Sands of Time: the Benefit of Hindsight

Putting aside the hilarious Hoaxteader in-bickering, this conversation is very revealing on a number of other levels:


Firstly, it shows that Charlotte has run out of ideas and is desperate for material. She’s barely posted a thing since she opened her shit new blog and has been promising some earth-shattering news for days. Turns out that the “Earth-shattering news” is an arrest that happened over three months ago and about which we all already knew.

Then there’s Sickened’s typical Hoaxteader take on Christine Sands. Isn’t it fun to watch them all scrambling around, desperately trying to distance themselves from her. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it.


The Polymilf Poet in happier times (before her arrest, deportation and ejection from the Hoaxtead fruitcake brigade)

At the time they vehemently supported her every action. Check out the videos of Neelu fawning over her (cringe!) and an assortment of Hoaxtead weirdoes sticking up for her, praying with her (!) and banging on about how great she was when she was screaming “They’re killing your children, they’re fucking your children” in front of two terrified toddlers.

Ah but now that they’ve finally woken up to the fact that Sands is an embarrassing nutjob, i.e. what we tried to tell them at the time (and for which we were roundly insulted, threatened and abused), they’re making out that they’ve never trusted her and passing the buck by claiming she’s a CIA shill!

Finally, you have to chuckle at Charlotte’s desperate excuse for posting this ancient video, when Sickened calls her out on it: “I thought it was interesting…because of the police officer’s secret language – that did look like a sign!” And this is the Hoaxteaders’ glorious leader? Haha, good luck with that, fruitcakes XD

copper 3

Meme reproduced by kind permission of Agent E

Anyway, we’ll leave you with another amusing slice of Sickened “logic”:



14 thoughts on “Sands of Time: the Benefit of Hindsight

  1. Sands…if anyone over there had any brains they would have seen that Sands was a plant. But they just ride with the donkeys.

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    • I must admit I don’t buy the plant/shill theory but it’s a convenient fall-back position for the Hoaxtead fruitcakes to aid them in their desperate attempts to distance themselves from her.

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      • I have to admit, I did believe it.. for a day.. then realised that no, she was simply a mouthy nutter.


  2. Her videos from inside Christ Church are amusing in that they reveal her complete ignorance of just about everything. Like Charlotte she is a lazy researcher – as are most of the crowd the Hoaxtead crowd.

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  3. ‘…my mind was like a blocked drain. It was overflowing for a while;overwhelming. I started to see evil everywhere. If I saw the lights on in a church late at night I imagined that there was an illuminati ritual taking place. And when my internet went wrong I imagined that the Illuminati knew…

    p 8 illuminati party ‘jacqui farmer aka charlotte ward’

    ‘….I was ill, needing medication. I started seeing signs everywhere. When a policeman put his hand on his chin, as I do many times a day, without realising, I imagined it was an illuminati sign, saying: ‘We are a secret baby munching paedo group, ha ha, don’t you know it, we’re all in on it!’ I had it really bad. What made it worse was a group of people on that blog I wrote, who fawned over my every word, stroked my ego and sent me deeper into my madness, telling me I was right, I really had lost all contact with reality.’

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  4. Now now. Seems that you’ve ran out of misleading gossip. Look what the research team are uncovering. Interesting. Wonder how you’ll post this. Cover it up with bulldhit like you TRY and fail to do continuously.

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    • Yeah. Your “research team” has just revealed that Christine Sands was arrested in April. Awesome! Go team XD

      PS: it’s spelt ‘run’. Daft bint. (Mind you, you can’t even spell ‘bullshit’, so we’re not expecting miracles.)

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    • Finding out that the mad American was arrested a few months ago is not *uncovering” anything! We all knew that. Haha..some “research” team.

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  5. Neelu has made herself look bad in defense of agent Sands (Or whatever her real name is), I still can’t get over Neelu calling me a paedophile and a satanist in front of my daughter and all because I begged her to check Sands out before trusting her.

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    • An important lesson: never try to tell these people to “check someone out” or “examine their assumptions” or “use their alleged brains”….they always assume this means you’re a paedophilic Satanist cannibalistic child trafficker.

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