‘Research Hampstead’ RIP!




Bye bye, fruitloop!

Oh and while we’re on, let’s enjoy this one again, for old time’s sake:





20 thoughts on “‘Research Hampstead’ RIP!

  1. So she didn’t ignore the warning as promised to her followers…she deleted it. In other words, she’s a liar (but we knew that anyway.) 🙂

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  2. Fuck that shit! You Brits are a bunch of wonky-toothed bastards. Where will I go now to vent my sexual frustrations? I was on a promise with Jacqui too! It’s not fair. You’ll get yours yet, Scarlet Poop, you worthless Cockney Liverpudlian bitch.


  3. You’re a bunch of wankers for making my beloved Jacqui run away like that. She’s very upset and I hate you I hate you I hate you. You wait till I get you into court, you bunch of donkey-raping muppets.


  4. Sod this. Her new website is like a tunnel with no cheese. It makes me feel like a dolphin in a square tank 😦


    • Dolphin Square? Sorry, Margaret – the only addresses I know about are the ones that your boss Charlotte has just illegally posted on her website again. If any of the innocent families – including children – who live at those addresses get attacked again (which must be Charlotte’s aim), you’ll all have blood on your hands.


  5. That was the night Cyril Smith got arrested and released within 2 hrs. It’s all going to come out. Britans Biggest Secret will be no more. They say suicide is painless.


    • By the way, I used to support Hampstead Research but even you have to admit that publishing children’s names and addresses is taking things way too far. I refuse to be part of Jacqui’s efforts to have innocent children assaulted or even murdered.


    • Margaret, THEY don’t. Johnny Mandel did. He also sang that it brings on many changes… and most importantly, that I can take or leave it if I choooose.
      So feck u.

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