process), then offer it’s super-duper christ consciousness qualitues in a bottle to consumers? Or what mysterious other ingredient does cannabis have that makes it special? Yes, yes, Abe, I know, you reckon some cannabis concoctions, e.g seeds ground up, etc., have the exact right proportions for humans, e.g 35% protein, etc.,or was that the ground up sprouting seeds, whatever, but I very much doubt the body needs the exact right proportions all in one go in order to extract the bits it needs, and will do so over a range of meals if a varied diet is offered. (That said, I do believe the raw vegan way is probably nearest to our primitive diet, ie, we are adapted to it, so such a diet will have benefits if only because it excludes foods that may be actually detrimental to us, over time.) That still does not make cannabis stand out vs other types of green leaves. I suspect this is yet another mask for Abe’s nefarious, questionable activities, in this case *getting really stoned*, his hemp activities hid illegal activities, i.e selling (potent) cannabis ie hash or cannabis (for getting high) whilst pretending to be the (hero) hemp advocate. (Evidenced by his many charges/convictions for cannabis). And we can see a pattern emerging: Abe covering his darker aspects by pretending to be something other, more acceptable, the hero, the teacher, the ‘whistleblower’ by proxy. But really, in this case, he is a child abuser who tried to cover that part of himself up with tall stories.

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  2. No, he doesn’t respond, except to rattle on even more loudly about his various pet theories. However, those who read the threads can see that he’s not answering, and I think that’s valuable in itself.


  3. Absolutely correct–he is a child (and wife) abuser hiding behind a mask of something more acceptable. But the mask is only visible to idiots.


  4. A thought sparked by Della’s comment about raw vegan and ancient diet, also by mention of Abe’s imaginary doctorate awarded by a Dr from Glastonbury and by his claims to have uncovered a cult that goes back thousands of years.

    It seems Abe has spent some time around Glatonbury, I wonder did he ever visit Cheddar Gorge?

    There is a museum of ancient man there it has many artifacts discovered in the caves. It also details mans move to eating meat and the effect it had on evolution, there are skulls and bones showing evidence of cannibalism…….

    There are also examples of phallic symbols, with the suggestion that these were used in ancient ceremonies to de flower virgins, these were carved from bone as the ancients did not have plastic nor sheds.

    Did those feet in ancient times follow a ley line to Hampstead where they met the Talmudic Jewish NWO illuminati Martian cult who introduced them to the ritualistic slaughter of animals (babies) for food (Kosher) probably not, but it could have planted the seeds of this tale in his mind.

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  5. Each time I see a new (to me) picture of him, I wonder again how anyone could ever think he’d be a great partner. Sleazy to the max, as they used to say in the ’80s.


  6. It is Piter Caizer, Abe and Ella attended a raw food festival with him in May 2014 (around the time that they started their relationship) – will find you a link other photos …

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  7. ‘Raw Consciousness Dance Party’ definitely sounds like it has cultic overtones! LOL And ‘Raw Fest’ kinda sounds like an event for nudist swingers. Or is that just me?


  8. Nemesis Green, Ella Draper, Dicky Rearman and the Gaveera accounts have been quiet.

    I’ve worked out there are regular Skype sessions with Ella, Abraham, Raj, Guidance, Bronny and Angela Disney. Maybe there are others.

    Are they ever planning to release that bombshell interview that Angela has?


  9. I wondered how the children were, are they in foster care. Awful on various levels. I have never seen such appalling material on you-tube, those interviews are sure to disturb the children further on viewing them again. I imagine they will when they grow up or sooner. This world is depraved. Animals behave far better

    I grew up in North London near Highgate, abuse yes I was aware of it going on around me when I was a child. One woman.. and this sounds bizarre but she would go to Transylvania to devil worship, so she said, she also allowed her son to be abused whilst she was in the same room as the pedophile, as was I. In the same room I mean. It wasnt a ritual type situation. She was an irresponsible dopey woman, not at all scary, they were just adults who dont know what is right and wrong, or dont care to think about it, or the terrible long lasting impact it has on children. Of course it would be a crime now, but those days -well it wasn’t reacted to in the same way as abuse is today. These people do exist, even in lovely areas with middle class homeowners. I wish it were not true.

    But back to the children, I dont know what to believe about this case but I thought the current thinking was that adults should believe children when they speak out, not so long ago they were dismissed and blamed.
    I hope the children heal, if possible and are safe and loved. They came across in the videos as so bright and vibrant.


  10. Thanks for commenting, JoJo. You’re right that attitudes have changed over the years, and that these days we tend to believe the children when they speak out. In this case, though, the question is: do we believe the children when they describe hundreds of babies being murdered, multiple anal rapes per child per day, shoes made out of baby-skin, and complicity on the part of practically every citizen in Hampstead…or when they tell the police that in fact they were forced to say all these things by their mother’s controlling, abusive, previously convicted for child abuse boyfriend?

    Once the children were certain they were well out of Abe’s clutches, they relaxed and were able to tell the police what had really happened. We can either believe them when they told the fantastical story, or when they retracted it. Our position is that the children were never lying: they were forced to act as Abe’s mouthpieces while they were under his thumb, and as soon as they were safe, they were able to tell the truth.

    We hope the children are doing well, too. In fact that’s one of the reasons we started speaking out against those who promote this case. Some of us have children and some don’t, but we could all envision a time in the future when those two kids’ lives would be very badly affected by all the videos, blogs, and online commentary about them. Looking back to other cases like this, we found that children who’d been made to testify at the McMartin Preschool trial in the U.S.A. have suffered greatly over the years, knowing that they’d been coerced and pressurised into accusing their innocent caregivers of things like ‘flying on broomsticks’ and anally raping them after feeding them drugged foods. As adults, the McMartin children realised the enormity of what their accusations had done, but it was too late to change anything and help the innocent accused, who’d already had their lives wrecked.


  11. Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I hadnt heard of that Mc Martin pre-school trial, I must look it up. I had been watching/researching information regarding Kinsey and his revoltingly odd “tests” recently and I also saw a documentary about “Elan” a childrens home in the US, also Geraldo Rivera’s original 1972 Willowbrook expose which was unbelievable in its awful treatment of children by the state. The documentaries I mentioned are not connected with “satanic ritual abuse” but I gave them as examples of either appalling lack of judgement in child and adolescent care or, well adults getting a kick out of oppressing exploiting & controlling children and the vulnerable. Humans are, can be disgusting. I find it very depressing and scary.
    I hope if the children ever do go over the posts they read mine and others who speak highly of them and well, I already said they are amazing and beautiful bright children and amid all the horrors they spoke of, whether coerced or not- they shone.

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  12. JO-JO

    I’m sorry to read you had such awful experiences.

    I think you are right, the children certainly come across as bright, lovely children. I hope they are safe.

    Closer to home, there’s the Orkney case.

    It’s important to remember there were abusers of some of the children from Orkney, but not the “satanic abuse” or abuse by some of the people that was claimed at the time.

    My opinion in this case, for what it’s worth, is it is wrong that the videos are available. Also, I’m sure the evidence in this case shows the Judge got it right in her judgement from the fact finding hearing.

    I don’t believe a man who has a criminal history of abusing children, admits hitting the two siblings, who actually injured them according to medical reports, who said the police found “child porn” on his phone, who has run away, who thinks he is some kind of saviour……….I believe the children when they say he, Abraham Christie, hurt them.

    There’s no doubt there’s some evil people about. I’m not ashamed to say that in this case I don’t think the two little children have been victims of abuse at the hands of the most prolific mass murderers the country has ever seen.


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