Matt Taylor faces sentencing in Bourne case

It seems that Matt Taylor, prolific stalker and pathetic attention hog, has done it again.

According to the ever-reliable* cave-dweller, Dr Reverend Sir Lord High Muckymuck Anthony G. Pike, on 15 October Taylor was convicted of…well, something or another in the Royal Courts of Justice, and faces sentencing on 29 October. Matt Taylor 2018-10-19 via Batshit Anthony PikePike mentions Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, which leads us to suspect that Taylor’s most recent conviction is related to the fact that he has spent years engaging in a vicious campaign of stalking and harassment against her. However, we don’t have access to the particulars of the case.

Even so, a quick look at Taylor’s Facebook page confirmed that he is indeed in serious trouble:

Matt Taylor 2018-10-19 Facebook 1Attached to the above Facebook post was this stern missive:Matt Taylor 2018-10-19 Facebook 2So it looks as though Taylor was found in contempt of court due to breaching a court order, and he’s currently facing up to two years’ imprisonment, a fine, and/or having his assets seized.

A bit of digging revealed that Taylor is not alone in his woes: someone named John Hoath has also received a stern letter from Ms Jones. While it’s undated, it appears to refer to the same case, or at least to a related one:

Dear Mr Hoath:


I am the solicitor representing the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and her officers.

You have recently sent me several emails. Your e-mail of 30th April 2018 reads as follows:

I have e-mailed sound and solid evidence of corruption in Sussex Police, which proves beyond reasonable doubt that your client, the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne is aiding, abetting and assisting Sussex Police and Chief Constable to pervert justice to conceal corruption.

This evidence is being prepared to be advertised and posted on the internet, therefore as your client refuses to act within the laws of aiding, abetting and assisting criminals with gun crime, it is in fact, a true statement of fact, therefore not libellous or a defamation of your clients character, therefore could be proved as such in a court of law….

I feel sure that you will advise your client as to her criminal conduct in continuing to support criminals with gun crime.


You are aware that Katy Bourne and Mark Streater obtained an injunction preventing Matthew Taylor from whether by himself or by instructing encouraging or permitting any other person or persons, from posting on the internet or otherwise publishing or broadcasting any video, comment, opinion or other material which directly or indirectly refers to either of them. You were in court for the proceedings. …

So our current guess, which is of course open to correction, is that Taylor has been found guilty of breaching the injunction preventing him from harassing either Bourne or Mark Streater, CEO and Monitoring Officer in the Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

As a result, Taylor is suddenly and urgently in need of a solicitor, or at least the funds to pay one.

When the going gets desperate, the desperate get weird

And as surely as night follows day, we see that Taylor has set up a GoFundMe page, on which he hopes to collect £26,000 in order to keep himself out of prison. (Apparently the thought “just don’t violate the bloody injunction in the first place” never crossed his tiny mind. Bless.)

Matt Taylor 2018-10-19 Facebook 3Against our better judgement, we clicked on the link. Those of a nervous or sensitive disposition might wish to stop reading now.




Oh, too late….Matt Taylor 2018-10-19 GoFundMeMatt Taylor 2018-10-19 GoFundMe textThis inspiring prose was followed by a video, which we highly recommend you not watch.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Second prize: Two evenings with Matt Taylor

Yes, apparently this is Taylor’s latest fund-raising gimmick:Matt Taylor 2018-10-19 Facebook 4The mind truly doth boggle. As our friend Smut Clyde would say, all our whats have now been fucked.

And speaking of fucked, it’ll be interesting to see what happens on the 29th. We’ll let you know.

*And by “Ever-reliable” we mean “if he told us the sky was blue we’d go outside to check”.

50 thoughts on “Matt Taylor faces sentencing in Bourne case

  1. Absolutely no point in making a comedy video about this is there… couldn’t do any better than Matt and his loony friends.

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  2. Thanks for the update, EC.

    I never will get Matt Taylor – it’s like he goes out of his way to get himself in trouble, then whinges like a prat when he, er, gets in trouble.

    And who’s this solicitor that’s charging £26,000 for an appeal against a simple restraining order breach that according to Matt will only take two months to win?

    By the way, any idea what those gun crime references are about?

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  3. 1:24:46 – “This is a real thing. Real people have suffered and this is going on and…to start this campaign off with, we’ve picked the Hampstead case in London…It’s a satanic ritual abuse case…but it’s not the only case over on that little European island that we call England and Scotland. Scotland is riddled with satanic ritual abuse. England is riddled with it. Jimmy Survyle [sic], Hollie Greig, all of this stuff is taking place there.”

    Sigh 🙄

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  4. If singing “All My Whats are Fucked” to the tune of ‘Baby Don’t Fear the Reaper’ is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

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  5. Quiet days ahead. i’ve eaten all my data bundles up like a glutton and am lying prostate, bloated and unrepentant like a drunken toad on a lily. only emergency internet on my clunky 3310 now. i think i overdosed on dunnce related activities. i need to detox with famous five novels and trim my beard. keep on with the hash tagging war. laters everyone. 🙂

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  6. I missed it because i was looking in the RCJ list instead of the County Court list.

    In the County Court at Central London, Thomas More Building, Royal Courts of Justice, COURT 60, 9th Floor
    Monday 15 October 2018
    Before His Honour Judge Monty QC
    Clerk: Mr Lyons


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  7. Seems to be a growing trend- accuse someone of being a pedophile, in this case in the US, for gardening while being black, and these ‘women’ could have sent him away for a long time for stalking and being a pedophile…

    IMHO- anyone falsely accusing someone of a crime- especially with malicious intent… should receive the same sentence that the accused would have received, with no possibility of parole- full sentence to be served…

    That would be justice…

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    • Oh I love the fact friends set up a GoFundMe appeal to pay his bond and legal fees and it’s reached “$17,770 of $5,000 goal “.
      Angie – eat your heart out (Isn’t it time she made an appeal for legal funds?)

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  8. I don’t know of this man or his repute because I’m fairly new to this hoax/theory whatever one calls it. I don’t know how I missed it when it first occurred. There are other things I can think of to prioritise money on though especially with Xmas not being that far in the future.


  9. ‘Nick’ has been charged with 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud. Normal reporting restrictions apply as of…now.

    The man known as “Nick” whose allegations sparked the VIP sex abuse probe has appeared in court charged with lying to police and fraudulently receiving £22,000 in compensation.

    The 50-year-old – whose real identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons – is accused of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of fraud.

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      • Ogilvy’s also put up a number posts today celebrating people being attacked by vigilante groups over the last few days – one murdered, one whipped multiple times, one assaulted in a courtroom – and he’s referring to these incidents as “good news”. Says it all about him really.


    • Most telling comment was: “I don’t really like to talk about cases, it’s a bit sensitive with the children you know.”

      Sounds like the police have told her exactly what will happen if she mentions them again on social media.

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    • “Try to contain your excitement 🙄”

      Well and truly contained…
      More blatherings about chemtrails, motherships etc etc
      then som……..


      Wha?? looks around…
      sorry dropped off there for a while

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      • If these alleged Chemtrails are meant to be pumping mind altering chemicals into the atmosphere why is that the Deb & Neelu Loonies of the world are not affected?.
        Their arguments are often self defeating.


  10. I think people going to prison used to say, “I’m not guilty, I didn’t do it”, now it’s either, “corrupt courts” or “set up”.

    The worst thing is that hordes buy into that, it’s a sad day when so many don’t trust the law anymore.

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  11. Matt Taylor is awesome. He even trolls himself! What comedy genius! Such method trolling directed inwards. Do not be suprised if it turns out he actuslly reported himself to the police for the attention.


    • If you Google “Matt Taylor” there are a lot of much more interesting people by that name: professional footballer, space scientist, illustrator … all of whom have done more useful and interesting things with their lives.

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