Eddie’s script kiddie pal strikes again

Readers might recall that during Sabine McNeill’s trial in November, Paul Rodgers a.k.a. EddieIsOK a.k.a Edgar John was arrested from the courtroom and convicted on charges of contempt of court. Rather than accept responsibility for his own behaviour, he chose to blame EC, and has been on a low-grade campaign of harassment ever since.

In December we noted that his behaviour could be regarded as witness intimidation, particularly when he enlisted the assistance of his friend “J3zus”, using the Facebook page of his girlfriend Nattalie Stubbs Bradshaw. J3zus and Stubbs Bradshaw live together in Milton in Stoke-on-Trent, where J3zus has been seen driving his BMW…a car well above his apparent pay grade, but who are we to judge? [Editor: Look, can we just call him Jesus? This alpha-numeric thing is doing my head in.]

While their attempt at doxxing this blog was hilariously awful, it really was the thought that counted. (And by “thought’ we mean “unregulated brainstem activity”.)

Now, it seems that J3zus…er, Jesus has done it again. Yes, it’s another Pastebin extravaganza in super-secret binary code which only certifiable computer geniuses can decipher. There was one positive: this time it was mercifully short.

Here it is, in all its brilliant glory:

What it lacks in length it makes up an incomprehensibility.

However, we think we grasp the general gist: despite being a self-proclaimed “hacker”, Jesus has no concept of what “SSL encryption” means. He seems to think that it has something to do with encrypting the blog for nefarious purposes.

Nor does he have the faintest clue what an encryption certificate entails, even though these have been standard fare for years now.

Because we are kind souls at heart, we’ll give him a hint:

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

Not to worry Jesus further, but we’re informed that it takes a developer about one minute to navigate this super-tricky manoeuvre. If he still doesn’t understand, perhaps he should go back to hacker school. Let’s just say that it’s unlikely that our encryption security certificate would somehow destroy the GoDaddy server. Or whatever it was that he said.

We did have a good laugh at his assertion that “thanks to the certificate of the website including Arizona in the United States states and more” he could magically determine where this blog is located.

Here’s another hint, Jesus: WordPress’ parent company, Automattic, enables people to set up blogs through the company GoDaddy, which among other things provides a domain name service that’s both cheap and easy to use. (Any similarity to Jesus’ girlfriend is purely coincidental.)

from Nattalie Stubbs Bradshaw’s Facebook page
[Editor: I do not think that woman is wearing underpants.]

Now, for our final point: would anyone else in the class like to explain to J3zus where GoDaddy has its head offices?

Wow, fancy that. Scottsdale, Arizona. That is what you call one amazing coincidence.

We’re trying not to roll our eyes too hard, as our mothers used to tell us that if we did that too often they could freeze in that position. Honestly, who wants to take the chance?

48 thoughts on “Eddie’s script kiddie pal strikes again

    • There is the allegation that we are paid by MI5, Mossad, the CIA, Freemasons ( Scotland branch) the Rothschilds/Soros Illuminati, old elements from the KGB, the Federal Intelligence Service (Germany) and the CWA.

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      • ‘There is the allegation that we are paid by MI5, Mossad, the CIA, Freemasons ( Scotland branch) the Rothschilds/Soros Illuminati, old elements from the KGB, the Federal Intelligence Service (Germany) and the CWA.’

        When actually it’s just Knit and Natter and the Bingo Club. snort….

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      • I’ve been accused of being a paid shill several times but no money has ever showed up in my bank account from any of the above organisations. What am I doing wrong?

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        • It’s not your fault, Rosy. Word round the water-cooler is that Sam in accounts has been too busy feeding vodka to his cat to sort out our bloody pay cheques. You just can’t get the staff.

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    • I’m Emily. Emily Thorn, though the fruitloops can’t manage to get my name right 😛 The “thorn” in Shurter’s side. You’d think they’d be happy i exposed a repeat-child-rapist but no, apparently being on hoaxtead’s side means I’m both a bad person and Scarlet.

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  1. “We’re trying not to roll our eyes too hard, as our mothers used to tell us that if we did that too often they could freeze in that position.”
    Amazing how Mother Admonitions can be the same on continents 1000s of miles apart and transverse language differences.

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      • Plus he assumes she’s a “lefty” for some inexplicable reason. Because she had the temerity to question a Yellow Vest or because she’s Swedish?.
        Does that make Eddie a right-winger?, Does this idiot realise the extreme right-wing would have him on a ship back to wherever his parents came from?, Born in the UK or not?.

        Eddie is depressingly a symptom of so much today- people who actively work against their own self interests as evident in the Trump voters in the poorer parts of the USA and the right-wing “Christian” Evangelicals are a driving force for that. This hasn’t been part of the UK for so many decades but it’s a very worrying aspect.

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        • Sadly this is a phenomenon. I didn’t coin the phrase but it is known as “pulling up the drawbridge behind you” syndrome and I’ve seen it first hand in the post-WW2 Polish and 1960s Asian communities with regards to new immigrants. Not a stretch to believe that the Afro-Caribbean community is afflicted the same way.

          Of course what these fools fail to understand is that once the drawbridge has been pulled up, it is they who will be flung from the ramparts into the moat.

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        • If his schtik persuades the rubes to give him $$$, his we grift is hardly “actively work[ing] against their own self interests”.

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  2. It must be strange living in the world with an IQ lower than ‘imbecile’. I suspect he is using a ‘Speak n’ Spell’ and it is translated by ‘er in the picture with the can (must be a bit chilly without a string vest in this weather).

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  3. I had a look at a conspiracy debunking video the other day and one commenter had stated he/she missed the days when conspiracy theories were about Bigfoot etc. I’m old enough to remember when some of them could kind of be fun (conspiracy theories).

    I suppose it was only a matter of time before grifters moved on to the internet – back in the day I sometimes got those “You have won a prize” letters [only you had to pay to have the prize delivered!!!!] even when I hadn’t entered a competition and I still sometimes get calls telling me there’s something wrong with my computer or my hub (router). I usually stop the call there.

    Was the young Swedish woman just there by chance? She is of a much slighter build than Eddie (who I must admit I know little about – does that make me fortunate?).

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    • By the way – those “your computer has been infected & this is Microsoft” calls almost have me tearing my hair out. I look after an elderly lady and had a phone installed for her for emergencies. Today when I visited she had it off the hook because she had one of those frigging calls at Mid-day (and it’s happened so many times).

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      • Depending how much time I have on my hands, I have (not my idea – another lady suggested it to me) a few times played the old lady card asking them if they were the man who was supposed to be mending the lavatory and why wasn’t he here last week, though now I usually just end such calls. I’m not sure where you are based, GoS, but the “Microsoft Calling” scam has been pretty well exposed on British TV, you’d think they’d at least cook up another scam.

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  4. Courtesy of Michael of the Mouse Family:

    I think this is relevant although it refers to Kevin Annett and his “ITCCS” but as this website says ( it’s Canadian law but I’m sure UK law is similar and in the USA the charges can be endless):
    366. (1) Every one commits forgery who makes a false document, knowing it to be false, with intent
    (a) that it should in any way be used or acted on as genuine, to the prejudice of any one whether within Canada or not; or
    (b) that a person should be induced, by the belief that it is genuine, to do or to refrain from doing anything, whether within Canada or not.Making false document
    (2) Making a false document includes etc etc. (see below).

    What we have is a vast conspiracy whereby numerous people Princess Neelu, Angela Pooper-Daisy, the ITCCS “officers”, Andy Decline, Mr. IsACock, Wacky Wanoa etc etc actually push all this nonsense as though it ‘s real.
    Wanoa is trying to fraudulently sell shares in a scheme with no backing but falsely claiming that he has . It is, outright fraud. Even if he sells just one share.
    Note : Hopeless Girl says the money she is scamming is for “research”.

    They truly believe these “arrest warrants” and so on are genuine & real and can be acted upon.
    I recall a video of a church somewhere in the UK where a bunch of aggressive loons invaded and insulted parishioners, priest etc and tried to turf them out using one of these false documents, claiming they had seized the Catholic Church and The Pope was being arrested.

    Of course the police are understandably befuddled by all this rubbish (I loved one of the cops who when told The Pope was to be arrested replying “well we can’t go and arrest him right now” ) but Murphy’s Law says there will be a serious and dangerous incident at some stage (pizzagate ?).
    I thought the bunch of church invaders should have been hauled off for at least trespass.


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  5. Guess who just can’t keep her mouth shut.
    AKA look at my facebook feed.
    She talks about and names certain children at 41m03s.
    Also showing photos at 50m34s.
    Although she has been told ad infinitum, she does not seem to get that it is not OK to prolong children’s suffering just so she can profit from her sick SRA fantasies.

    One thing that makes me laugh (and there are many examples shown in this video) is when people complain about their free speech being stifled as they are speaking (freely!) about it to a camera and audience. Like it is a human right to have a channel onYoutube/Google and other places. No one is stopping them hosting their own videos/blogs etc.
    One more thing. At 58m13s “Little old Ireland……tax haven by the likes of unelected, non-Irish Leo Varadker”. He was born in Dublin unlike D’Isigny/Disney.

    Oh and she does finish the video off with a joke. “Pray for truth to continue”
    As the truthers like to say “You couldn’t make this shit up!” but she manages quite well, really.


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  6. Devine has two videos up with phone calls from [redacted] about J.C. at court this morning, hard to make out what he is saying though because he is rambling as usual.

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