What drives Angela and Sabine?

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s morbidly fascinating to watch Angela Power-Disney’s apparent attempts to ensure that she is found guilty and imprisoned for her role in promoting the Hampstead hoax. Despite claiming that she is afraid that she will be charged by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Angela has shown no signs of letting up in her naming of protected witnesses, and indeed seems to go out of her way to do so.

It’s difficult for normal people to grasp what could motivate a person to continue implicating themselves over and over again, and yet that is exactly what she is doing. Her deranged rant two weeks ago when she discovered that her file had been sent to the DPP is a case in point.

Following a four-year sustained campaign of brutal harassment against a person who finally laid charges against her last summer, Angela went into what can only be described as a narcissistic rage, shouting, “How dare you? HOW DARE YOU COME AFTER ME FOR HARASSMENT? Evil, evil man!” 

Clearly, Angela believes that the person in question has no right to accuse her of having hurt him or his family; rather, she posits herself as the victim. This upside-down view of the world seems to underlie Angela’s actions, as she seems to think she has the right to attack anybody she pleases, and that her victims should have no right of reply.

Just yesterday she was commenting favourably on a video by American evangelical nutbar and fellow faux-Christian Thomas Dunn, egging him on in his attacks against the person she has been stalking and harassing for the past four years, and encouraging him to show pictures of this person’s children.

A constant source of puzzlement for those who attempt to understand the motivations of people like Sabine McNeill or Angela Power-Disney is that their actions do not appear rational. However, we think the prosecuting barrister in Sabine’s trial was correct when she said that it all came down to ego.

Sabine, she said, was not motivated by money, but by the thrill of knowing that in persisting in her deranged campaign, she was winning the approval and admiration of her followers. No matter how unfair, underhanded, and malicious her allegations might be, and no matter who she hurt—or how often she was told of the effects of her actions—some internal force drove her to continue until she was finally arrested, tried, and imprisoned.

Even during her trial, Sabine was unable or unwilling to express remorse for the harm that she had caused.

At one point she claimed that she had “wept bitter tears” when she realised that she had made an error in accepting that the class list Ella had given her was actually a list of Satanic abusers. However, under cross-examination, she stated emphatically that she would never stop believing the children—giving the lie to her claim of remorse.

Similarly, Angela appears not to care about those whose lives she has damaged. Nor does she seem to feel obligated to abide by the same rules that other people must follow. While it’s fine for her to accuse people she’s never met of the worst crimes known to humanity, it is definitely not okay for anyone to call her out on her own behaviour.

When they do, she reacts with uncontrollable rage—the classic response of a narcissist whose self-illusion of grandiosity, superiority, and entitlement has been briefly shattered. (Don’t worry, narcissists always find a way to re-inflate the burst balloon, at least until the next narcissistic injury.)

While Sabine and Angela are two very different people, they appear to share a similar egomaniacal drive to continue down a completely irrational and ultimately self-destructive path. Like Sabine, Angela will only stop when she, too, is arrested, tried, and imprisoned.

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      • E.C has basically summed it all up about Angela Pointless-Daisy so there’s no need for me to put on my Freud hat (or frock).

        Of course there is no pill to cure narcissism which Ange mimics all the aspects of so inevitably she marches onward to the fate that awaits her.

        Andy Decline?. That’s a bit more difficult. His arrogance is as evident as his ignorance and fanaticism but I guess he’s just a classic Keyboard Warrior sitting there in Greece pontificating on really quite lunatic notions such as the claim an obviously deranged Maori in a council flat in New Zealand is doing deals with Chinese billionaires seemingly unaware it’s probably a waiter from the local Rotarua Chinese takeaway who is having him on seeing he’s probably the town’s Laughing Stock after announcing at the local Police Station that he was there to arrest a certain Chief Inspector and he had the power to as he was “The King of England” ( Oi you in the back row stop giggling this is important).

        Andy truly believe this nutter is going to set-up his wave energy machines (seemingly clueless that it’s all been done before) all over the place after having built them himself and therefore saved enough money to buy a fleet of Container Ships (his latest notion) all whilst toppling the British Royal Family.

        I reckon Andy is just a Classic Bore and the sort of person you would avoid at the local pub which might be why he’s had to move to Greece. I bet he’s not very popular in the local tavernas & I bet he’s the sort who never buys his round of Ouzos but has an excuse to leave.

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  1. EC, I believe that there are actually two categories that are at work here. First there are those who are just suffering some sort of mental illness ie APD, Sabine, Rubbergums Morris, [name redacted] et al ( Remember Arthur Kaoutal ? ) The fact that they refuse to acknowledge the fact that they do have a mental illness is typical of sufferers and their hurtful and damaging behavior will continue until such time that they get treatment or are shut down and stopped by the courts.
    The other category is the Devine, Wanoa, Spivey et al grouping, ( although Spivey had the sense to stay away from things for once ) who are just con men and grifters who have latched on in the hope of attracting weak minded people who they can then manipulate in to parting with their money to invest in them or whatever scheme they are pushing. Mind you, with second thoughts maybe Devine and Wanoa do actually fall between the two categories. Possibly they are even more dangerous to society. Spivey does not believe for one minute that anything he spouts is actually the truth but knows it appeals to his acolytes and will keep his “donations “rolling in. Devine and Wanoa actually do believe that their bullshite is accurate!

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    • cc to Utility Warehouse? Neelu is an oddball, but I doubt that a utility distributor with a business model that falls just on the legal side of pyramid schemes is particularly interested in Jake’s trial.

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    • It is my understanding that Jake’s appearance in Crown Court tomorrow Is on account of his having appealed his magistrates conviction and sentence from last October. I think that he believes he will be having a jury trial, but that is unlikely, as this Is an appeal. We will bring updates tomorrow as we get them.

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      • What is interesting is the news that Mrs McNeill’s lawyers are preparing an appeal, which may or may not be true but is not implausible. Mr Clarke’s hearing is an appeal, and so it will be 1 judge and 2 magistrates.

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      • Correct. It is not a prosecution.

        For Appeal against Conviction
        A20180227 CLARKE Jake S 01SX0004418

        They don’t get that when they lie about the little things that are easily verified, their lies about the “big things” will be treated with the contempt they deserve.

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      • Penny, Neelu and Lee Cant have said they’ll be there to plant crystals before the trial. I’m sure Jake really appreciates the help.

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      • Category (1) has sub categories.

        (a) Delusional
        (b) Mentally ill.

        Most of these idiots are delusional. Whilst in vernacular speech, the two terms are interchangeable, there is only a small subset who are actually mentally ill e.g. Melanie Shaw, Jake Clarke and the like.

        I use the non-emotive example of flat earth believers as a comparison. Whilst there are undoubtedly some Flerfers who may also be mentally ill, having an irrational belief not grounded in reality does not require intervention by mental health professionals.

        In many cases they are high functioning intelligent individuals. Neelu is a good example. She has completed a difficult degree and was employed for many years in a highly regulated field. She is not mentally ill. She is delusional.

        I think accusing the hoaxers in general of being either mentally ill or grifters removes agency from their actions. They have done these things with malice aforethought and should be held responsible for their behaviours!

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        • The arrival of the Internet has revealed just how many inhabitants of your categories there are and it’s pretty frightening really
          And speaking of Neelu whatever happened to Planet Niburi which she promised several years ago would arrive any day now ( a bit like Angela’s Rapture)?. I suppose in Space Time “any day” could mean any thing.
          It’ll be just our luck that Niburi will arrive and herald the End Times just as we all receive out $6Billion liens and don’t have a chance to spend the loot.


        • I agree with you, Owl, except that my definition of grifter implies a degree of criminality, not mental illness. In legal terms, I understand that mental illness may be used as a defence when it is determined that the defendant is unable to discern right from wrong. I don’t think that is the case with any of the people involved in the Hampstead hoax.


          • Like my sub-setting of the mental illness category, I think only a few are grifters in the traditional sense. Most are just morons who have found other like minded morons they can profit off but still believe in the substantive stupidity. It’s a form of grifting to be sure, but not in the Alex Jones or David Icke absolute dishonest sense of premeditated profiteering!

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        • “She is not mentally ill. She is delusional.”

          The key point is that these are elective delusions. “I reject your reality and replace it with my own!” (in which I am a person of great importance in a world full of evil-doers).

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        • I think you need to leave Melanie Shaw out of this. She isn’t involved in the various campaigns on her behalf and indeed has rejected them. She is mentally ill, but her position in a hoax is more like the P children – the innocent object of others’ interest, not a perpetrator. Also the whisteblowing isn’t imaginary – I believe she did attend Beechwood School and it does appear that some horrible things happen there. The hoax is that she was locked up because of it, which isn’t something she’s maintained herself.


  2. Well put EC. They are authors of their own misfortune & have to pay the price.

    Anyone who can twist someone winning a competition on eBay to going after her is somehow……..twisted? Saying she had retired and then blaming competition winners for her coming out of her ‘retirement’ is quite delusional.

    Sabine will, I believe, carry on again with her campaign of harassment should she be released early. She has not taken any blame for her part in the hoax, nor will she try to think logically about babies being shipped to London to be ate, etc. Her mind is closed, as for Neelu, she is a lost cause, as is APD.

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    • Yes that’s a very good point about construing a competition on eBay as an attack on Angela. In what universe is it any of her business who wins what? Oh right, it is the Universe According to Angie, in which the sun and stars revolve around her sacred person.

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    • You young whippersnappers won’t remember this but I recall a time when children winning an award for starting up a successful business was cause for celebration and you didn’t get chavs from Oldcastle and Inverness trashing them all over the internet. Good times 🙂

      While I’m on, I miss Spangles and tanktops too. But I digress. Nurse!

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    • The thing about Angela saying she’d “stepped down from the Hampstead case” (and it’s something MKD picked up on as well) was that she didn’t. You may recall that it became a bit of a running joke for a while that she continued to regularly rant about it after saying she wasn’t going to. In fact, “So much for .stepping down from the Hampstead case” almost became a catchphrase on here for a while.



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  3. Hello Victims.

    I am having a narcissistic rage in front of the mirror today, I am not getting enough mentions on Twitter.

    I ate bran and baked beans this afternoon, so I have a hurricane force winds down below. As always, I smell pungent, and my nickers blew off and landed upon the picture of dear Rupert on the bedside table. I am full of shit today, its coming out in tsunamis, but don’t worry I am used to living in my puddles of poo.

    Are there any actors out there who wants a stalker? Everyone who is famous must have a stalker. Send donations to paypal and I will stalk you for ten years, I am a professional and experienced stalker, and if you have a nice bum, I will go the extra mile to keep in touch with you. I always give the personal touch to clients with nice bottoms.

    What drives me? Darlings, attention, it makes the world go round, and I get so dizzy that I fall down into a big pile of stinky shit. I look like a walking sewage works, and thats on a good day.

    Thats all my darling victims.

    Yours in hate and evil.

    Angina Powder Dizzy

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    • Dear Angie,

      Please can I come to Auntie Angie’s confessional. I would like to have a long Skype conversation with you, in complete confidence, discussing sensitive family secrets, dead pets, et c. Then you can broadcast it all to the world on YouTube whilst laughing maniacally at my misfortunes.

      Yours in idiocy,

      your last remaining friend.

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    • I cannot recall reading anything about Jesus’ purported sayings where he mentions “whistle-blowers” but I will stand corrected if proved wrong.
      She’s an odd one that Teresa always banging on about “political government men” who allegedly allow rape & pillage yet she spends all her time trying to join them in Canberra.
      What’s the purpose of that strange list she attaches to her emails?. It is some sort of list of porn websites?. It looks like she’s advertising them.

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      • That’s exactly what it is, mate. It first appeared in 2015 (and got shared by everyone from Angela to Charlotte Ward to Kris Costa) and purports to be taken from the PC of a protected witness. It isn’t – it’s disingenuous Detective info Pro crap; and as EC has pointed out in the past, it says more about the original poster’s surfing habits than the person he was attempting to accuse!

        By the way, the name that the sick fucks have highlighted – and that I’ve blanked out – is that of the daughter of the aforementioned protected witness. They’re trying to say he’s been pimping her out.

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      • “In that day the Lord will whistle for flies from the Nile delta in Egypt and for bees from the land of Assyria.” Isaiah 7:18

        One of the few mentions of whistling in the entire Bible.

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    • He’s a pretty vicious one isn’t he the way he sits there pontificating to his fan base and always putting the knife in to someone but with a real Holier Than Thou attitude.

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  4. Oh Gawd, she’s ‘ere again 🙄

    (Unable to link Angie’s new video, as it contains the name son photos of the Hampstead children.)

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    • Did she say “it’s Angela Parrot Disney”?.

      Alas for Ange it’s two steps forward for the Yellow Vests and two steps back as “Tommy Robinson” wannabe James Goddard is arrested (and filmed by cops putting his knickers on) for allegedly threatening a photographer at a “Yellow Vest” protest and they are filmed haranguing a Swedish tourist in London (note the creepy guy in the Union Jack hat who gets up close & personal with the hapless tourist).
      “James Goddard arrest footage”

      “Yellow vests abuse a Swedish tourist”

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      Cracking the code is the easy bit. Deciphering their English, on the other hand…

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    • It’s true.
      We even have a “Hoaxtead Research” branch in Perth WA based at the Hula Bula Bar (real name) that meets every Thursday to discuss tactics over cocktails.
      Mind the committee address is variable as now that Clementine Fotheringale-Forsythe is back in the fold it’s just a matter of time before we are ejected as news of the “misunderstanding” between her and the chief bottle washer at our last venue, The Cheeky Sparrow gets around.

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    • Ah, the script kiddies strike again, LOL. And I see Cat Snot has dutifully shared their brilliant work. Do these prize numpties have any idea what a certificate is? Or SSL, for that matter?

      Thought not.


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