Wanoa and his scam-pushers

Sometimes it’s easy to make the error of believing that certain Hampstead SRA hoax-pushers are merely smarmy dunderheaded buffoons, rather than malicious actors whose behaviour has the potential to damage real lives.

Such is the case with Matt Taylor.

We’re assuming it was a slow news day in Brighton, as The Argus ran a story titled ‘Matt Taylor banned from local elections after conviction’.

Passing over the odd statement that Taylor was once a police officer [In which universe? –Editor], the article points out that now that he has acquired a criminal record for his brutal harassment of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, he is banned from running for local office—but he plans to run anyway.

According to The Argus,

And if he got in, he is promising he would build a Hollywood studio, an island off Brighton and a moon base which would allow people to experience what it’s like to be on the moon. …

Mr Taylor says building a moon base in the area would be a tourist attraction and provide jobs.

He said it would be “paid for by Hollywood”, which he hopes will also build a movie studio in the area. He said this would be used to make a trilogy based on the story of King Arthur, written by himself.

He hopes it would create jobs and provide investment in the area. He said: “We’re talking jobs, jobs, jobs for generations to come – let’s seize the opportunity.

“Not one person in the area will dip into their pockets, they just need to give their permission.”

He said the studio would be built using renewable “earthship technologies”.

Along with the moon base, the added revenue from the Hollywood development would fund a tunnel from Moulsecoomb to the sea. At the end of the tunnel would be an island.

The article does not state where the island would come from, nor what its purpose would be.

Reading Taylor’s plan, it would be easy to imagine that he’s some sort of bizarre performance artist, taking the piss out of useless public works projects.

That is, until you also consider that he is deeply involved in John Wanoa’s claim to be the true sovereign of England (he says he doesn’t want Scotland), as well as his Maoi Power House Group and Grifting Corporation for Separating the Poor from Their Money.

Taylor has served as director in both known iterations of the company. One was dissolved after compulsory strike-off, while the other is still out there culling funds from the gullible. (You can find Companies House records here and here.)

As we know, Taylor is not alone in hawking Wanoa’s scam—Andy Devine reminds his fans on a daily hourly minute-by-minute basis to step right up and invest now, only £25 a share, double your money instantly because you’ll really get two shares for the price of one, shares offered only in lots of 100, get ’em while they’re hot!

It’s almost as good as HoaxGirl’s magical mystery quantum energy thingy, with the exception that Wanoa doesn’t really spell out what you’ll get for your money.

Speaking of money, though…

Would you buy a used £100 million note from this man?

Taylor expects that when Wanoa becomes king, he will assume his rightful position as prime minister, and his portrait will grace the £100 million note of the Maoi Reserve World Bank.

That moon base in Brighton is starting to sound downright sensible by comparison.

Again, all of this seems clownish—after all, who could really expect anyone to toss their cash at this ludicrous venture? Surely it must be some sort of prank? But no, Wanoa and Devine have now begun to publish Wanoa’s account details to help their victims investors part with their money more conveniently.

In yesterday’s comments section, Smut Clyde and AnOwlCalledSage kindly assembled some links to facilitate reporting of this scam:

It may be worth letting the ANZ cybersecurity office know about the use of their facilities in an on-line fraud.

Anyone who has conclusive documentation of this fraud (links to Faceborg pages or Youtubers, screenshots or archived copies), please send them to the ANZ bank and to the NZ police cybercrime unit.

As they are targeting UK citizens it may also be worth reporting the bank details at https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ to prevent the money leaving the UK in the first place.

While it’s all too easy to laugh and point at Wanoa, Devine, Taylor and their friends, we need to remember that they are removing money from the pockets of those who can least afford it. It’s a very ugly game, and we’ll be reporting them forthwith. Feel free to join us.

46 thoughts on “Wanoa and his scam-pushers

    • If Matt Taylor could stand for election he may actually stand a chance of success if children were allowed to vote as I’m sure the idea of a local moonbase and King Arthur adventures would be right up their street.

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      • He should just join the Monster Raving Loony party. You know, the abolition of leap years and the introduction of hop, skip and jump years. That kind of thing would suit him!

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        • I can’t see that he is the best place for the Moulsecoombe citizens’ X, however so far as I can see, the Argus is wrong in saying he’s disqualified from standing before of his sentence. The Representation of the People Act only disqualifies on conviction of “an offence” and sentences for contempt of court are expressly excluded. As I understand it, his suspended sentence arises out of a civil contempt as the victims had to take a civil action.
          I love it that the Brighton Argus puts up a picture of the moon for those citizens who don’t know what one is.

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  1. I urge you all to click on the Argus website and go straight to the comments….some of them are hilarious and one guy makes some claims about the prats time as a Military Policeman and then the prat himself refutes them in a crazy reply.

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      • I’ve been to Brighton and it rocks.
        (Brighton Rock..geddit?)
        Shall we all leave together?
        Did I have a coat?


        • Let us all leave together. I will carry your coat for you, Sam, as I’ve been meaning to have a word in your shell-like. 😉


          • Good idea.Let’s have a little conference and Fireman and Mr Bacon could Pier review our use of shockingly bad puns & “jokes”.
            (why is that big hook coming at me from stage left?)


    • Gawd, is Niburu STILL hanging around the sun??? First saw that garbage back when it was supposed to end the world back in 2003- sixteen years later and its still ‘SOOOOOON!!!!’

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    • I’m becoming a believer in Chem Trails.
      How else could so many people be absolute nutcases?
      They must be spraying them with something.

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  2. I’m not a journalist and never have been but aren’t reporters supposed to have three independent sources to verify what is being claimed before they “run” with a story?

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    • Both yes and no. Yes if you are running an investigative article it is good practise but you don’t have to. If say, I was leaked some documents and was absolutely certain of the provenance of those documents, I wouldn’t require the person who they were leaked from’s confirmation to run the story.

      However this is an interview, provided as is, with no commentary, other than to interlace it with objective facts. A loon can say anything they like to a journalist and as long as the substance of the comment isn’t manipulated then it can be reported.

      As it happens I know quite a bit about election law having once been a trained and accredited election agent. I still bear the scars! I would draw his attention to:

      You must be sure that you are not disqualified as you will be asked to sign one of the required nomination papers to confirm that you are not disqualified.

      It is a criminal offence to make a false statement on your nomination papers as to your qualification for being elected, so if you are in any doubt you should contact your employer, consult the legislation or, if necessary, take your own independent legal advice.

      The Returning Officer will not be able to confirm whether or not you are disqualified.

      So in Matt’s case, if he submitted a nomination form signed by 10 persons on the register he would have to declare that he is not disqualified. This would not be automatically checked by the Returning Officer (although given the publicity I suspect it would). However, after nominations are closed, the original forms are available for public inspection. I can, without giving too much personal information away, tell you that all main parties go over the nomination forms with a fine tooth-comb. His false declaration would be reported to the police who would then make a visit and arrest him.The penalty is up to a year in prison and (rather unusually as most legislation caps the amount) the possibility of an unlimited fine.

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  3. I suspect Adrian (who is obviously urgently in need of medical care) may find himself in legal trouble, he’s defaming some pretty important people…

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    • Oh this is our poor pal again isn’t it?. Who is plagued by the ex-Marine who lives in the corner house who channels Dame Edna Everage or something?
      He makes Fiona Barnett look like an amateur.
      So PM Scott Morrison tried to cut off his “Sexual Organ Penis”?.
      Morrison is a Pentecostal – talking in tongues and hugging snakes etc but this is fascinating.

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  4. Would you buy a used £100 million note from this man?

    The “Resreve Bank” is what bestows the special touch of class.

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    • But it seems like a fraud. We would have to see the back of it.
      I actually found a “$100” note near the beach the other day but it was an advertisement and was very carefully worded and when you looked closely it in no way resembled a bank note and was very cleverly designed.
      ## very embarrassing as well as I noticed out of the corner of my eye 2 blokes chortling away as yet another mug fell for it.

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        • Yes fell for that one as well but that time I did an excellent scoop down and up again in one quick movement whilst swiveling my eyes to see where the offenders were sitting & laughing. I think they had repaired to the pub.

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      • Stage money had to be carefully designed so that it was “wrong” enough in detail, size and colour, not to be passed off as currency in real life, but should still appear convincing on stage or screen.

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  5. What’s up with Andy Pandy I wonder, I wanted to check out some facts, but he is nowhere to be heard since yesterday morning…..same with Johnny boy, no lives from either of them. I was really really really getting into buying into the Lego as well. 😟😞


    • The facts are the facts and you can trust in the facts. As long as you remember that Lucca then you can’t go wrong.

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      • Now now Arthur! Facts are not facts unless they come from a flesh & blood person, then they are fiction. The flag is a fact or is it a fiction, hmm, if you do not have the flag on your profile, you are part of the fiction. On 28rh day of March on the Xiuhpohualli calendar, we shall bestow honours on citizens who pledge allegience to the flag, place – a patch of grass in London – time – when there are no coppers about. Be there or be square!

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        • But no one can hurt you more than you can hurt yourself. Just keep taking the sulphur and you’ll never be depressed again. Keep it simple, stupid

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  6. This is old but it made me laugh!

    “Following the historic election on November 15, 2012, as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, Matt Taylor reports his three point plan to tackle crime in Sussex.

    1, To microchip criminals.
    By implanting criminals with a microchips, Sussex Police will be able to tackle crime with a revolutionary crime busting tool. With the minimum of monitoring, Sussex Police would know the location of every criminal in Sussex. Placing a suspect at the scene, goes along way to making sure the Perp does time.
    (Er….so as you’re now convicted of a crime Matt should YOU be microchipped?)

    2, Legalise Drugs
    It’s a small price to pay for getting extra benefits in the long term. Burglaries, muggings, theft, fraud will all be significantly reduced, reflecting free and Legal drug distribution. The medical benefits can rock the pharmaceutical industry to the core. Curing Cancer and many other ailments.
    (If you say so.)

    3, One police officer per 100 persons rule.
    Getting back to basics, more police. The role of a police officer is to prevent crime, to detect crime and ultimately to punish those who commit crime. A happy compliant Sussex will reward the police with the respect and esteem they need to really be part of the community.”
    (So you’d turn us into a police state would you? Niiiice.)


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  7. You know all those videos that You Tube has failed to remove? Might be worth reporting them again citing this story.

    Yes, I know that there will be complaints that it doesn’t go far enough as it doesn’t remove the videos only the ability to comment, but this appears to be worldwide and so affects uploads which up until now have been untouchable under English court orders. It may also be worth flagging offending videos to the Internet Watch Foundation as they are said to be “working with Google” on this matter.


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