Dunn to arrive in London today

We seem to have become annoyingly prescient lately.

Yesterday we noted that while Russ Dizdar was about to leave the UK, we expected that Thomas Dunn would not have come all the way to Dundee without at least making a token trek south to London. And sure enough, in a live-streamed video yesterday evening, Dunny announced his intention to do just that:


At 03:18 Dunn says:

We’re on our way to London tomorrow, but we will be…I’m not gonna say where we’re gonna be, um, in London, but we’ll be there, we’ll be in London, and dude, I’m just excited about being over here, I’m also…um…I dunno, dude, it’s different. I mean there’s a need here. There’s a need here and I haven’t…I haven’t sorted through all my thoughts and my feelings about the climate over here.

A hint re the climate over here: always carry an umbrella and you won’t go too far wrong. It’s really not that complicated.

The fact that Dunn is being cagey about where he’s gonna…er, going to be tells us that he probably has Hampstead in mind. [No shit, Captain Obvious—Ed.]

What’s he planning to do there? Oh, the standard touristy stuff no doubt. Selfies outside the church and school, cryptic yet menacing Facebook posts about biscuits in pockets…you know, the usual.

And given Dunny’s recent fly-posting excursion in Dundee, we fully expect that he will attempt to decorate Hampstead in the same fashion. Not sure how the police will take that advertising campaign, however, particularly since Dunny cleverly mentioned that he’s been selling his Hampstead paraphernalia to UK customers during this trip:

At 10:08 in the above video, he states,

People are loving this thing, and when I eventually make it back home, I have orders to fill, that’s all I know. People…I just announced, you know, let people know about the new stuff, and people are loving the sweatshirts and the t-shirts, and all that stuff, so…anyway guys, all that stuff coming soon to you very shortly.

Hmm. We can’t help but wonder whether Dunn informed those nice people at Customs that he intended to do business on this trip. Just a thought.

Right about Wong

Incidentally, while we’re being smug about our amazing predictive abilities, Dunn confirmed our suspicion about the purpose of the Scottish leg of his trip:

I did an interview with Wilfred (Wong), so that’s gonna be coming up. gonna be putting that together, I did a short interview with Russ, but I mean, I wasn’t able to get to everything that I wanted to, and we kinda had to bust out of the conference early and i wasn’t able to stay as long as possible…as long as I wanted to.

But, I mean, amazing information there. The networking that’s done for the next trip, has just kinda been set in place, right? And also for people coming over to the US, we’re gonna definitely be doing some of that, so that’s exciting, but just…I dunno. That’s the most amazing thing, I just have a burden for the people of the United Kingdom: Stand up and shout! Isn’t that a song by Kiss? I don’t know. I just thought of that right now, but stand up and scream while you still can, you’ve gotta scream about these cover-ups, about the Hampstead case, about Jimmy Savile, about Hollie Greig, and all these—there’s so much more.

We have more to say about Wong and the “networking” which he might be facilitating for Dizdar and Dunn, but that can wait until tomorrow.

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42 thoughts on “Dunn to arrive in London today

  1. He is a condescending, bigoted, twat & a liar to boot.

    Show him a good ‘Olde English’ welcome by putting him in the stocks & throw rotten tomatoes & rotten eggs at him. A fiver for 10, think of the money that would be raised for a deserving charity.

    He mentions ‘his work’ several times in that video. Paid or unpaid, isn’t it illegal to go to another country & ‘work’ without a working visa, I think someone mentioned that in the last thread.

    Let’s hope police in a certain suburb are alerted to this fool.

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  2. Among other things, this video should make the local police sit up and take notice:



    11:15 – “And help us to expose every one of these teachers, every one of these school officials, everybody that was involved, every parent that was involved in this cult.”

    14:59 – “MAN, I’M SO MAD RIGHT NOW. AAGH! I’M COMING AFTER YOU! I’M COMING AFTER YOU! You will not get away with what you’ve done.”

    PS: re. Dunny’s claim that the police in Dundee have been handing out his leaflets on his behalf: didn’t happen. Wouldn’t happen.

    Also, with luggage weight restrictions on planes, exactly how many leaflets and stickers is he claiming to have brought over with him? 🤔

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  3. If he’s taking orders for paraphernalia it means he is working on a tourist visa and Immigration should be alerted.

    I still say the Ham & High should be alerted as if those stickers do appear that really is a matter they would be interested in as for sure, they are on the case about the Hampstead Hoax..

    ## I’ll do my bit but the more message Immigration & the local newspapers get the better.

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    • Yes, I noted the same about the paraphernalia-selling. Plus, anybody who actually visits the “londonhasasecret.com” site will find it full of harassment and malicious false allegations. Apparently Dunn’s mentor, Angela, neglected to mention exactly what happened to the last fool she sent to Hampstead to “knock down doors” and “take blood”.


  4. It is an eight hour drive from Dundee to London – almost 500 miles. The rail journey takes 6hrs. If he is travelling today I wouldn’t think he will have much chance of mischief before tomorrow.

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  5. I hope Thomas Dunn gives us all the chance to put out the flags and bunting ready for his visit. It will be like the Queen was coming, people cheering him on, street tea parties and a local special holiday. The big wicker man on Hampstead Heath. A real jelly baby moment.

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  6. What is it that attracts the biggest idiots to promote the Hampstead Hoax. I mean, some/all of them are odd. Dunn cannot string together a sentence that makes sense…you just could not make up this guy. Or the stupidity of his followers.
    I doubt he will be able to resist going to Hampstead so that he can say so when he gets home. And of course he will make photos of stickers…in Hampstead. And he sounds like a threat to any person including RD who ever had the misfortune to be on Ella and Abe’s hitlist.

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    • An American nutter spreading the Hampstead hoax in the week before a trial related to continuing promotion the hoax can’t be a good thing for the defence if they are planning to argue that there has been no lasting damage from their client’s actions. Forget Ham & High, tipping off the CPS prosecutor may be more effective!

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    • I agree, Mark. I think anybody on that list would have good reason to be worried for themselves and their children, should Dunn actually show up.


    • I watched that too, well not exactly watched, it was Friday night and i had out, so not exactly with it. I was going to look it up again, so thanks.

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    • You can be arrested on suspicion and ‘banged up’ (put in a cell) for up to 72 hours before charges have to be placed. Why on earth are Americans, who know little about the UK, telling us about our laws ?

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      • I think she was proud to know that “banged up” meant “jailed”, and wanted to show off her fancy UK vocab.

        And yes, US laws and police procedures are quite different to those in the UK. However, since many Americans have never been beyond the borders or their own country, they probably don’t realise that.

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        • Also, ‘banged up’ is in common parlance. I think there’s even a TV show that has it in its name. Yet she thinks that anyone who uses the expression must work for the Met? That’s quality stupid right there!


    • I’m pretty sure that people who are not part of the Old Met are still allowed to say “banged up”. Also, “you’re nicked, sonny-boy”.

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    • Oh Chloe you silly thing, “banged up” is not Met cop parlance. Official Bobby parlance from the Rule Book is “you’re nicked son, now don’t do anything silly and come quietly” to which “son” replies ” it’s a fair cop Guv”.
      Or as Smut Clyde points out, Bobbies who always travel on bicycles two by two are allowed to use
      the shortened ““you’re nicked, sonny-boy”.

      You need to check the Oxford English Dictionary and look up a term of endearment that applies to you : “cloth eared bint”.

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  7. I hope the police are waiting for this nut job dung when he arrives in Hampstead. His proper deluded and needs to be in a padded cell with s straight jacket.

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  8. Stand up and shout! Isn’t that a song by Kiss?

    If only there were some way you could find answers to these questions in less time than it takes to write “I don’t know”.

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  9. It’s good to see that the BBC has been publishing some decent content recently – all of the below links are relevant to Hoaxtead

    Meeting Kosovo’s clickbait merchants

    Burned to death because of a rumour on WhatsApp

    Russian disinformation and the ‘lab of death’
    A BBC investigation has found that Russian media and officials presented false claims about a US-funded laboratory in neighbouring Georgia.

    The thing with Dunny’s campaign is that it sounds exciting and people like excitement.
    I really think we should be checking out the titles to clickbait stories and imagining our own ones to promote the truth.

    e.g. A photo of Ella in cannabis field – text reads: “This mom claimed her kids had been abused by devil worshippers – what really happened will amaze you

    We have to learn from what the other side is doing. A friend was saying to me earlier that we will lose because the hoaxers have the more exciting and salacious narratives and it appeals to people’s morbid curiosity and base instincts. I thought about this and I think that actually the truth is just as fascinating and horrible as the hoax. We just have to find a way to communicate it that protects the identity and safety of innocent people and directs the public’s prurient and salacious interests towards Abe’s sewer of a mind rather than the forced narratives of SRA Abe tortured out of the children.

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