Update: Sabine McNeill trial set for January

Further to Sabine McNeill’s plea and case management hearing on Monday, we have now learned that her trial on charges of having violated her restraining order will begin the week of 9th January, 2017. We have had no word yet on how long it’s expected to take.

The restraining order was imposed following a finding of not guilty at the end of her trial, along with Neelu Berry, for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation.

Alert readers (and those who were able to stay awake during Monday evening’s webcast in which Neelu made a long and rambling speech about Sabine’s hearing) will recall that Neelu stated Sabine had not entered a plea.

However, the fact that the trial has been scheduled would seem to disprove that statement: it appears that Sabine did indeed enter a plea of ‘not guilty’.

Are the restraining orders legal?

We’ve now heard several Hoaxtead mobsters complain that it is somehow ‘illegal’ or improper that HH Judge Worsley saw fit to impose restraining orders on the defendants, despite the fact that they were acquitted of the charges laid against them.

We’ve discussed this before, but we thought we’d take a moment to reiterate how that works, for the hard-of-thinking among the Hoaxtead mob:

According to the CPS webpage, restraining orders may indeed be issued post-acquittal:

Section 12 of the DVCVA 2004 introduced section 5A into the PHA 1997, which allows the court to make a restraining order after acquitting a defendant of any offence if the court considers it necessary to do so to protect a person from harassment from the defendant.

Unlike restraining orders on conviction, there is no power to protect a person from fear of violence that falls short of harassment where the defendant has been acquitted.

Harassment is not defined in the PHA 1997, except that it includes causing a person alarm or distress. For further guidance see Stalking and Harassment.

Section 5A was introduced to deal with those cases where there is clear evidence that the victim needs protection, but there is insufficient evidence to convict on the particular charges before the court. It is still open to the victim to seek a non-molestation order or injunction from a civil court. However, this more proactive approach on the part of the courts using section 5A is seen as not only avoiding delay and increased costs to the legal aid budget, but also providing a more seamless process of providing protection to victims.

Section 5A only applies where there has been an acquittal. It does not apply where proceedings have been withdrawn or discontinued.

(All emphasis ours.)

So there you have it. Post-acquittal restraining orders are in fact quite proper and legal, not ‘farcical’ or ‘Monty Pythonesque’ as some have tried to allege.

Of course, we would never dream of speculating as to how such orders might be enforced in any cases currently before the courts. Just clarifying a point of law, for those who are interested.


69 thoughts on “Update: Sabine McNeill trial set for January

  1. I’m always puzzled when hoaxers make claims as they did recently (Power-Disney for one) that the restraining order in question was illegal. Quite apart from the ridiculous notion a judge could impose a penalty not mandated, don’t they ever check on anything?

    These days, if in doubt, it’s pretty easy to check on the internet on any law as there are government websites they lay out laws that have been passed but no, they insist on cherry-picking as always the parts they like and dismissing the parts that do not align with their conspiracy madness.

    Thus, using APD as an example, endless newspaper reports of convictions for child abuse, sometimes of very high profile defendants must be reported on her FB timeline but when the very same CPS and judicial system announces as it did yesterday that one of Britain’s most beloved singing stars is innocent and will face no charges suddenly it all becomes a conspiracy.

    What despicable people they are. They are a lynch mob and no different to those in the past who took the law into their own hands and lynched innocent people or burnt them at the stake. Sometimes when it was an old lady who just happened to own a black cat!

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  2. So if someone was before the Court for CONSPIRACY to intimidate witnesses and the CPS couldn’t prove the CONSPIRACY but it was obvious from the evidence that the defendants involved HAD done some individual intimidation, then the Court could (and did) impose Restraining Orders.

    Get outta that one! I thought it was a clever (and legal) move on the part of the Judge to impose Restraining Orders in these cases. Nothing illegal about it.

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    • The issue was that the CPS couldn’t prove intent, since the defendants were “irrational, delusional, obsessive, and odd” and therefore unable to conceive of their behaviour as intimidating. Rather, they believed they were engaging in a campaign for legitimate reasons, and so the restraining order was imposed as a means of restricting that campaigning.

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  3. It’s in cases like this you see the worth of the ‘not proven’ verdict which is (for the moment) available in Scotland. And there remains in this case the stupidly-convoluted route the CPS took. As I’ve pointed out before, the similarities between this and the way Robert Green was prosecuted are troubling. – Had Green offered anything by way of relevant defence (he just didn’t) he would have walked with ease.

    Why are the authorities acting against these people in a manner which is apparently designed to fail? Oh! We know they can come up with patronising ‘explanations’ for their actions when it suits them. But, as I’ve pointed out often, from the outset there are laws which were supposed to protect the identity of these children. They were never enforced. There was Pauffley’s order….. Which might as well have had ‘now wash your hands’ printed across the bottom for all the practical worth it held.

    “Thus, using APD as an example, endless newspaper reports of convictions for child abuse, sometimes of very high profile defendants must be reported on her FB timeline but when the very same CPS and judicial system announces as it did yesterday that one of Britain’s most beloved singing stars is innocent and will face no charges suddenly it all becomes a conspiracy.”

    And even that ‘technique’ is not original. – It has become clear that Angela Power-Disney is real low-life vermin. A life-long Grifter; though something of a failure at even that. Although it is noteworthy that her ‘alleged associate’ Andrea Davidson, a top flight example of the species, is now exposed and on her knees. It is easy enough to find other examples of vermin (other associates of hers) doing exactly the same thing. I suppose, to the credulous with no research skills, it gives then a ‘veneer’ which lasts long enough for them to screw some small amount from them. Heck, even the ludicrous Mel Ve ‘broadcasting’ from a shabby unlit broom-cupboard with her collection of Ebay-junk computers and the incompetent Big Ears at the helm must be convincing some idiot to part with their Giro money! – That or they’ve got some sort of ‘tax credit’ type benefits scam going.

    Conspiritards….. They’re a raggle-taggle collection of criminals, con-merchants, drunks, drug-addicts, failures, the mentally ill and educationally challenged, sexual deviants and child abusers; all blowing smoke out of their arses in the vain hope that the rest of the world won’t catch on to what they are!

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    • From what I hear Davison is involved in the Thailand Boiler Room scams which are particularly nasty as they usually involve defrauding pensioners of their savings ( why oh why they still fall for these scams is a mystery but 10,000s of them in Australia alone get taken for $Millions every year despite warnings)

      There is a problem though- it’s a crowded field and run by some every ruthless gangsters who fiercely guard their territory. Andrea Davison’s forte is that she is a gifted forger but in Thailand they are ten a penny and forging documents is so commonplace she’s about redundant these days and I believe is running very low on funds.

      An example of the booming document forging business in Thaliand is the recent bust of 3 blokes who were producing excellent passports and when arrested the other day, police found their fourth accomplice chopped up in pieces & stored in a freezer.

      A wonderful country but not if you are running out of money and unable to return home. Aaron Dover should take note.

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      • Maybe it is Aaron Dover in the freezer, he might be planning to smuggle himself back to Britain one piece at a time.

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      • I do know someone who has Davidson firmly ‘on his radar’, and has an established well-respected contact in (Northern) Thailand. Whether that’s where she is actually holed up or not I couldn’t say. But yes, she was certainly involved in ‘boiler plate’ scams and was firmly linked to Paul Slack & George Abrue for instance. But she’s on her last legs for sure; she should have stuck to knocking out ‘half-inched’ carriage clocks and designer handbags. Tara’s main problem is her big gob, bit like her mate APD. – In fact it’s just been suggested to me that kind of low-level, low-life, petty scammer might be her only available market now. That and/or drugs – which was an old fallback of hers when she bailed from London to Bangor.

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  5. MK`s Devils present comedy gold special.”The Rapture survivors”. Starring John “welly face” Duane,co-starring Lunee Berry.Technical ineptitude effects courteousy of CCN/APD backward technologies inc.

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      • I love the Hoaxtead double-decker bus picture and i agree that Mckenzie’s Devils provide us with some great entertainment with their videos.

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      • BIGEARS:Instantly improove CCN output quality and remove all technical gremlins.Simply turn mains power switch to “OFF” and go down the pub or something.

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    • Has APD learnt how to time travel? If not is there another explanation as to how she got her makeup done in 1985?

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      • Not to mention her roots, which seem to grow and shrink from one online appearance to the next.

        Prior to “London appearance” at Westminster: dark and at least 2 inches.
        During “London appearance” at Westminster: faded and only about half an inch.
        Following “London appearance” at Westminster: dark and at least 2 inches.

        It’s an amazing trick, which I’m sure many ladies of a certain age would love to learn.

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        • Speaking of time machines, does anyone know why Dizzy’s still promoting yesterday’s live “show” – with special guest Tracey Morris – on her Facebook page, despite said show having finished 28 hours ago and Tracey having failed to turn up?

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          • She’s in mourning, don’tcha know—her dreams of life on the beach in Lanzarote with Rupert and endless spliffs have gone up in smoke. So to speak.


  6. Theres a doco being made now on this case thats gonna blow it out of the water .. Hes filming interviews with an insider


    • If it’s a man with an initial Y, yes, lol. Good luck with that.

      “blow it out of the water” hmmm there’s a forensic linguist we could ask about that phrase. Called Olu something. Can you help?

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    • An “insider” to what exactly? Who’s making this? What background and resources do they have? – And what ‘water’ is it in to be ‘blown out of’? – As damaging as this has been, it’s just a shitty little scheme by a two-bit crim that has went badly wrong.

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    • Nobody really gives a shit, only a tiny fraction of people are stupid enough to believe this crap and Christie fools nobody with his fake middle class accent, he just sounds creepy and deranged.

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  7. Am I the only one that thinks it’s odd that we’ve got a hoax with Rupert and Biggi(ears) in it and most of the hoaxers seem to be obsessed with (Little) Weed.

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  8. Just to pick up on something posted recently. I don’t know if Clinton Mason is Guidance but I have noticed Guidance posting videos about this case in the last week, under his Hampsteadcoverup code 2222 YT account. Abraham has commented on one. It would appear they have settled their differences, or Abraham is unaware that Guidance has accused Abraham of using the children for his own agenda.

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        • She’s such an ignoramous.

          The Common Law lot DON’T DO LEGAL Angela.

          They do Common LAW.

          Get with the programme dear.

          Try a bit of RESEARCH, it may help you.

          Oh dear I forgot, you DON’T DO RESEARCH.


    • Oddly enough I do agree with Neelu in that a type Corporatism now rules much of the world rather than Capitalism (and most Western countries including the USA use to include policies of welfare which they have increasingly given over to companies rather than the poor) and even a lot of super rich billionaires agree that it’s very dangerous for Capitalism and risks it’s collapse.

      But I’m not sure visiting Aliens from Swissinoodoo whatever are going to help change this, rather the ballot box and campaigning at grass roots levels is still the solution. Nor do I think troofer websites will have any impact. Perhaps Tory Smith now in the Heavens will help bring about change as he’s got the ear of most nearby Alien planets.

      Interesting that Lord Denning (who also refused to believe police could be corrupt at times) gave out quotes with Hindu words in them.


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