Video share: Why did the Hampstead SRA hoax start?

As promised, a new video on the Hoaxtead Research YouTube channel:

Today’s offering takes us back to September 2013, where the Hampstead hoax had its roots, and explains some of the dynamics which led to the events of August 2014, when the two children were taken to Morocco and tortured by Ella Draper and her boyfriend Abraham Christie.

We hope that our readers will have a happy Easter weekend, and we wish hag sameach Pesach to our readers who will be feasting on matzoh for the next week!

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33 thoughts on “Video share: Why did the Hampstead SRA hoax start?

  1. Apparently the Notre Dame fire was “a Satanic Easter energy sacrifice” and child-torturing ceremony instigated by Macron, Merkel, May, Obama and the Pope. No, seriously…

    Incidentally that’s been posted five times by Devine on his Facebook page this morning, lol.

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    • Wanoa claims he is organizing all the world’s Veterans to descend on the UK and help him take over. He will be paying for their travel with the “pound note” (Lee Cant is doing the finances). Some of this will be financed by 77 Cook Street, the Auckland Council Car Park.

      Andy Devine claims the Vets who demoed in London the other day are in touch with the Armed Forces who will “lay down their arms” ( as will the British police) when confronted by Wanoa’s World Veterans.

      John Wanoa is furious that retired politicians get pensions “for life” while the old scrounger moans his lifetime State pension would have paid for his UK stay.

      John Wanoa rails against private land ownership which he will dissolve (whilst claiming Communism is evil)
      but boasts that his daughter has bought 2 properties and is now an investor.

      Misogynist Wanoa reckons the King’s Law is more powerful than the “Queen’s Law”. Racist Wanoa reckons the present Queen came from Germany. She did have a German Great Great Grandfather but she would seem to be more British than a frigging New Zealander who claims he has some vague relationship to Ireland. His Irish ancestors must be very distant or if he had one Irish Grandparent he could have easily got Republic Irish citizenship and an Irish passport and avoided his Immigration hassles.

      Devine mumbles something about “facts” & “fiction” while Wanoa says he will also dissolve Israel (good luck with that one).

      Two fucking broken down wooly-haired ratbags, one with hardly any teeth (you can get dentures for free under NZ Health) are going to take over the World.
      I’m not convinced.

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    • Check out his rant at 13:36. Seems his wife has been having a go at him and he’s saying it’s all because the trolls “got inside her head” 🙄

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      • Well Kenneth, from what I know about the MKD, I just cannot imagine them “stop interfering with the Truth detectors”. The “truth detectors” you mention are nothing of the sort, they are merely a bunch of fools. Whilst on the other hand MKD do know exactly what they are doing and they show no sign of slowing down in bringing the online liars and fraudsters to task. 😈😈MKD all the way.

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  2. “Whoever buys this property which sits over my MOAI WANOA UETAHA Sacred Burial Ground will certainly lose it the same way the owners of 61 Cook Street Auckland old Council Buildings are about to lose it. This Motel will be BLOWN off the LAND or someone take it away as it was the Offensive Pakeha who built this right on top of my own WANOA ANCESTORS GRAVE SITES the BASTARDS and anyonme who is on this Property is LIABLE to be SHOT under ADMIRALTY COURT MARTIAL LAW of KING WILLIAM IV and MOAI CROWN CONFEDERATION acting now the POLICE are NOTIFIED in a meeting! Watch what happens next to OFFENDERS LOSE EVERING I mean EVERYTHING interfering with this MOAI CONTRACT. To anyone who gets in the ROAD and Interferes with a COMMERCIAL LIEN CONTRACT is getting CLOSE to the NOOSE TRY IT and SEE what happens! This is the same for the owners of 61 Cook Street Auckland suffers the fate of losing everything as well in January. The Police are notified as well and know we have BRITISH MILITARY on STANDBY! MOAI that is.”

    Kudos to the original poster/s from the following forum.,35729.msg2111188.html?PHPSESSID=ha6h2hlbgq3851uuro168s38a1#msg2111188

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    • Why does “King” Wanoa believe that KING WILLIAM IV is the be all and end all of Monarchs?.

      Has anyone worked out why all history leading up to William’s rule is legitimate but from then on the following Kings & Queens are illegitimate?.
      History is replete with jumped up dictators who rise briefly to seize power. Why is Wanoa any different?.

      Not only does he want total power over Britain but it now seems the entire world with the aid of Wanoa’s World Veteran Army.
      Just there is a great example of the true madness of John Wanoa. Last week and for months before Wanoa and his Greek puppet Andy Devine never ever mentioned “veterans” but as soon as a bunch of them hold a demonstration in London they become incorporated into the mix.
      Why not the Extinction Rebellion crowd or if the Pearly Kings & Queens hold a march will they become Wanoa surrogates?.
      Why am I even asking these ridiculous questions?
      # It’s 61 Cook Street?. Oh dear I thought it was 77 Cook Street. I’ve had the poor tenants in a real tizzy. I must tell them to relax. The Revolution has been postponed.

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      • That was the property he was taking over in 2013 Sam, I wonder if he tries every few years. You’re quite right that’s it’s 77 Cook Street this time, but it’s a municipal car park I believe so your tenants can relax, unless of course they have four legs. Keep your cat away!

        I think someone is warning the vets about this pair of crackerjacks! Devine seems to go for the people he thinks are going to raise a racket like Tracey Blackwell (trouble in the ranks there, no harm because in her grief she has adopted all the conspiracy crap that has been fed to her in her vulnerable state). He was writing on her live today, she would do well to just block him.

        John Wanoa said he didn’t sleep last night, went to the bus station, a cold bus station, at silly o’clock to wait for a bus, missed one, got one at 10.30am. He really did not look or sound well at all. Yet his faithful followers keep encouraging him in his madness. I do hope they drop their heads in shame if something happens to him, especially Andrew Devine!

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    • This is Wanoa’s MOAI M.O. – he sees property he likes and decides they therefore must have been stolen from him. His ancestral sacred burial ground moves around more than the levitating Rapanui statues.

      On one of his 126 Faceborg pages he filmed himself standing in front of a nice beach house explaining that this too was really HIS house because the land under it was ANOTHER sacred ancestral burial ground. I suspect that Facebook is also an ancestral burial ground and that’s why he claimed so many pages there.

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      • Gosh really! Imagine if you saw your house on a FB page & someone claiming it was theirs!

        Still the deluded follow him. I have noticed however that they do not listen to him, they chat in the chat box amongst themselves, although lately a few are asking when is Cook Street happening. Devine doesn’t really listen to him either, he reads the chat box & occasionally will grunt some inane remark.

        Lol@FB being another ancestral ground & his 126 FB pages. I have problems remembering my p/w for one page!

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  3. I see Tom Dunce has been naming the Hampstead children again in his latest video and has been having an ill-informed pop at Atheists.


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