The real reason for Dunn & Dizdar’s Scottish jaunt

As promised yesterday, we’ve been doing a bit more digging around Thomas Dunn and Russ Dizdar’s trip to the UK. They attended the “Organised Abuse in the UK” conference held last week at the Tayside in Dundee, and later went on a fly-posting excursion around the town, slapping up illegal material concerning the Hampstead SRA hoax.

The conference featured speakers such as the manager of Izzy’s Promise, Joseph Lumbasi; Laurie Matthew, OBE, founder of Izzy’s Promise and Eighteen and Under; and Sarah Nelson of the Universities of Dundee and Edinburgh. According to Dunn, the conference was sponsored by RANS (Ritual Abuse Network Scotland).

And we have the most astonishing coincidences to report: RANS, an affiliate of Joan Coleman’s RAINS group, and Izzy’s Promise share a website (complete with anonymous, evidence-free “Informer Corner“, where one may shout “J’accuse!” with impunity).

As usual, the S.A.F.F. website is a fascinating source for anybody who wishes to dig into the historical connections between these groups:

Over the past seven years The Lottery fund has given one active group of Satan Hunters in Scotland nearly a half a million pounds of your ticket money to network with other believers about barmy allegations of satanist gangs abusing children in a re-run of the 1990 Satan Myth. Is this where you want your donations to go?

That group is RANS (Ritual Abuse Network Scotland) which works out of Dundee and is headed up by one Laurie Matthews. RANS is an affiliate of the detested British group RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network Support) which is a collection of discredited one-time influential social activists, extreme feminists, experimental psychologists and academics who originally told the government and public of Britain in 1988 that babies were being microwaved and eaten as part of Satanic Rites. Almost all the failed Satan cases foisted onto the British Public during the 1990s had the involvement of RAINS members as key players.

Laurie Matthews, a Scot who had a track record of charitable work with children in a group called 18 and Under, already had the ear of the Scottish Executive attending a number of committees on child care. Matthews even met the Countess of Wessex on one of her visits. In 2002 Camelot (the business behind The Lottery) awarded Matthews a Scottish Oyster Award for protecting children and young people in connection with ‘regular’ abuse.

Laurie Matthews runs ’18 and Under’ from premises at 1 Victoria Road, Dundee, RANS uses the same address. Also at this address is ‘Izzy’s Promise’ a charity which Matthews helps run and which was originally called TRASH (Tayside Ritual Abuse Support and Helpline) but which changed it’s name to Izzy’s Promise on 24th March 2008 ‘. …

Matthew’s charity 18 and Under has its own separate website and appears to assiduously avoid using any reference to Ritual Abuse though it does have links to Izzy’s Promise. 18 and Under concentrates solely on helping children with regular abuse and problems with helplines for bullying etc.

It would appear that Izzy’s promise is the ‘official’ mouthpiece of Matthew’s RANS work. The link between RANS and RAINS is clear in the RANS forum where a contributor complaining about specific SRA is told to contact RAINS.

The Wong connection

However, we know that Dunny and Dinsdale Dunn and Dizdar didn’t fly all the way to Scotland for a one-day conference.

In fact, in one of the videos they released on Friday, they waxed enthusiastic about another well-known British SRA enthusiast, Wilfred Wong.

We’ve written about Wong here previously, in connection with at least two meetings held at Westminster. Wong not only has connections with certain politicians, but is well-acquainted with Robert Green, as well as members of RAINS, including the Sandra Buck, Valerie Sinason, Rachel Wingfield Schwartz, et al. He’s also chummy with Brian Gerrish of the UK Column, surprise, surprise.

Wong, it seems, was instrumental in “promoting” the Hollie Greig hoax from “sexual abuse” to “Satanic ritual abuse”, as outlined in this post from Bartholomew’s Notes:

Wong is not a well-meaning and energetic campaigner who has gone astray due to an idée fixe, but someone who is actively causing harm to innocent people by promoting and endorsing false allegations. The Hollie Greig story is a clear example of the bone-headed unfalsifiability of conspiracy theorising, with Green’s imprisonment simply confirming the truth of the conspiracy.

In other words, Wong is just the sort of well-placed SRA-inclined individual Dunny and Dinsdale would like to meet.

Onward to London?

While Dizdar and Dunn have been cagey about their travel plans in the UK, Dizdar did mention on his Facebook page yesterday that he, at least, might be travelling to London.

Thomas Dunn 2018-11-10 Russ DizdarWhile it seems odd that he and Dunn would travel all the way to Scotland only to give Hampstead a miss, we do note that he said early last week that his UK jaunt would only last six days: Thomas Dunn 2018-11-10 Russ Dizdar 2At this point it would seem prudent for anybody in the Hampstead area to keep their eyes open for the pair. By their fly-posting and unkempt hair shall ye know them. Thomas Dunn 2018-10-07 Legendary Store 4

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  1. I do hope if Hampstead residents spot them posting their stickers everywhere they will call the Police.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if they try to interview residents on the street as well.

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  2. If they had any idea how BONKERS they look to the rest of the world….

    I came across this video earlier. Why bother harassing people in Hampstead when you’ve got whole villages of Satanists in Scotland to have a go at. (The mind boggles!) Scotland is clearly not a safe place to go. Does the tourist board know?

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    • Oddly, Scotland also has a greater number of SRA-pushing organisations than most places. I’m sure the correlation between those organisations and the number of allegations is only coincidental though. Right?

      BTW, the narrator’s voice sounds eerily like that of Charlotte Alton Ward, did you notice?

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    • And don’t even get me started on Cat Snot’s appalling, slanderous videos about Scottish “SRA” 🙄

      By the way, that narrator on the Laurie Matthew video sounds disturbingly like Charlotte Ward 😮

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      • Oh sorry, just noticed that you said the same about Dee Dee’s voice, EC. Apologies. Good to know it’s not just me, though!

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  3. An SRA hoax-promoting conference was attended by university representatives? That’s disturbing on so many levels 😮

    Would writing to the universities in question to raise their awareness of this crap be a good idea?

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    • I believe Nelson’s work is fairly well known, so her universities are probably already aware. I do find it disturbing that these beliefs may be taught to students, but I’m not sure how the universities handle this sort of thing. I’m aware of an instance when a “forensic linguist” was reported to his university for taking an active role in bolstering the Hampstead hoax, but I don’t think they took action in the end. I could be wrong on this, however.

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    • I should start charging her for all this advice…

      Apologies for all the YT socks, btw. Every time Dunny blocks me I bring a new recruit in 😂

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        • She’s basically making a doxing threat there, lol. She does that when she gets desperate.

          By the way, her “good Anons” are Catriona Selvester and Naima Dawn Feagin. Oops, did I say that out loud? Oh well – as a Dunny’s handler I’m sure she’ll be happy for their names and faces to be out there. And at least I didn’t ask to see their driving licences 😁

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          • I thought Weasley ‘poor me’ Hall was anon! (There are that many police forces looking for him now I bet he wishes he was ‘anon’.)

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          • No, the “Anons” to which she’s referring are the ones who posted a pair of extremely slanderous and threatening videos back in March. They also “named and shamed” a number of innocent people they wrongly believed to be connected to the blog – and their friends and families – and both videos ended up getting blocked for defamation. I’ve saved them for evidence but for obvious reasons won’t share them here. Naturally, Angela had a mad frenzy at the time, promoting them all over the place and repeating the slander in her own video rants, resulting in some of her videos being blocked/removed too.

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          • Ah yes, you’re right. I remember you mentioning that on a recent post/comment now. Thanks, EC. I shall amend my comment to the Wicked Witch of the West Country accordingly.

            Weird though, considering Charlotte’s another one she fell out with. It just goes to show that Angela will run to anyone when she’s desperate, even psychos who’ve attacked her in the past. Charlotte Ward, Aaron Dover, Heather Brown…

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  4. As well as Wilfred Wrong’s general SRA-related bullshit, he’s also specifically spoken about Hampstead on more than one occasion and helped Garish Brian and UK Colon spread their shite about it. Here’s one example, from September 2015 (the Hampstead crap starts at 38:01):

    Incidentally, Wong has also helped to promote the Hollie G hoax, including in the above interview.

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    • Instant lie from Gerrish ‘The mother, who actually went to Social Services….’
      No she flippin’ didn’t! She was made to go there.

      Wong ‘She’s not the first mother to try and expose SRA against her children, who’s ended up losing her children.’ She lost her children because from the VERY BEGINNING they not only made allegations against their father but also against mother’s boyfriend, with whom she was living. Read the medical letters and report!

      Gerrish talks about Police Officers being threatened and told to get their ‘snouts’ of the Hampstead case. He needs to back that up with evidence or people might think he or someone he’s interviewed (hint Abrella) made it up.

      When I listen to nonsense like this I despair….

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      • “Gerrish talks about Police Officers being threatened and told to get their ‘snouts’ of the Hampstead case.”

        Is that something he got from Nathan ‘Numbnuts’ Wedger?

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  5. Charities to host forum tackling child sex abuse in Dundee

    by Lindsey Hamilton September 24, 2018, 10:41 am

    A conference on how to tackle child sex abuse and help survivors will be held in Dundee later this year.

    The Organised Abuse conference will cover a range of topics, including how to empower survivors, current support services and how to deal with convicted sex offenders.

    The event, at Tayside Deaf Hub, has been organised by Dundee charities Izzy’s Promise, which conducts research into causes of ritual abuse and ways of preventing it, and Eighteen and Under, which supports young victims of sexual abuse.

    The conference will feature talks by a number of experts in the field of abuse issues, including Izzy’s promise founder Laurie Matthew OBE, who is also executive manager for Dundee-based Eighteen And Under.

    Sarah Nelson, author of Tackling Child Sexual Abuse: Radical Approaches will also make an appearance, as will abuse survivor Matt Carey, alongside counsellor Sarah Paton Briggs.

    Completing the speakers will be Joseph Lumbasi, manager of Izzy’s Promise.

    Laurie said: “We are hoping that this conference will address the ongoing abuse and sexual exploitation of young people which is happening right here in our city.

    “These are often the most vulnerable young people and we all need to work together to raise awareness.”

    Joseph said: “The conference is aimed at bringing together survivors of abuse, support organisations, social services, NHS, police, Dundee City Council and other council officials to talk about ways of providing support to survivors to be able to tell and report abuse when it happens and not to wait until we are dealing with it as historical abuse.

    “We should not be having to deal with historical sex abuse, but dealing with the abuse when it happens.”

    Joseph has backed the Tele’s Our Kids Need Justice campaign, which is calling for a change in the law to ensure those who are convicted of committing sexual offences involving children face mandatory jail terms.

    “We are right behind the Tele’s campaign and back it all the way,” Joseph said.

    “I agree with the law being strict on sex offenders, especially where the offence is against young people.

    “I also agree that offenders who have been found guilty should serve longer sentences and, if possible, be excluded from society as they are a danger to young and vulnerable people.”

    While Joseph supported the idea of mandatory jail time, he said more people still needed to come forward to report abuse.

    “My problem is around issues of prevention and awareness,” he said.

    “A prosecution can only happen once victims have been empowered to be able to tell about the abuse.

    “That will only happen once the agencies that have the powers to help young people are able to work on the process of supporting young people to tell their stories.”

    The conference is at Tayside Deaf Hub, The Old Mill, 23 Brown Sreet, between 9am and 5pm on November 7.


    So I thought I would check out the counsellor Sarah Briggs

    This is her website

    This is her about me page

    Her qualifications seem to be good to anyone unfamiliar with therapy quackery, however the latter 2 organisations listed are worthy of further research. Certainly the ESTSS is one of a number of trauma focussed therapy organisations whose members and people of influence are also involved with the ISSTD. Also the fact that she is qualified with COSRT is worthy of note as many of the dodgy therapists known to me practice as sexual and relationship therapists and are often “tantric” (dodgy / sex workers) in orientation and / or members of COSRT

    According to her webpage her qualifications are:
    “She has over 15 years’ post-qualification experience, with multiple accreditations: the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP), the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) and also the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals (FDAP). Sarah is also a trauma therapist, holding membership of UK Psychological Trauma Society (UKPTS) and the European Society for Trauma Stress Studies (ESTSS).”

    There is more that I could say about this person but this blog may not be the right place. Needless to say I have extremely serious concerns about her and her practice. There are multiple red flags on this website that are indicative of extremely serious network connections to criminals.

    She also, like many new age “therapists”, offers “equine therapy”. Personally I really love horses and have no doubt that relaxing time spent with any friendly animal can help distressed people feel better. I am very curious about why so many therapists offering equine therapy have connections to cults, criminals and SRA promoters. More thoughts on this later.

    Further down on the same page the following text appears

    ‘Trauma therapy

    Sarah has trained in various approaches to treating trauma, including the evidence-based protocol of CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy) which falls within NICE guidelines for Trauma-Focused CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). She has a wide range of working therapeutically with trauma survivors, including:

    childhood sexual abuse,
    rape and sexual assault,
    developmental trauma (childhood emotional neglect or abuse),
    military veterans and serving members of the armed forces (Sarah has provided therapy programmes funded by Walking With The Wounded, Help 4 Heroes, The Dare To Live Trust),
    serving members of the armed forces or emergency services (Sarah has undertaken therapy programmes either privately-funded or through Employee Assistance Programmes including private health insurance schemes for employees of the Metropolitan Police Service, Wiltshire Fire Service, Wiltshire Police, Gloucestershire Police).
    Trauma therapy usually involves imagery rescripting to process intrusive memories such as flashbacks or nightmares, along with cognitive approaches to restructure memories and beliefs: all so that the survivor is better informed and resourced to live with the effect of the trauma, moving towards a future that is more manageable and calmer.

    She was also invited by one of her former clients to contribute a chapter to his book describing his recovery journey from ritual childhood sexual abuse during his childhood. In this book, Matt Carey narrates his long and courageous journey through recovery towards helping others. To download this chapter, please click here which will take you to Matt Carey’s website where you can support him by purchasing the full book through this route.”

    First thing to notice is that this woman claims to have worked providing therapy to the police and military. This is absolutely terrifying.

    The second thing to notice is the link to the website of “SRA survivor” Matt Carey

    I do not have time to thoroughly check out his website but I notice with concern that readers are invited to download a free sample chapter of his book “

    A Small Boy Smiling: A remarkable journey of healing from the trauma of child sexual abuse to spiritual awakening”
    Firstly, I appreciate that this is stating the obvious, but is it extremely inadvisable to download anything at all from his website.

    A brief perusal of his website contains the following text

    “Matt has enjoyed working in the world of entertainment for over twenty years, as a theatre manager, organiser of several prestigious international festivals, and of large-scale community-based cultural projects supporting children and young people.

    Matt’s hobbies include spiritual philosophy, travelling abroad, exploring the countryside, disappearing into secondhand bookshops, drinking Earl Grey tea, meditation, dogs, cricket, rugby, and theatre. As often as possible he visits India.

    Matt is 45 years old and lives in London.”

    His book is available on amazon here, definitely something to buy second hand in a printed format if anyone is interested.

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    • Another of the Grove Practice’s directors is Dr James Kustow

      A psychiatrist who practices Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnotherapy. So another one who is a fan of “body psychotherapy” and working with invisible energy fields. How reassuring. Not.

      He describes himself as an “integrative psychotherapist” IME a term used to describe someone who combines evidence based therapies with new age woo. From the website:

      “He is also a trained integrative psychotherapist and has an interest, and many years of experience using, body-focussed interventions when working with psychological trauma and its various and broad ranging manifestations. Amongst other approaches he is trained in hypnotherapy (Diploma), EMDR (Adv) and EFT (Adv). James has also trained in nutrition, believing this to be critical for optimal mental wellbeing.

      James studied medicine in Nottingham and trained in psychiatry with the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (Guys and St Thomas’ hospitals) and at St Mary’s Hospital.”

      The Maudsely connection is also interesting as Sinason and her associates have many SRA promoting allies there. The South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (SLAM) also has a long and worrying history of working with a criminal yoga cult.

      no surprises there then.

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      • Oh dear]where to start

        I am pushed for time today but these links are worthy of further research.

        I cannot claim to have concerns about all the people in the Grove Practice team but there are definitely some causes for concern here.

        for example

        “Sun Meyer

        MNCP (Accred), UKPTS, ESTSS Certificate, EMDR Level 3 practitioner

        Sun’s credentials in the world of trauma include specialist studies in PTSD and Traumatology and she has experience in delivering a range of evidence-based trauma treatment to clients. Sun is CEO of IFEAL Qualifications Limited, a training company that delivers regulated and accredited training programmes in Equine-Facilitated Human Development and Psychotraumatology. IFEAL Qualifications is an organisational member of the BACP. Sun is a mentor on the ICS Post Graduate Diploma in Traumatology & PTSD and has completed the ICS Certificate in trauma supervision. Sun founded the registered charity Dare to Live, which is currently delivering a 50n Lottery-funded research programme for military veterans designed for those with mental health adjustment issues in making the transition to civilian life, many of whom have been diagnosed with PTSD.

        In her private practice, Sun Tui delivers trauma therapy in room-based programmes as well as equine-facilitated work. ”

        The fact that she is connected to the ESTSS is the concerning issue that is the most easy to demonstrate to uneducated people as being concerning – links to the ISSTD are provable

        The website for tThe Dare to Live Trust – Registered Charity No. 1157442 is here:

        it seems that a number of her “therapists” are connected to the ESTSS

        a connected youtube channel is here

        back to the Grove Practice

        On their home page the Grove Practice provides some interesting information about insurance paying for therapies. Insurance loss adjusters caused the quacks at the ISSTD no end of problems so contacting insurance companies with concerns about the Grove Practice and its links to the ISSTD via the ESTSS might provide a creative way to limit the damage these charlatans are inflicting on our country and society.

        “Private Healthcare

        Your insurer could pay for your counselling at The Grove. We are registered with the major health insurance companies including Allianz, Aviva, BUPA, Cigna, PruHealth, Simply Health, Standard Life and WPA. We will explain how to gain authorization, so the bills go directly to your insurer.”

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        • These links are disturbing indeed, SH. As you say, to the uninitiated, all those important-looking affiliations look like confirmation of the practitioners’ excellent credentials, but when you look a bit closer, they are alarming. There really should be some easily accessible way of informing users of mental health services about the people who claim to be helping them.

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          • Trouble is EC, there are loads of therapists like this out there. It is becoming so bad that they are the norm rather than the exception. They are also not necessarily all grifters or scammers some may just be involved a cult and not realise. It is not usually possible to assess their level of culpability without serious research beyond the level that I can afford.

            We have to think seriously about strategy and to learn from the bad guys. Dunny’s campaign is a load of old toilet, but it it a very well funded and planned load of old toilet. We have to use the skills of advertisers and marketers to stop them with our own campaigns. We may not have big bucks but we have some clever minds and an array of skills and maybe we can make a serious difference.

            One thing we could do much better is campaign videos. We are not professionals and it would be unfair to pressure ourselves to produce professional quality videos, however we much learn on the hoof and do our best.

            Watch lots of advertisements, campaigns for cults and new age grifters, take the basic principles and techniques and use them for our own campaigns.

            We need more punchy, short, explanatory videos and fewer rambling ones using screen grabs from facebook and youtube. There is a huge army of public domain films that we can use to make excellent videos, satirical, educational and hopefully exposing the hoaxers and scammers for what they are.

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    • I think I’ll write a book about how my English master thrashed me constantly with his cane for alleged infractions. He would go back a few steps and took a flying run-up as he crashed his weapon down on a cowering Ghost while his face went puce (all I ever did was make the class laugh).

      I was also kidnapped as a baby but that was by brother who was only a year older as he put me in the back of a pick-up truck and the poor driver heard me giggling in the next town and had to backtrack to find my mother who hadn’t even noticed.
      # Can you imagine today if he find a baby in the back of truck? Front page news in the Daily Mail “Man Kidnaps Baby while Mother Does The Washing”.
      ## Or was it more sinister? Was I actually sold by my 4 year old brother into a Satanic Cult?.

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    • Oooh well found Shillelagh! *applauds*

      The fascinating thing about that clip is that the PR new age loon that the Eddie character is based upon (allegedly), Lynne Franks, is very involved with some notorious cults. She has actually published a memoir revealing all and obviously has no idea just what she is involved in.

      Here she is teaching the celebrities how to do the 5 Rhythms

      Which generated much mirth

      as did her attempts to get everyone meditating

      She makes a lot of money running women’s networking and “empowerment” courses

      Obviously she has been awarded an OBE

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