‘But what about the tattoos?’

One of the great ‘pieces of evidence’ trotted out by Hoaxteaders as ‘proof’ that hundreds of ordinary citizens in Hampstead are actually members of a deadly ‘Satanic’ baby-murdering, child-raping, cannibalistic cult is that not a single one of the ‘accused’ has stepped forward to have his or her bottom examined for ‘Satanic’ tattoos.

Setting aside the fact that there are, in fact, no accused, other than a bunch of names written down by Ella and Abe…and the fact that we live in a democracy, where the rule of law includes the very important principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’, the ‘tattoo/birthmark’ argument sounds eerily like the medieval concept of ‘witch’s marks‘.

Mark Trellis, who’s been doing yeoman’s duty on YouTube as he attempts to battle Hoaxteaders with logic, takes the tattoo argument apart very neatly. He posted this very eloquent response on one of Guidance2222’s videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKFt8V7S-0E

So, to the alleged tattoos: How do you KNOW that the accused did not immediately run to their doctors? And then, from there, to the police? And what would the police have done with this ‘non-evidence’? They would not have been able to communicate this to the public in any way, shape, or form, as they are not allowed to. Additionally, there are gagging orders/secrecy requirements in such family court cases. The police would have advised these people NOT to publicise any aspect of themselves, they would have told them to ignore everything and to avoid all social media, etc. So these presumably (innocent till proven guilty?) people would follow such advice. This does not mean that they might not want to challenge such ridiculous calls (for exposure of the tattoos, etc.).

But they are f*cked whether they comply with the witch-hunters’ demands or not. If they do, their evidence will just be labelled a cover-up, biased. I am sure it would be said, for example, that a cult doctor made a false statement, etc. Where would it end? Do you REALLY think this would satisfy anyone? The witch-finders would claim that stand-ins had been usedโ€”any theory to revert to their original position. WHERE WOULD IT END?

Some time ago (maybe still) Araya Soma called for the accused to

Come forward to be examined, if you are not guilty you should have come forward STRAIGHT away to be examined, you havent (sic), so we find that as this is weird that you havent (sic), we assume you are guilty, so we DEMAND that you be examined by trusted doctors who could see any attempts to cover up those marks up (sic), plus trusted police that wish to be present. We want photos taken to be kept by the police and doctors for reference in court https://wwww.youtube.com/watch?v=mMJo67g2jeo

But when Araya was challenged by Pookster78 to name the doctors, she shied away: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv71KUJE2eY ‘I am not giving details of the doctors, u lunatic’, etc.

Yet Araya and people like you demand those same accused, whose lives have been turned upside down and are probably suffering from major anxiety, perhaps are expecting a firebomb to come through the letterbox at any moment, should be trusting enough to turn up at a venue, at a predetermined time, with anonymous ‘doctors’ whose credentials cannot be verified, where they might be set upon by a mob of angry believers like yourself.

You may imagine you might do this or that in such circumstances. Unless you have been there, and done that, perhaps you should be more considerate of the pressures these people may be under. They might be dying to show, to prove their innocence, but feel paralysed, unable to do so.

Do you not think it is a coincidence that Abraham has previous convictions for child abuse (imagine how many times he abused children before he actually got a conviction!), that he heard an interview describing groin tattoos on a high-profile paedophile (Leon Brittan), and so on? More coincidence? Do you not see how he was trying to impress his new love, to ‘help her’ in her wish to annihilate her ex? Love is such a strange thing, don’t you agree? Of course, that bit was but a tiny part of this whole mรฉlange of various contributory factors that came together to make this stranger-than-strange case. Lots and lots of hatred was the bulk of it though. That, and questionable reading habits.

I believe all of what the children said emanated from the mind of Abraham. The children filled in the details as best they could for him, as required, in survival mode. Abraham, to the children: “If you’re crying, you’re lying”. Think about that.

Food for thought, for sure. Unless you’re a troofer, that is. Truther

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  1. Tattoos have been part of human culture since the dawn of history, and is certainly a popular way of personal expression in the modern era as noted by the many tattoo parlors that now exist in any urban centre.

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    • I think the witch-hunters’ fixation on tattoos is all about their fascination with the ‘forbidden’…except that, as you say, tattoos are very mainstream these days. Guess the troofers just haven’t caught up yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Maybe, but perhaps they just think that if the police had arrested and forcibly subjected the people the children named to intimate examinations they would of course have found all the tattoos and other things, like the not at all unlikely row of piercings up the spine which would be visible through clothing.

        Tattoos are even older than the dawn of (recorded) history.


        Some people don’t like intimate examinations because they have been victims of things themselves. Just a thought. I’ve known people who have avoided them even to the detriment of their health.

        Those “trusted doctors” were never named! I doubt they ever even existed. It would have to be a specialist too. They may even need specialist equipment.

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        • As Mark points out, it’s entirely possible that the people named did go to the police…but the public would have no way of knowing whether or not that occurred.

          And yes, the ‘row of piercings up the spine’ seems like a pretty incongruous idea, doesn’t it?


          • There’s the big elephant in the room of Ella never having mentioned seeing RD’s tattoo. I mean he’s head honcho of this cult with cult parents, inducted into it as a child. I’m sure there will be a bullshit excuse. Such as he only got it after he left Ella.

            I can read them like a book.

            I think Abraham’s cannabis reveries are finally turning people off. Well some anyway.

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        • The funny thing about the 17th century witch hunting episodes is that some accusers were later accused of being witches and executed. People have had a taste of that with all the infighting, but still it hasn’t dawned on them that they are chasing phantoms in Abraham’s mind.

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      • It’s also another of their “when did you stop beating your wife” moments where they continually accuse & demand innocence be proved. It’s reminds me of a joke (but apparently it’s a real incident) doing the rounds at the present over David Cameron and the pig tale. US president Lyndon Baines Johnson’s aide said to him “LBJ you cannot say your opponent f*cks pigs, it simply isn’t true”. LBJ :” I know but I just want to hear him deny it”.

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  2. The tattoos and distinguishing marks also have the disadvantage of being utterly unbelievable; one woman apparently has a wart as big as a five pence piece on her labia. How do we know it’s that size? The boy asked to measure it of course, after ‘the sex’. The children have no real understanding of female genitalia, one drawing shows a devil’s face that miraculously becomes complete if the woman closes her legs. Such talented tattoo artistry! When being pushed beyond his tolerance to come up with another ‘mark’ for one of the accused the boy casts around, humming and ha-ing, and then, I know! he cries, she has a verucca!! What’s one of those, asks Abe. You know, says the boy, a verucca, like I’ve got on my foot.
    God help Abe and Ella when those children are older.

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    • Yes, lots of it has all the hallmarks of being made up by kids. Refresher bars, McCoys crisps. Sticks, stones, grass and glue up bottoms.

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      • I doubt they will ever forgive her and probably won’t talk to her again. I have a friend who married an American who belonged to a far right Chrtisian group and he eventually took his 2 young children back to the US to live in a town where the almost cult-like church was based. No matter what legal attempts she made she was completely seperated from her children for the formative years and now as adults they sort of only see her as their birth mother & have nothing in common with her and she only communciates with rare formal letters. With Ella, I doubt she will be forgiven.

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  3. So kids who are supposedly raped by dozens of people (every Wednesday), aid in killing babies and eating them also were in such a calm state they noticed body tattoos & exactly where they were?
    And these kids in their videos seem almost excitable & happy as they relate the tales- hardly evidence of real abuse.
    The odd thing is that if the child abuser Abraham Christie had kept his story simple and just got the children to say their dad had abused them a few times, this scam may have worked but clearly his mind is so affected he had to include an entire suburb.
    I too believe Ella is one weird person who put her lover above her children, although this isn’t of course unique.
    And I do not believe any independent doctor would agree to such examinations. The legal ramifications for involving themselves with the satanic fanatics would be a minefield and could lead to being struck off. These Hoaxteders are just vile creeps hiding behind their keyboards and the very notion they would be able to organise a doctor who would agree to their requests is simply fantastical.

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  4. One aspect of Ella’s behavior that struck me as being particularly perverse and reprehensible is in her so-called “witness statement”. She lists pedophile rape, the murder of babies, the skinning of victims and the cannibalization of their flesh in flat, dispassionate tones, and the only moment in which she displays any emotion whatsoever is during an aside after saying how her children were made to drink blood, when she pauses for dramatic effect and makes the horrific revelation that her kids “are VEGAN, by the way.”

    Just stop for a moment and imagine the disconnect required to believe, as she apparently does, that her ex’s failure to respect her stupid dietary boundaries for the kids is one of the WORST aspects of the crimes that she’s describing, much less being anywhere near on par with pedophilia, rape, torture, incest, murder and cannibalism.

    TO me, this represents a smoking gun of sorts.

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    • But no smoking gun when Ella never noticed RD’s tattoo, or that Abraham discovered the cult telepathically, or that upon discovering the children had apparently been brutally raped they looked up altM people rather than taking them to a doctor, or the child abuse images apparently on Abraham’s phone, or the evidence of physical abuse of the children, or the brainstorming sessions and then the recording, or the children saying they were made to say these things, or Ella lying about the physical abuse, or Abraham’s history of child abuse, or his belief in cannabis as a blood substitute predating his meeting the children, the cannabis in the children’s systems but NOT other drugs they initially allege, or the secret rooms not existing, or that Ella never mentions her eldest also in the clutches of the cult, or the childlike scenario of grass, glue, sticks and stones up bottoms, or Ella never noticing her children had been brutally raped, or them both running away, or them both refusing to give evidence at the fact finding hearing, or Ella never showing any sort of emotion about her children, or despite the local and national media coverage no one apparently coming forward,………..

      I could go on, but for true believers it isn’t working.

      They say they believe the children, but only when they are saying what they want to hear.

      The police found Abraham’s phone. Abraham says the police found images of child abuse on there. He says the children did that. Of course they did.

      The poor girl has physical injuries, she’s visibly injured in the home videos. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Whatever you post won’t work I think.

      The idea of a small primary school having baby killing sessions in a normal school day with lots of people attending, teachers abandoning their class to join in the baby killing, school dinners going unprepared, the school nurse unable to attend to emergencies because she’s in the super secret baby killing room helping the baby killing, and little children pulled out of class, drugged into unconsciousness or paralysis, raped, made to kill babies and drink their blood then plonked back in the class is frankly ridiculous.

      If a little child told me a dinosaur came and ate all the sweets from the cupboard, I am under no obligation to believe them!

      I’m being flippant there. In fact this case makes me angry and sad.

      The explanation for no one realising what has gone on is that, well, the parents of the raped children are in on it. And these children have no GP, grandparents, aunties or uncles who would notice anything wrong of course. The whole school is in on it, and this is several schools. All the teachers, all the police, all the social workers, all of Cafcass, all the judges, the shopkeepers, local supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, children’s party place, leisure centre, the gym, the church.

      It is very odd how the places the children describe are the places the children would have been to anyway. The children aren’t taken to somewhere they haven’t been in normal life for an innocuous reason. No visits to an office block they’ve never been to before. There are no strangers to their lives verifiably described. They just name everywhere they’ve been and everyone they know. Even their poor elderly neighbour is in on it, obvious that she is because she didn’t like the children playing on the trampoline. She must be in the cult.

      Anyway, welcome!

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  5. You’re right, and you’ve expressed it very well. I refer to this as Ella’s ‘moral vacancy’: she seems to have no idea that murder, rape, cannibalism, and desecration of human bodies are actually far worse crimes than violating her own vegan principles.

    (BTW, how do you tell if a person is a vegan?

    Oh, don’t worry. They’ll tell you.)


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