Abe’s many socks, and his love of commercial child sex abuse images

Here’s a good example of why you shouldn’t attempt to run a criminal scam whilst also over-indulging in the ganja.

Watch here, as Abraham Christie forgets that he’s already taken over Ella’s Google+/YouTube account, and posts the exact same text as ‘Nemesis Green’.

Abe's sock accountsWhoa, man. There’s, like two of them. Trippy.

“But wait!” I hear you ask. “Isn’t Abe also using the sock account ‘Dicky Rearman’?” (geddit? geddit? Rearman? sodomites? heh heh heh)

Why yes, in fact he is!

Abe as 'Dicky Rearman'

Dear Abe: If you're going to pretend to be Ricky, could you at least try to remember which account you're using? Tx.

Dear Abe: If you’re going to pretend to be Ricky, could you at least try to remember which account you’re using? Tx.

If this were really Mr Dearman, would he be so keen to incriminate himself? And why the mention of ‘NEMESIS GREEN’? Yep, this is definitely Abe. If nothing else, his obsession with ‘sodomites’ gives him away.

Makes you wonder, though, what Charlotte Ward and Jacco de Boer, Filmmakers Extraordinaire, were smoking when they put 2+2 together and got 893:

A still from the video 'The Defenders of the Cult, Part 2'.

A still from the video ‘The Defenders of the Cult, Part 2’.

In this video, they’re trying to make out that Ricky Dearman is somehow masterminding almost all the accounts on YouTube and Google+. They accuse him of being pretty much everyone, from Santa Claus to the Pope.

Conveniently, in that self-same video, they nabbed ‘Dicky Rearman’ (who we now know is Abraham Christie) salivating over some questionable images of children:Abe comments on sexualised child

Nice one, Jacco and Charlotte. Well done—and thanks for the rather convincing evidence that Abe really is a connoisseur of child pornography, as we’ve pointed out here before.

However, none of this stops Angela Power-Tool-Disney from thinking she’s got a live one on the line! Watch here, as she talks to ‘Dicky Rearman’…thinking he’s really ‘Ricky Dearman’!

Angie, dear, please get your head out of your ass. You're only embarrassing yourself, and we've told you, that party trick is no longer funny.

Angie, dear, please get your head out of your ass. You’re only embarrassing yourself, and we’ve told you, that party trick is no longer funny.

Ah well, another day, another bunch of performing monkeys trying to pull off a clever plan to ‘prove’ that the world is run by ‘Satanic cults’.

Nice try, guys. No cigar.

p.s. More fun incriminating screenshots from our reader, Mark:

Thanks, Mark! We rely on sharp-eyed people like you. Keep 'em coming!

Thanks, Mark! We rely on sharp-eyed people like you. Keep ’em coming!


36 thoughts on “Abe’s many socks, and his love of commercial child sex abuse images

  1. Yep, this post is exactly what I was talking about the other day on another post when I mentioned that Jacco and Charlotte would feel rather silly now.

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  2. ……zip…all the dicky rearman comments gone, g+ account deleted, within minutes of this post, Hoaxtead seems to have hit the nail on the head…Abe is trying to delete evidence…too late, Abe

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    • What a lovely blog title.

      The Truth Behind Lions Paw Systematic extermination of the white people can be seen quite clearly in the extermination of the white Persians(633), Spanish Celts(711), Russians, Armenians and Catholic exterminations of the French COUP called ‘revolution’ by our distorted historians. Why distort history? The Lions Paw Mystery of Freemasonry originated at the site of the former ‘good guys’ exterminated by the Jewish forefathers, Phoenicians, at Dragons Paw Sri Lanka, aka “Lions Paw”. True Masons and Dragons, WAKE UP!

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    • I believe there’s a ley line that extends directly from Hampstead through Walnut Creek, California. Amazing co-inky-dink, that.

      Now please take your racist lunacy elsewhere, mm’kay?


  3. What a sick twunt he is.. using Ella’s daughter’s name as a username too.
    Why the hell is Ella still with him? Is she scared of him or something? No sane woman would want to be with a greasy sicko like that. Therefore, I can only conclude that she is as sick and twisted as him.
    Brady & Hindley, Huntley & Carr…it’s a common theme..

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      • And this one, too: Both these programmes show us parallels in some aspects of the Hampstead case, and give some possible understanding of Ella and Abe’s relationship and the factors which might have brought them to where they are today:

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        • Harold Shipman. He stole items from people he is believed to have murdered. His wife brought court cases to try and get them back. She never believed in his guilt.

          My grandma worked with him way back when, well before he is thought to have started killing, possibly. She told me he wasn’t a nice person. This wasn’t hindsight talking. His early drug addiction and other stuff she told me came out when his life was fully investigated.

          He is the worst serial killer the UK has ever discovered.

          The Hoaxteaders would have us believe that this case is about 40 times more murderous with no one noticing and once it hits the press no one coming forward.

          Most noticeable is the total absence of any support for Ella and Abraham from their pre Morocco trip lives.

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  4. The Pazders didn’t really make porn videos of themselves acting out their SRA fantasies, as far as I know – I was only kidding about that 🙂 But here’s an intriguing truth about SRA stories being literally porn for some people, which will underline the ignorant stupidity of self-professed “investigators” like Jacqui-Charlotte.

    Another of my little research hobbies, over the last 30+ years, involves tracking down persons responsible for the commercial child pornography (or, child sexual abuse images) produced in the 1970s and early 1980s, who had escaped justice for some or all of their crimes, and then ratting them out to victims or victim family members who were actively seeking to prosecute or sue them. (I don’t want to over-sell this. I haven’t had connections to active service police investigators since 1993. I’m an amateur, armchair investigator with little resources. I’ve only succeeded in tracking such perpetrators a couple of times).

    To facilitate this research, it has been necessary for me to acquire a knowledge of who was involved in producing what types of CP, when and where. It was necessary for me to have some understanding of the content of these commercial CP magazines & films, but of course without ever actually viewing them! (Which I would never do for many reasons, principally that I don’t wish to re-victimize anyone). Fortunately, there has been extensive, detailed research on this subject which can be found in forensics journals such as IPT.

    One of the things I was most curious to know, was whether or not there really had been SRA themed commercial CP. One of the most persistent claims about the alleged SRA daycare cases of the 1980s, such as McMartin preschool, was that the children had all been exploited on numerous occaisions for the production of SRA themed commercial CP. There was alleged to be a hundred-million dollar or more industry involving the production of SRA themed CP specifically, but no trace of any of this alleged pornography was ever found by police investigators. Well, it turns out that these allegations weren’t just an exaggeration, they were a complete and total falsehood. There was in fact NO SRA themed CP marketed commercially in the 1960’s, 1970s or 1980s. There was supposedly a “loop” film depicting satanic bikers breaking into a church, nailing the pastor upside down on a giant crucifix and then raping little girls in the church, but I was never able to find any confirmation that it existed or who was supposed to have produced it, so I concluded that it was only an urban legend.

    There was NOTHING. And there is a good reason for this – no SRA themed CP was ever made because there was never a market for it. Even pro-SRA academics like Michael Salter have acknowledged that SRA is not a paraphilia in its own right, like ‘watersports’ or ‘B&D’ are. So, when idiots like Charlotte trawl commercial CP sites expecting to find Ella’s kids starring in SRA themed CP produced in Hampstead, they don’t understand how stupidly deluded they are! No one would have made such videos, because no one would buy them! The idea that there are hundreds of thousands or millions of satanic abuse cult members around the world hungrily awaiting the latest SRA CP releases to add to their massive collections of such filth, is nothing but a myth and a fantasy.

    But why wouldn’t the average pedophile seek out and buy SRA themed CP, and why do I say that SRA stories ARE porn for some people, if it is not a common enough sexual fantasy to carry a market in such materials? SRA stories are only a sexual turn-on for FALSE MORALISTS. As David Frankfurter says in “Evil Incarnate” – “…the designation of a realm utterly beyond human comprehensibility [i.e., pure evil] allows imaginative participation in the perversions and atrocities to take place safely. In other words, knowing something is evil allows us to contemplate it without fear that we may be enjoying it, [consciously], for we must be condemning it.”
    Actual theistic satanists, people who actually worship satan as a diety, wouldn’t buy such materials because 1) very few of them will be pedophiles, just like the rest of the population and 2) they wouldn’t perceive “being a satanist” to be evil, so they wouldn’t get a thrill out of projecting themselves into the satanic perpetrator and imagining what it might be like to be a cultist “devoted to pure evil”. Similarly, although pedophiles may hold complex rationalizations justifying their behaviour, and not think of themselves as “perverts”, nevertheless they are unlikely to tell themselves that they are buying CP “for research” or something. They know that the purpose of the CP is to get them aroused, to indulge specifically SEXUAL fantasies, and “get off” from watching them. They don’t watch their CP and say to themselves: “oh, this is terrible! this is so wrong, so monstrously evil!” as they pretend not to notice the erection in their pants. They don’t watch CP to indulge fantasies about things they would never really do, they watch it to relive things they have already done, and to project themselves into scenes that they very much hope to act out.

    SRA is porn only for people who like to fantasize what it would be like to engage in the most atrocious & vile behaviours they can conceive of, behaviour that they really do think is evil, or to contemplate in detail what “those evil cultists” that they are condemning must be doing to those innocent little kiddies.

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  5. I guess Abe has given up all hope of ever returning to the UK which one can easily do if they are from elsewhere but Ella?. She is burning bridges, or allowing Abe to burn them for her. 3 years down the track I think she is going to be one miserable lady and all the hoaxteders will have moved onto a new drama although Hampstead is about as spicy as it can get. I do wonder what goes on in the minds of those who are so fanatical- is Hampstead like the culmination of all the horror that has been lying just below the surface in their brains?. I still think of that famous closet & how those who protest so loudly & shrilly may well fear deep down that they could sucumb to Satanism. I’m sure Freud would back me up but of course, he’s an Illuminati. gatekeeper, Freemason, Jew & for all I know related to Phil The Greek.

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