HoaxGirl, Valerie, and Wilhelmina: The one that almost got away

Yesterday we received a charming missive from HoaxGirl, apropros we know not what. We’d seen her sniffing around the place for a few days, but we must confess that her unprovoked comment took us by surprise, both by its vehemence and its vindictiveness.

HoaxGirl 2018-08-01“Your blog made someone kill themselves”, she writes.

Really? And the first person they thought to contact was someone who claims to have no connection to the Hampstead SRA hoax? Sure, that makes perfect sense. Just what we’d do. [insert eye-roll]

But what the hell: if this bizarre allegation is true, please, by all means report it to the police. We will be more than happy to discuss it with them, and if it turns out that we had anything to do with a person’s suicide, we will shut down immediately. No questions asked.

Meanwhile over on YouTube…

HoaxGirl seems to have been on a bit of a roll yesterday. Not only did she leave us a note (well, a few, but we have an aversion to spam, so we deleted most of them), but she put this up on a video featuring herself and Angela Power-Disney:HoaxGirl HopeGirl QEG 2018-08-01 YT 1

So you should probably know that I have a program that shows me exactly what tags you are using on the videos you make about me, and it appears that you are using the legal names of my family members. I’m sure that would go over great in a court case. Here’s a screen shot, showing I can see all the background data behind your videos. https://postimg.cc/image/krs1sa2fp/

And verily, she spake the truth: for she was indeed using a popular app called “fb Videolytics” which gave her, among other things, the information that her mother Valerie Robitaille (aka Val Robitai, aka Naicheval Robitai), her step-father James Robitaille (no known aliases), and her husband Tivon Rivers (ditto) had been tagged on the video.

Why HoaxGirl’s access to this crucial info should frighten the person who made the video we do not know, but apparently she was under the impression that it would make them run away screaming. Whatevs.

However, HoaxGirl’s threats about anyone daring to mention her family members in the context of her attempts to hawk fraudulent products online jogged our memory.

In particular, we were reminded of a longish series of posts on her old blog, the one she took down a few months ago, presumably realising that, as they say in marketing, “the optics” were bad.

Unfortunately, despite her claims to astonishing tech wizardry, she neglected to clear the cached version, and so we were able to save a rather nice copy of it to the internet archive. You know, for posterity’s sake.

Here’s the brief version, but if you’d like to see the whole thing in all its glory, by all means use the link here.

The story of Wilhelmina

Once upon a time, in a smallish city on the west coast of Canada, there lived a very nice and well-meaning elderly lady named Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmina was a widow, her husband Gerry having passed away a few years earlier, but he had left her a considerable sum of money, which was apparently burning a hole in her pocket.

Wilhelmina was a modern sort of senior citizen, who liked to, as the young folks say, “surf the web”, and one day she happened upon a website which, she thought, might offer her the opportunity to spend some of Gerry’s hard-earned cash, whilst doing the world some real good.

The website claimed to be run by hard-working folk who were building, out of the goodness of their hearts, a machine which promised to deliver free energy to all the poor people of the world. Wilhelmina got very excited when she discovered that she could donate $1,000 to these kind free-energy-machine inventors, with the mere click of a PayPal button!

She longed to give them even more…but as luck would have it, her bank intervened to thwart her. Wilhelmina was not pleased, and she wrote about her experience for the kind and generous QEG-makers (for this is what the magical energy machine was called).

HoaxGirl Wilhelmina 1Now, as any con artist grifter upstanding free-energy machine maker will tell you, when you get a fish like this on the line, you don’t let it get away. And so HoaxGirl, the Chief QEG Promoter Herself, immediately emailed Wilhelmina to keep her chatting and help her open her wallet.

HoaxGirl assured Wilhelmina that she was doing a Very Fine Thing Indeed, helping poor people improve their lives.

Excited, Wilhelmina wrote back straight away:

Hello, Hope. I appreciate what your family has been doing and I’d like to help in some way in promoting Free Energy. Do keep Youtubing. This is where I’ve recently found you and where I will keep in touch. And do keep us all informed as to how your translation program is coming along for your free and open-source QEG Build Manual. A thousand dollars per language seems like such a good deal. Your family has been doing all the grunt work up to now. Perhaps I can do my part by contributing a little. I wish you well. – Wilhelmina –

More money? This crazy old broad charming and erudite rich lady actually wanted to send them more money? HoaxGirl (who was perhaps not quite the lovable humanitarian she seemed) got chills just thinking about it.

However, she had important things to do, such as issuing malicious copyright strikes on anyone who dared take her name in vain, and writing up blogs viciously slagging anyone who crossed her, and so she assigned her mother, Valerie, to Wilhelmina Duty. Hey, they were two old ladies, they could talk about crocheting or gardening or something. As long as Valerie kept Wilhelmina talking, and Wilhelmina kept remembering that she wanted to give, give, give.

Because, you see, “keep them talking” is one of the big rules in the con artist’s playbook.

Another rule is: win the victim’s sympathy:

Dear Wilhelmina. My husband, James, and I are so very grateful for your donation 24 hours ago. James has been needing capacitors for the next generation QEG and we were really scrimping to save for some. Your incredibly generous donation came at just the right time for us and we thank you so very much from our hearts. We continue the work! Many blessings. – Valerie and James –

The two women wrote back and forth, and quickly began to develop something resembling a friendship. Wilhelmina told Valerie about her garden, and Valerie talked about how she’d scammed her way into used an unorthodox mode of entry into a famous garden near Wilhelmina’s home city.

In almost no time, Wilhelmina was offering the Grifter Family a very very large donation indeed: $100,000!

In exchange, all the grifters needed to do was keep doing what they’d always done: tinker with their pretend energy device, claim they were mere moments away from giving it to the world, and find fun ways to forestall uncomfortable questions such as “You’ve been saying it’s nearly ready for years now, when are you going to cough up?”

Wilhelmina wrote:

From your QEG project, I know of your family’s conviction and determination, and I know you can squeeze a nickel so hard it flattens into two dimes. What could you do, I wonder, in the matter of getting Free Energy to the people who most need it, if you had a hundred thousand dollars to spend as you please? Say the word and it’s yours with no strings attached – no business plan, no progress reports, no accounting to me.

The Grifter Family were nearly wetting themselves with joy. This was one big fish, and she was on the line voluntarily! No one could pin a thing on them—she was doing this of her own free will!

Dollar signs shone in their eyes. They drooled, they grovelled, they sang and danced for joy.

Valerie wrote,

Hi Wilhelmina! It will take us a little time to respond properly to your letter as we are truly astounded at your proposals. But I wanted to respond right away to let you know we are processing. Actually, we’ve been crying. Is it possible this is divine timing and we are meant to perform an assignment together? Are you and your late husband, Gerry, the angels we have been hoping to meet for more than two years? As you probably know from what you’ve read about us, we have had a hard way to go but we keep going because we are on assignment! Thank you so much for attaching the photo.  I can see Gerry’s light.

Amazingly, it seemed that Gerry was doing what the QEG would never do: he was spontaneously emitting light! Not bad for a dead guy.

Wilhelmina responded:

Hello, Valerie. You don’t need to be writing me. Honestly. You’re a busy woman, and I’m in the habit of looking into my emails about once a month! I know – I’m not quite in sync with the times. And I will be looking for you now and then on Youtube and on your websites, so I can keep up to date on your news there. I’ve been shuffling money around, and I think I’ll have $120,000 arriving in my local bank today. I’m planning to send you the whole wad at once, and I THINK I now have got Paypal hooked up to my local account so I can get this all done in a single go.

If the Dr. Greer thing doesn’t work out, I know you’ll put the money to good use somewhere, using it in any way you can think of to get Free Energy into the hands of the people. Or . . . at least having a good try at it anyway.

I have one question: I sent you some money by pressing a button on your ‘Free QEG Build Manual’ page and that was easy. I could type in any amount I wanted to. Would it work for you if I did that again?

“Would it work if she did that again?”

Hahaha! laughed the Grifter Family, who were by this time engulfed in paroxysms of joy. “Would it work” for some gullible old fool in another country to hand them over $120,000 (that number just kept getting bigger!) via their PayPal account?

Yer darn tootin’ it would!

Valerie wrote:

I’ve called Paypal to alert them to a large transaction coming through shortly. The best way to send it is to go to your Paypal account and click ‘send to friends and family’. Our Paypal address is (dadada) . Otherwise, Paypal will take 5%. There are really no words that I can find to express how much we feel blessed by you – it is hard not to think of you as an angel. This action, and your humility and quiet beauty has us also believing we might live to see a happy ending yet! I hope you don’t mind if I do continue to write and keep you updated – you don’t have to respond although I feel you are such a kindred spirit that I would love nothing more than to stay in touch. We will certainly keep posting all updates for FTW, QEG, and our humanitarian efforts.

But alas, there were complications.

Wilhelmina wrote that she was making her way through “a maze of cross-border banking complications”. “I’m going to make it through, but it’ll take a little time”, she wrote.

Valerie and the rest of the Grifter Family were nearly chewing their own arms off with anticipation, but she wrote back trying to sound calm, sharing a few details of her own life and telling Wilhelmina that she “intuited” that she was a famous writer; Wilhelmina responded that she wasn’t famous, but loved to write. They chatted and discovered that they were “kindred spirits”. Whoever could have imagined?

The course of true love never runs smooth, however.

Wilhelmina wrote:

Hi Val. About your money. The gears are grinding, but slowly. First, I sold some stocks from my American investment company. When that was done, I phoned them to wire the money to my RBC account here in Nanaimo. Because of the large sum, this got held up by the RBC Wire Transfer Team, who got in touch with me by phone. I was advised, when I told somebody where the money was going, not to convert it to Canadian dollars and then back into US dollars, as I’d wind up with less money than I started with.

So I got an appointment with my bank here and went down and opened something called a US Dollar account here in my local branch. The money is sitting in there now, minus a little that got lost along the way.

The next thing I did was to try and connect Paypal to this new account, and I ran into a line of small print that told me that, in Canadian banks, Paypal only deals in Canadian dollars. Shucks.

So I got another appointment down the hill and the next RBC fellow I spoke to advised me to open a separate account in an American bank in the States, and he told me that RBC has an affiliate RBC bank in Philadelphia that does this. This is now in the works. Since I have American citizenship, everything seems to be moving smoothly. My next step is to move the money into this new account, and then see what Paypal has to say about it all. I expect this will work, and – thank you for the heads-up – I have found the ‘send to friends and family’ button on Paypal and will use it.

However, this morning I’m thinking maybe I could forget about Paypal and do a wire transfer directly from my US Dollar account here in Nanaimo into your bank. I’ve just called the RBC and it sounds like this is ok with them. I’d walk down to the bank and someone there will get the job done properly for me.

Do you think this would work for you? And is it a good idea? If so, the bank information I’d need from you is: Transit #, Financial Institution #, Bank Account #, Swift Code # (usually needed for overseas accounts, the lady told me), and Routing # (usually for US accounts). We soldier on! – Wilhelmina –

“RBC” stands for Royal Bank of Canada, by the way. And apparently they guard their clients’ interests quite fiercely, as we shall see.

Valerie responded,

Wilhelmina. I was just writing you when your letter came in. OMIGOSH! What a lot of hassle. We always have trouble due to our dual residencies, here in the US and in Morocco (which I explain in my next letter). Here’s the info you need:(dadada)

One can almost “intuit” her tapping her fingers impatiently as she waits for the cash to land in her account.

There were more problems: Wilhelmina wasn’t sure how to fill out the wire transfer form, she didn’t quite know how to work her email’s delete function…but finally she worked it all out, and all systems were go.

Valerie and HoaxGirl spent the weekend planning a nice, well-earned break at a little boutique hotel in Bali. Or perhaps the Turks and Caicos Islands. A hundred and twenty grand will buy a lot of massages, pedicures, and margaritas, even with the exchange rate being what it is.

And just to be sure that Wilhelmina wouldn’t forget that whole kindred spirits thing, Valerie wrote her a long, newsy email full of pictures of their life in Morocco.

And then…it all started to go pear-shaped. Wilhelmina wrote:

Good morning, Val. Never a dull moment. I’ll read your email later, but I’ve just had a call from my local bank manager regarding my order for a wire transfer. Apparently, when the bank went to send it, the “recipient was flagged as potentially fraudulent”. So my bank is holding the money and is about to do some sort of a ‘fraudulence review’ for my protection, and will get back to me.

But don’t get in a sweat. This is just another snag, and it’ll get straightened out. I am not surprised at it, considering how the spread of Free Energy technology is about to change . . . well . . .  is about to change just about everything in our world that needs changing! We’re on the right track. – Wilhelmina –

Nothing to worry about, Valerie assured her. James had had that account for years. And last time they did a really big transaction, their own bank had had to check for fraudulent activity for their own protection.

It would be fine, she told Wilhelmina. After all, they were favoured by God:

Wilhelmina. I’m writing you from my phone – please forgive the auto correct.

My bank just called to say that because we don’t use a SW I FT code when we get wire transfers they have to go through an intermediary bank which is Wells Fargo. (Did they tell you this?) Funny, because I remember just a year ago having to scramble for those SWI FT codes because you couldn’t get a transfer without it. And figures it would be Wells Fargo – those are the ones that took our house – just stole it as they’ve done to millions of others.

The bank also said it can take 3 to 4 days for a wire transfer. We used to get them from Taiwan in the beginning and it only took about 10 hours so something’s changed.

Just keeping you updated as I get info. I’m really not worried about it at all as we are blessed and highly favoured! We have an assignment from the divine to help people that are suffering. And we’ve always been provided for, so what could stop us now?

Wilhelmina wrote back: the wire transfer was in the works, but it was taking time. Her banker had frozen her account so that it was “deposit only”.

Panicked now, Valerie sent several more reassuring messages.

But ’twas all for naught:

Hi Val. I’ll get to your messages later. I’m afraid I’m going to set you crying again, but this time it won’t be for joy. I was just down to see my bank manager again this afternoon to clarify my position with them, and what I’ve learned is that I have been effectively hobbled. I cannot send money, by any means or in any quantity, to either the Robitaille family or the QEG project.

I cannot send a wire transfer, I cannot send a bank draft. I cannot send a personal check, no matter how small. I cannot send a Paypal payment. I cannot send a money order through the Post Office using my debit card.  And  any unusual cash withdrawals I make from my checking account will henceforward be investigated.

The policies of the bank are set in steel and there is no way I am able to bend them. Their job, as they see it, is to protect me from squandering my money, and you folks have a flag on you, and I am no longer invisible, but have my own flag on me, and that is the end of that.

All of my future banking activities with the RBC will be monitored. I am permitted to spend and give my money freely, provided it is on projects and people who are flag-free and meet with the approval my watchdog, who is the nice branch manager of my bank. Perhaps I will buy myself a Lamborghini. I’m sure they would allow this.

It makes no difference to the bank that I have just opened my American investment portfolio to them and proved that I do have this money to spare. It makes no difference that I am aware that what you’re working on is emerging technology that may or may not emerge, and that it could be a flash in the pan and fizzle, and that, in spite of this, I would like to send some money your way and see what you can do with it.

It makes no difference that I am satisfied as to your integrity and your good intentions. Nothing makes a bit of difference.

I asked the branch manager, at the end of our chat, “How do you think I can get this money, or any amount of money, to these people in a way that would satisfy both the bank’s interests and my own?”

He could only lean back in his chair and shrug his shoulders. I feel no rancour towards him. He’s just doing his job. It’s not his fault that you have a flag on you. And I feel no rancour towards the bank. If I were to move my money to any other respectable bank, they would find the same flags.

“You might try a Payday Loans place,” he said to me, “and see if they have a Western Union that can do something for you with cash.” I’m going to check this out tomorrow. – Wihelmina –

And that, dear readers, was the end of that. The RBC, bless them, had shut the whole thing down, and the Grifter Family swam away hungry.

Well, almost. Wilhelmina did add a short post-script:

Dear Reader, I wrote a note to Val somewhere in the middle of this mess that I didn’t send to her because I didn’t want to get her down, but it’s been eating away at me, and I’m now going to tell you what I remember of it.

I had a phone call from someone on the ‘potentially-fraudulent-recipient review board’. I think of her as the RBC ‘tough’. She was a tough bird. We hadn’t been talking long before she backed me up against the wall and brought out the rubber hose and laid it on me. Were the Robitaille’s personal friends of mine? How well do I know them? How long have I known them? Where did I meet them? It was not a conversation we were having, it was an interrogation, and I was the one sitting in the hot-seat. I bumbled around for a bit and then I caught on to her game.

I asked her, “What is it that the bank knows about the Robitaille’s that I don’t?”

She wouldn’t tell me, not a word of it, but she did say, and her voice was rising both in volume and in pitch as she warmed to her subject, “I know their types! They sink their teeth into you and they don’t let go until they’ve milked you dry.”

This is exactly what she said. I am not making this up, folks, I’m remembering it.

To no avail did I tell her, with my own voice getting an edge to it, that I’m a person not easily milked. To no avail did I remind her that the money in question is mine, and if I choose to buy a yacht with it or if I choose to throw it on a bonfire, the choice is mine. To no avail did I tell her that the bank is supposed to be the servant and I am supposed to be the boss.

Her only reply was to tell me, point blank, that she could order a bank draft to be made out to me immediately for the entirety of my holdings with the RBC, and I was free to take my banking business elsewhere.

I surrendered then. I cowered. I grovelled. I said, “Thank you, but no thanks.”

I didn’t say it to her, but I was thinking it, and I’m saying it to you now: “I won’t be booted out in the middle of a cold and rainy night with no place to go. I will go, but I’ll go at a time of my own choosing. And I bloody well, damn well, will never – ever – be back.” – Wilhelmina –

p.s. One more time! To sum this up, what I learned from my RBC ‘tough’ is that the bank will let me use my money to buy a condo, and it will let me use it to take an extended trip around the world, but there is no way in hell it will let me use it to further the development of Free Energy technology. This burns me. Grrr!

And so it ended, not with a bang but with a whimper: Wilhelmina’s wise bankers, who took their fiduciary duty towards their recalcitrant customer with all due seriousness, wind up being painted as the bad guys in this little story, but perhaps some part of Wilhelmina knew that they were right to have done so?

That’s what we’d like to think, in any case.

And the Grifter Family lived on, continuing to stretch out the QEG con as long as they could.

Addendum: According to a video posted by Wilhelmina herself, she was in fact finally successful in getting around her banker, and depositing her savings in Naima’s and Valerie’s gaping maws.

It’s a sad ending, and we sincerely hope that Wilhelmina has learnt her lesson. As for Naima and Valerie, their grifting careers continue apace, though it does look as though sales are sagging lately. Ah well, too bad, so sad.

con artist protection

p.s. Hope Girl has been making snorting and snuffling noises recently about this blog having been hacked and all functionality shut down. Like this nice little porkie pie, for example:

Hope Girl scammer blackmailer QEG faker

Let’s just say that if I were unable to run this blog, I wouldn’t be able to share this with you. Funny that Hopey hasn’t clued in that her claims are so easily disproved, isn’t it?

p.p.s. It’s now July 2020. Blog still seems to work. Waiting for that sooper-special hack job to take effect. What’s the hold-up, Hopey? Perhaps your little friend “Jesus” isn’t quite the internet genius he claims to be?

While we wait, perhaps you’d like to look at this rather cogent explanation of why Hope’s QEG scam will never and can never work. Because: physics.

144 thoughts on “HoaxGirl, Valerie, and Wilhelmina: The one that almost got away

  1. So, instead of the tags being an underhand way of naming totally blameless family members, it was actually just naming other people also involved in Naima Fagin’s / Hope Girl’s / Hope Moore’s QEG fraud / scam / racket / con? Wow

    Her mother, Valerie Robitaille is also deeply involved with the QEG scam then? She’s also peddling woo and bullshit quackery fake hair tests. Just as a gritting sideline, or is the useless QEG machine her main con?


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      • I started to check Valerie out, then via the One People’s Public Trust, all kinds of weird stuff and ended up checking out batshit insane videos with SovCits (possibly also involved with the Black Hebrew Israelites cult?) critical of OPPT “educating” people about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

        I feel soiled and dirty, and not in a good way.

        Usually I start off watching videos about politics and end up watching kittens. Kittens are the perfect brain bleach.

        *goes off to search for videos of kittens, lovely fluffy, silly cute kittens*

        Looking forward to your next post EC 🙂

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        • Great post, EC, I hope you had a lovely holiday. If HopeGirl is going to all this bother then you can be sure that her bank balance has been hurt by all the negative posts about her across all social media. That puts a warm glow around my heart.

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    • Very wise of the Royal Bank of Canada. If a recipient is ‘tagged’ it could be for no other reason than law enforcement being involved. Obviously there have complaints about HopeGirl in the past and they have been investigated.

      These decisions are not taken lightly. It would have to be the FBI (they once visited me in a NY hotel in the 80s because I had inadvertently passed a counterfeit $20 bill. Very pleasant gentlemen who expalined it happens frequently and they just wanted to try and track every cash transaction I had made to determine the source. They said they do it every single case and have a NY office dedicated to that alone)

      Remember that Wire Fraud in the USA is a very serious crime and the one they nab many crooks on. If Valerie is a US citizen she could also be implcated as the sender of the money (“wiring” it).
      The bank acted correctly as it also could end up in a dicey position both with Valerie and US offcials ( I can image there is huge financial transactions between the USA & Kanata).

      I suggest HopeGirl take a holiday in Nigeria and have some lessons from real professionals.

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      • That was of course, “from” Nigeria not “form”. Cat is careering around the room either drunk or on drugs.
        # On a serious note I have $50M in liens and remedy I need to transfer so if anyone wants to send me their bank a/c details, credit card numbers (expiry date etc) with all passwords it’ll be well worth your time.

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    • I suspect that the fact that the Hoaxgirl family are “flagged” and are known to the US and Canadian authorities may hint at why they’re hiding out in Morocco and never go back to the US of Trumpica. I watched her video in which she gives her excuses reasons for living in Morocco but all I kept thinking was ‘Can someone please give this woman a bigger shovel?’

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  2. Thanks for sharing that post, EC. There are so many people exposing Hope Girl’s scams, lies and shenanigans now that she’s running out of places to hide. Meanwhile she appears to have just one supporter left and he’s probably only posting her crap so she’ll shut up and go away.

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  3. Oh dear, not another one?

    No wonder he’s deactivated his page.

    By the way, if anyone gets what these two are about, do let me know:



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  4. More names and aliases than tommy Robinson, no wonder she doesn’t like her family’s names being tagged.

    I’d like to think whilamina bought the lambo and had a great time cruising about in it.

    Thinking of those dingle-like scam artists salivating over such a prize only to have it snatched away makes me laugh like a freshly unblocked drain.

    Looking forward to part 2.

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  5. Is it just me or might Wilhelmina be rather more sussed than she seems? Her last posts read a different way to me, as if she had lured and then trapped the QEGscammers. Doesn’t explain the initial $1000 though.

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    • That is what I began to think following EC’s post…was willie (I can’t spell her name) trying to lure them all into a trap?

      It seems like she might have gathered lots of info re bank accounts and addresses the scammers were using.

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    • Yeah, it did cross my mind that she might have been winding up Hoaxgirl and her gang. It’d be a shame if that inspired other people to do the same and offer Hoaxgirl large wads of cash, get her salivating, and then pull their hand back at the last minute. That would be really cruel and I really really hope no one else does that.

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      • Sheva, the beauty of it – correct me if I’m wrong – is that you wouldn’t need to actually have any money. You’d just need to make Naima and Valerie think you did 🙂

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    • Agree absolutely TVG and Issy T
      I don’t think that Wilhelmina actually exists. This reads like a classic scam bait to me. Wilhelmina is what is known as a “tethered goat” and is probably the creation of a bunch of anti-scam activists like those on the 419 Eater website.
      archives here

      The incident with the lady in the bank sealed it. Hilarious.
      Hoax Girl thinks that she’s clever but her greed and that of her scammy family is laid out bare in the exchange and the stupid woman doesn’t even know it.
      What a deluded, shameless, ruthless idiot she is.

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      • LOL, I had just posted the same thoughts about Wilhelmina perhaps playing a game with HG and then i read these posts. Seems like we all think it may have been a distinct possibility. I hope that it was the case, as the thought of somebody scamming HG makes me laugh.

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      • I feel that she does exist. If you read the full internet cache post (linked in EC’s post above) she has sent various photographs of herself and family to Hoax Girl.


        • Thats a common tactic used in reverse scams/baits…
          Along with phonecalls (usually skype or a burner phone), basically anything to make the ‘mark’ look more realistic

          Check out the forum at https://forum.419eater.com for lots of upset scammer goodness


  6. “James has been needing capacitors for the next generation QEG”

    Hmm. This guy is starting to remind me of someone.

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  7. Very eloquently written, EC. I think you missed your vocation as a novelist.

    As for Wilhelmena, all I can say is…wow. She offers $120,000 to an obvious bunch of crooks and tells them she doesn’t need to see any business plans, progress reports or account records; and that – and this is the real kicker – she’s happy to give them the money even if they don’t complete the QEG, as long as they “have a good try at it”. Pardon the irony here but Hope Girl must have thought she’d died and gone to Heaven!

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    • I wonder..and it’s highly possible..was Wilhelmena a scammer as well?.
      Or was her rather complicated way of getting out of sending the money just that- a way to exit a scenario she got caught up in, in the heat of the moment?.

      They do say when a husband or wife dies after a long marriage the remaining partner should not make any hasty decisions for at least 18 months. I’ve witnessed this with relatives- the urge to suddenly up stakes and change their life, sell the house and move. Grief can come out in strange ways and people can make ill-advised decisions (another reason the bank was doing their customer a good service).

      I recall (Gawd not another tale) in the late 70s my first experience with a real conman was one who was setting up a newspaper. He roped so many of us and the money was always just around the corner ( sound familiar HopeGirl?..success is just about to happen?) but after a year we realised that many of us had spent so much money via this skilled con artist. I was well pissed off as I had paid for 3 lunches at San Lorenzo in Knightsbridge when he always had a very credible excuse for not having his wallet on hand. Years later he was busted up North doing some bizarre con with a local council. It was his MO..reeling in the eager.

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  8. “Apparently, when the bank went to send it, the ‘recipient was flagged as potentially fraudulent’. So my bank is holding the money and is about to do some sort of a ‘fraudulence review’ for my protection…”

    EC, you won’t need to write another post for weeks. Just schedule that quote to automatically post once a day for the rest of the month and I’ll be happy 😀

    The only thing that could have made that any more satisfying would have been if I could have seen Hoaxgirl’s reaction when she read the email at the time.

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        • “want their cake and eat it”? Sounds like he started reading *her* posts and realised the cream in his cake had gone rancid and popped out to Tesco for a fresh bun.
          [Have I over-extended this metaphor?]

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    • “Footage of nightmares at Elm Guest House”??
      All the dramas there happened in the 80s. No video cameras. Did someone arrive with a full film crew to film a cabinet minister throttling a young boy and then eating him?.

      Someone sold a story about his wedding to the newspapers in the 90s?. Now I’m intrigued.

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      • Devine is quoting Brian Harvey there, GofS.
        The footage he’s talking about is “Nightmares at Elm Guest House” which is the name of the Pie’n’Mash video featuring Maloney and Fay.
        The newspaper story was also referring to Brian Harvey’s wedding.

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    • If all the Irish who have emigrated to the 4 corners of the world returned there wouldn’t be enough room for them let alone a waste of space like Angie. I can’t think of another country, per capita that has seen such vast numbers leave (always to the benefit of where they make home). She really is a ghastly person.

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      • Actually Isaac Kappy’s another lying fruitloop. I gather that nice Mr. Blake has been looking into him. Isaac’s been slandering Hollywood celebs by the dozen and has naturally been latched on to by Slimy Stolpman (who’s made six videos about him in less than a week).

        Oh and he doesn’t like to be questioned:

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          • Isaac Kappy seems to be an example of the real underbelly of Hollywood. I lived in LA for 18 months and honestly, the creeps you meet who have had the tiniest interaction in the film world like him are just endless. LA has a high percentage of the most beautiful people in America who flock there seeking fame but conversly also some of the creepiest.
            I have along time pal who is in middle managment in a respected artist agency and we were skyping a few weeks ago & I asked him his views on the @metoo movement. While he appauded some of the saner ones he said so many two bit hustlers are coming out of the woodwork and there is a growing black list of people who will never work there again and not because producers etc are being vile- they simply cannot afford to hire unstable people who may make false claims after a shoot, accuse directors or co-stars and end up wrecking their insurance status.

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    • Its great Becki Percy being truthful for a change describing herself as “evil”. She sits there smiling as she laps up the fame and dollars whilst she shares her branded narrative of being the victim, destroying innocent people with false allegations of the worst kind known to humanity.

      Would she be smiling if she saw the series of five videos known as Destroying Daisy where it is said a 18-month old girl suffered all kinds of sexual torture of such depravity that it gave the police officers who viewed them nightmares, and a nation to consider reintroducing the death penalty. A girl screaming so much she had to be muffled with a pillow by one of the abusers. These videos sold at $100 to $10000 dollars a time to a sick market, and it is believed one child died in the videos. The children were made to dig their own graves, and one of them ended up in the grave; on 60 minutes her bones were shown being dug out of the grave and placed on the ground by the police. Destroying Daisy provides a sharp contrast to the smiling Becki Percy, and all I can remember is those bones being removed from the grave, and yet Becki Percy who claims the same sort of things of raped children being buried in front of her eyes, does nothing about it, but sells candles and bath bombs. She makes me sick to the core.

      The 18-month year old of the Destroying Daisy videos survived, the abusers are doing life in jail.

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      • I saw a documentary last year i think it was, SV. It was about the investigation into the Destroying Daisy videos and it was shocking, to say the least. What on earth makes adults torture and abuse children is beyond me. Just as bad, are the sick weirdo’s that paid to watch the videos. I admire the person whose job it is to watch such videos to try and garner info from them. Some things cannot be forgotten once seen and i couldn’t be paid enough to have to view such horrific material.

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        • The lead investigator was having nightmares after watching the videos until they caught the abusers. Evidently the screams of the 18-month-year-old whilst it was being sexually tortured was particularly horrific.


    • That IsaacKreepy chap:
      Isaac Kappy is an out-of-work actor who has had small roles in movies like Thor
      He is reportedly under investigation after accusing several actors of pedophilia
      Kappy has also been accused of choking Paris Jackson, though it’s unclear why

      “Who is Isaac Kappy? Actor who threatened Paris Jackson and Seth Green revealed”

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  9. When I first read EC’s post about hopeless girls mysterious would be benefactor, I was immediately thinking I was reading a post from 419Eater, who specialise in leading on 419 scammers into doing weird and wonderful things in an attempt to get ‘their’ money…
    It uses every trick in the Eaters’s playbook, and as they specialise in making scammers waste their time, I believe that Wilhelmina might have even been a 419Eater member or at least a fan of it…

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    • These are the Brian Harvey videos she’s banging on about, btw (and despite what she says, it seems to me that the two coppers are being very reasonable):

      I do sympathise with Brian, though. I think it would really freak me out to be told that my life was in danger but not know how.

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        • I watched Brian Harvey’s long interview about his experiences with the press, legal system, Jon Wedger and Bill Maloney. The small clip he showed of Bill Maloney badgering some poor bloke was heartbreaking. I am not surprised Brian Harvey stopped the clip. He seemed upset, I was.

          He was also fairly kind about Jon Wedger. Seeing as he knows the man to some extent I think that’s to his credit. He wasn’t so nice about Bill Maloney.

          Brian Harvey did seem to be impressed with Jon Wedger’s piece at the fake court the ITNJ. I wonder if he knows what an out and out crook the struck off barrister Mr Walsh aka John Walsh of Branagh is? Seriously, they were asking for a million at least from supporters to fund hotel bills etc. Considering Mr Walsh’s hotel debt to the RAC in Australia, and that this was supposedly for the people, it just sticks in the throat.

          I feel for the bloke. Having death threats that the police are taking seriously must be absolutely horrible for him.

          I don’t care if others here don’t like him. He struck me as a genuine sort of bloke, even if I don’t exactly understand how a tabloid sting is phone hacking when he was recorded by a so called friend or acquaintance.

          Either way, he’s been through the wringer. I just hope he gets the good friends he needs and not the usual grifters and hangers on.

          He is one who seems to have an actual life in meatspace, unlike some others!

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          • I agree absolutely Tracey.

            Brian seems like a genuinely caring person who has gone through and is continuing to go through a very tough time and the Osman Warning must be very frightening for him.

            The film he made of the police attempting to deliver it to him and reading it to him was the first video I have seen on Hoaxtead Research where I have felt more sympathy for the person on the other side of the door than for the police.

            Kafkaesque and disturbing.


          • “I don’t care if others here don’t like him.”

            Actually I think on the whole we’ve been pretty polite and sympathetic towards him, Tracey.


      • Poor guy. I wonder if this is to do with the professional “whistleblowers” he’s involved with? they are a bunch of frauds in it for the money.


      • Brian has received an “Osman Warning”


        It is basically a warning saying “We think that someone might want to kill you but we don’t really know exactly who made the threat or what’s going on and we can’t help you so you’re on your own. So, er best of luck, take care and don’t carry any weapons or we’ll arrest and charge you. Er, that’s it!”

        I really feel sorry for Brian and I don’t think that the Osman Warning is of any help to him it is just going to make him more anxious and may make things much worse for him.

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    • Angie, lying again, unsurprisingly…………. She worked very closely with Belinda McKenzie and Muckenzie left the UK after recieving a restraining order, to avoid prison !
      My guess is that she was being pressured to breach her order, by the believers and needed to exit to let others take the risks and rap.
      Angela thinks she’s safe to do the same from Ireland, but one day she will also recieve a knock on her door, I hope.

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    • I don’t approve of much of what Harvey does and says but he is clearly mentally ill and severely paranoid. According to the press he hasn’t left his house in 5 years. So for someone like that to be told by the police that someone’s out to kill him but that they don’t know who must be terrifying!

      And for Angie to pray on him, use him for her own ends and potentially exacerbate his paranoia is disgusting beyond words. I did reply to a comment of his on some video last week, warning him about her. That’s the only way to contact him, as he doesn’t allow comments on his own videos. I also warned Eddieisok (who did reply to me) and Red Pill Phil about her, so the seeds of doubt about her have at least been sown.

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    HoaxGirl is gloating about people who’ve been posting disgusting personal comments on her YouTube. Let’s not give her the satisfaction.

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    • I don’t believe the Moon landing was faked but I know the Mars landing was. I know because I saw it in this documentary presented by Elliott Gould and OJ Simpson:

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        • That video seems to be missing the last section with the dramatic denouement of the Mars landing.

          I have to say I love a conspiracy theory as a storyline for a great thriller; I am though very concerned that so many people seem to swallow these fictions whole.

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    • Social media is turning society into morons. The film Idiocracy is becoming reality.


  11. @HopeGirl

    The First Law of Thermodynamics

    The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. For example, turning on a light would seem to produce energy; however, it is electrical energy that is converted.


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    • The Second Law is probably more relevant to Hopeless Girl and QEG. It states that any closed system, like her brain, will result in chaos and disorder over time.

      The Third Law just emphasises that as she gets closer to being an absolute zero the more constant her stupidity gets!

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  12. For anyone who is interested, Shurter is being interviewed live on Nathan’s Lift the Veil channel at the moment, on YT.

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    • Lifting the Veil? Should be called Scraping the Barrel. Or Grifting the Fail maybe?

      HWMNBN is another one I feel very sorry for. He is definitely a challenging person and difficult to like but he is also very evidently psychotic . It is cruel and exploitative to expose him to further ridicule by inviting him to be a guest on his pisspoor channel. Does Nathan have no shame? Well I think we all know the answer to that question.


    • That Shurter interview was a hoot!

      The way he always twists what we say is hilarious. He’s so crafty it’s unreal.

      My favourite quote of his from that show was, “People don’t have control over the past or the future.” No control over the future, lol? And then I had to laugh when Nathan contradicted him in his closing remarks and said that the future isn’t writ in stone…and Shurter agreed with him! 😀


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  14. Brian Harvey is live streaming on youtube about Andrew Ash and Bill Maloney
    Apparently Maloney paid for Andrew’s return train ticket then withheld it while he interviewed / interrogated him, leaving Andrew in an extremely vulnerable state. Lots more. I don’t know how much of the stream gets saved but Brian is making some interesting allegations about the abuse of a vulnerable adult by Bill Maloney.


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