Changes at Hoaxtead Research

Changes are afoot at Hoaxtead Research! After nearly four years of daily posts, 1.9 million page views, and a whole lot of really pissed off hoax promoters, we’ve decided that it’s time to shake things up just a bit.

But don’t panic, we think you’ll like the results (unless you’re a hoax promoter, in which case tough tiddlywinks.)

Changes to our reporting schedule

One issue we’ve begun to notice is that while a daily reporting schedule was important when hoax promoters were committing news at a good clip, things have slowed down, Hampstead hoax-wise, to the point where it can feel like a struggle to find newsworthy material on a daily basis.

The other problem, of course, is that if we report on material which we would have considered relatively trivial a year or two ago, we run the risk of devolving into pettiness, and elevating the unimportant more than it deserves.

So the first change in the works is that we’re reducing the frequency of our posts from seven per week to four. Of course exceptions will be made if anything truly extraordinary happens on an “off” day, and should certain criminal charges come to pass in Ireland, for example, you can bet that EC will be there at the court, delivering comprehensive summaries of the trial.

Hoaxtead Research on YouTube

The second change is that we now have a YouTube channel, where we plan to deliver a refreshingly factual series of videos about the Hampstead SRA hoax and its fallout.

EC has already done a brief introductory video:

And more will follow. We plan to start with a series of videos about how the hoax began, how it evolved over time, who was involved, and why they did it—in a bite-sized, accessible format.

We hope you’ll join us, and as always we’re open to suggestions from our readers. If there’s anything you’re just dying to see us tackle, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

And now…onward!

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75 thoughts on “Changes at Hoaxtead Research

    • Exciting times ahead, I feel. Hoaxtead Research becomes a double-threat to the liars and fruitloops out there. They will expose themselves with their dumb comments under the Youtube videos,

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  1. Nice work, EC.

    You’ve been doing yeoman’s duty on the blog. There aren’t many blogs who post on a daily basis, so kudos to you for that 🥇

    I’m thinking another advantage of only having new posts every few days is that it’ll give longer for discussions to carry on until they fizzle out, rather than get cut short and buried at the tail end of posts.

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    • In fairness, there’s a certain blog over the Hoaxtead fence that posts about 20 times a day but posts are usually either plagiarised from other sites or consist of “Hang him”, “Kill him”, “Chop him up” or “Imma hunt you down and hack you to death with a clawhammer”, so I don’t think it counts.

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    • EC’s contribution to this blog has been immense, dedicated and ethical. I agree about the need for things to change,difficult finding content after so long, although new perspectives still unfold as things are analysed further. Giving idiots too much attention is also a worthy worry, although to be fair that has always been an education and amusement for me. I will grieve not being able to have a read of new content before I go to bed, when I wake up in the middle of the night, *every night* or morning,I always feel appreciative of the efforts that went into the writing as well as those of all the other contributors and commenters here – thank you…..very sad there wont be a post every day though but that is just me being greedy. I often wish EC could be compensated somehow.

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    • That is true. As I am busy working all hours I often don’t get to post when I’d like to and then it is too late to do so.


      • Now we should all be able to post at whatever time we are able to which hopefully will contribute to an even bigger and livelier comments section under each new post.


  2. I could have always supplied you with a daily post on the antics of my beloved puss. She’s gone by mid-day (along with my Vodka) and entertains me for hours with her antics although I get out of the house by 2pm before things turn nasty.
    Youtube channel? I ‘m ready for my close-up Mr Demille.
    # this is her in action..she looks different lots of the time because she dresses up in different furry outfits when she’s pissed.

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    • “being an enemy of the state takes its toll on you both mentally and physically”

      Well, Spivey imagine the physical toll on your body when you are considered an enema of the state.

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  3. Please, can someone keep posting the links to Andy Pandy and his latest drivel? At least they can give me my daily chuckles!
    Thanks for all of your efforts EC.

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    • Same her but..and a very Big’s like watching someone every so slowly descend into madness. Look at his eyes were loopiness first shows. I’ve noticed over a few weeks now that he’s getting worse.

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      • OOoooooh if he’s descending into madness, it isn’t the work of Satan, but instead CTHULHU!

        All hail the mighty Cthulhu!

        Well, it makes about as much sense as anything that comes out his mouth…………


  4. Writing a blog each day is a Herculean task & time consuming, particularly as you research properly unlike so many detractors of this blog. Well done for all you & everyone has done over the years in helping a family & lots of distressed parents & children when they probably felt alone & helpless.

    Ah damn, lost me train of thought, that feckin’ goat is lickin’ me screen Chris! 😂

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    • We’re not going away, just…relaxing the pace a bit. But yeah, the seven-days-a-week thing has become pretty challenging (especially now that certain people are already in prison and/or medical absence).

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      • I really don’t know how you managed to write a new post each day for so long, especially during those times when nothing much was going on. Full respect for all of yours and Scarlet Scoops hard work.


  5. I think EC is deserving of rest also (as mentioned upthread). I haven’t watched the video yet but it ought at least to put to bed the idea that she is of a hefty weight. More seriously, I admire EC for putting herself “out there” in a way. I don’t mind making comments (and admittedly I don’t live near to where the hoax took place) but I’d be hesitant about putting myself directly in the line of fire of some of the folks with a contrary view.

    There do seem to be some folk who are divorced from reality these days. They probably aren’t more numerous than before but (again as referenced before in earlier threads and comments) the internet has given them a platform. This isn’t to do with the Hampstead Hoax but I am something of a fan of the “Game of Thrones” TV series and the books on which it is based. One critic had said she preferred the TV show over the book and there was a man who had written a letter asking for her to be sacked (the show deviated from the (unfinished) book series as it progressed and some people haven’t like the changes from the book). But honestly, wanting somebody to lose her job for having an opinion on a TV show, have we really come to that?

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  6. Great to see the blog expanding, EC. And well done for having the courage to put your name and face out there. Of course Cat Scot and her one remaining supporter will announce in about a week’s time that they’ve discovered your new channel and “exposed” it. Don’t take it personally – it’s what they do 😂

    And meanwhile, I see your blog stats are booming! I wonder if you or Scarlet would be good enough to post some recent figures? Not that I want to make your detractors jealous or anything 🤭

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  7. Good idea EC, you’ve put a heroic amount of work into this blog, which is an outstanding example of how to run a debunk and exposé site. I hope you’ve got some nice, relaxing, and creative stuff to go on to. I think it’s safe to take your hand off the tiller for a bit. Enjoy!

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      • Obviously there’s a grass at GCHQ because he’s discovered my secret. I am in fact only 18 inches tall which has come in very handy in my spy duties as you can see from my passport photo below.
        Do you think it would be classed as a paranoia if you think all of Britain’s intelligence agencies are spying on you? . Especially when you are some nonentity living in Greece a ‘rambling and a’raving all day into your mobile phone for the viewing pleasure of about 20 like minded nutters?

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    • Have a heart folks,Andys enthusiam must be a little dampened after splashing out his hard earned drug dealing proceeds for Wanoa and his trusty bench to join him on a no expense spared pre world conquest fishing expedition.

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  8. Well – I’ll still be checking in here every day! I don’t say much, but I always read, and appreciate all of your work, El C, and Scarlet! Plus, I’m an avid YouTube consumer, so will look forward to watching you! Thank you for everything.

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  9. Tom Dunn warning! In the latest video he talks about orgasms. Seriously….don’t go there guys. I don’t like to think about it.

    He’s not happy that some Satanists have released a film called ‘Hail Satan’. Meanwhile he styles himself to look like the archetypal Lucifer and sits in front of a red curtain. Is it just me?

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