Blog Share: ‘UK VIP Abuse and the Prurient Interest of Perverts’


Thanks to Gridd for sending us a link to this thought-provoking post from the Blueprintnation blog (which brilliantly describes itself as “dust and spiritual lint found between life’s flatulence-scented cushions”):


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  1. I see a parallel here, the fact that you should get off benefits and get a job rather than sitting at your computer every hour of the day obsessing over conspiracy theories.


  2. The text of the article is really interesting and pertinent, e.g the current interest in satanism, paedophilia and child abuse ‘a form of retail sadomasochism’ but the article is very difficult to read ie white on black and too small, therefore i have taken the liberty of pasting it here:

    UK VIP Abuse and The Prurient Interest of Perverts
    It has emerged over many years that MPs and public officials are a rotten lot. Private Eye​ has covered this every two weeks for more than 30 years in a feature called Rotten Boroughs and HP Sauce. They have lied in court, gone to jail, taken cash for questions, secretly armed sadistic dictators and if that wasn’t enough for the stupid, out of shape, TV obsessed know-nothings then the latest paedophile scandal has really done the trick.

    Everywhere you look the headlines for the last three years have been dominated by some new outrage that was committed in a day when there were fewer whistleblowers and greater adherence to an old-school tie understanding. Cases were suppressed and offenders were ignored to the detriment of it seems, hundreds of young victims. Some are alleged to have been murdered. Whatever the case, it is all coming out in the wash now. With a special judge appointed to access all areas without hindrance more will no doubt float to the surface and be of acute embarrassment to an entire nation.
    What is interesting is the connection between the media (mainstream and alternative) and the amassing of vast amounts of money. Every time a news link is clicked or a newspaper is bought a penny goes ahead straight to the proprietors. Some news sources are making bank at present time with the constant slew of abuse, neglect and sexual violence stories. The public are paying for what they want: horror stories about children in pain. The peddlers of this pain are of course dressing things up with more personal stories and alarming tales of subterranean orgies with hints of Satanism. To say there is no degree of perversity involved with little to no prurience is to equally hyperbolic and state that the interest is based solely on disgust and an altruistic desire to combat this scourge. For some people this might be the case, but how many cases does one need to read about to get motivated and do something about it? It is not so dissimilar to items I mentioned previously relating to government corruption.

    So have the recent enquiries been about people power? Insofar as people writing to MPs to demand investigations: yes. The stories were carried in a (more or less) free press and created public awareness. The ensuing results are to one degree or another attributable to various levels of the civil service and government as well as the originators of the story. In this regard, it can be stated that government is working towards resolving these historic crimes. However, on another front the continual slurry of child horror stories is still in full force. Has the world stopped? Have all other issues been resolved and there remains this one massive canker sore on the national conscience? The answer is no. The paedophile scare peddlers are still keeping it on the front page because the public keeps lapping it up. It is in a sense a form of retail sadomasochism.

    The perverts who are printing it and buying it enjoy feeling enraged. A sort of cathartic reaction perhaps to their weird interests. There are numerous websites from the alternative spectrum of independent media that also operate much the same way as their mainstream competitors. The presentation of an alien race of blue bloods with Royal connections eating babies at Balmoral Castle is one such example. With space alien logos, unflattering pictures of grubby perverts and images of Queen Elizabeth II, a compelling if not far-fetched narrative unfolds. This story is packaged as ‘’the news you aren’t being told’’ again, as if the truth from the corporate press wasn’t bad enough. For some the mainstream paedophile scare stories stop fuelling the ‘’sickening high’’ and then a move to the underground is in order. WorldTruthTV and anything associated with the online musings of David Icke are examples of such offenders.

    In short the horror-obsessed public are involved in a tryst with their news sources. They are busy focusing on something which has gone past the point of reasonable interest whereby action is supplanted by an endless rage. For many it will be their only claim to have had a part in uncovering a dark chapter of UK history. Those who hit the alarm buttons earlier on and are still vigilant for the wicked excesses of those in authority without needing a sicko fantasy fix, are the good citizens.
    A Thane’s Urn at 4:36 AM


  3. “get off benefits and get a job rather than sitting at your computer every hour of the day obsessing over conspiracy theories”

    ^ Ah, I’m so glad that ‘The A-Z of Internet Trolling Clichés’ is still getting some mileage from the educationally subnormal.

    By the way, Walter, don’t you have a Golden Dawn meeting to get to? Run along!


  4. Thanks but you do realise that the text on the post is in fact a link to the original article. You’re not supposed to try to read it as it is – it’s a link!


  5. I think they did that because some people don’t like reading white on black (which the link takes you to.)
    I’ve seen some people complain about that before.


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