Hampstead Research: Yet Another Balls-Up!


Makes you wonder what else she got wrong in that video, doesn’t it 😉

By the way, on a side note, here’s Hampstead Research being open, humble and transparent about everything:



10 thoughts on “Hampstead Research: Yet Another Balls-Up!

  1. Sometimes words are just not capable of expressing the stupidity of charlotte the harlot. ..gonna take a while to quell my laughter

    She is very transparent. …we can all see through her and what she is trying to do.

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  2. Ooh, Charlotte et al are SO transparent…but their “openness” is debatable. If they’re so open, why do they delete the vast majority of comments that come their way?

    One thing I really appreciate about Hoaxtead Research is that you let almost all comments through–including ones from that lunatic in Holland. Hey, you even let me comment, lol!

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  3. If she is so transparent how about she does a Skype meeting …….? An open one so people can talk to her.


  4. God really did a number on you, right?

    No looks, no talent… A rote vocabulary which is a bit too recurrent to be impressive. You must really hate life.


  5. You tell the little cult they are a washed up bunch of fat, ugly, half witted morons who will be dealt with accordingly.


    • Don’t worry, buddy – I’d be jealous too if I lived on benefits on the grubby backstreets of Chicago.

      By the way, is there any chance that your meltdown is going to end soon so that we can all hear your counter-arguments? Or are you happy to simply carry on stamping your feet, crying like a baby and screaming “Waaah waaah, nobody loves me, not fair, not fair, I’m telling my mommy on you”?


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