Drifloud suspended from Twitter, 2.0

Sometimes it’s the little things, isn’t it?

In the grand scheme of things, the “Conscious Living Being” known as Drifloud is sublimely unimportant. For nearly four years, he has occupied a dank and dismal corner of Twitter, from whence he spews forth some of the most hateful and vicious falsehoods we’ve seen.

Three years ago almost to the day, we were successful in having Drifloud’s Twitter account suspended. (This was back in the days when we believed that Drifloud was one of Abraham Christie’s sock accounts; we’ve since learned that this is untrue, but that’s a whole other story.)

Predictably, Drifloud reacted with barely coherent rage, and fired off one of his typically over-the-top ultra-verbose emails to the “boss at Twitter”, accusing them of being complicit in the Grand Cover-up of the horrid crimes of the “genitally identified” criminals, yadda yadda yadda, kazoo kazoo.

He cc’d this email to pretty much everybody in Hampstead and much of the Greater London area, and a kindly soul forwarded it to us.

Twitter caved and reinstated his account, but Drippy’s victory was brief. We sent another complaint, and down it went again.

However, a few days later Drippy tried again, threatening Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey with all sorts of terrible consequences—such as “I will keep writing you these ludicrously overblown histrionic emails and furthermore I will hold my breath until you give me my account back and apologise” (slightly paraphrased for brevity).

We assumed—wrongly—that this would cut no ice with Twitter. To our immense disappointment, on 7 February his account was reinstated. Every last lying, harassing, accusatory tweet was back online, and this time Twitter seemed impervious to our attempts to have it removed.

That is why we were so delighted to discover that once again, the “conscious living being known as Drifloud” is off the air.

Yesterday, his Twitter account looked like this.

We are quite certain that the Drippy One won’t take this further insult lying down, and given Twitter’s waffling last time, we’re not fully confident that the account will remain where it belongs, consigned to the sewage pit of history.

However, considering that it’s taken three years for Twitter to concede that perhaps they ought to stop Drippy from harassing innocent folk, we’re willing to enjoy the moment while we can.

We’ll let you know how it goes.

For those days when the words just won’t stop flowing.

21 thoughts on “Drifloud suspended from Twitter, 2.0

  1. That account in all probalitity went from moderator to moderator as happens with customer services everywhere. If there was one specific mod dealing with the report, I think the account would have been suspended a long time ago.

    As moderators come from all over the world, most if any of them would not be aware of the court case, in fact I doubt any of them would be aware of it & it’s not something that is on a lot of people’s consiousness.

    The first I became aware of it was when someone told me, “that Angela Power one is/was in hospital for some kind of operation & had to go back again”, out of concern I looked at her FB page, saw she was home & posting on FB so figured she was ok again. But then scrolling along, as you do, I came across the video she made about Sgt. Maurice McCabe & others & I swear my mouth was hanging open throughout at the accusations she was making & the nastiest lies I have ever heard in my life about so many people. She burned her ‘Anglo-Irish’ bridges when she went on to accuse so many with her & outlanish & spurious claims.

    Hence my introduction to the continuing hoax. Moderators from all walks of life luckily will not come across someone like her, fleetingly yes, but only because of a report made, they have to judge something in seconds. If we speak to customer services about something in any company, we have the right to ask them to escalate the complaint but not with social media, although I have noticed on FB recently that we can now ‘reguest a review’.

    Rambling a bit here, I’m not excusing Twitter for their actions in reinstating the account, if it happens again, as it did this past week, I would hope that the company would be hauled before a government committee & made to take responsibility for their content & hate speech, not free speech, but hate speech, lies, hoaxes.

    Martin Lewis’ success at his court case against FB this past week opens the door for more cases against social media platforms, the law is catching up at last!

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    • Just so we keep things accurate, Martin Lewis reached an out of court settlement. As he explained, he could have won a narrow victory of around £50,000 + costs but instead he secured a £3m donation to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau upcoming scam line and a report a scam button will appear on Facebook pages.

      So yes, it was a success for him but it was not a legal victory in terms of establishing precedent in the courts and it will only apply to UK pages and posts.

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      • Thank you Sage, I hadn’t watched the footage of it, just saw the headlines. Pity it will only apply to UK pages & posts, hopefully FB headquarters in Dublin will take note & apply it to FB in general.


        • Absolutely. Whilst I try to be scrupulous in pointing out the problems with the extra-territoriality that is demanded by the understandable urge to clamp down on these morons, that does not mean that I think each jurisdiction is wrong in pursuing remedies!

          I am about as fierce an advocate of free-speech as you will find, but when it encroaches on putting people in fear, I will come down hard on people abusing those rights.

          I didn’t post a link to the story because as at this stage it is circumstantial, but Comet Pizza (i.e. Pizzagate) has been hit by an arson attack. Someone will die if this stupidity is allowed to go on and authorities ignore the low level threats. The APDs, Neelus and Sabines of this world will have real blood on their hands and it’s up to the adults in the room to stop it.


    • You’re not the only one who responded with shock, horror, and anger at Angela’s continued libelling of Maurice McCabe. We’ve heard from several people, all of whom had much the same reaction. Apparently Angela craves attention and drama? Well, congrats. She got her wish.

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  2. I expect other nasty Twitter accounts will disappear soon.
    In an article in the Times yesterday Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) is quoted as admitting that Twitter caused harm. “We definitely help divide people. We definitely create isolation. We definitely make it easier for people to confirm their own bias.”
    If the CEO of Twitter is prepared to openly admit the problems, I’m sure he will be taking action internally to try to overcome as many of these problems as he can. So in a few months he will be able to speak about Twitter takes it’s social responsibility seriously.

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    • I’d like to be as optimistic as you, Lurker, but I’ve seen the social media corporations weep crocodile tears so often, it’s hard to believe they will make substantive changes unless forced to do so.

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  3. The suspension of @drifloud is a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but it is a massive event for me. For whatever reason I have been unable to bring personal closure to this hoax, but perhaps this will now give me the peace of mind I seek.

    The culture has changed what with social media having been part of a massive manipulation that brought Trump into power and helped power Brexit, all which have a negative impact on how governments see Twitter, and their future profit making capabilities. @drifloud won’t be restored, he might create a new account, but making new accounts on Twitter is getting harder.

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      • Becki Percy no longer enjoys the support or following she once had. Percy goes through the motions of pandering to Trump-Christian supporters, continues to promote her candle business. Her third parents have sold their house. The best Becki Percy can come up with in furthering her cause is a petition in recent days, which is not gaining much support:

        Its a sit and wait situation of letting the slow US legal system do its job and kick Becki Percy out of the USA, then she can be dealt with by the UK police.

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        • Gawd reading her blurb is illuminating. Total fantasy.
          Who was this teacher she kept informing about her alleged abuse who (1). had the power to keep getting her moved and (2). never once reported said abuse to police and thus would be facing serious charges herself. Becki’s school records must be easily accessible.
          She’ll get no-where with a hard-nosed US Immigration Judge who has heard every story under the sun- many real, some fantasy. You have to be able to back it up with proof not just claims.
          Her “Christian” supporters will be pissed off when they get left with a bail bondman’s bill after Becki is deported.

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    • SV, it’s so hard not to take these things to heart. It has been made known to me in the past month of a little child who suffered the most horrific abuse, all kinds. I had to pull myself together after a few days of sobbing, breaking down in tears at the sheer cruelty of the situation. The child is safe now, thank God & the abusers will never ever see that child again unless the child requests it later in life. 

      But I have had to pull myself back emotionally, the abuse was so so horrific, it overcomes you. I had to tell others who also were made aware of it the same thing. We were all in the same boat emotionally. 

      We have to look to the child’s future, it’s positive now, the child has of course behavioural issues but that is being seen to by an expert team. Myself & others have spoken to the child, we just have fun on messenger & it is a team effort & going very well. We don’t let the bad things come into it, we take the time together as sharing fun. 

      No doubt this child will have problems later in life but that is being looked at already, preparations are ongoing. 

      When I see APD, etc, spouting off about SRA, it makes me so angry. There is so much real child abuse going on & they are sticking their heads in the sand just so that they can feel so important. Also on FB, there are so many groups saying their children were stolen by social services & they profess to have done nothing. I try not to read such things now, in case I say something in anger. 

      I think my point was, try to leave it in another part of your mind & only open that part when you see posts that are written, you strike me as a very kind person & I really hope you get the closure you need & don’t let this consume you any longer. 

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      • Hi Lucca.
        I am glad the child you mention is safe and with caring people.

        I have always been unable to disengage my emotions from my experiences, a situation that has only got worse in the last year. What I read and see relating to the Hampstead Hoax and other issues reported here makes me angry and is making me ill, to be point I have been attempting to break away.

        I have been so long involved in the fight against the Hampstead Hoax that it has become addictive, I find it is not so easy to break away.

        I took the @drifloud Twitter issue very personally, and it went all the way to my local member of parliament. It provides some emotional comfort that @drifloud is now suspended. I am hoping that this will help me to break away.

        I am in the middle of flu, which is hammering me on so many levels, which has been an opportunity to concentrate more on my health. Things that stress me are going to get eliminated from my life.

        The Satan Hunters have no empathy or compassion, everything they touch becomes ruined and harmed. They are without any reason, and they are the very opposite of what they claim to represent such as justice, liberty and truth. I know all these people will in the end answer for their deeds, its in their nature to carry on doing what they are doing until someone stops them, they have no self control, they are too lazy and stupid to change their harmful attitudes and activities.

        Theres lots of things that I am becoming involved in that are inspiring and creative. I just need to let the Hoaxtead issue go now, I have played my part, continuing to be involved is doing me more harm than good.

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        • Sometimes when I read something on here or a link or what the twats post, I do have to take a clean break, I’m sure most people are the same, I feel as if I am in mud, dirty sticky mud that even covers my head. I then have to completely clean my mind & do it in different ways but it helps. I have been concerned reading some of your posts in the past few months. The thing about conspiracies have been & will be around forever. While there are television progs showing them & social media now recklessly allowing them, they will never end. Yes this was one of the worst ones in my book & I understand why so many took it so personally, you & the people on here, may stand tall & proud that you helped bring at least three, if not more to book for their part in it, two main players are down, thanks to you all. It won’t be long before another is taken out of the game. As for the hangers on, they will not get much attention in the long run, people are unfollowing them on FB & YouTube, again thanks to you all for your part in helping out with it. You can walk away with your head held high & keep giving yourself a clap on the back, every day.

          Learn to live & love your life again, you are on the right track already.

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  4. “Health Secretary Matt Hancock orders blitz on ‘appalling’ internet suicide images and warns web giants they could face new laws to stop vulnerable children being bombarded with harmful content”.

    It’s frustrating that Facebook have no “child abuse” button to press as Youtube does. The possible mental harm caused to victims in the Hampstead case really fits into the Health Secretary’s claim.
    I don’t see why social media should escape sanction when something is deemed illegal in the UK but can still be viewed via proxies ( The Irish Ms Daisy- Power recommends this so is basically advising viewers to breach the law).
    The law should be the law which must be obeyed and because it can be circumvented does not make it right.

    Most of these social media giants are US created and owned and endlessly spout their ridiculous “free speech” mantra but the US has many laws to stop it’s citizens breaking local laws abroad.
    “Sex tourism” is one where an American can be prosecuted in the US for traveling to a foreign country to have sex with a legal aged person in that country but who would be underage in the US.


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  5. I always assumed that Drifloud was Abe too. Good that the twitter account is suspended, although as someone pointed out above, he’ll probably just come back under a different name.

    This got me thinking. I wonder what Abe is doing now. If he’s in Marrakesh and has citizenship there, it’s very easy to lie low however extradition is now possible from Morocco and is relatively straightforward. The 2013 extradition treaty is online, and unlike some states, Morocco does extradite its citizens abroad.

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