Matt Taylor gets another knock on the door

Yesterday we learned that Matt Taylor, who was convicted of contempt of court in respect of his violation of a civil injunction preventing him from stalking Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, had received another knock on the door from the police.

As we reported in October, Taylor was given a four months’ sentence, suspended for two years.

According to Taylor, who posted on Facebook about the incident, a Sussex police officer had shown up at his door Saturday night, “flapping sheets of paper around” and ordering him to “do things before midnight” or risk further arrest. This unnerved Taylor so much that he was required to take a long soak in the bath to de-stress.

Given that Taylor is currently under a suspended sentence, we would assume that should he be found to have violated its terms he could wind up in prison.

As for being ordered to “do things” we surmised that this had to do with removing material from the Internet.

In short order, we noticed that one of Taylor’s many blogs, the only five years out-of-date Gettingreadyfor2015, had been removed from the internet by its owner. It seems likely that this is related to Taylor’s recent police visit.

Taylor has removed material from the internet before, but it seems to pain him so much that he cannot resist replacing it with more incriminating material.

Like many Hampstead SRA hoax promoters, his appetite for attention appears boundless, and he seems to value online page views so much that he is willing to put his freedom in jeopardy.

And speaking of his craving for attention…

Prime minister in waiting?

For those unfortunates among us who have been following Andy Devine’s uncontrolled online vomiting, you might be interested to know that Taylor has put himself forth as the prime minister in waiting of the Moai King William IV Party, which allegedly takes power in the UK as of 28 March.

By his own account,

An unknown personality within Westminster circles, who came last in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown General Election as an independent candidate, Taylor has built himself a reputation as a maverick politician, a political columnist and a campaigner against police corruption. …

Promising to inject the economy with £970 million trillion trillion, promoting tidal energy as the nation’s new power source and building new sustainable Earthships to address the nation’s shortage of homes; Taylor claims to have all the solutions to today’s problems.

Good to know.

(And yes, Taylor frequently writes about himself in the third person. We don’t know whether he thinks this makes him sound more professional, or he actually thinks readers will believe that someone else is writing about him.)

Taylor might wish to get his act cleaned up vis-à-vis his apparent inability to stop violating his restraining order before he takes his oath of office. Then again, we’re not certain that such niceties will be all that important to the King William IV party.

47 thoughts on “Matt Taylor gets another knock on the door

  1. The authorities are too lenient with these scumbags.
    Divine issues death threats- “bullet in the back of the head”. His pal (name redacted) claims he has London gangsters searching for Hoaxteaders who will be bundled in the back of a van and ‘disappeared”.
    Tell me what’s the difference between them and ISIL terrorists?.
    How the f*ck do they get away with it?
    If Taylor breached his court order why wasn’t he just hauled off to serve his sentence?
    That Irish Tracey, Neelu Berry, McKenzie, breach orders & just break the law and get a slap on the wrist.

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  2. I agree, Sam. I feel that one of the reasons that Sabine continued for so long with her sustained campaign of harassment is that she believed that she would not get in trouble since she kept getting arrested and then released with no further consequences.

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  3. According to the Wayback Machine, Matt’s site had been deleted by January 24th at the latest.

    More recently there was a flurry of activity from Feb 6th to 8th as someone archived the “site deleted” message for each of the blogposts, as if to document the fact that all the posts were gone.

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  4. Paul Rogers is another one that should have his collar felt again. During his live yesterday he made a beeline for a lady asking if she was ‘hoaxtead’ for no reason other than I presume she was a ‘remainer’ on the March. He said it quite aggressively, she had no idea what he was talking about.

    For all of his love you all, Queenie, Princess shit, I would be very wary of him.

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  5. you might be interested to know that Taylor has put himself forth as the prime minister in waiting of the Moai King William IV Party, which allegedly takes power in the UK as of 28 March.

    There’s also this:

    And yes, Taylor frequently writes about himself in the third person. We don’t know whether he thinks this makes him sound more professional, or he actually thinks readers will believe that someone else is writing about him.

    Perhaps it is preparation for an “Only-Joking” defense. “Clearly everything I say is for satirical purposes, no-one could take it seriously!”

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  6. He was also urging people to share the APD-Tere video that he knows full well contains repeated mentions of a protected witness’s name. This a blatant violation of both the court order and the conditions of his suspended sentence.

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  7. Taylor is a complete and utter dickhead. I cannot remember anyone ever commenting on any of his bullshit until late last week when someone “anonymous ” posted a comment which said that Danielle La Verite had sadly passed away. Complete and utter nonsense. She is still taking moolah for over the internet Tarot readings!!

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  8. I didn’t listen to all of it, it was too long. He hasn’t got the brains he was born with, (if he was born with any). He thinks he is untouchable now, goaded on by Babs. Let’s see him get out of that then!

    I hope Heather Brown sees Cat Scots remark about unschooling her children & reports her to her local authorities, Heather is allegedly quite good at that! Cat has said the same thing previously.

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  9. Taylor has removed material from the internet before, but it seems to pain him so much that he cannot resist replacing it with more incriminating material.

    Case in point: many of the posts from the no-longer-extant, much-missed “Getting Ready” blog are currently reappearing at another of Mr Taylor’s sad little operations, “Guerilla Democracy”.

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  10. I only listened to spits and spots myself, tbh. Which is why I’m eternally grateful to Agent J, who watched the entire tedious debacle on our behalf and is now undergoing a course of intensive recuperation therapy.

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  11. Cat was also promoting child-smacking on Twitter the other day. Whether she smacks her own kids I couldn’t say. I just hope she puts down the cider bottle first.

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  12. The big Internet companies are only just being pulled up over allowing self harm images on the sites that children look at. Why does it take one child to die to bring it to the worlds attention. Everyone is blaming Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but I think the Authorities have to take some of the blame too. Belinda McKenzie, and Sabine should of been stopped years ago, because they`ve just shown how easy it is to spread the conspiracies, and got other people to do it too, it`s far too easy.

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  13. Sounds gripping.

    The Golden Cube is Matt Taylor’s debut sci-fi novel. A cross between Dan Brown and Ben Elton with a healthy splash of David Icke. Imagine a world where space travel, cellular regeneration, perfect engines, space travel, aliens, reincarnation and a host of other marvels are common place, but no-one but an elite few know about them. Amongst these elite few are God, Satan and group militaristic human Illuminati who are constantly playing a game with Satan over how the world is ordered. Leonardo “Bingo” Ashman, a small time political activist eking out an existence in Brighton, lives in such a world, and who knows, maybe we do too. What he doesn’t know is he is very special and when he comes into possession of the Golden Cube, he is cast into a new and strange world with his travelling companion, a cellularly regenerated Queen Elizabeth II. The adventure leads them all over Western Europe and eventually to the Scottish Isles where the fate of all mankind rests in his hands.

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  14. On one hand I rage about why these people are not hauled before the courts but on the other I know how difficult it can be having the law enforced is. Police are under pressure and the courts are full.
    I know here in Oz we managed to get Supreme Court orders enforced on an harasser of an elderly lady (she was 85) but he and his co-horts breached it within weeks and convinced others (there are so many dummies around) that the orders were not really enforceable.

    And to sanction these people for breaking those orders meant the plaintiff – the elderly lady- would have to take them back to the court where a judge would enforce them. It’s why I really have little sympathy for Sabine as she prodded the law to breaking point. Once you get to higher courts judges hate nothing more than people who mock the law. But it all takes tremendous effort and time and can be quite debilitating.

    Added to that is the band of supporters these people have who re-enforce for them, that they are on some incredible crusade and they will be acknowledged at some stage for their brilliance as exampled by Mr Divine who seems to believe (along with Is A Cock and his band of yellow vesters) that the Establishment will come crashing down if they just stand and scream outside No 10 enough times.
    (editor- go and have a drink, you’re even worse when you’re sober)

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  15. What a pathetic goose this Matt Taylor is. Another one with an inflated ego with sadly no abilities of any kind to match it.
    His website seems a sad attempt to mirror that ghastly Spiv character with lunatic conspiracies.

    On one hand he claims he’s fled the UK to Hollywood to “pitch” a movie to the bigwigs. Then he says he can’t afford the £30 fees for his website. I wonder if they are happy in this alternative universe they live in?. Weird or what.

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  16. Belinda and Sabine were at it before the internet got going. To an extent the internet has made their job easier, but it also make it easier for us to expose them too.

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  17. … When he arrives in Scotland out hero Matt Taylor Leonardo Ashcan discovers that to save humanity he must seek out and achieve “mystic union” with the woman they call “Wild Cat the Scot”.

    We’re doomed … doomed .. we’re all doomed!

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  18. Hello Victims.

    This is a message for Matt Taylor, who like me, reads all the mentions about us with delight, it makes us feel so important.

    Matt, you crazy guy, you make me faint with your craziness. Oh Matt, come to Oldcastle, drop your pants, and we will get to the bottom of this. I loves crazies, come to me, you big crazy fellow, let me keep in touch with you. Please send me male, I love male.

    Oh, I must stop writing, I am hot and sweaty at the crazy man.

    Yours in evil.

    Angina Powder Dizzy

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  19. With his name Matt Taylor and mad cats propensity to join any old shite together the aforementioned “mystic union” is clearly written in the stars. She can surely help him get his stitching up to speed for when he enroles with her majesties mail bag sewing crew and he might be able to reciprocate by assisting cat with any lurking daddy issues she may be harbouring,or opening bottles or something. Join the dots folks,its all there.

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  20. Fairly Sane I don`t think you get my point. I am talking about their victims, people wrongly accused. The Hampstead kids medical records are still on facebook, other innocent names people`s names are still all over the internet. one child commits suicide, and the world goes mad. this kind of behaviour has been going on years, none of the social media companies could give one. if they can make a law to stop so called James Bulger adult killers alleged photographs, some of which are fake, being put on the internet, then the internet companies, social media should put their big boy pants on, and take some responsibility

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  21. I agree. I have said several times in the past, that if the social media companies can develop AI to protect musical copyright they could also use the same sort of algorithm to spot and delete illegally shared police interview videos.

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  22. #MelanieShaw – Don’t worry, Melanie – the conspiraloons have their crack team searching for you 🙄

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  23. She should laugh, what would Paul McCartney be doing being wheeled out of Rampton. How do these people’s brains work

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  24. People may laugh but the Illuminati are capable of anything. For example look at this citca 1966 passport photo of famed Irish investigative journalist Angela Powerhouse-Daisy and a more recent one and try and tell me she hasn’t been cloned and replaced.

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  25. Writing in the 3rd person is a symptom of querulous paranoia. Brian Pead (one of Sabine’s protegees) does it a lot.


  26. When is he ever not boring, every time he says listen up people, or Finchley Road, or Hoaxtead, he is just so bloody boring. And for god’s sake have a shave and a wash.


  27. Just the other day I came across another “Finchley Road” scandal, with hundreds or thousands of companies registered at a single accommodation address in Manchester, at least some of them being shameless scams.

    Mind you, the most egregious fraudster using that address is Allan Peter Smith (“Peter Of England”) with his ‘WeRe Bank”, which is to say a Freeman-on-the-Land grift. So totally not a scandal after all!

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  28. Can someone please call the Full Stop Police ! I’ve uncovered a serious crime:

    John Wanoa
    August 6, 2018 ·

    I sign my biggest ever Private Contract Deal on 8 August Birth Day that should impact the World of British Pacific Islands Moai Crown and Original King William III, King George III, and Sons King George IV Private Contract Sale and Purchase of New Zealand Country from Paramount Chief Tira Waikato Whareherehere Manukau and his Blood Descendant Rewharewha Manukau Private Contract with King William IV him his Kings 1834 Flag of his British Sovereign Authority Jurisdiction Legal Title Instruments for these 2 Paramount Chiefs Corporate Governance over their own “Moai Crown” Land Seabed Continental Shelf Pacific Islands Oceans Title Deeds for Financial Investment Banking with King William III Pound Note Gold Coin Land Title Deed Credit Bank Trading Commercial Investment Instruments with King William III Irish 8 Point Star of St Patrick Flag State Municipalities Maritime Law Jurisdictions Legacy of Magistrates Court Bank Kings Bench Royal Revenues collected by Municipal Councils and third Party Contractors for these 4 Kings over their British Crown Land Seabed Land Water Air Resources Leases and perpetual wealth and Inheritance now returned to the Paramount Chief Surrogate First Party Partnership with Jackie Littlergordon Scotland and Matt Taylor England as my Legal Partners and JUDGEMENT CREDITORS for the entire KINGS IMPERIAL STATE World Wealth Designed by these 4 Kings and Paramount Chiefs Private Contract 2 PARTY PARTNER SHIP DEAL I Hoani John Wanoa am signing on Wednesday my Birthday electronic milestone historic event with Harald Link Investor Bankok Thailand as Third Party to my 2 party Private Partnership Contract deal and just been to the Post Shop here because the New Zealand Government requires all Businesses to open a REAL-ME Account so that is the ONLY WAY you can TRADE in the CORPORATE GOVERNANCE System of QUEENS TRUMP Corrupted Crown Corporation SYSTEM who are getting the CORPORATE BILL INVOICE from ME through AYNAX INVOICE Company England Britain UK for MOAI POWER HOUSE GROUP LIMITED Corporate Company JUDGEMENT CREDITOR registered in Britain UK London with 1,000,000,000 Shares @ 25 GBP per Share Ready to go without me. My Business Partner takes care of all that I chase the PIRATE THUGS and BILL THEM into the WESTMINSTER MAGISTRATE COURT AND HIGH COURT For New Zealand Parent Holding Company “NA ATUA E WA AOTEA LIMITED KING GEORGE IV AND PARAMOUNT CHIEF TIRA WAIKATO WHAREHEREHERE MANUKAU FRANCHISOR over the FRANCHISEE “MOAI POWER HOUSE GROUP LIMITED” London UK and every other Company that carry’s that Name “MOAI POWER HOUSE GROUP” MOAI POWER HOUSE BANK” MOAI CROWN” “MOAI POUND NOTE CURRENCY” “MOAI KING WILLIAM IV TRUST” “MOAI FEDERAL STATE SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENT” “MOAI GOLD CURRENCY” MOAI WATER MONEY CURRENCY” John Wanoa Hoani John Wanoa and Cecile Hoods are the “MOAI CROWN” NATIVE CHIEFS BANK JUDGEMENT CREDITORS for NA ATUA E WA AOTEA LIMITED New Zealand Registered Company

    MEANING The company that allows an individual (known as the franchisee) to run a location of their business. The franchisor owns the overarching company, trademarks, and products, but gives the right to the franchisee to run the franchise location, in return for an agreed-upon fee. Fast-food companies are often franchised


  29. I Hoani John Wanoa am signing on Wednesday my Birthday electronic milestone historic event with Harald Link Investor Bankok Thailand as Third Party to my 2 party Private Partnership

    Mr Harald Link of Thailand turns out to be a real con-man — you know, a professional competent one — which is another reason, as well as lack of skills and motivation, why John Wanoa is perpetually skint and bludging for money.


  30. There is a Bangkok based billionaire named Harald Link but the very idea he would give Wanoa a nano-second of time is preposterous.
    I guarantee there is a con-man using that name who may think Wanoa has some cash and thinks he may get him to part with it in the classic scam of “of course I can raise $100M for you- I just need an upfront fee”.
    Bangkok is full of them and con-men often get conned by other con-men.


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