Wedger ignores sexual abuse in his own back yard

Self-proclaimed police whistleblower Jonathan Wedger has been all over Twitter and Facebook recently, hawking the book Meat Rack Boy by Michael Tarraga, which was published 24 January 2019 by Brees Media.

Wedger certainly seems impressed by his social media stats, which have been enhanced by Tarraga’s story. In a recent tweet, he announced, “These children in care have to become our children“, followed by a quick update on his Facebook statistics. Completely unrelated, no doubt.

Interestingly enough, we were recently alerted to an ongoing news story involving a cult-like school in which children were being sexually abused by the adults into whose care they’d been entrusted. This has been occurring almost literally in Wedger’s back yard, but for some reason he’s ignored it completely.

The Rudolph Steiner School Kings Langley, a long-standing institution in Wedger’s home community of Hemel Hempstead, was closed at the end of term last year following damning Ofsted reports which stated that students were not safe in the school.

Parents who attempted to raise the alarm about safeguarding lapses were sent threatening legal letters, and some received anonymous threats in the post stating, “We know where you live. We know your children and where they go”, according to the Telegraph.

Now, teacher Denis McCarthy, who was suspended twice before being dismissed for gross misconduct in January 2017, faces a professional conduct panel which will run until 22 February.

According to the Telegraph:

The school’s most recent Ofsted report noted that “the culture for safeguarding pupils at the school is not strong enough” and that leaders have “underestimated and downplayed these inadequacies”.

Inspectors said that the process for addressing historic safeguarding complaints has “stalled”, and that “resolution is no longer in sight”.

Mr McCarthy was dismissed for gross misconduct in January 2017 following a series of concerns about safeguarding, but the school did not inform parents of this until August. 

In the intervening months, Mr McCarthy continued to meet up with a group of RSSKL children outside of school, with many parents unaware about the nature of his dismissal.  

One witness at McCarthy’s hearing, now a teenaged girl, described being sexually assaulted by McCarthy when she was 10 years old:

The girl told how the incident occurred at break time after a lesson. She said that Mr McCarthy had called her back into the classroom and the two of them were alone.

He took her to the back of the classroom, where they were out of view from the windows which overlooked grounds that were usually out of bounds to students.

The girl then described how Mr McCarthy had his hands on her shoulders before taking her up against a wall where he pulled her underwear and leggings down to her knees.

She said she struggled to remember precisely what happened then, but she pulled her leggings up and fled from the classroom into an empty corridor in a “stumble-run” before going to the toilet. 

McCarthy denies all allegations against him.

The school’s closure came after a long fight for survival, during which parents were kept in the dark about the nature of complaints. However, there were multiple signs of safeguarding issues, bullying, and other problems having existed for years, according to students who attended the school.

Writing in the blog Quackometer, Andy Lewis notes:

A central part of [Ofsted’s] concerns were over “a culture of close relationships” between pupils and teachers. These relationships extended beyond the professional relationships you would expect in a school.

Lewis quotes a Waldorf (Steiner) school handbook for teachers, written by an executive officer of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship UK. In a chapter titled “How to make it difficult for anyone else to teach your class—ever!”, teachers are urged to engage in something which closely resembles grooming behaviour:

Tell the class frequently that they are a very special group (they must be to have you as a teacher) and let them know implicitly and explicitly that you are the only person fit and able to teach them. Alongside this, it helps to hint frequently that no-one else can or could handle them as you do.

Make a particular point of cultivating the strongest leaders in the class so that they see you as their special ally, the only adult who understands them.

Ensure that class evenings have as much as possible the quality of a party held in your own home.

Rewards, for example chocolates (especially if the school rule is no chocolate), should be awarded to indicate how pleased you are with an individual (and, of course, it’s “our secret”).

This culture of close relationships is not particular to the Kings Langley school, but is part of the Steiner/Waldorf educational philosophy. Steiner Waldorf schools have been described as cult-like, closed, and secretive. Teachers at Steiner schools need not be qualified, Lewis notes, adding that the majority of teachers in UK Steiner Schools do not have a recognised teaching qualification.

As he correctly points out, “This reduces the barriers and checks that might prevent paedophiles entering the payroll”.

Waldorf schools are founded upon the anthroposophical teachings of Rudolph Steiner, although they often say that they “do not teach Anthroposophy”, Lewis says. However,

Steiner Schools are indeed Anthroposophical Schools in that every aspect of the curriculum, school structure, teaching methods and governance is determined by the occult teachings of Rudolf Steiner on education, including the need to build these ‘close relationships’.

Certainly, students at the Kings Langley school appear to have suffered the consequences.

This raises a number of troubling questions: for one thing, why has Denis McCarthy not been charged by police? And given that there have been allegations for many years about the school’s abysmal failure to provide adequate safeguarding for its pupils, why was the school not fully investigated when its problems were first identified?

And given that the school is In Jon Wedger’s bailiwick, why has he shown absolutely no interest in saving the children who may have been sexually abused right under his nose? The school’s problems have been extensively reported in local newspapers, and have been the subject of local discussion for some time.

For a brave whistleblower such as Wedger, this sounds like a perfect opportunity to make his mark in his own community. Surely it cannot be because neither VIPs nor SRA were involved?

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  1. Actual sexual-abuse investigations take _years_, and they involve court cases with endless delays and frustrations, and sometimes the victims don’t look and act like Boden models, and there aren’t any glamorous roles available, certainly not for laypeople, and the victims are generally too traumatized and also too aware that _they_ are the actual victims to be suitably slobberingly grateful and as a layperson you don’t get to make any decisions, all you get to do is show up for eight million meetings at horrible times and then try to help children and parents deal with the fact that no matter how it all turns out it sucks and doesn’t really feel much like justice and then everyone has to face the fact that that’s partly because secretly nobody WANTS justice, what they really want is a time machine, and it can’t happen, and then start plodding ahead into life one slow, messy step at a time.

    There’s no future in it, and nobody makes any money at it, and it’s no fun at all.

    That Wedger, he’s not ENTIRELY devoid of common sense…

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        • I’m afraid there is a lot of truth in what Marna Nightingale says. There is nothing in it for Mr Wedger here – the appropriate authorities have been hard at work removing Mr McCarthy, and the school has been inspected and closed down. There has probably been, or is now, a police investigation into McCarthy. (And if the girl or her parents have said she doesn’t want to give evidence in court, that will probably be that.)
          Everyone involved is an ordinary person, so no interest there and the facts, while disturbing, are not sensational.
          And we have to bear in mind (as a real police whistleblower has pointed out) that Mr Wedger has never disclosed the abuse that he says he personally discovered in the police (certainly not when he was in the organisation and entitled to the name ‘whistleblower’), so he’s not likely to be able to discover anything new here.

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          • No they havn’t that’s the point, not only was McCarthy sacked, but he was paid off by the school, the Police wouldn’t get involved but hopefully the truth will come out next week, unfortunately, if you don’t understand the cult of Steiner education, then you won’t get what’s been going on. Child abuse is child abuse, but because it actually happened and still is in other Steiner schools Wedger and others like him arn’t interested. The reason McCarthy is having a fitness to teach tribunal is, he could quite easily go to another Steiner school and carry on teaching, as many have before him.


    • I think it’s pretty much the opposite regarding money. Huge amounts of money are involved.

      Compensation (and I don’t deny anyone it who deserves it) is available in many forms.
      Take the Savile matter: his entire estate was eaten up by mainly lawyer’s fees and compensation. The BBC paid out compensation on nil proof just a credible claim.

      Local councils have paid out small fortunes in compensation to the abused in institutions under their watch and I’d hate to think of what the legal fees are. Lawyers are having a field day world-wide.

      Whatever happens with the The Rudolph Steiner School it will have to have been insured and I bet their insurance company is quaking in it’s boots at what may eventuate.
      Or the £millions soaked up the ridiculous Ted Heath investigation ironically conducted by Wedger’s pal the disgraced Mike Veale ( I always laugh at that word ‘disgraced’ in the way the media use it but why not in this case).

      In the USA and the Penn State abuse scandal the victims received around $5M each in compo with one even boasting about it on Facebook posting a snap of him lying in bed surround by piles of cash and the son of the abuser recalling at the last minute he too was abused (and getting his $5M).
      The Catholic Church among others is paying untold $Millions to victims of priestly abuse. Amounts vary with say in Australia victims receiving anything from $50,000 to $200,000 but in the USA a victim can expect much more than that.
      The Australian government has now set up a compensation scheme in co-operation with institutions involved, churches, schools etc and it’s difficult to estimate the $multi-millions that will eventually be paid out.

      And of course teams lawyers at every stop of the way sending in their invoices. God only knows what the eventual cost of IICSA will be but it’s already in the £millions.

      As I predicted (don’t I always ?) the @MeToo movement is having an enormous effect upon film-making with insurance costs sky-rocketing and I expect this will be mirrored eventually in 100s of entities.

      Who can deny then Mr, Wedger his income for cycling around the UK although how it helps the abused is a mystery. Interesting though that he says “these children must become our children” when he’s really talking about adults. The vast majority of abuse is historic. Still, silly details.

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      • Incidentally in my dreadful experience in the 70s which also involved at best GBH & at worst attempted murder (according to the very kind detective that dealt with my case) I had no idea that government compensation was available and never applied for it even though the incident set me back about 3 years.

        Police didn’t tell me compensation was available which I believe they have done in the past few years even to the point of visiting career criminals in jail to remind them, possibly to jog their memory of earlier abuse.

        Perhaps because I was dealing with detectives in Central London but I found the one DC I dealt with extremely sensitive to the nature of the abuse and very willing to investigate so I’ve always been puzzled by the claim police in the past had closed minds on abuse.
        # Eighteen months after my incident the 3 abusers were nabbed in a bizarre plot to fly in a small plane loaded with heroin to the UK when they found about 30 officers waiting for them on the ground as they landed at a country air-strip. As they receive life sentences I felt Karma had struck so felt no need to continue pursuit of them.

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      • I know for a fact that when the school closed down, they wanted to reopen, so they put the begging bowl out, but the problem was, there wasn`t a single insurance company in the land who would insure them. The local council have nothing to do with these schools because they are private. Ofsted would never usually get involved, but they were ordered to by the government, because of the Steiner movements own inspectors report. Most of Steiner Schools in this country are starting to run into trouble now, since the KIngs Langley one closed. It was a steiner flag ship school. There has been abuse of some kind or another at this school for over fourty years, it`s been covered up. It`s so cult like you wouldn`t believe. you will get former students saying the abuse never happened, you will get other students who were abused saying it did. Unfortunately for some people all this comes too late because, some of the teachers who should be brought to book are now dead. But in other schools in recent times, a teacher was seen to pass round a lit cigarette to students in the class room, in another Steiner School, another teacher was encouraging children to cut them selves. Mr McCarthys hearing is expected to finish next week, I only hope this is the start of things to come, but I don`t expect Wedger to do anything about it, even though it`s been in his own local paper for over a year, and it`s less than two miles away from his nice comfy abode

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        • And while we are at it, I`m surprised none of the other TROOFER`S knew about this, seeing as, it actually happened and it`s happening at various locations round the country. Belinda could of dipped her toe in the water, or is she not doing anti child abuse now her right arm is locked in prison.

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        • I till say anyone working with children, teachers etc will soon have to wear body cams 24/7 and schools will need CCTV in every corner with appropriate privacy issues in place. Works for the police.


          • “Entire Industries Are Being Blacklisted by Insurers Over #MeToo Liability”
            I wonder how much of this is an American thing, that article was quoted as saying that there had been a 14% rise in claims in the last year- strangely about the same time that one rather infamous orange (blank) made many, many, many sexist/racist/etc etc remarks in public
            Correlation or causation???


        • I remember a tutor having a conversation at university back in the 1990s with a new student. We had just had a lecture on Rudolf Steiner and his idea that the “tyranny of the right angle” restricted children’s minds. The student had been a pupil at one of the schools (I think in Germany) and the tutor said something to the effect of “Oh, I’m very surprised, you are the first normal person I’ve met to come out of one”. Seemed a bit of an odd thing to say at the time.

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      • Huge sums of money are available from wealthy or well-insured organisations who bear some blame. But often the perpetrators don’t have a lot of money and the organisations they work in are not always culpable. Take a well run school which takes action at the first sign of trouble. Paedophiles are very cunning and determined, and will probably have done a deal of damage before anyone could have realised what was happening. The school won’t be liable and the perpetrator will be out of a job and a man of straw.
        And the idea that there is £mega at the end of every allegation is very harmful – it taints true allegations and encourages false ones.

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        • Also, while the compensation payouts look big on their face, having been involved in a couple of cases (refugee resettlement) where the lawyers were working pro bono or on legal aid — you guys, you would not BELIEVE what the photocopying bill alone on a prolonged court case looks like — and that’s not included in the ‘pro bono’ deal: lawyers give a lot of their time and effort but quite reasonably they can’t afford to actually spend huge wads of their own money on their cases.

          Then there are fees for experts. Therapy bills. Lost wages and opportunities due to trauma. Relocation expenses, in some cases, where there seems to be an ongoing threat. Education debt for degrees left unfinished. Medical bills. They can look like big payouts but if I had to bet I’d say few victims can honestly say they were made whole, i.e. broke even. Being sexually abused is expensive.

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      • Yet more evidence that these hoaxer pricks don’t actually watch the videos they share (see also Devine and Angela). Sorry but how many levels is that wrong on?

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          • Does Mr Devine actually have a day job or did he bore them to death. FINCHLEY ROAD PEOPLE FINCHLEY ROADZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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          • You can’t hurt anyone more than you can hurt yourself. These Hoaxtead trolls are self-confessed Satanists who are trying to cover up the Hampstead children case. Just ask Angela Daisy-Power and Jake Love. Remember – you only get enemy fire when you’re over the target and I have to do my care of duty, so let’s get the dance going. Let’s drain the swamp, people. It’ll all change when we bring back king’s bench. We’re doing this for them, so WHY are they attacking me? If you tolerate this, then your children will be next. Thank you, darling. Cheers, sweetheart. Goodnight and God bless. And keep smiling

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  2. Call me dim but I still don’t get why this fat bloke keeps bullying someone who’s significantly slimmer than him for, er, being fat. Am I missing something?

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  3. I went to a Rudolf Steiner nursery school; it was all a bit odd but I don’t remember much of it as I left when I was four. When my own children were born I looked briefly into Steiner schools but then ran very fast in another direction!

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  4. I’ve been reading things about the Southern Baptist church’s record on child protection recently. Looks pretty grim.

    When I was in care and later a care leaver, I was warned to stay the f*** away from Jesus Army when they came round with their bus.

    Oddly, I lived in an area with communes and dissolved communes with wiccans, nature worshippers and pagan ex members who stayed local. Bear with me because this lot call anything non Christian, Satanic. Never heard a peep about them except they were generous to a fault and would dull you to death if you got trapped once they were on their favourite topic. I really miss the old hippies who made houses out of scrap and whirled round their kitchen playing the bodhran.

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    • ‘I really miss the old hippies who made houses out of scrap and whirled round their kitchen playing the bodhran.’

      You just described our house. 🙂

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  5. I don’t want to link it but Tom ‘Through the Cack’ Dunce just stepped over a line. Big-time 😡

    And naturally, Angela is spurring him on- because hey, that’s what someone who wants to go to prison does…

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  6. Gemma O’Doherty is a grade A nutjob with a following of nutjobs, her documentary on the missing child was self-funded nonsense, no evidence just conspiracy, I also find it disturbing that she keeps saying the child was raped, the little girl disappeared her body has never been found and no one charged, how on earth can she be sure she was raped? The family have repeatedly asked her to stop using the child’s name, every story she attaches herself to she ends up falling out with the victims because of her behaviour. That aside she seems to think Google has an obligation to allow her to say whatever she likes despite it not being a state-owned company. Her rants are increasingly racist and verging into Katie Hopkins territory. She’s far from respected she’s a name for being an attention seeking narcissist which I’m sure endears her greatly to the hoaxers who probably see so much of themselves in her actions and words.

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    • Yeah gharris, she’s a nutjob all right. Failed at everything so trying to make her big bucks on the internet. I was helping out a Co. Councillor today with some work & he had no idea who she was lol. She thinks she is famous but is a small cog in the consiracy world. I like to give her a little ribbing now & then for the craic. 😂


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