Charlotte gets the wrong end of the Needle

Earlier this week, we noted with some amusement that Charlotte Ward Alton had put up a link from her Hamster Research blog to an article on The Needle blog, outlining the moral dilemma involved in paedophile hunting. The piece was reblogged without comment; one might be forgiven for thinking that Charlotte agreed with it.

Putting aside the hilarity of Charlotte’s actually linking to a post that makes sense, and the probability that she wouldn’t know a moral dilemma, never mind a moral, if it leapt up and bit her in her scrawny arse, we were amused by the irony of it all. You see, from the beginning, when it comes to the issue of Hoaxtead, The Needle has repeatedly come down firmly on the side of the truth.

The blog’s first piece on the Hampstead ‘satanic cult abuse’ hoax appeared March 19, the day Mrs Justice Pauffley handed down her fact-finding judgement:

The Needle Blog-19 Mar 2015“Let me say that I support Mrs Justice Pauffley’s comments 100%”.

That’s pretty unequivocal. Surprising that Charlotte seems to have missed it.

Oh, all right. We’re being sarcastic. It’s not surprising at all, really.

Following that post, The Needle’s author, GoJam, went on: ‘Three Wanted in Hampstead Harassment Case‘ came out on 26 March.

The Needle Blog-Hampstead-2015-03-26

‘If I’m honest, I can see only one thing that remotely resembles a “cult” and that is the slavish, brainwashed, and irresponsible following online of those that refuse to accept that they’ve been hoodwinked’.

We know Charlotte is dense and can’t take a hint to save her soul, but we’re really not feeling the Hoaxtead love here.

On 27 March, GoJam published a piece on Belinda and Sabine’s dodgy paedophile connections: Hampstead, McKenzie Friends and Terence Ewing. In the 11 April piece titled Hampstead Satanic Hoax: Justice Pauffley is Wrong!, GoJam took issue with Justice Pauffley’s observation that those who perpetuated the hoax online were ‘evil and/or foolish’. Instead, he noted, a substantial proportion of them are also mentally unbalanced.

And most recently, on 21 April, he took issue with ‘Jacqui Farmer’ (now known to be Charlotte Ward Alton) and her ludicrous attempt to ‘prove’ that Ricky Dearman was dealing in commercial child sex abuse images. The Needle Blog-Hoaxtead-2015-04-21We’ve said the same thing (repeatedly) about Charlotte’s ham-fisted and technologically stupid attempts to ‘prove’ that various people (besides herself) have viewed and dealt in child pornography.

So we’re really not sure why Charlotte would have any reason to think that The Needle blog or its author are somehow friendly to her interests. Besides her innate dim-wittedness, that is.


10 thoughts on “Charlotte gets the wrong end of the Needle

  1. I think she doesn’t read half the things she links to.

    She has recently put up a post about Rosie Waterhouse, titled “Whom Do You Believe?” (Quick answer is “Not you Charlotte”). Dr Waterhouse was made director of the MA course in Investigative Journalism after writing a thesis on Satanic Panic, or as Charlotte has it is “now enjoying a cushy post on the back of her 2014 PhD”. Jealousy? No teaching job for Charlotte after all her work on “Conspirituality”.

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    • “On the back of her PhD”–hahaha! Like those are easy to come by. Charlotte doesn’t know the meaning of work, especially not the sustained kind of brain-work that’s required to get a doctorate.


  2. Charlotte has had one comment of three words in two days of blogging. No one reads anything she writes. No one cares. Still, it keeps her away from Jacco, so he’s happy to support her. His family supports both of them to stay on the other side of the pla.

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    • If I had a son and she were involved with him, I’d do more than pay her to stay away. Just saying.

      As for her dwindling readership, it’s no surprise. She’s a dreadful writer, whose main claim to fame is her current career as a low-level troll.


    • She is filling the Junk Mail folders of people across North London with her “letters” – which are no more than links to her site. She says “if anyone wants to see my mailing lists to prove that I’m really doing this and not just pretending – let me know” – which is the sort of pathetic thing you say if you are a work-shy temp who has done nothing all day.

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      • You know, if her active readership/comment rate is that low, it makes me wonder whether the majority of that blog’s views come from…well, people opposed to the hoax! LOL


        • The website Rationalwiki would encourage its readers to periodically boycott the ridiculous “Conservapedia” site. This proved that most people visiting the latter were only there to point and laugh.

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          • Wouldn’t it be interesting if we were to do the same to some of the Hoaxteaders’ sites? I’d be willing to bet they’d see an alarming drop-off in views.


  3. “Clearly Ella is allowing Abe to create a situation where she will never ever see her children again and if they return to the UK they will be on serious charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice.On my website Hampstead Research I have posted the Ella’s attempt to appeal Judge Paulfey’s judgement & the appeal judges picked apart Ella’s false claim that she was presented from appearing tat the appeal. It was a lie and now she has no legal avenues left, rather she faces criminal charges in the UK. Why have you allowed this happen Ella? You are like every abused woman by a vindictive and vicious man who seems intent on screwing up your life for you. Y”

    ~ Charlotte Ward Alton 11 hours ago!blog/c1krz

    Charlotte there, slagging off Abe & Ella (and admitting her real name after months of vehemently denying it). I love this place 🙂

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    • Gotta love Charlotte. If you don’t suck up to her, she’ll rip you to shreds any which way she can. Funny to compare this with her earlier sycophantic drooling over Abe & Ella. 🙂


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